One Life to Live minor characters

One Life to Live minor characters

The following are characters from the American soap opera "One Life to Live" who are notable for their actions or relationships, but who do not warrant their own articles and are not part of a notable minor family from the series.

Hunter Atwood

"Zach Roerig (June 11, 2007-August 8, 2007)"

In June 2007 it is revealed that a missing Todd Manning is being held hostage by a young man named Hunter Atwood in Chicago. Hunter's then-girlfriend Sarah Roberts, coincidentally Todd's niece, recognizes her uncle and makes an anonymous call to Llanview to let Todd's ex-wife Blair Cramer know where he is. In the meantime, Hunter brings Todd to the Llanview doorstep of the man who paid him: Miles Laurence.

As Sarah cooperates with the police, Blair, Rex Balsom, and Cristian Vega to find Hunter and Todd, Hunter calls; he threatens Sarah for betraying him. Rex offers to broker a deal for Todd's return, assuring Hunter that wealthy Blair will pay well. Hunter rejects the offer, but soon goes to Blair himself. In exchange for the several thousand dollars she has on hand, he gives her the address where he left Todd. Blair recognizes it as the residence of her longtime nemesis Marty Saybrooke, who has recently married Miles.

Miles keeps an unconscious, wounded Todd in a storage room, but Miles soon dumps Todd outside to avoid being caught with him. Todd ultimately manages to get his hands on a cell phone and call Blair, but Hunter appears and knocks him unconscious. He calls Miles and offers to dispose of Todd for a fee, but Blair and Detective John McBain find Todd first.

Hunter finally locates Sarah; she walks into the empty Capricorn nightclub looking for Cristian, but is confronted by Hunter instead. He demands cash from her, and as Cristian arrives Hunter forces Sarah to call her father, Cord Roberts, to ask for money. Over the phone, Cord refuses to give his daughter anything. Cristian and Hunter fight over Hunter's knife; Hunter is stabbed, and dies.

Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe

"Peter Bartlett (1991-present)"

Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe is the longtime butler and confidante of billionaire Asa Buchanan.

In early 2003, Nigel is romantically linked to Roxy Balsom.

In October 2006, David Vickers finds out that Asa once had an affair with David's mother, Emma Bradley, but Asa denies it. Later, David's brother Dr. Spencer Truman claims to be Asa's son, but a DNA test proves otherwise. A conversation between Asa and Nigel hints that there is more to the story. On August 16, 2007, Asa dies in his sleep and is found by Nigel. At the funeral on August 17, 2007 Nigel tells a returned Max Holden that Asa has another son: David Vickers. Max advises Nigel to wait to tell the rest of the family; meanwhile, an eavesdropping Alex Olanov seeks out David. Nigel inherits Asa's yacht and private island, but in his video will Asa announces the existence of his other son; Nigel is tasked to inform this son of his parentage "when the time is right." Alex returns, married to an in-the-dark David, and blackmails Nigel with the facts of David's parentage. Not wanting the Buchanans to discover that con man David is one of them, Nigel gives his inheritance to Alex in exchange for her silence.

Dallas Jones

"Loyita Chapel (1999, 2005, July 31, 2008-present)"

Having met and begun dating Clint Buchanan in London after he left Llanview in 1998, Dallas Jones accompanies him back to town in 1999 as his daughter Jessica is about to deliver her first child. In 2005 Clint returns to Llanview to help ex-wife Victoria Lord Davidson deal with Jessica's dissociative identity disorder, and Dallas follows to spend the holidays with Clint. Clint is furious when Dallas blames Viki for her relationship troubles with Clint, and he breaks it off with Dallas. Clint remains in Llanview, and Dallas returns to London. Dallas reappears again on July 31, 2008 as Clint is dating his former sister-in-law, Nora Hanen. [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/31/08) -] ] [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/31/08) -] ]

Liz Coleman Reynolds

:"Barbara Niven (September 3, 2002 [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (9/3/02) -] ] -March 7, 2003 [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (3/7/03) -] ] )

Antonio Vega leaves Llanview after he is kicked off of the police force by Bo Buchanan for accidentally shooting Ben Davidson. Arriving in a nearby town, he meets a woman named Liz; he confides in her about his problems, and they part company. Soon after, they meet again when Antonio comes upon Liz, her car broken down. She tells him about the recent death of her husband, and she and Antonio sleep together. They once again go their separate ways the next day, and Antonio returns to Llanview; Liz appears there herself, and it is revealed that she is Liz Coleman Reynolds, the mother of Keri Reynolds — Antonio’s fiancée. Liz becomes pregnant, and tells Keri that the baby is her deceased husband's. With the pregnancy threatening Liz's health, Keri soon agrees to act as a surrogate mother. With the transfer a success, Antonio seeks a paternity test. He is indeed proven to be the father, and he and Liz decide to withhold the information from Keri.

Liz decides to stay in Llanview and renews her relationship with R.J. Gannon, who is revealed to be Keri's father. R.J. soon learns the truth about the baby Keri is carrying; he is on the verge of telling Keri when Antonio handcuffs R.J. to a booth in the Angel Square Diner. Antonio tells Keri that the baby is his, and Keri goes into premature labor. Keri gives birth to a baby girl in the hospital. Later tests prove that the surrogacy had actually failed and that Keri had already been pregnant with Antonio's child herself. Hating Antonio, R.J. helps Keri, Liz, and baby "Stephanie" sneak out of town. Their plane crashes, leaving no survivors, and Antonio is devastated at the loss of Keri and their daughter. Months later, Natalie Buchanan begins to suspect that R.J. is up to something, and soon discovers that Keri and Stephanie had never gotten on the plane and had been hiding out in Toronto. After returning to Llanview, Keri reveals that Liz had actually died in the plane crash.

Jonas Chamberlain

"Kevin Spirtas (June 11, 2008 [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/11/08) -] ] -August 28, 2008 [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/28/08) -] ] )"

Jonas Chamberlain, [Jonas' middle name, Byron, is noted during his wedding to Talia Sahid in the July 31, 2008 episode.] the U.S. Ambassador to the European principality of Mendorra, welcomes the Mendorran Crown Princess — actually former Llanview resident Tina Lord — to town after the after the Mendorran Crown Jewels are stolen. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (5/22/08) -] ] Tina soon acquires the jewels from corrupt Llanview Police Commissioner Lee Ramsey, who has stolen them at her request, but soon Ramsey is gunned down and Tina is on the run with the jewels from the sinister Jonas, who apparently wants them for himself. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/12/08) -] ] [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/13/08) -] ] Tina finds refuge with her estranged daughter Sarah Roberts and Sarah's boyfriend Cristian Vega; [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/18/08) -] ] [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/25/08) -] ] Llanview police officer Talia Sahid inexplicably aids Jonas in kidnapping Sarah, [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/26/08) -] ] and soon Cristian and his brother (and Talia's boyfriend), Police Detective Antonio, discover that Jonas has both women. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/27/08) -] ] [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/27/08) -] ] Tina and the Vegas agree to accompany Jonas back to Mendorra in order to make an exchange: Sarah and Talia for the Crown Jewels. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/30/08) -] ]

In Mendorra, Talia's estranged father is revealed to be villain Carlo Hesser, the real mastermind behind the kidnappings. [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/3/08) -] ] Talia despises Carlo, a longtime enemy of both Tina and the Vega brothers. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/7/08) -] ] Carlo, bent on revenge for Tina's part in his son's death in 1990, announces publicly that she and the Crown Prince (Cain Rogan in disguise) are frauds, and reveals "Jonas" as the true heir to the throne. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/17/08) -] ] Carlo intends to marry Talia to Jonas; she protests and stalls, but goes through with the royal wedding on July 31, 2008 to save Antonio and her friends from harm — not knowing that Jonas has already stabbed Antonio and left him for dead. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/30/08) -] ] [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/31/08) -] ] A wounded Antonio appears, overpowers Jonas and the guards and leads Talia to safety, but Carlo, Jonas and their men catch up. Talia brokers a deal with Carlo: she will stay if the others are allowed to leave. With several people's lives at stake, a furious Antonio is forced to leave Talia behind. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/4/08) -] ] [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/5/08) -] ] Antonio, Sarah and Cristian later return; they drug Carlo and Jonas and stage them in bed together, and Talia leads a team of reporters to "discover" the scene. Talia and the others leave Mendorra as a protesting Carlo and Jonas are arrested for fraud. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/27/08) -] ]

Riley Colson

"Jay Wilkison (February 24, 2003-June 8, 2005)"

Riley Colson arrives in Llanview in February 2003 as the boyfriend and bandmate of Sarah Roberts. The son of District Attorney Daniel Colson, Riley and his father have a somewhat volatile relationship. Riley had been named for Viki Davidson's first husband, reporter Joe Riley, whom Riley's mother had admired. In the summer of 2004, Riley becomes involved with Jennifer Rappaport.

In 2005, Daniel marries Nora Buchanan and is soon revealed as Paul Cramer's murderer; Paul had been blackmailing Daniel with the secret of Daniel's homosexuality. Daniel first frames Jennifer for the crime, and then strangles her to death in 2005 when she learns the truth. Daniel is ultimately caught and brought to justice. After the fallout of Jennifer's death and Daniel's crimes, Riley returns to using drugs, and is arrested for dealing. He shares a sad goodbye with his stepmother Nora and leaves town to go to a rehabilitation center.

Grace Davidson

:"Susan Misner (March 12, 1999-November 17, 1999)" [ Grace Davidson profile -] ]
Kelly Cramer's boarding school friend Grace Monroe comes to Llanview with her grandfather in 1999 and soon becomes romantically involved with Kevin Buchanan. Grace's grandfather, secretly a mobster, is searching for Dr. Ben Davidson to kill him because Grace's father had died while Ben was treating him.

Meanwhile, Rae Cummings returns to town in search of her missing husband Daniel Faulkner; her one lead is Daniel's former mistress — Grace. The young woman has no information to help Rae find Daniel. Hating Grace for the affair, Rae tries to convince Kevin to end the relationship. He is upset by Grace's past but forgives her, so Rae slowly and subtly tries to lead Kevin to believe that Grace is a horrible woman. Rae complicates their relationship, but Kevin and Grace grow closer and are eventually engaged.

Ben is shot but survives, and it is revealed that Grace is really the younger sister of Ben and his brother Sam Rappaport, kidnapped as a child by the mob and presumed dead (Grace's childhood nickname is "Maisy" - short for "Amazing Grace." It it through the memories associated with the nickname - which Ben and Sam continue to use - that Ben and Sam realize that Grace is their sister.) Reunited with her brothers, Grace changes her name to Grace Davidson.

At Kevin and Grace's engagement party, Kevin's grandfather Asa Buchanan — who hates Ben and Sam — confronts Grace with pictures he had uncovered of her sleeping with her father's mob friends. An upset Grace runs out into the storm and ends up in the Buchanans' summerhouse, which is under construction. Locked in, she falls through a hole in the floor into the cold water below. Rae arrives and unsuccessfully tries to save Grace; the two women make peace and Grace tells Rae that Daniel is in Pine Valley. Both woman are eventually pulled from the water, but despite her brother Ben's best efforts, Grace dies on November 3, 1999.

Kevin is devastated over Grace's death and starts drinking heavily; he and Kelly console each other as she and Kevin's brother Joey become engaged in December 1999. Kevin and Kelly begin developing feelings for each other, which complicates her relationship with Joey.

Madame Delphina

:"Lea DeLaria (1999; June 30, 2008-August 28, 2008)" [ "One Life to Live" recaps (1999, Page 1) -] ] Murray, Jesse. [ "Madame Delphina Sees All."] July 1, 2008.]

Dorian Lord consults psychic Madame Delphina in 1999 following the death of Dorian's husband, Mel Hayes. Through Delphina, Mel's spirit chastises Dorian for accidentally running over Jessica Buchanan and then fleeing the scene, and advises Dorian to make peace with her longtime nemesis Viki Lord Carpenter.

On June 30, 2008, Dorian schemes to break up David Vickers' marriage to her sister Addie Cramer by paying Delphina to "predict" misfortune should the couple stay together. Her plan backfires when Delphina instead predicts happiness in their future. Delphina also channels Mel, who again scolds Dorian for her recent deeds. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/30/08) -] ] Making her way around town, Delphina senses others' secrets and makes further cryptic predictions; one of these leads District Attorney Nora Hanen to evidence incriminating Lindsay Rappaport for the murder of Spencer Truman. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/2/08) -] ] His wedding to Lindsay aborted, a devastated Bo Buchanan leaves town, and Delphina gives Rex Balsom clues to find him. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (7/14/08) -] ] . In Texas, Bo and Rex are struck by lightning and travel back to 1968. Seeking a way to return to the present, they find Professor Delbert Fina, a supposed expert on the subject and Delphina's psychic counterpart in 1968. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/7/08) -] ] With Delphina helping Gigi Morasco find Rex in 2008, and Professor Fina aiding Bo and Rex in 1968, another bolt of lightning sends Bo home but pulls Gigi back to 1968. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/18/08) -] ] Later, Professor Fina watches as Rex and Gigi are transported back to 2008 after saying "I love you" to each other. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/26/08) -] ]

Renee Divine Buchanan

"Phyllis Newman (1987)"
"Patricia Elliott (1987-present)"
"Loyita Chapel (2008 [1968 flashback] )"

Renee Divine arrives in Llanview in 1987 as the former employer of Lee Halpern, secretly a once a prostitute at Renee's brothel in Texas. Renee soon runs into Asa Buchanan, her old flame from those days. Renee and Asa rekindle their romance, and marry for the first time on November 30, 1988 [ Renee Divine profile -] ] in a double wedding with Asa's grandson Cord Roberts, who remarries ex-wife Tina Lord.

Mobster Carlo Hesser — another of Renee's exes — appears in Llanview in 1990. Asa and Renee divorce in 1992 when Asa discovers old love letters that Carlo had sent Renee, but Asa and Renee eventually wed again on May 18, 1999. Around this time it is revealed that Renee had conceived a son by Asa when they had been involved in their youth, and had put the boy up for adoption. Max Holden poses as the missing heir, but Asa and Renee's real son turns out to be Ben Davidson, adopted brother of Sam Rappaport and love interest of Asa's former daughter-in-law Viki Carpenter. Asa and Renee divorce in 2001, but remarry for the last time on February 14, 2004. The marriage ends with Asa's offscreen death on August 16, 2007.

Kirk Harmon

"Randolph Mantooth (May 21, 2007-July 10, 2007)"

Kirk Harmon, the father of ex-baseball superstar Tate Harmon, comes to Llanview to see his son; the two share a secret. Just when it seems that Kirk is the anti-semitic and racist arsonist who has been terrorizing the city, Kirk confronts Tate, who is the real killer. Kirk takes the blame for Tate's crimes to protect his son, but when he realizes that Tate will not stop his misguided crusade, Kirk decides to tell the truth to the police. Before he has the chance, Kirk is killed in prison by a member of Tate's white supremacist group "One Pure People."

Tate Harmon

"Chris Beetem (February 8, 2007-August 9, 2007)"

Tate Harmon is a young professional baseball player, well-known and recently retired. An anti-drug lecturer, Tate comes to Llanview in February 2007 and speaks out against steroid use at Llanview High School. He is soon hired by entrepreneurs Adriana Cramer and Layla Williamson to be the model for their new men's underwear line. Tate's romantic interest in Adriana invites the ire of her boyfriend, Rex Balsom. On April 23, 2007, Tate is a guest on the daytime talk show "The View" and declares his love for Adriana in a "Tom Cruise-like" couch incident. After meeting Tate's ex-wife, who claims their marriage ended due to "fraud" on Tate's part, Rex outs Tate as gay on local television; the story is soon picked up nationwide.

Rex's assertion is soon proven untrue, but Tate hides another secret: he is a member of the white supremacist group "One Pure People." Using half-Latin Adriana as a cover, Tate has been participating in OPP's recent anti-semitic and racially-motivated arsons in Llanview. Tate's father Kirk Harmon comes to town and soon takes the blame for the crimes to protect his son, but when Kirk realizes that Tate will not stop his misguided crusade, Kirk decides to tell the truth to the police. Before he has the chance, Kirk is killed in prison by an OPP member, but Rex, Adriana and the police ultimately deduce that Tate is the culprit. In a macabre endgame, Tate traps Adriana, Layla, and Vincent Jones on a rooftop, intending to kill them for their racial "impurity." Rex arrives, and Tate convinces Adriana to jump off of the roof to spare the lives of her friends. Tipped off to Tate's whereabouts, Officer Talia Sahid shoots and arrests him before Adriana jumps or anyone else is harmed. Tate is convicted for his crimes and is sent to Statesville Prison on August 9, 2007; to his dismay, his cellmate is African American named Luther.

Dr. Stephen Haver

"Matthew Ashford (December 10, 2003 - March 22, 2004)"

Dr. Stephen Haver is a psychology professor at Llanview University who specializes in human sexuality and researches serial killers and sexual predators. He becomes a favorite instructor of Jessica Buchanan. However, a friend soon confides in Jessica that Haver had demanded sex from her in return for a passing grade. Student reporter Jessica investigates, and not only discovers that the accusations are true, but ultimately finds out that Haver is also the serial killer known as the "Music Box Killer" who has been terrorizing the university.

The "Music Box Killer" strangles his victims with a red leotard and leaves a music box by their bodies as a calling card. Ironically, the police consult with Haver on the murders he commits. As the authorities get closer, Haver kills Bo Buchanan's girlfriend Gabrielle Medina and nearly kills Sarah Roberts. He kidnaps Jessica but she is rescued before he can do anything to her. In the meantime, Rae Cummings also deduces Haver's secret; he holds her hostage, and she dies when he sets the room on fire. Later, in a standoff with police, Haver is shocked as Rae enters the room — she had escaped and been kept in police protection. Rae manages to distract Haver long enough for the police to subdue him.

It is also revealed that Haver had also been the "White Rose Killer," a serial killer who had been hunted by Detective John McBain years before while he was in the FBI. The killer had murdered McBain's fiancée Caitlin in her bed while she slept next to McBain in retaliation for the FBI agent's public threats to the killer in a press conference.

Haver is killed by a rogue cop. It is revealed that Haver brainwashed the cop to shoot him and then commit suicide, to frame John McBain for Haver's "murder."

Hugh Hughes

"Josh Casaubon (July 18, 2005 - September 21, 2006)"

Hugh Hughes comes to Llanview as the new Assistant District Attorney, working closely with both the district attorney's office and the police. Not long after his arrival, Hugh is out with one of the many leggy models he often has on his arm and runs into Marcie Walsh, who is being ridiculed by other writers after her novel "The Killing Club" had been played out by a serial killer. He gives up his evening to take the drunken Marcie home, where she throws up on his shoes. This begins an unusual friendship between the playboy Hugh and writer Marcie, much to the annoyance of her ex-boyfriend Dr. Michael McBain.

Hugh is soon thrown into the seat of district attorney as Nora Hanen is hospitalized. His first big case is the trial of Todd Manning for the murder of pregnant Margaret Cochran. Hugh is determined to see Todd pay for his crimes, in part because Hugh himself had been adopted and he cannot rationalize to himself why anyone would want to kill a child. His belief in Todd's guilt never wavers, and he feels that justice is truly served when Todd is convicted. When it is discovered that Todd had been innocent, Hugh immediately apologizes to him for having been the one to put him in prison, even though he had been only following the trail of the evidence.

Hugh then discovers that doctors Spencer Truman and Paige Miller are his biological parents; Paige had put him up for adoption without telling the evil Spencer that she was pregnant. At Spencer's bail hearing for Margaret Cochran's murder, it appears that Hugh wants Spencer to go free when he agrees to offer him a $1 million bail. However, he and Detective John McBain had planned it in the hopes that Truman would lead them to the gun that he used to kill John's father, Thomas McBain.

Hugh is killed on September 22, 2006 in a car accident, but in a case of mistaken identity he is thought to have survived and been bandaged for his burns. In reality, it is John McBain (who had also been in the accident) under the bandages while Hugh is buried in what everyone thought was John's grave.

Britney Jennings

"Katrina Bowden (September 26, 2006 and October 4, 2006)"
"Portia Reiners (October 10, 2006-October 17, 2007)"

In the fall of 2006, "popular girl" Britney Jennings targets Llanview High School freshman Starr Manning after an argument between their fathers Todd Manning and Blake Jennings, taking every opportunity to bully Starr and her friend Langston Wilde. Britney's attitude toward Starr worsens when Britney sets her sights on football player Cole, who himself is developing feelings for Starr after coming to her rescue at a dance. Trying everything to thwart Starr and Cole's new relationship, Britney discovers that Cole had been pressured into taking steroids, and uses it to her advantage. Britney spikes Cole's drink, which pushes him into a fit of "roid rage" during which he attacks Starr. Britney, posing as Starr, calls the police. In the aftermath, it is revealed that Cole's parents are Marty Saybrooke and the deceased Patrick Thornhart, both enemies of Starr's father Todd. Todd had raped Marty years before, and Starr's mother Blair Cramer had been romantically involved with Patrick between her marriages to Todd.

Starr forgives Cole but her parents forbid her to date him. They secretly see each other, much to Britney's dismay, and Britney does all she can to split them up. Cole and Starr attend a school ski trip, each telling their parents that the other is not there. Todd, Blair and Marty arrive coincidentally and the lodge is snowed in; Britney orchestrates the reveal that Starr and Cole have spent the night together, nearly having sex. Starr and Cole run away together, but are soon caught and forced to break up.

Teacher Marcie McBain coerces several students to participate in the school musical, including Britney, Starr and Cole. Though at first trying to follow their parents' orders and stay apart, Starr and Cole are soon drawn back together. Meanwhile, Britney uses fellow school student Henry Mackler to do her homework for her, falsely leading him to believe that she would date him. Henry begins to see that Britney is deceiving him, and a worried Starr and Langston encourage him to cut himself loose from Britney. Henry has been secretly taking pills to stay awake to do both his and Britney's homework; after not not having slept for two weeks, a distraught Henry steals a car. Starr, Cole, and Britney get inside and Henry drives off; acting strangely, Henry has chest pains and his vision blurs. Henry confronts Britney, but Cole manages to get Henry to drive back to school. However, when they arrive to find the police in the parking lot, Henry panics and drives the car into a tree. Starr, Cole, and Britney are unharmed, but Henry — not wearing a seatbelt — is thrown from the car to his death. Starr and Langston place blame on Britney for pushing Henry to this extreme; Britney begins to see that she had wronged Henry, and feels responsible for his death.

Britney seems to turn over a new leaf, dropping her vendetta against Starr. But after Cole leaves her at the prom to be with Starr, Britney reverts to her old ways. With Todd missing, Blair decides to allow Starr and Cole, obviously devoted to each other, to date. Soon Britney learns that Cole is lying to Starr about her father's whereabouts; Cole's new stepfather Miles Laurence is holding Todd captive, but Cole is keeping quiet to keep Miles from telling the authorities that Marty had supposedly murdered Spencer Truman. The secrets come out and strain Starr and Cole's relationship, but they are soon reunited, Todd is found, Marty is exonerated, and Miles is arrested.

Britney incites an argument in class between Starr and teacher Marcie, which results in Marcie's temporary suspension from her job. Britney soon announces during the week of October 15, 2007 that her parents are sending her to a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts. Before she leaves, Britney overhears that Langston's parents had died over a year before and Langston has been living on her own; Britney calls Social Services, who take custody of Langston — despite Dorian Lord's protests — and put her in a group home pending assignment to a foster home.

Janet Ketring

"Janet Zarish (April 2008 - present)"

Janet Ketring is a private nurse hired by Police Commissioner Lee Ramsey in the spring of 2008 to treat his bedridden houseguest, the amnesiac Marty Saybrooke. Ramsey, who was indirectly responsible for the accident that left Marty disabled, hopes to care for Marty during her long rehabilitation, while hiding her from his nemesis, Llanview police detective John McBain, who believes her to be dead. Unaware of Marty's ties to Llanview and Ramsey's hidden agendas, Janet accepts his word about McBain being a dangerous man and the need for secrecy regarding her patient. Janet forges a close relationship with both Ramsey and Marty, and is Marty's sole physician and caregiver during the early months of her difficult recovery.

When Ramsey facilitates a jewel heist in order to continue paying for Marty's expensive medical treatments, he brings the wrath of the diabolical Jonas Chamberlain down upon himself. During an exchange of the Mendorran jewels, Ramsey is shot and killed by Chamberlain's thugs, leaving Marty to be rescued by Todd Manning - her rapist. When Janet returns to Ramsey's penthouse and discovers the carnage, she is shocked and horrified, fearing for Marty's life. Todd corners Janet and tells her he is her new employer, and that she will continue as Marty's nurse and keep quiet.

Janet settles in at Todd's new home, and continues to care for and treat Marty alongside him. With Marty still suffering from amnesia, neither she nor Janet are aware of the true nature of Todd and Marty's twisted history, and Todd makes no attempt to enlighten them. Following Todd's orders, Janet works with him to conceal Marty from John McBain and the LPD when they search Todd's home. Just as with Lee Ramsey, Janet comes to trust Todd's word about the danger to Marty's life, and slowly she softens to her mysterious boss, while Marty and Todd grow closer and closer. During a personal conversation about their families, Janet reveals to Todd that like him, she too is estranged from her loved ones, and claims she is "dead to them." But when Todd shows Janet a picture of his sister, local society figure Viki Davidson, Janet becomes mysteriously anxious and seems to recognize the woman.

Brody Lovett

"Mark Lawson (April 24, 2008 - present)"

Brody Lovett is a former Navy SEAL brought to Llanview by Adriana Cramer to distract Gigi Morasco from Adriana's fiancé Rex Balsom. A hardened veteran of the war in Iraq, Brody was "stop-lossed" several times during his tours of duty.

Gigi establishes in 2007 that Brody, the father of her son Shane, had died heroically overseas while she had still been pregnant. Threatened by Gigi's connection to her high school sweetheart Rex, Adriana sends her mother Dorian Lord to get information on the deceased Brody in 2008. Meeting Brody's sister Nadine, Dorian discovers that Brody is in fact alive; disapproving of the match, Brody's mother had told Gigi he had died, and had told Brody that Gigi had moved on to another man. Further, Adriana's suspicions that Gigi had already been pregnant when she had met Brody — and that Rex is most likely Shane's father — are confirmed. She is even more discouraged to discover that Brody and Gigi's relationship was platonic, despite Brody's willingness to give her son a name and his hopes of building a family with Gigi.

With her wedding to Rex approaching — and Gigi and Rex getting closer — Adriana pays the hard-drinking and volatile Brody to come to Llanview. Brody is traumatized by his experiences in the Iraq War and embittered by what he believes was Gigi's abandonment of him. Adriana hopes Brody can distract Gigi from Rex and help keep the secret of Shane's paternity from coming out, which she fears will cement Gigi and Rex forever and doom Adriana's relationship with him. Brody still has feelings for Gigi, but is hesitant to disrupt her life. Convinced by Adriana that Gigi and Shane need him, Brody finally makes his presence known to a shocked Gigi and elated Shane at Rex and Adriana's wedding, appearing clean-shaven and sober in full dress uniform.

With Rex married to Adriana, Gigi and Brody keep up the pretense that Brody is Shane's father; Gigi feels as though she has no choice but to allow Brody back into her life, as she is unwilling to disrupt Rex's marriage or crush her son's hopes and dreams of finally knowing his "father." Brody hopes to pursue a real relationship with Gigi, but she is soon wrapped up again with Rex, who separates from Adriana after discovering her machinations. Meanwhile, Brody focuses his attentions and affection on Shane, who he grows very close to, thinking of the boy as "his son" in every respect. Brody sees in Shane an opportunity for a new start, and takes the initiative to find employment and begin attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. During an AA meeting, Brody expresses his frustration at Shane not being his true son; Charlie Banks, who had posed as Rex's own father during a complicated deception, attends the meeting as well, but promises Brody that what he heard in AA stays inside those walls.

When Gigi leaves town to pursue the missing Rex to Texas, a jealous Brody takes charge of Shane and the household. Having grown dependent on Shane's love and validation, Brody fears that if Gigi and Rex are to reunite, he will lose access to the most important person in his life. When local psychic Madame Delphina cryptically warns Brody that Gigi and Rex may be "gone for good," Brody panics, fearing that Social Services will put Shane into the foster care system if he is unable to assert paternity. Brody uses a package Adriana secretly sent to Gigi — Rex's toothbrush, containing his DNA — to fake a paternity test which "proves" Brody to be Shane's father and therefore, his legal guardian in Gigi's absence. Brody's hopes are dashed, however, when Gigi and Rex return to Llanview together, and Gigi makes it clear to Brody that she has told Rex the truth about his son, and is finally ready to tell Shane as well. She asks Brody to move out of the house in light of their new circumstances.

Despondent, Brody suffers a mental breakdown, trashing the carriage house and accidentally injuring Gigi's friend Marcie McBain. Lapsing into "combat mode," Brody outmaneuvers Gigi and Rex by going to Shane's school and picking him up before them, then absconding with the boy to Llantano Mountain. Once there, Brody's delusions deepen, as he dons his old combat fatigues, unearths his service revolver, and begins to tell Shane about his experiences in Iraq. As Brody attempts to teach Shane survival skills, he finds himself increasingly losing track of reality, suffering vivid hallucinations from his tours of duty, including seeing Shane in the place of the Iraqi child who he accidentally killed during a raid. As his violent delusions threaten to overtake him, Brody is cornered by Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan and the Llanview Police Department, accompanied by Gigi and Rex. Desperate, Brody initially uses Shane as a human shield when the SWAT team trains their guns on him, then declares that he could never hurt "his son" and sends the boy to his mother. A former Vietnam vet, Bo tries to talk Brody down, but Brody's anguish and visions overcome him and he fires wildly, accidentally shooting Rex. He is then arrested by the LPD and taken into custody.

Once in police custody, Brody's condition worsens, and Bo determines that Brody is suffering from a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Having spoken to one of Brody's fellow soldiers, Bo, Gigi and Rex have been made aware of Brody's deep trauma stemming from his war experiences, and the shooting incident with the Iraqi child, who Brody continues to "see" outside his jail cell. When Shane visits him, Brody is unable to distinguish between Shane and the child he killed, but in a moment of lucidity, he cries out that Shane is not his son. Bo promises Shane that he will see to Brody's care and treatment.

Henry Mackler

"Jonathan Groff (April 11, 2007-May 7, 2007)"

Henry Mackler is a bookish student whom the popular and manipulative Britney Jennings uses to do her schoolwork by encouraging his romantic feelings toward her. When Henry discovers the truth and confronts her about it, she gives him the cold shoulder, and so he deletes the paper he had been working on for her. The following week, a distraught Henry speeds away from school in a car with Britney, Cole Thornhart, and Starr Manning. Cole discovers drugs and realizes that Henry is under the influence, and Henry refuses to stop the car and let the others free. Soon, Henry has chest pains, and drives the car into a tree; though the others are merely bruised, Henry is not wearing his seatbelt and is thrown through the windshield. He suffers a drug-related heart attack and dies.

Henry was to be the instigator in an altercation at the high school. Writers abandoned the storyline in the wake of the Virginia Tech Massacre. [ [ "One Life to Live" trivia -] ]

Eve McBain

"Lisa Banes (January 30, 2004-March 15, 2004)"
"Lisby Larson (September 28, 2006-October 12, 2006)"

Eve McBain arrives in Llanview, Pennsylvania after she is invited to a dinner party by her son Michael’s friend Marcie Walsh. After the dinner party, Eve decides to stay in town for a little while to catch up with her sons, John and Michael. Eve begins to go on a series of dates with Bo Buchanan; weeks later, Eve is abducted by the Music Box Killer, and is forced to tell Natalie Buchanan that her dead husband Cristian Vega is alive. Natalie forgives Eve for lying after she discovers that Eve had been forced to tell Natalie about Cristian by the killer. Eve returns to Atlantic City.

In 2006, John tells Eve that he is going to ask Natalie to marry him; Eve comes back to town to give John her engagement ring to give to Natalie. Upon her return, she is devastated to learn that John died in a pile-up on his way to Atlantic City. After John’s funeral, Eve gives Natalie the engagement ring as a way to remember John. Eve returns home. John is later found to be alive.

hannon McBain

"Danneel Harris (March 2, 2004-December 2, 2004)"

Shannon McBain, the cousin of brothers John and Michael McBain, is transferred to Llanview University after doing poorly at her previous school. After the semester ends for summer she has still received failing grades, but University President Victoria Lord Davidson gives Shannon and other failing students a last chance to pass. Students Marcie Walsh, Jennifer Rappaport, Riley Colson, and others are tasked to rebuild the recently burned-down community center. The ragtag team of students become known as "the Love Crew", so named for the philanthropist who was funding the community center's renovation (and re-naming it after himself). Meanwhile, Shannon begins to make eyes at River Carpenter, who is dating Adriana Cramer.

Shannon, unhappy about being "forced" into the project and not wanting to mingle with the others, is initially blamed for continued vandalism which occurs at the construction site. She is exonerated, the culprits are found and the community center is completed. The group become great friends. But Adriana catches River in bed with Shannon, and breaks up with him. After River leaves town to study at The Juilliard School, Shannon begins dating Rex Balsom. Shannon and Rex stumble upon Asa Buchanan, trapped in a hole in the woods. Shannon and Rex agree to help him — for a price. Asa agrees, and they save him. Rex and Shannon's affair goes sour when Shannon becomes annoyed with Rex's continuing dedication to his ex, Jen. On Christmas Eve 2004, Rex tells Shannon's family that she has left town. In 2005, John explains that though no longer in Llanview, Shannon is under police protection along with the remaining "Love Crew" survivors during the "Killing Club" murder investigation.

Paige Miller

"Kimberlin Brown (October 12, 2004-June 30, 2005) [Brown was herself a last-minute replacement for daytime veteran Mary Beth Evans in the role of Paige. At the last minute, Evans got a contract offer from "As the World Turns", where she had been recurring since 2000, and opted out of the "OLTL" deal.]
"Cady Huffman (August 19, 2005-January 23, 2006)
"Alexandra Neil (February 6, 2006-July 27, 2007)

Dr. Paige Miller (formerly Truman) arrives at Llanview Hospital and is soon revealed to be the ex-wife of Dr. Spencer Truman, and begins dating Bo Buchanan. Paige is cold to Spencer, and he enjoys reminding her that he knows something about her that she would not want anyone else to know. This secret also somehow concerns Spencer's brother David Vickers, who teams up with Paige to determine Spencer's real reason for coming to Llanview. They believe he is up to something, and hope to finally turn the tables on him and reverse the power he has over them. In April 2006, the secret comes out: as a youth, David had shot police detective Thomas McBain, father of Detective John McBain. At the hospital, Paige had operated on Thomas despite the fact that she was intoxicated, and McBain had died. Spencer had covered up both crimes.

David is arrested, and Paige's license to practice medicine is revoked. Later in 2006, however, it is revealed that Spencer actually shot McBain, made sure the detective died in surgery and framed Paige to keep a hold over her. It is also revealed that Paige had a son by Spencer and put him up for adoption, never telling Spencer. Llanview attorney Hugh Hughes is discovered to be that son, but is killed in a car wreck on September 22, 2006. By December 2006, an exonerated Paige has her medical license reinstated. Though she is slowly able to deal with her grief over Hugh, Paige continues to struggle emotionally and ultimately decides to leave town to work with the humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders in the Middle East. She says a final goodbye to a disappointed Bo on July 27, 2007.

Ray Montez

"A Martinez (September 10, 2008"Comings and Goings: A Martinez (Ray Montez)." "Soap Opera Digest", Vol. 33, No. 38, September 16, 2008, page 18.] - present)"

Ray Montez is incarcerated in a Colombian maximum security prison, where he is found by Jared Banks on September 10, 2008. Hoping to make amends with Buchanan family patriarch Clint, Jared seeks Ray's help in securing leverage against Dorian Lord, who has taken over Buchanan Enterprises. Clint and Jared plan to convince Ray, the only living blood relative of Dorian's foster daughter Langston Wilde, to seek custody of the teen, assuming that Dorian will return the company to the Buchanans in exchange for Ray's relinquishing his rights to Langston. Using his connections, Clint has arranged Ray's "exoneration" and release through the corrupt warden of Plato Prison. Ray agrees to Jared and Clint's proposition, and accompanies Jared back to Llanview, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, international crime boss Carlo Hesser kidnaps his nemesis Cristian Vega, and has him interred in Plato Prison, conspiring with the warden to give Cristian Ray Montez's prison jumpsuit and imprison him under Ray's name. Cristian escapes the prison when he meets Ray's beautiful wife Vanessa, who bribes the warden for Cristian's freedom. Vanessa alleges that Ray wants her dead for testifying against him at his trial, where he stood accused of the murder of his first wife, the mother of his daughter Lola. Vanessa is anxious to accompany Cristian to Llanview with Lola, unaware that Ray is there as well.

Once in Llanview, Clint sets his plan into motion, and Ray crashes Langston and Dorian's party celebrating Langston's adoption. Upon introducing himself to his niece, Ray quickly grows fond of Langston, reminiscing about his past with his late sister Linda, Langston's mother. Soon thereafter, Ray pursues and is granted custody of Langston, and announces his intention to take her back to Colombia with him. Though this is still a part of Clint's gambit against Dorian, Ray seems torn between his deal with Clint and his own burgeoning feelings for Langston, who desperately wants to remain in Llanview with her new friends and adoptive family.

Alex Olanov

"Tonja Walker (1990-1997, [ Alex Olanov profile -] ] November 15, 2001-December 27, 2001; April 15, 2002-May 8, 2002; August 16, 2007-August 17, 2007; [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/16/07) -] ] [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/17/07) -] ] November 1, 2007- November 26, 2007)

In 1990, Federal agent Alex Olanov comes to Llanview help Bo Buchanan find his missing wife Sarah Gordon, presumably kidnapped by mob boss Carlo Hesser. Sarah is later presumed dead in a plane crash, and Alex develops feelings for Bo. When he falls in love with Cassie Callison, Alex becomes obsessed with him. Losing touch with reality, Alex tries to kill Cassie, but is ultimately arrested and institutionalized. She later escapes, and reappears at Bo and Cassie's wedding with a very-much-alive Sarah in tow.

Alex soon returns in 1992 and quickly becomes the wife of Carlo. When he is murdered, she tries to assume control of his crime syndicate but is ultimately unsuccessful. Alex eventually pursues millionaire Asa Buchanan, who at first resists but ultimately marries her in a November 1994 Egyptian-themed wedding in Central Park. Alex becomes the mayor of Llanview and Carlo turns up alive in 1996; they engage in an affair even as Alex divorces him and remarries Asa on March 29, 1996. They in turn soon divorce however; as a "pregnant" Alex prepares to remarry Carlo, Asa reveals that she is faking her condition and Carlo calls it off.

Carlo is murdered again in 1996 and she is arrested for the crime; she makes a deal with "The Sun" publisher Todd Manning trading her exclusive story for his paying her legal fees. Lawyer Téa Delgado manages to have the charges dropped, and Alex leaves town in 1997 with Carlo's twin Mortimer Bern — or perhaps Carlo in disguise. In 2001, it is revealed that it had indeed been Carlo that Alex had run off with, but by now he has dumped her and she is forced to work as a stripper. Asa brings Alex back to town in under the pretense of intending to remarry her, but he marries Gabrielle Medina instead. Alex returns in 2001 for the reading of Asa's will; fleeing to Asa's private island with his ashes, she discovers a very-much-alive Asa. Alex attempts to blackmail Asa into remarrying her, but he turns the tables on Alex and tricks her into instead marrying a janitor (using Asa'a longtime alias, "Jeb Stuart").

Alex returns to Llanview again in August 2007, this time for Asa's real funeral. She overhears Asa's butler Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe tell Max Holden that David Vickers is secretly Asa's biological son, and takes off to find David. Smelling money, Alex discovers David working at a rehabilitation clinic in November 2007; acting the part of a wealthy widow with a sex addiction, Alex preys upon old acquaintance David's greed to convince him to marry her on November 8, 2007, never mentioning his true parentage. Both David and Alex are playing each other, falsely believing that the other has come into money. Alex and David tie the knot, and decide to briefly go back to Llanview; they run into David's ex-wife Dorian Lord at the airport and follow her to the Buchanan ranch in Texas, where Asa's will has been read. Once there, Alex blackmails Nigel with the truth about David; he has her tied up and gagged in the barn. Alex is crushed to discover that David has been left no money, but Nigel gives Alex his own inheritance from Asa — Asa's yacht, and the deed to his private resort, St. Blaze's Island — in exchange for her silence. Placated, Alex dumps David unceremoniously and skips town. On her way out of the ranch, Alex backs over Dorian with her car.

Noelle Ortiz

"January LaVoy (October 22, 2007-January 17, 2008; May 7, 2008-May 12, 2008; July 16, 2008-August 28, 2008)"

The kindhearted Noelle Ortiz is first seen working as a waitress at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. Noelle, a lovelorn divorcee, has become very good friends with coworker Viki Davidson, with whom she shares tales of woe from life with her ex-husband. Noelle is a constant thorn in the side of grumpy Bon Jour proprietor Moe Stubbs, who bickers with her endlessly. The two prepare to compete against each other in the "Dallas Pie Bake-Off", causing them to argue even more than usual, but after a series of accidents ends in a food fight at the diner, a visiting judge disqualifies both Moe and Noelle. Noelle is heartbroken, but soon discovers that Moe has selflessly gone to the judges and gotten her name re-submitted into the bake-off, while not doing the same for himself. Noelle wins the blue ribbon at the Bake-Off, and her platonic relationship with Moe softens. When Marcie McBain, who had been posing as new waitress "Sally Ann," is arrested along with Noelle's fellow waitress Gigi Morasco following a police stand-off, Noelle takes care of Gigi's young son Shane. After the crisis makes national news, Viki's daughters, Natalie and Jessica, arrive at the Bon Jour Café and are introduced to Moe and Noelle. Shortly after returning from the Paris Police Department, Viki shares a sad goodbye with Noelle, Moe, Shane, and the newly released Gigi as she returns to Llanview with their blessing.

Noelle is seen again in May 2008, when Natalie and her secret lover, con man Jared Banks, visit Paris and the Bon Jour to get away from the prying eyes of the Buchanan family. They are unaware that the notorious David Vickers, the true Buchanan heir, has taken a job at the Bon Jour as a busboy alongside a reluctant Moe and Noelle. After discovering that Jared and Natalie are lying to the Buchanans about Jared's lineage (but unaware that he is the true heir), David quits the Bon Jour to follow them back to Llanview, but before leaving, urges Moe and Noelle to admit their mutual feelings for each other.

Noelle reappears again in July, when Bo Buchanan and Rex Balsom visit the Bon Jour separately. By this time, Moe and Noelle have revealed their feelings for each other and are shown to be in a committed romantic relationship. When Bo and Rex travel through time back to 1968, they discover Noelle and Moe's counterparts in the past: Moe is "Jeremiah Stubbs," the hippie proprietor of what was then known as the "Good Day Café," and Noelle is "Rosa," a strong-willed Mexican maid working for the Buchanan family alongside Maria Vasquez. Rosa is Maria's only confidante about her out-of-wedlock pregnancy by Clint Buchanan; her unborn child will grow up to be Cord Roberts. Much like Moe and Noelle, Jeremiah and Rosa are shown to have feelings for one another.

As Gigi returns to Paris during her search for a missing Rex, Noelle has the chance to catch up with her former co-worker. After getting what information she could about Rex from Moe, Gigi heads to the Buchanan Ranch. After the customers leave, Moe proposes to Noelle, who accepts.

Ted Osbourne

"Mike Jerome (August 11, 2006-November 2, 2006)"

Ted Osbourne is introduced as an employee of Vincent Jones; after Vincent becomes Cristian Vega's boxing manager, Vincent decides he wants Cristian to look bad. Vincent has Ted douse Cristian's opponent's glove with dope to make it look like Cristian throws the fight. Cristian soon loses his boxing career; he hits Ted repeatedly to get the truth. Cristian confronts Vincent, and turns him in. As Vincent's arraignment is about to begin, Ted appears in the courtroom to confess. Days later, one of Vincent's warehouses is burned down, and Ted dies in the fire. It is revealed months later that Tate Harmon had set the fire as part of his racially-motivated series of arsons in Llanview.

Lee Ramsey

"Hunt Block (October 16, 2007-June 12, 2008 [ [ Lee Ramsey profile -] ] )"

FBI Agent Lee Ramsey is assigned to track down Marcie McBain, who has taken her adoptive son Tommy on the run after custody is awarded to his biological father, Todd Manning. Ramsey and Llanview Police Detective/former FBI Agent John McBain share some bad blood; Ramsey had carried an unrequited torch for John's late fiancee Caitlin Fitzgerald, and blames John for her murder years before at the hands of a serial killer whom both men were tracking. As Marcie is married to John's brother Michael, John initiates his own pursuit of her; he and Ramsey and continually run into one another on their separate searches across the country. After Marty Saybrooke and her son Cole Thornhart go missing, John returns to Llanview to find them. John discovers that Ramsey has been searching for the terrorist who had murdered Marty's husband, Patrick Thornhart, and entices Ramsey to break off his hunt for Marcie in order to finally capture Patrick's killer. John and Ramsey are forced to work together to track down Marty and Cole. John discovers a microchip in the back of one of Patrick's books of poetry, and later uses it to bargain with terrorist Simon Ryerson in Ireland in exchange for Marty and Cole's safety. The transaction is botched by Ramsey's reckless actions, and Marty is apparently killed in an explosion. Ramsey is promptly suspended by the Bureau for his conduct during the affair.

Now a free agent, Ramsey offers his services to Todd as a bounty hunter. They confront waitress Gigi Morasco, whom they soon discover is hiding Marcie from the authorities. Ramsey takes Gigi and her young son Shane hostage, over Todd's objections, and demands that Gigi call Marcie to meet with her. Marcie arrives but escapes; Ramsey attempts to gun her down while she is still holding Tommy. Todd angrily struggles with Ramsey, and Michael McBain is shot instead. He survives, and Marcie is later apprehended. Ramsey visits a jailed Gigi and threatens to harm her and Shane if she tells anyone about Ramsey and Todd holding her hostage. He is later arrested on suspicion of attempting to kill Gigi and Shane, but on February 15, 2008 is inexplicably named the new Commissioner of Llanview Police Department after the mayor fires Bo Buchanan. It soon becomes clear that Mayor Lowell is in league with Ramsey for some mysterious reason.

Loyal Llanview police officers Antonio Vega and Talia Sahid are determined to get Bo his job back, and work with John to oust Ramsey and expose him as a crooked cop. To this end, Antonio and Talia stage a break-up, and Antonio tricks Ramsey into believing that he has switched allegiances and is open to Ramsey's corrupting influence. With Antonio as an accomplice, Ramsey orchestrates the theft of the crown jewels of Mendorra, set to be displayed in Llanview at Lindsay Rappaport's Fine Arts Gallery. During the heist, Ramsey attempts to have Talia framed for criminal collusion and tries to have her dismissed from the force. On June 11, 2008, it is revealed that Ramsey has been secretly caring for an injured and confused Marty in the penthouse he had purchased from Todd, and that he had the jewels stolen in order to sell them on the black market and pay for Marty's private medical care. [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/11/08) -] ] It becomes clear that the crooked Ramsey has compassion for Marty, and harbors regret for his part in her near-fatal accident. He tells Marty that he hopes to heal her physical and mental traumas and release her to her family and friends, and then be reinstated by the FBI himself. Ramsey's buyer for the jewels turns out to be Todd's long-lost sister Tina Lord — now the Crown Princess of Mendorra. Tina arrives at Ramsey's penthouse with a briefcase full of Euros, and the two make an exchange. But when Tina briefly moves in another room, thugs sent by United States Ambassador to Mendorra Jonas Chamberlain burst into the penthouse and shoot Ramsey to death. Ramsey's last act as he lies wounded is to crawl towards the penthouse stairs, in an attempt to protect Marty. [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/12/08) -] ]

After Ramsey's death, Carlo Hesser reveals that Ramsey had appointed to the commissioner’s office, by him, via the mayor. In addition, Ramsey had been in Hesser's employ as part of the scheme with the Mendorran Crown Jewels, and had secured Carlo's secret release from Statesville Prison.

Claudia Reston

"Kerry Butler (January 18, 2006 - January 3, 2007)"

Claudia Reston is the ex-girlfriend and later friend to Nash Brennan. Nash's pregnant girlfriend Tess (the alternate personality of Jessica Buchanan) visits Claudia in a drug rehab, where Claudia has been since her break-up with Nash. Claudia, a rich heiress and a recovering alcoholic, explains that Nash made her believe he loved her, but was really scamming her for her father's money. Nash explains that his grifter days are behind him and that he sincerely regrets taking advantage of Claudia. Seemingly rehabilitated, Claudia soon appears in Llanview, taking a job as a singer at Antonio Vega's club "Capricorn." Soon her powerful father George arrives on the scene, blaming Nash for Claudia's troubles. After Mr. Reston threatens Nash and Tess' lives, Nash turns to the manipulative Claudia for help. Claudia hopes to regain Nash's love by aiding him in a scheme against her father, but their plan ends in tragedy when George Reston ends up dead by Claudia's hand during a scuffle with Nash. Nash, however, helps her cover up the fatal accident.

Claudia continues to try and woo Nash while befriending Antonio, but her hopes are in vain. When she falls off the wagon on New Year's Eve 2006, Nash and Antonio urge her to go to rehab. Claudia then heads back to New York City to detox and start a new life.

Tico Santi

"Javier Morga (July 7, 2004-December 8, 2004)"

In 2004, Antonio Vega stumbles upon an imprisoned Augustico "Tico" Santi while investigating deceased drug lord Manuel Santi, and brings him to Llanview. The son of Manuel, Tico had been held prisoner by his father's enemies in their effort to get their hands on the drug runner's fortune.

It is soon revealed that Manuel was actually Manuel Espinoza, the brother of Antonio's mother, Carlotta Vega; the family connection had been hidden to protect the Vegas from Manuel's enemies. It also comes to light that Carlotta's 15-year-old goddaughter Adriana Colón is actually the secret daughter of Manuel and Dorian Cramer Lord.

Tico forges relationships with new cousin Antonio and sister Adriana, and soon shows romantic interest in Antonio's ex-girlfriend, Jessica Buchanan. Raised in high society and tutored at the finest schools, Tico claims to have grown up far away from his father's life of crime, and that he and his foster sister Sonia want only to rehabilitate the Santi name, but mystery and secrets surround him. Tico and Sonia are secretly hiding Tico's mother, Isabella Santi, in their home at Lion's Heart Manor. Isabella was presumed dead in a car bomb decades ago along with Tico's older brother, Manuel II, and is now posing as Tico's former nanny "Angelina". Antonio's brother Cristian had disappeared and been presumed dead in 2003; an apparent Cristian lookalike with no memory of his past appears in Llanview in 2004, secretly programmed to kill Antonio. Soon it becomes clear that Tico is actually the vicious drug lord "El Tiburon", and killed his father himself. He is also the mastermind behind Cristian's disappearance and initial brainwashing, and his goal is to eliminate Manuel's eldest son and heir — Antonio.

Carlotta admits that Antonio is indeed Manuel's son with Isabella/Angelina, "Manuel II." Jessica marries Tico, despite misgivings. The attempt to murder Antonio fails as the trauma of trying to kill his own brother brings Cristian's memories flooding back. The plot is revealed, and a hospitalized Tico is murdered on December 7, 2004. The killer turns out to be Cristian, who is brainwashed for a second time by mob boss Carlo Hesser to wipe out the Santi drug cartel. Cristian is sent to prison and keeps his true identity hidden from his family. Later that year his sentence is overturned; he is released from jail and reveals himself to his family.

Mark Solomon

"William M. Cavenaugh (July 2, 2004-June 3, 2005)"

Mark Solomon is a failing student at Llanview University, who is assigned to help re-build the recently burned down community center with other failing students. Mark and Marcie Walsh become good friends, and Mark comes out to her. Mark tells the rest of the group that he is gay, and begins dating a boy named Justin. Months later, Daniel Colson marries Nora Hanen, though it appears that he is having an affair. With the murder of Paul Cramer still unsolved, the motive is revealed; Paul had discovered that Daniel is romantically involved with Mark, and had begun to blackmail Daniel. This had prompted Daniel to kill Paul. Daniel begins planting evidence to frame Jennifer Rappaport for the crime, but Jen catches him. Daniel suffocates Jen. Bo Buchanan and Rex Balsom discover Daniel's crimes and the homosexual affair. While Daniel is in custody awaiting trial, a devastated Mark breaks things off with him.

Pamela Stuart

:"(Christine Jones (1986-1987, 1988, October 2001, January 18, 2008-January 21, 2008, April 9, 2008-April 10, 2008, June 3, 2008)"

Pamela Stuart"Comings and Goings: Christine Jones (Pamela Stuart)." "Soap Opera Digest", Vol. 33, No. 2, January 8, 2008, page 14. "Asa's fifth wife ... last appeared in 2001 when Pamela came to Llanview to 'mourn' Asa's fake death."] [ "One Life to Live" recap (1/18/08) -] "It's Pamela Stuart, Asa's fifth wife."] Christine Jones was mistakenly credited as "Pamela Stewart" onscreen on January 18 and January 25, 2008.] is one of Asa Buchanan's many ex-wives. In 1986, Tina Lord discovers that Asa has been leading a double life for years; on the tropical island of Malakeva, he is known as Jeb Stuart, and has been "married" to a woman named Pamela for a decade. Stirring up trouble, Tina tells Pamela that her "husband" is not a sea captain, as she believes, but actually a millionaire with a family in Llanview. Noting that Asa and Pamela's marriage is not legal, Tina convinces Pamela to pretend she is dying to manipulate Asa into marrying her for real. He does on January 20, 1986, and Pamela springs from her "deathbed" and confronts her husband. Arriving in Llanview to live as "Mrs. Asa Buchanan," Pamela is at first a thorn in his side. As Asa realizes he wants her to be his wife in every sense of the word, she demands a divorce — and half of his fortune. [ "One Life to Live" recap (1986, Part 3) -] ] [ Asa Buchanan profile -] ] Their marriage ends in 1987; Pamela marries lawyer Pete O'Neill, and they leave town that year to return to Malakeva.

Asa fakes his death in 2001, framing his wife Gabrielle Medina and her lover Max Holden for murder; Pamela and all of Asa's other living ex-wives appear for the funeral. Ex-wife Alex Olanov finds Asa in hiding on his private island, St. Blaze's, and he is ultimately dragged back to Llanview. Pamela returns to Llanview on January 18, 2008 "Comings and Goings: Christine Jones (Pamela Stuart)." "Soap Opera Digest", Vol. 33, No. 4, January 22, 2008, page 20. ] at the invitation of Asa's son Bo, and attends the Buchanan Enterprises board meeting to weigh in on the possibility that Jared Banks is the illegitimate son of Asa, who had died on August 16, 2007. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (8/16/07) -] ] Bo had determined that Asa had been with Pamela around the time of Jared's conception; Pamela confirms that Asa had never even met Jared's mother Valerie Banks, let alone conceived a child with her. To the shock of everyone assembled, Pamela reveals that Valerie had in fact been her sister; Pamela then drops the bombshell that "she" is actually Jared's biological mother. Afraid of losing Asa's love by bringing a child into the relationship, Pamela had asked Valerie to secretly adopt Asa's son. Pamela declares him the Buchanan heir; after the board meeting lets out, however, Pamela returns to meet with Jared alone. It is revealed that Pamela has lied to the Buchanans and is merely going along with Jared's scheme; Pamela is not really Jared's mother, but has known Jared and his family since he was a child, and had told the young boy many stories about her life with Asa. Through Pamela's stories of the great Asa Buchanan, Jared's fascination with Asa and the Buchanan clan had been born. Jared had not been aware that Pamela was going to appear at the meeting or lie for him, but Pamela explains that it was the least she could do "after everything my brother" — a violent abuser named Harlan Oliver who dated Jared's mother after Charlie left the Banks household — "did to you and your family." [The February 1, 2008 episode included a flashback that reveals that Jared and Valerie had been abused by some of her boyfriends after Charlie had left the Banks household, and in the February 15, 2008 episode Jared confirms that one of the abusers had been Pamela's brother.] Pamela, who still remembers Jared with fondness, warmly wishes him good luck with the company, and tells him that — whether he realizes it or not — what he is doing is not about the money or the power, but about the Buchanans, and their good name.

Pamela is summoned back to Llanview by Natalie Buchanan on April 9, 2008;"Comings and Goings: Christine Jones (Pamela Stuart)." "Soap Opera Digest", Vol. 33, No. 16, April 15, 2008, page 18. ] "Revolving Door: Christine Jones (Pamela Stuart)." "Soap Opera Weekly", Vol. 19, No. 16, April 15, 2008, page 3. ] Jared has admitted his true identity to Natalie, who wants to know why Pamela had lied to the Buchanans. Pamela relates Jared's troubled childhood, including the death of Jared's younger brother, and explains that she had only wanted to help him. [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (4/9/08) -] ]

Pamela appears once more on June 3, 2008, making a surprise appearance at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders' meeting. Reluctant and saddened, she confirms Dorian Lord's reveal that Jared is not really Asa's son, telling Jared "Sorry, kid" as she hurries out. "Comings and Goings: Christine Jones (Pamela Stuart)." "Soap Opera Digest", Vol. 33, No. 24, June 10, 2008, page 15. ] [ [ "One Life to Live" recap (6/3/08) -] ]

Moe Stubbs

"John Rue (October 22, 2007-January 17, 2008; May 7, 2008-May 12, 2008; July 16, 2008-August 28, 2008)"

Maurice “Moe” Stubbs is the owner and chef of the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. Moe constantly annoys his waitresses Viki Davidson, Gigi Morasco, and particularly the lovelorn Noelle Ortiz with his demands. A short order cook frustrated by his clientele's lack of appreciation for his gourmet cooking skills, Moe is bossy, impatient, and can be rude at times, but beneath his gruff exterior he has a warm and caring heart. When Viki's calming influence comes into his life, Moe begins to soften towards Noelle despite their longtime feud over the "Dallas Pie Bake-Off", in which both hope to win the blue ribbon for "best pie". After a judges' tasting debacle at the Bon Jour which turns into a food fight, both Moe and Noelle are inadvertently disqualified, and Noelle is crushed. Struck by Noelle's sadness, Moe selflessly goes to the select committee and has Noelle re-entered in the contest, but does not submit himself. Noelle wins the blue ribbon, and the two longtime platonic friends begin to grow closer, a fact which does not go unnoticed by Viki. When the Marcie McBain hostage crisis "outs" Viki to her friends in Paris, Moe takes the revelation in stride and assures Viki that they are still good friends, and when Viki's daughters, Jessica and Natalie, arrive in Paris, Moe happily serves them his duck entree — which, unlike the regular lunch crowd, the girls fully appreciate. Not long afterwards, the taciturn Moe shares an emotional goodbye with Viki as she and her family return to Llanview.

Moe is seen again in May 2008, when Natalie and her secret lover, con man Jared Banks, visit Paris and the Bon Jour to get away from the prying eyes of the Buchanan family. They are unaware that the notorious David Vickers, the true Buchanan heir, has taken a job at the Bon Jour as a busboy alongside a reluctant Moe and Noelle. After discovering that Jared and Natalie are lying to the Buchanans about Jared's lineage (but unaware that he is the true heir), David quits the Bon Jour to follow them back to Llanview, but before leaving, urges Moe and Noelle to admit their mutual feelings for each other.

Moe reappears again in July, when Bo Buchanan and Rex Balsom visit the Bon Jour separately. By this time, Moe and Noelle have revealed their feelings for each other and are shown to be in a committed romantic relationship. When Bo and Rex travel through time back to 1968, they discover Moe and Noelle's counterparts in the past: Moe is "Jeremiah Stubbs," the hippie proprietor of what was then known as the "Good Day Café," and Noelle is "Rosa," a strong-willed Mexican maid working for the Buchanan family alongside Maria Vasquez. Much like Moe and Noelle, Jeremiah and Rosa are shown to have feelings for one another. Unlike Moe, Jeremiah is a mellow, peace-loving fellow who is shown to oppose the Vietnam War and deal in certain "medicinal substances," which he includes as ingredients in some of his baked goods. While sharing some "brownies" with a young Renee Divine, he encourages her to reconsider her frayed relationship with Asa Buchanan, the love of her life.

onia Toledo

"Lisa Lo Cicero (June 24, 2004-December 20, 2004)"

Investigating deceased drug lord Manuel Santi, Antonio Vega goes undercover at the male strip club the Hook-Up. He soon discovers that owner Sonia Toledo is an undercover federal agent with adoptive relations to the Santi clan, assigned to apprehend "El Tiburon"," the mysterious drug lord who has resurrected the Santi criminal cartel. Antonio and his girlfriend Jessica Buchanan rescue Manuel's son Tico Santi from his father's enemies; the revelation that Sonia is Tico's adoptive sister is followed by the discovery that Antonio's own mother, Carlotta Vega, is Manuel Santi's sister.

Antonio's obsession with the Santi case pushes Jessica to break off their engagement; she is soon in the arms of Tico, and Antonio falls into an affair with Sonia. Antonio's next shocking discovery is that he is in fact Manuel's firstborn son with Isabella Santi (aka Angelina Paredis); Carlotta confirms that she adopted Antonio to protect him from Manuel's enemies, but a furious Antonio turns his back on her. Sonia, who had been raised alongside Tico, refuses to believe Antonio's claims that Tico is "El Tiburon", but eventually the evidence becomes too damning for her to ignore. Soon Tico is revealed to be the mastermind behind Cristian Vega's kidnapping and brainwashing, and orders Antonio to kill Governor Harrison Brooks in return for Cristian's safety. Antonio shoots Tico instead, and his half-brother slips into a coma. Cristian turns off Tico's life support, and a grieving Sonia leaves Llanview after Tico's death.

Carlotta Vega

"Patricia Mauceri (1995-present)"

Carlotta Espinoza Vega (née Santi) is introduced in 1995 as the longtime maid and loyal confidante of Dorian Lord. Carlotta's teenage son Cristian soon becomes romantically involved with heiress Jessica Buchanan. At first, both Carlotta and Jessica's parents disapprove of the match. Carlotta's elder son Antonio, a former gang member in Llanview's Angel Square, is released from prison the same year after serving a seven-year sentence for murder. Carlotta eventually quits Dorian's employ to run her own diner. Antonio later proves that his crime had been self-defense; he becomes a lawyer and then a police officer, eventually leaving town in 1998, but returning in 2000. Carlotta herself is romantically linked at times to both Clint Buchanan and Hank Gannon.

Carlotta suffers through the disappearance and presumed death of Cristian in 2003; Antonio is also accused of killing Keri Reynolds, the mother of his child, but is later exonerated. Also in 2003, Carlotta's 15-year-old goddaughter Adriana Colón arrives in Llanview; by 2004 it is revealed that Adriana is actually the secret daughter of Carlotta's brother, crime lord Manuel Santi, and Dorian Lord.

A Cristian lookalike with no memory of his past appears in Llanview in 2004, secretly programmed by Manuel's son Tico Santi to kill Antonio — who is secretly Manuel's eldest son and heir. Carlotta is forced to admit that Antonio is actually Manuel's son with Isabella/Angelina; the attempt to murder Antonio fails as the trauma of trying to kill his own brother brings Cristian's memories flooding back. After killing Tico and being sent to prison in 2005, Cristian keeps his true identity hidden from his family. Later in 2005, Cristian's sentence is overturned; he is released from jail and reveals himself to his overjoyed mother.


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