Oakdale (As the World Turns)

Oakdale (As the World Turns)

Oakdale is the setting of the television soap opera As the World Turns.



For many years, the writers have been firm on placing the city in the state of Illinois. By all indications, the city is unrelated to the real Oakdale, Illinois. However, show creator Irna Phillips may have modeled her fictional hamlet after this city, due to the small size of both entities. A 2006 episode revealed Oakdale to be in the exact spot of Peoria (200 miles north of the actual Oakdale). However, Peoria is also mentioned as being a real city on the show. In 2007, Oakdale was paradoxically stated as being in Lee County, Illinois (70 miles north of Peoria). Oakdale has been depicted as being a half-hour- to forty-five-minute-drive from Chicago, given the relatively short travel time it takes characters to travel between the two cities.


Though Oakdale is usually depicted as a fairly small town, it nonetheless is apparently large enough to have its own airport, a television station, a luxury hotel, three major newspapers, and a university, and its hospital is renowned enough to have attracted a number of world-class physicians, surgeons and researchers over the years.

In a 1960 episode of As the World Turns recently shown at The World of Soap Themes, several small skyscrapers could be seen through the window of Chris Hughes' law office, thus suggesting that at least as far back as that decade, Oakdale was a large enough place to have some sort of commercial district. The same view can be seen from a suite in the Lakeview Hotel.

Oakdale society

District Attorney Chief of Police
  • Tom Hughes (?)
  • Jessica Griffin (?)
  • T. Marshall Travers (?)
Attorneys Doctors/Nurses Police Other
  • Mitchell Dru (1950s-1960s)
  • Donald Hughes (born 1957)
  • Grant Colman (1973–1980)
  • Tom Hughes
  • Tim Cole, Research Doctor at Memorial (1958)
  • Dr. David Stewart
  • Dr. Doug Cassen, physician; Chief of Staff at Memorial (1956–1967)
  • Bob Hughes, intern and later resident
  • Dr.Reid Oliver, world renowned neurosurgeon from Texas who then stayed at Memorial to start a Neurology Wing.
  • Dr. Michael Shea, Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Bellows
  • Susan Burke, intern
  • Dr. Fred Burke
  • Dr. John Dixon
  • Dr. Lucy Montgomery
  • Al Suker
  • Rick Ryan, intern
  • Eric Lonsberry
  • Jennifer Sullivan
  • Sylvia Hill, nurse
  • Mary Mitchell, nurse
  • Lyla Montgomery (Lyla Peretti), nurse
  • Karen Adams, nurse
  • Meg Snyder, nurse
  • Alison Stewart, nurse

Jack Snyder

Places of interest


Business Workers Dates
Walsh Enterprises/Montgomery & Associates James Evan Walsh I-Founder and CEO
James Evan Walsh II-CEO
Lucinda Walsh-CEO (1984–1990)
Connor Walsh-CEO (1990–1997)
James Evan Walsh III-Executive (1990–1995)
Craig Montgomery-CEO (MA)
Kirk Anderson-Executive (WE) (1988–1990)
Kevin Gibson-Junior Executive (WE) (1985–1986)
James Stenbeck
Worldwide Industries/Montgomery Enterprises Lucinda Walsh-CEO [WW] (1990–2007)
Meg Snyder-CEO (2007–2008)
Paul Ryan-CEO (WW) (2008)
Craig Montgomery-Employee (WW);Owner (ME)
Neal Keller Alcott-Graphic Artist (WW) (1992–1993)
Kirk Anderson-Executive (WW) (1990–1998)
Rose D'Angelo (WW) (2001–2003)
Dusty Donovan (WW) (2005–2008) Owner/CEO (2008-)
Scott Eldridge-Lawyer (WW) (1992–1993)
Sierra Estaban Drake-Head of the Domestic Division (WW) (1991–1994)
Simply Barbara/Barbara Ryan Originals/Monte Carlo Barbara Ryan-Owner
Rosanna Cabot-Owner
Jordan Sinclair-Assistant (2004–2005)
James Stenbeck (2004)
Simply Barbara was acquired by Walsh Enterprises in a hostile takeover and converted to a ready-to-wear label. Barbara Ryan Originals launched as a couture-only label to differentiate itself from Simply Barbara.
WOAK-TV Kim Hughes-Host (1986);Co-owner
Lily Walsh Snyder-Co-owner
Katie Peretti-Intern(1999–2001);News Ancor (2001-?);Host(?-?,2007–present)
Brad Snyder-Host (2007–2009)
Luke Snyder-Intern (2007–present)
Noah Mayer (2007–present)
Maddie Coleman-Intern (2007)
Henry Coleman-News Director (1999–2001)
Stalling Mine Stavares "Steve" Andropoulos-Manager (1984)
James Stenbeck
McColl factory Stavares "Steve" Andropoulos-Employee
Andropoulos Construction Stavares "Steve" Andropoulos-Owner
Iva Snyder Benedict-assistant
Stalling Construction Natalie Bannon-Employee
Carol Demming-Employee
Real Estate Firm Natalie Bannon-Owned
Cabot Motors Rosanna Cabot-CEO
DeWitt Cereals Darryl Harold Crawford-executive 1990s
  • Rosie's Roller Palace was a beauty shop. It was owned by Rose D'Angelo.
  • Burt's Garage was a car garage. Simon Frasier worked there.
  • Get Real Fashions was a fashion show. Lisa Grimaldi was a partner in it.
  • Fashions Limited was owned by Lisa Grimaldi.
  • Deesire perfume company owned by Karen Haines.
  • Hollister Mine was a company owned by Bradley "Brad" Hollister.
  • Cody Sullivan's Movie Company
  • Street Jeans Mike Kasnoff was a model.
  • Stricklyn Oil Josh (Snyder) Stricklyn worked there.
  • Grimaldi Shipping is owned by Damian Grimaldi

Stores and shopping centers

Business Workers Dates
Wade Book Shop Neil Wade – Owner (1963–1967)
Penny Wade – Owner (1967–)
Lisa Miller Hughes – Owner (1965–)
Amanda Holmes (1965–)
Elizabeth Talbot – Worker
Natalie Bannon – Employee (1976–1978)
  • Fashions, Ltd. is a boutique founded in 1985 by Lisa Grimaldi, Kim Sullivan Hughes and Barbara Ryan. Hughes left the venture in the early 1990s to have time to focus on WOAK; Ryan sold her shares to Lisa in 2004, in order to pay her legal bills, and now Lisa is the sole owner. The store recently moved to Old Town in December 2007 taking the place of The Black Duck restaurant. Ariel Donovan was a model there.
  • Old Town is a collection of restaurants and shops including Al's Diner, Java, Fashions, Ltd., a dance studio where Faith Snyder took lessons, a bookstore where Will Munson works, a jewelry store, and an ice cream parlor.
  • Wade Bookshop was a bookshop originally owned by Neil Wade. Natalie Bannon, Mary Ellison Hughes, and Penelope Hughes were employed there. Lisa Miller Hughes was a manager. Though presumably still in business, it has not been seen or referred to since the early 1980s.


  • Oakdale Now is a TV show hosted by Brad and Katie.
  • Patterns was a TV show hosted by Kim Hughes
  • Oakdale 411 was a TV show hosted by Brad Snyder and Spencer McKay in 2008


Business Workers Dates Notes
Al's Diner Janet Ciccone (waitress) (2008–Present)
Parker Snyder (waiter) (2009–Present)
Henry Coleman and Vienna Hyatt (owner) August 2007–present)
Bart "Al" Albertini (owner)
Burger joint that moved to Old Town in autumn 2007
Java Simon Frasier (worked at Java Underground)
Isaac Jenkins (owned)
Lisa Miller Hughes (partner)
Noah Mayer (2008–present)
It moved to Old Town during December 2007
Mabel's Lisa Grimaldi (owned) The teen club called Crash is behind. Is famous for its Red Hots.
The Mona Lisa/Caroline's Lisa Grimaldi (owner)
Douglas "Doug" Cummings (owner)
Though presumably still in operation, the Mona Lisa has not been seen since 2001, and has not been mentioned since 2002.
The Plakka Nikolas "Nick" Andropoulos (owner)
Kim Hughes (helped manage)


  • Metro is a bar owned by Henry Coleman and Carly Tenney and re-opened January 1, 2008 (actual air date December 28). Dusty Donovan was formally a partner in it. Aaron Snyder used to work as a bartender at Metro. The club was first seen in 1999 as Java Underground (so named because it was downstairs from the Java Coffee Shop), and was purchased around that time by Isaac Jenkins and Craig Montgomery; Lisa Grimaldi later bought Craig out, and she, Isaac and Bonnie McCechne ran the club together for several years.
  • Yo's is a local bar. Lt. Hal Munson's memorial was held here in 2006.
  • Caroline's was a nightclub. Douglas "Doug" Cummings was the owner, Kevin Gibson worked there, and Marie Kovac was a waitress. After Cummings' death in 1985, Lisa Grimaldi and Craig Montgomery purchased the property and reopened it as The Mona Lisa (Montgomery sold his half of the establishment to Lisa years ago.)
  • Falcon Club was a club owned by Damian Grimaldi.
  • Crash was a nightclub that Casey Hughes worked at.


  • Fairwinds (100 Old Stone Ridge Road) – a large mansion originally built for Damian and Lily Grimaldi, after their divorce, Fairwinds has been owned by Rosanna Cabot, Craig Montgomery and Barbara Ryan. Paul Ryan and his wife, Emily Stewart and daughter, Eliza Ryan and Daniel Hughes, currently reside in Fairwinds.
  • 10 Yardley Place – home of Bob Hughes and Kim Hughes and Nancy Hughes lives in the garage apartment until her death in 2010.
  • 724 Pinewood Lane – Tom and Margo’s old house; home of Chris Hughes, Katie Peretti Snyder and Jacob Snyder
  • 25 Old Stable Road – Walsh Estate, home of Lucinda Walsh, was remodel in 2008.
  • 182 Courtland Place – Ellen Stewart’s old house, home of Susan Stewart
  • Snyder House – Katie’s old house; home of Tom Hughes, Margo Hughes

The Lakeview (1440 Lakeview Road) – A luxury hotel, co-owned in Lisa Grimaldi and Lily Walsh. The Lakeview houses a bar, restaurant and boutique.

  • Current Residents:

Lisa Miller Grimaldi – Penthouse
Barbara Ryan & Henry Coleman – 1219
Dusty Donovan & Janet Ciccone Snyder and their son, Lorenzo
Craig & Johnny Montgomery
John Dixon & Lucinda Walsh

Luther’s Corners – a rural community originally stated to be 11 miles outside of Oakdale, but in recent years has seen to be closer. Emma Snyder’s family farm and pond is located here, along with Lily Walsh’s mansion.

  • Snyder Farm (RR#2, Box 600) – Home of the Snyder family, currently residents are Emma’s son Holden Snyder, Holden and Lily’s daughter Faith Snyder.
  • 1 Mile High Road – Lily’s Mansion, built by Kasnoff Construction. Home of Lily Walsh and her children, Luke Snyder, Natalie Snyder and Ethan Snyder along with Gabriel.
  • Old Snyder Cabin
  • Luther’s Corners Church – is where many special events occur.
  • Wilson’s – local feed store

Ruxton Hills - an upscale development close to Luthers Corners, where Lucinda Walsh's mansion is located

Milltown – is a small community “considered a working enclave” located outside of Oakdale. The Old Kasnoff house is here where Carly Tenney lives.

  • 123 Elm Street – Home of Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney and their daughter Sage Snyder.
  • Lebo house – home of the Lebos, a neighboring family of Carly’s.
  • Milltown Baptist Church – a former church burned down by Chris Hughes II

Volunteer foundations

  • Jennifer Munson Foundation (In memoriam of Jennifer Munson)
  • Rose Foundation (In memoriam of Rose D'Angelo)
  • Luke Snyder Foundation


Business Workers Dates
Oakdale Memorial Dr. Bob Hughes - Chief of Staff
Dr. Chris Hughes - Head of the Research Dept. (2007), Interim Chief of Staff (2007–2008)
Dr. Susan Stewart
Lucinda Walsh - Board Member (1999–present)
Eli King - Genetics Lab Technician (2007)
Evan Walsh - Biological researcher
Iva Snyder Benedict-AIDS contribution director
Dr. Doug Campbell-hospital administrator (1979)
Marcia Campbell-board member (1979)
Joyce Coleman-file clerk
Dr. John Dixon Chief-of-Staff
Karen Haines-nurse's assistant
Dr. Benjamin Robert Harris- doctor
Ian "Duke" Kramer-orderly
Camille Bennett-John Dixon's assistant (1997–2000)
Dr. Jeff Ward, M.D.-doctor & Chief of Surgery (1978–1984)
Dr. Reid Oliver - Neurosurgeon (2010)
Luke Snyder - Board Member (2010–present)
Medical Clinic Camille Bennett-Clerk

Law and correctional

  • Oakdale Police Department is the local police force headquarters with Lt. Margo Hughes, Det. Jack Snyder, and Officer Dallas Griffin. Dr. Walker Daniels was the medical consaltant in 2003-2004. Simon Frasier worked there.


Case Attorneys Year Outcome
Jeff Baker killing Al James Christopher Hughes, Tom Pope 1958 Cleared of murder
Ellen Lowell fighting to get her son, Dan (Jimmy Cole) back James T. Lowell, Doug Cassen 1961 Stewarts hand Dan over to Ellen
Edna Rice's husband dying due to malpractice Christopher Hughes 1963 Alibi and Doug Cassen has his job back
Ellen Cole killing Franny Brennan Christopher Hughes, James Lowell 1967 They found out that Franny blackmailed her
Amanda Holmes killing Sara Fuller Christopher Hughes 1967 Found out she was guilty
Tom Hughes killing Michael Shea Unknown 1970 He was innocent and Miss Thompson was the killer
Natalie Bannon for Grand Larceny Tom Hughes 1975 Cleared
John Dixon's marital rape trial Maggie Crawford 1980
Lucinda Walsh's killing of Whit McColl Tom Hughes 1984 Cleared after Dorothy Connors turned out to be the real murderer.
Kim Hughes' killing of Douglas Cummings Tom Hughes 1986 Cleared at the eleventh hour when it was discovered that Cummings was murdered by his assistant Marsha Talbot.
John Dixon's killing of Eduardo Grimaldi due to medical negligence Tom Hughes 1995 Cleared after evidence implicated Orlena Grimaldi.
Ryder Hughes' trial 1996
Margo Hughes' killing of Alec Wallace Tom Hughes 1999 Cleared after Georgia Tucker confessed that she had accidentally killed Wallace during an argument.
Abigail Williams' killing of Nick Scudder Tom Hughes 2002 Found not guilty after Scudder's murderer turned out to be his girlfriend Mary
Paul Ryan's killing of Rose D'Angelo Tom Hughes 2004 Cleared after his brother Will Munson confessed to poisoning Rose.
Parker Snyder's killing of Sam Hutchins Tom Hughes 2008 Cleared after Kit Fowler was found guilty of the actual murder.
Custody for Hallie Jennifer Munson Bonnie McKechnie 2008 Custody given to Gwen and Will Munson.
Alison Stewart's sexual harassment trial against Chris Hughes Bonnie McKechnie 2008 Lost after Chris Hughes was not found guilty.
  • Lowell, Hughes, and Colman (formally Lowell, Barnes, & Lowell) was a law firm in the early days. Grant Colman was employed there. Edith and Kim Hughes and Mary Ellison Hughes were secretarys. Christopher Hughes, Donald Hughes, and Tom Hughes were lawyers there. Tom Pope, Dick Martin
  • Tom Hughes's Law Firm is a law firm. Jessica Griffin was employed there.
  • Margaret Crawford Andropoulos Unknown law firm.


  • The Groves Country Club is complete with a pool and dining area. It has not been seen since summer 2005. Casey Hughes worked there in the summer.
  • Falcon Club was a club owned by Damian Grimaldi.


  • Oakdale Latin is a private high school for Oakdale's teens.
  • Oakdale University is an institution of higher education in Oakdale; includes on-campus dorm rooms. Current students include Noah Mayer. Former students include Eric Hollister, Gwen Munson, Will Munson, Casey Hughes, Luke Snyder, and Elwood Hoffman.
  • Oakdale High School is a school. Current students include Faith Snyder, Parker Snyder, and Liberty Ciccone. Former students include Hayley Wilson Hollister.


  • Luther's Corner's Church is where many special events occur; most recently the wedding of Craig Montgomery and Meg Snyder.
  • Milltown Baptist Church was burn down by Christopher Hughes II
  • All Angel's Church - located above Grant Street; Alison Stewart has met Mick Dante there both in real time and in dreams. She found herself thereafter being proposed to by Casey Hughes, and did agree to marry him.

Places to stay

  • The Lakeview is a luxury hotel, co-owned by Lisa Grimaldi (who runs it on a day-to-day basis) and Lily Snyder (who is more of a "silent partner"). The Lakeview houses a bar, restaurant, and boutique. Current residents include Henry Coleman, Vienna Hyatt, Barbara Ryan, and Mick Dante It is owned by Lisa Grimaldi and Lily Snyder. Former employees include Aaron Snyder, Casey Hughes, Matt O'Connor and Sofie Duran. Former people to have stayed there have included Dusty Donovan, Neal Keller Alcott (penthouse apartment over it) and Benjamin Robert Harris.
  • Wagon Wheel Motel is where people who cannot afford the Lakeview stay. Recent occupants include Cleo Babbitt and Sofie Duran. Julia Larrabee stayed there and Pilar Domingo was a maid there and also lived there.
  • Willows is a country inn owned by Bennett Hadley, which Lisa Grimaldi visited in 1981.


  • The City Times is the daily newspaper owned by Lucinda Walsh.
  • The Intruder is the local tabloid owned by Emily Stewart. Henry Coleman was the managing editor. Christopher Robert Hughes was a reporter.
  • Argus is a paper formerly owned by Lisa Miller Hughes. Tom Hughes was a journalist there. Lisa sold the paper in 2002, when Tom decided to leave journalism and return to practicing law.

Other places

  • Oakdale International Airport is the airport that everyone comes and goes from. Previous destinations include San Francisco, Montega, Malta, Montana, Seattle, The Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Bermuda, etc.
  • Chicago Scenic Shop - Owned by Gray Gerard until his death in 2008

Basic Information


Couple Date
John Hughes & Marion 1956
Janice Turner & Carl Whipple 1957
Claire Lowell & Doug Cassen 1958
Edith Hughes & George Frey 1959
Lisa Miller & Bob Hughes 1959
Penny Hughes & Jeff Baker 1959
Donald Hughes & Janice Turner 1962
Penny Hughes & Neil Wade 1964
Judith Wade & Jerry Stevens 1965
Sylvia Hill & Al Suker 1965
Lisa Hughes & John Elridge 1965
Ellen Cole & David Stewart 1967
Bob Hughes & Sandy McGuire 1967
Penny Wade & Roy McGuire 1968
Dan Stewart & Susan Burke 1968
Lisa Eldrige & Michael Shea 1968
John Dixon & Kim Hughes 1969
Sandy McGuire & Peter Kane 1971
Tom Hughes & Carol Deming 1972
Bob Hughes & Jennifer Sullivan 1972
Susan Stewart & Bruce Baxter 1972
Dan Stewart & Elizabeth Stewart 1973
Lisa Shea & Grant Colman 1974
Natalie Bannon & Tom Hughes 1976
Carol Deming & Stephen Andropoulos 1980
Lisa Shea-Colman & Whit McColl 1982
Carol Ann "Annie" Stewart & Jeff Ward 1982
Tom Hughes & Margo Montgomery 1983
Steve Andropoulos & Betsy Stewart 1984
Frank Andropoulos & Margaret Crawford 1984
Kim Andropolous & Bob Hughes 1985
Lisa McColl & Earl Mitchell 1986
Holden Snyder & Emily Stewart 1987
Meg Snyder & Tonio Reyes 1988
Meg Snyder & Josh Stricklyn 1989
Kirk Anderson & Ellie Snyder 1990
Caleb Snyder & Julie Wendall 1990
Duncan McKechnie & Jessica Griffin 1991
Holden Snyder & Lily Walsh 1991
Courtney Baxter & Andy Dixon 1992
Susan Stewart & Larry McDermott 1992
Lily Snyder & Damian Grimaldi 1993
Iva Snyder & Jason Benedict 1994
Kirk Anderson & Samantha Markham 1994
Cal Stricklyn & Connor Walsh 1994
Lisa Mitchell & Eduardo Grimaldi 1994
Connor Walsh & Mark Kasnoff 1997
Holden Snyder & Lily Grimaldi 1998
Hal Munson & Carly Tenney 1998
Hal Munson & Barbara Ryan 1999
Simon Frasier & Katie Peretti 2000
Jake McKinnon & Molly Conlan 2001
Hal Munson & Emily Stewart 2002
Jack Snyder & Carly Tenney 2002
Craig Montgomery & Rosanna Cabot 2003
Jack Snyder & Carly Tenney 2003
Rosanna Cabot & Paul Ryan 2004
Mike Kasnoff & Jennifer Munson 2005
Henry Coleman & Katie Peretti 2005
Holden Snyder & Lily Walsh 2006
Will Munson & Gwen Norbeck 2006
Mike Kasnoff & Katie Peretti 2006
Dusty Donovan & Jennifer Munson 2006
Craig Montgomery & Meg Snyder 2007
Jack Snyder & Katie Peretti 2007
Rosanna Cabot & Paul Ryan 2007
Noah Mayer & Ameera Ali Aziz 2008
Katie Peretti & Brad Snyder 2008
Meg Snyder & Paul Ryan 2008
Emily Stewart & Casey Hughes 2008
Lucinda Walsh & Brian Wheatley 2008
Janet Ciccone & Jack Snyder 2008
Liberty Ciccone & Parker Snyder 2009
Paul Ryan & Emily Stewart 2009
Kim Sullivan & Bob Hughes 2010
Barbara Ryan & Henry Coleman 2010
Jack Snyder & Carly Tenney 2010


Name Date Parents
Daniel "Dan" Stewart 1958 Ellen Lowell & Tim Cole
Thomas "Tom" Hughes 1961 Lisa & Bob Hughes
Scott Eldridge 1965 or early 1966 Lisa & John Eldridge (Scott's existence was not made known to viewers until 1992)
Jimmy McGuire 1966 Sandy & Roy McGuire
Annie Stewart 1968 Ellen & David Stewart
Charles "Chuckie" Shea 1968 Lisa Hughes & Michael Shea
Dawn "Dee" Stewart 1968 Ellen & David Stewart
Betsy Stewart 1970 Elizabeth & Dan Stewart
Emily Stewart 1972 Susan & Dan Stewart
Francis "Frannie" Hughes 1973 Bob & Jennifer Hughes
Andrew "Andy" Dixon 1976 John Dixon & Kim Hughes
Gregory Ward
Lowell Ward
Maria Ward
Nancy Ward
1983 Annie Stewart & Jeff Ward
Danielle Andropoulos 1983 Steve Andropolous & Betsy Stewart
Christopher "Chris" Hughes II 1986 Bob & Kim Hughes
Bryant Montgomery 1987 Sierra Estaban & Craig Montgomery
Adam Munson 1988 Margo Hughes & Hal Munson
Kathryn "Katie" Peretti 1989 Lyla & Casey Peretti
Jennifer Munson 1990 Darryl Crawford & Barbara Ryan
Aaron Snyder 1991 Julie Wendall & Holden Snyder
Lucinda "Lucy" Montgomery 1991 Sierra Estaban & Craig Montgomery
Casey Hughes 1991 Margo & Tom Hughes
Bonnie McKechnie 1993 Jessica Griffin & Duncan McKechnie
William "Will" Munson 1993 Barbara Ryan & Hal Munson
Alison Stewart 1994 Susan Stewart & Larry McDermott
Luciano "Luke" Snyder 1995 Lily Snyder & Damian Grimaldi
Faith Snyder 1998 Lily & Holden Snyder
Parker Snyder 1998 Carly Tenney & Hal Munson
Daniel Hughes 1999 Emily Stewart & Tom Hughes
Natalie Snyder 2002 Lily & Holden Snyder
Sage Snyder 2003 Carly Tenney & Jack Snyder
Johnny Donovan 2005 Jennifer Munson & Craig Montgomery
Billy Munson 2005 Gwen Norbeck & Casey Hughes
Jennifer Ryan 2006 Emily Stewart & Paul Ryan
Ethan Snyder 2006 Lily & Holden Snyder
Hallie Munson 2007 Sofie Duran & Cole Norbeck
Eliza Ryan 2008 Meg and Paul Ryan
Jacob Snyder 2009 Brad Snyder and Katie Peretti
Lorenzo Donovan 2010 Dusty Donovan and Janet Ciccone


Name Date How?
Jim Lowell 1957 Fell off his boat and hit his head and drowned
Al James 1958 Jeff Baker punched him and he hit his head on a counter
Tim Cole 1960 Leukemia
Jeff Baker 1962 Car Accident
Ed Rice 1960s Duodenal Ulcer
Janice Turner 1965 Sideroblastic anemia
Franny Brennan 1966 Bludgeoned to death by Ellen Cole with a small desktop statue
Joan Rogers 1967 Inoperable Brain Tumor
Doug Cassen 1967 Pushed into a counter by Ted Rogers
Neil Wade 1967 Air embolism after fall down the stairs
Doreen Steiner 1968 Lethal injection of Paricalcitol
Michael Shea 1970 Shot and killed by Mrs. Thompson
Cora Thompson 1970 Darington's Disease
Claire English Lowell Cassen Shea 1971 Hit by a car
Chuck Ryan 1971 Contracted and died from SARS
Paul Stewart 1971 Inoperable brain tumor
Elizabeth Talbot 1973 Fell on stairs and ruptured her spleen
Jennifer Ryan Hughes 1975 Car crash
William "Pa" Hughes 1976 Natural Causes
Charles "Chuckie" Shea 1977 Car Accident
Judge James T. Lowell 1980 Heart Attack
Nikolas "Nick" Andropoulos 1982 Heart Attack
Bernard Ignacious Grayson (aka Mr. Big) 1983 Fell into the river and eaten by a crocodile
Whit McColl 1984 Murdered by his housekeeper and former mistress, Dorothy Connors
Doug Cummings 1986 Shot to death by Marcia Talbot
Kevin Gibson 1986 Shot to death by Marcia Talbot
Christopher Hughes 1986 Natural causes
Earl Mitchell 1988 Revealed to be an Interpol agent; killed while investigating James Stenbeck
Casey Peretti 1990 Died of encephalitis
Neal Keller Alcott 1993 Royce Keller (as Roger, his Dissociative Identity Disorder personality), shoved her and she hit her head on a fireplace mantel
Linc Lafferty 1993 Stabbed to death by Deborah "Debbie" Simon
Eduardo Grimaldi 1995 Orlena Grimaldi injected air into his IV
Dan McClosky 1996 Heart attack
Diego Santana 1997 Shot and killed by Kirk Anderson
Deana Silva 1998 Accidentally shot by Margo Hughes during a botched drug bust
Alec Wallace 1999 Was accidentally killed by his son's girlfriend, Georgia Tucker
David Stenbeck 2000 Shot by police during attempt to escape from prison.
Bryant Montgomery 2001 Died in a car accident after getting into fights with his father Craig Montgomery and his girlfriend Jennifer Munson
Nick Scudder 2002 Bludgeoned by his girlfriend after she suspected him of sleeping with Abigail Williams
Jake McKinnon 2002 Shot by his former nanny while trying to rescue his wife Molly Conlon
T. Marshall Travers 2003 Fell to his death after Bonnie McKechnie accidentally pushed him through a glass window
Bartleby Shears 2003 Killed by Simon Frasier in self defense
Rose D'Angelo 2003 Poisoned by her fiance's brother Will Munson
Pilar Domingo 2004 Fell on her own knife in a struggle with Katie Peretti
Julia Larribee 2005 Murdered by her ex-husband
Celia Frasier 2005 Drowned while trying to flee island with diamond, which she stole from her brother Simon Frasier and Lily Snyder
Nick Kasnoff 2006 Shot and killed by Katie Peretti in self-defense
Lia McDermott 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Nate Bradley 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Alex Hoffman 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Geneva Samuelson 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Ian Black 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Ann Lynch 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Zach Harding 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Louis Browning 2006 Stabbed to death by Eve Coleman Browning
Jennifer Munson Donovan 2006 Died of cardiovascular myopathy
Hal Munson 2006 Shot and killed in the line of duty
Cheri Love 2007 Shot and killed by ex-husband Winston Mayer
Evan Walsh IV 2008 Lily Walsh injected him with potassium chloride in self-defense
Sam Hutchins 2008 Shot and killed by Kit Fowler
Kit Fowler 2008 Shot and killed by Carly Tenney in self-defense
Gray Gerard 2008 Shot and killed by Margo Hughes in self-defense
Winston Mayer 2008 Drowned in while escaping from the police
Sofie Duran 2008 Lethal Injection of morphine by Cole Norbeck
Reg Addington 2009 Overdosed on toxic drugs sold by Mark Vero
Elwood Hoffman 2009 Ran off a bridge by Mark Vero
James Stenbeck 2009 Killed via lethal injection by Audrey Coleman
Eb Stone 2009 Stabbed to death by a fireplace poker
Brad Snyder 2009 Accidentally shot by Jack Snyder
Nancy Hughes 2010 Natural causes
Reid Oliver 2010 Died from injuries after his car was hit by a train

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