Parker Snyder

Parker Snyder

Infobox soap character
series = As the World Turns
color = #99CCCC
name = Parker Snyder
portrayer = Justin Weiss
Cole Kachelhoffer
Giovani Cimmino
Mick Hazen

caption1 =
first = 1998
last =
born = December 31, 1998 at 11:59:50 pm
occupation= Tennis Trainer
parents = Harold "Hal" Munson Jr. (biological father, deceased)
Carly Tenney (mother)
Jack Snyder (adoptive father)
sibling(s) = Nicole "Nikki" Munson (biological paternal half-sister)
Adam Munson (biological paternal half-brother)
Jennifer Munson (biological adopted half-sister, deceased)
William "Will" Munson (biological paternal half-brother)
Nora Kasnoff (maternal half-sister, deceased)
Joseph James "JJ" Snyder (adoptive brother)
Sage Snyder (adoptive sister)
relatives = Harold Munson Sr. (biological paternal grandfather, deceased)
Louise Munson (biological paternal grandmother, deceased)
Ray Tenney (maternal grandfather, deceased)
Sheila Washburn (maternal grandmother, deceased)
Bert Snyder (adoptive paternal grandfather, deceased)
Dolores Snyder Pierce (adoptive paternal grandmother)
Claire Munson Shelby (biological paternal aunt)
Rosanna Cabot (maternal aunt)
Gwen Norbeck Munson (maternal aunt/sister-in-law)
Bradley "Brad" Snyder (adoptive paternal uncle)
John "Johnny" Donovan (nephew)
Hallie Munson (adopted niece/maternal adopted cousin)
Tess Shelby (biological paternal cousin)
Cabot Sinclair (maternal adopted cousin)
William "Billy" Norbeck (maternal cousin, deceased)
Liberty Ciccone (adoptive paternal cousin)
romances = Liberty Ciccone (dating/lovers)

Parker Joe Snyder (birth name Munson; previously Dixon) is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera "As The World Turns". He has been played by Mick Hazen since December 22, 2006.

Character's background

Parker Munson owes his existence to a deal his aunt Rosanna made with his mother, Carly. Rosanna informed Carly that she would provide a $ 50 million trust fund for her child--provided Carly was married to the father and that father was not Mike Kasnoff. A few years after making the initial offer, Rosanna got tired of waiting and gave Carly a deadline; the baby had to be born before 1999. Unfortunately for Carly, she wasn't told about the deadline until the Spring of that same year. Seeing a golden opportunity, Carly quickly seduced lonely Detective Hal Munson and convinced him to marry her. To ensure that she became pregnant, Carly sought the help of Dr. John Dixon who provided his sperm to inseminate her with. It didn't take long though for the Munson marriage to crumble since Hal could tell that Carly was in love with another man--Jack Snyder. Carly adored Jack but she really wanted the money. Her prayers seemed answered when she learned that John was Parker's father and the two quickly married so that Carly could get the money. Unfortunately, there was a real possibility that she would miss the deadline since the baby wasn't due until January. Desperate, Carly decided to induce labor early, but John refused to risk the baby's safety since the plan was for him to raise the child when it was born. However, when Carly felt a contraction in her 8th month, she had a change of heart and decided that she was keeping this child, money or no money. Not long after, fate intervened and Carly miraculously gave birth to a baby boy on New Year's Eve--mere minutes before the deadline ended. John named the baby Parker after his mother's maiden name. Not long after, everyone was in for a shock when it was learned that Hal, not John, was Parker's real father. Carly and John quickly divorced and Carly and Hal shared custody of Parker (though he spent the early part of his childhood with Hal due to Carly's various crises)

When Parker was about 3, Carly was finally able to marry her soul mate--Jack Snyder. Jack had been a part of Parker's life since the beginning and Parker adored him. Though Carly's first marriage to Jack ended quickly, Jack never stopped loving Parker as if he was his own. Less than nine months after Jack left Carly (and the same day Carly gave birth to a daughter, Sage) Jack and Carly remarried in a beautiful ceremony in Montana. Unfortunately, tragedy struck a year later when Jack was presumed dead when his car went over a bridge. Although everyone said that Jack was gone, Parker didn't believe it. He felt deep in his heart that Jack was alive. Although Hal dismissed it as wishful thinking, Parker's faith was contagious and Carly came to believe it too. Months later, it was discovered that Parker was right--Jack was indeed alive and suffering from amnesia. With some help from Parker (who had a psychic connection to Jack), Carly was able to locate Jack and eventually the pair reunited when Jack's memory returned. Along the way, the couple ended becoming guardians for JJ Larrabee after the death of his mother, whom Jack befriended when he had amnesia. Though Parker and JJ didn't get along at first, in time they developed a bond.

Things changed drastically for the Snyder marriage. Carly and Jack had a lot of fights and Jack left his wife eventually. Parker became a quiet boy who didn't even want to trust his own brother. Then, Carly left with another man Simon Frasier to an unknown place. Parker became angry at everyone. Angry at J.J. for being so calm during the divorce, angry at his mom for leaving them just like that, but mostly angry with Jack, who "let" Carly walk out of their lives and had seemed to move on with Katie Peretti. Parker finally confided in Faith Snyder and they became really good friends. They started to hang out more and learned they could trust each other and talk about their personal issues. Along this way, when Parker finally got his life back together, Carly returned to Oakdale. Parker was still furious at his mother for leaving her family and didn't want to have anything to do with her. Faith convinced him his mom had a rough time and he should give her a break.

Things got worse when it was revealed that Carly had a braintumor. Though she promised she would keep fighting, Parker realised Carly wasn't going to make it. They grew closer again, as Carly had only several months to live. A part of Carly's wish was for Jack to adopt Parker, which happened on November 19th, 2007, changing his name into Parker Joe Snyder. Parker got excited when his parents got married, as a part of Jack's way to help her. When it became clear that Carly wasn't dying after all and knew this for quite some time, Parker once again got furious at his mom for lying. However, Jack made him realise that Carly is the way she is and Parker should forgive her. In time, Parker did, but there was no room for Parker and Carly to grow close again. Carly had bought the old night club "Metro", and her business partner's boyfriend Sam came to Oakdale, too. Parker immediately noticed Sam's crush on Carly, though Sam was in a relationship with Kit.

Parker didn't trust Sam, who's best friend was a doll named Cowboy Jack. Parker turned out to be right when he found Sam trying to rape his mother. Parker shot and killed Sam, leading him to jail. Parker sees how his parents fight to clear him from all charges, while he knows he won't, since he killed Sam. Then, Parker is informed that Sam was shot twice, and the second bullet was the fatal one. After some conversations, Parker starts to doubt whether he did or did not kill Sam. In court, Parker has to stand up and explain what happened. He then remembers clearly he only fired one shot, the first one, and so, he did not kill Sam. Meanwhile, Carly and Jack finally find a witness who can confirm Kit fired the second bullet. On the moment Parker is found guilty, Carly and Jack burst in with the witness. Tom Hughes convinces the judge to reverse his decision and Parker is cleared from all charges.

Brad's daughter, Liberty Ciccone moved to Oakdale in late spring of 2008. On her first day in town, Parker almost hit her on his skateboard, he lost control trying to avoid her and ran into a tree, giving himself a mild concussion. Parker was automatically attracted to her, though at first she showed little romantic interest in him. Eventually, she gave Parker his first kiss and they had a flirtatious relationship. Parker helped her with her summer school homework, usually completing the assignment for her, so he could spend more time with her. After about a month of doing her homework, Parker kissed her. Jack witnessed the kiss, but didn't think much of their relationship at the time. On July 4th, he told her how he felt and they kissed. They have been dating since.They lost their virginity to each other on July 24th. After their parents found out what the teenagers had done, they were forbidden to see each other. Brad put in place outrageous boundaries to keep them apart. Parker continuously broke Brad's rules, going out of his way to see Liberty and eventually declaring his love for her. When Brad set his daughter up on a disastrous date with a WOAK intern, a plan for Parker to see Liberty with another guy and forget about her, Parker saved Liberty from possible rape. Parker and Liberty are allowed to see each other again, as long as they are supervised by an adult.


* Parker Joe Munson {Name At Birth}
* Parker Joe Dixon {When Thought To Be John Dixon's child}
* Parker Joe Snyder {Adoptive Name/Current Legal Name}

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