Will Munson

Will Munson

Infobox soap character
series = As the World Turns
color = #99CCCC
name = Will Munson
portrayer = John Pink
Bryan Abadrabo
Brett Groneman
Jesse Soffer

caption1 =
first = 1993
last = April 4 2008
born = May 31, 1993 (Revised to 1988 in 2004)
occupation = Student
spouse = Gwen Norbeck Munson (married) [03/2006+]
siblings = Paul Ryan (maternal half-brother)
Nicole "Nikki" Munson (paternal half-sister)
Adam Munson (paternal half-brother)
Jennifer Munson (maternal half-sister/adoptive sister, deceased)
John "Johnny" Dixon Jr. (maternal half-brother, deceased)
Parker Snyder (paternal half-brother)
children = Unnamed child (sex unknown, with Gwen, deceased)
Unnamed child (sex unknown, with Gwen, via surrogate Alison Stewart, deceased)
Hallie Munson (adopted daughter, with Gwen)
William "Billy" Norbeck (step-son, deceased)
parents = Harold "Hal" Munson Jr. (father)
Barbara Ryan (mother)
grandparents = Harold Munson Sr. (paternal grandfather, deceased)
Louise Munson (paternal grandmother, deceased)
Charles "Chuck" Ryan (maternal grandmother, deceased)
Jennifer Sullivan (maternal grandmother, deceased)
uncles/aunts = Claire Munson Shelby (paternal aunt)
Rick Ryan (maternal uncle)
Melinda Grey (maternal aunt, deceased)
Frances "Frannie" Hughes (maternal aunt)
nieces/nephews = Jennifer Ryan (niece, deceased)
John "Johnny" Donovan (nephew)
cousins = Tess Shelby (paternal cousin) Rebecca "Becky" Shelby (paternal cousin)
David "Davey" Shelby (paternal cousin)
Benjamin "Ben" Shelby Jr. (paternal cousin)
relatives = Kimberly "Kim" Sullivan Hughes (maternal great-aunt)
Andrew "Andy" Dixon (first cousin once removed)
Sabrina Hughes (first cousin once removed)
Christopher "Chris" Hughes II (first cousin once removed)
Hope Dixon (second cousin)
romances = Gwen Norbeck Munson (dated)
Celia Ortega (dated)
Jade Taylor (affair/lovers)

William Harold Ryan "Will" Munson is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera "As the World Turns". He was portrayed by Jesse Soffer on recurring basis from September 2004 to March 2005, after which he got a contract as a regular. Jesse left the show on April 4, 2008.

Character Background

Born to Oakdale police chief Hal Munson and noted fashion designer Barbara Ryan, Will's world came crashing down when as a pre-teen his parents divorced. His mother's subsequent nervous breakdown and criminal activity were traumatic experiences for the young Will, who was frequently shuffled back and forth between caregivers during the height of the drama.

Eventually custody of Will was restored to Barbara, despite objections that she was unfit. Will's older brother Paul felt in particular a need to "rescue" Will from Barbara's toxic influence. Barbara blamed her problems getting through to Paul on his fiancee, Rose D'Angelo. Caught in a tug-of-war between Barbara and the rest of his family, and convinced by Barbara that Rose was the only obstacle between him and his old happy life, Will took action. On the day Paul and Rose were to be married, Rose collapsed at the altar and died, a victim of poisoning. The 13 year old Will eventually confessed to the crime, though he claimed his intent was not to kill Rose but rather make her sick enough that the wedding and Paul's relocation to Paris would be postponed or cancelled. Will was sent away to a state mental facility.

After being treated with some success, Will was released from the facility in late 2004, now a young man of 16. At first he had a difficult time re-adjusting to life in Oakdale, given that the victim's family still resided there and were not all entirely pleased at his presence. Gradually however things got easier for Will, with the support of his brother Paul and his new wife Rosanna Cabot, and a strong social circle that included old friend Casey Hughes.

Will befriended Gwen Norbeck in 2005, and quickly became immersed in her problems: Gwen was pregnant by Will's friend Casey. Casey refused to acknowledge the possibility that he was the father and accused Gwen of stalking him. Not willing to abandon Gwen in her time of need, Will stood up and claimed he was the father, despite the unhappiness this caused his parents and best friend. It was Will and Gwen against the world, and the pair discovered romantic feelings for one another during this time. When it came to light that there had been a baby-switch, and in fact Gwen's child died at birth, Will stood by her then as he had all through the difficult pregnancy. Committed to one another, the pair faced continued opposition from Will's parents. The pair survived despite this and Will married Gwen in March 2006. The pair have survived numerous obstacles since, as third parties such as Will's brother and Gwen's mother have sought to tear them apart for their own purposes.

Gwen discovered she was pregnant with Will's baby in August 2007. Unfortunately, she miscarried the baby. Alison offered to help them and offered to donate eggcells of her. Gwen was pregnant again, but, also miscarried one more time. Then Barbara tells her son and Gwen that a couple wants to give up their yet unborn child for adoption. Gwen and Will have doubts since the couple wants to remain unknown, but eventually go on with the plan. What they don't know is that this couple is in fact Sophie Duran and her boyfriend Cole Norbeck. The plan was made by Barbara and Iris, who paid Cole big money for this. Sophie was told that her baby would go to a couple who wanted to remain unknown as well. Both sides continued with it all, until Alison foundout about the plan. She told Gwen and Will, who confronted both their mothers with their plans. Barbara admitted that there was no other way for them to get a baby otherwise, because no agency would let them adopt a baby due to Will's past. Will breaks the bond with his mother and inform Sophie about too. A week later, Sophie goes into labour and Gwen and Will help her deliver the baby. When Sophie is alone in her bedroom, she cries for Cole, who left town, and for knowing she can't raise this baby. Back at home, Gwen breaks down in Wills arms because she still wants this baby deep inside. Sophie makes a decision. She tells Gwen and Will that she will give them her baby, íf she gets to be a part of her life.

After Sophie signed all rights of the baby to Will and Gwen, she felt a connection between her and her baby. She thought it would go away, but it didn't. As Sophie got more, and more involved in Hallie's (Gwen and Wills choice of name for the baby) life Gwen and Will decided it would be best if Sophie stayed away for a while. Sophie did not like this and broke-down and felt depressed. While Will and Gwen let Barbra babysit for Hallie, Sophie came and asked if she could see Hallie, Barbra did not like Sophie, so she said no (in a mean way). Later when Brabra was napping (at the same time Hallie is napping) Sophie comes back, and seeing that Barbra left the door unlocked, takes Hallie. When Gwen and Will come back, they notice that the door is open and when they find Hallie missing, they go to the police. They both know that it was Sophie who took the baby. Aaron (a friend of both Sophies and Will and Gwens) goes to find Sophie, and does find her in New York. Eventually Sophie brings back Hallie because she has a fever. Gwen feels bad for Sophie and knows what it feels like to loose a baby, so she convinces Will to drop the charges.

Sophie decides that she wants to go to court for custody of Hallie, and feels abandoned when Aaron testifys for Will and Gwen (because he is Hallie's Godfather). The judje rules Will and Gwen full custody of Hallie, and Sophie feels even more depressed. As time goes on Gwen is feeling more, and more like they took Hallie from her mom, and even though she loves Hallie so much, she can't live with her self if this keeps on going on. Will trys to snap her out of it, because he doesn't want to give Hallie up, but behind his back Gwen gives Hallie to Sophie (but not legally) Will comes back to find out that Gwen has already given Hallie to Sophie and is mad, but still loves Gwen. Will is hoping that Gwen will change her mind and take Hallie back before Sophie becomes Hallie's mother legally.

When Hallie gets sick, Gwen is there to help Sophie. When they help Hallie in time, Sophie realizes, though she is Hallie's birthmother, she is not what's good for Hallie; Gwen and Will are. Sophie gives Hallie back to Gwen and Will for the last time. After this, Gwen and Will decide to leave town with Hallie, to start a new life with just the three of them.

Actor who portrayed Will Munson

*John Pink (1993 to early 1996)
*Bryan Abadrabo (1996 to late 1999)
*Brett Groneman (Recurring, 2000 to January 26, 2004)
*Jesse Soffer (September 1, 2004 to April 4, 2008)

Character history & lifeline

*Born (on-screen) May 31, 1993 (Revised to 1988 when he was aged to 16 in 2004)

External links

* [http://www.soapcentral.com/atwt/whoswho/william.php William 'Will' Munson] from [http://www.soapcentral.com/ soapcentral.com]
*MySpace|atwtwill|Will Munson

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