Faith Snyder

Faith Snyder

Infobox soap character
series = As the World Turns
color = #99CCCC
name = Faith Snyder
portrayer = Keara Dolan/Eliza Ryan
Cassidy Hinkle
Ashley Greiner

caption1 =
born = Sept 10, 1994 (Originally 1998; Revised to 1994 when she was aged to 13 in 2006)
occupation = Student
parents = Holden Snyder (father)
Lily Walsh Snyder (mother)
siblings = Abigail "Abby" Williams (paternal half-sister)
Aaron Snyder (paternal half-brother)
Luciano "Luke" Snyder (maternal half-brother/adoptive brother)
Natalie Snyder (sister)
Ethan Snyder (brother)
relatives = Harvey Snyder (paternal grandfather/maternal adoptive-great-grandfather, deceased)
Emma Snyder (paternal grandmother/maternal adoptive-great-grandmother)
Josh Snyder Stricklyn (maternal biological grandfather/paternal adoptive first cousin once removed)
Iva Snyder Benedict (maternal biological grandmother/paternal adoptive aunt)
Martin Guest (maternal adoptive grandfather, deceased)
Lucinda Walsh (maternal adoptive grandmother)
Seth Snyder (paternal uncle/maternal biological great-uncle, via adoption)
Caleb Snyder (paternal uncle/maternal biologicial great-uncle, via adoption)
Elinor "Ellie" Snyder (paternal aunt/maternal biological great-aunt, via adoption)
Margaret "Meg" Snyder Ryan (paternal aunt/maternal biological great-aunt, via adoption)
Rose D'Angelo (maternal biological aunt/paternal adoptive cousin, deceased)
Matthew John "MJ" Dixon (maternal biological uncle/paternal adoptive cousin)
Sierra Estaban (maternal adoptive aunt)
Bianca Walsh (maternal adoptive aunt)
Jade Taylor (maternal biological cousin)
Bryant Montgomery (maternal adoptive cousin, deceased)
Lucinda "Lucy" Montgomery (maternal adoptive cousin)
Brad Snyder (paternal first cousin once removed)
Jack Snyder (paternal first cousin once removed)
Parker Snyder (paternal adopted second cousin)
Joseph James "JJ" Snyder (paternal adopted second cousin)
Sage Snyder (paternal second cousin)
Liberty Ciccone (paternal second cousin)
romances = Parker Snyder (flirtation)

Faith Snyder is a fictional character on the soap opera As The World Turns. She is the first child of supercouple Holden Snyder and Lily Walsh Snyder.

Character's background

Faith spent the first year of her life as Melinda Hamilton, the daughter of psychiatrist Reid Hamilton. Unbeknownst to everyone, Reid was actually David Stenbeck who, while holding Lily Snyder hostage, kidnapped the child she had given birth to. Meanwhile, the child the Snyders believed to be theirs was actually Hope Dixon. When Lily and Holden figured it out, Hope was returned to her real mother and when the Snyders got their baby back, they decided to rename her Faith. Faith spent the crux of her childhood in the midst of the relatively stable Snyder family.

Then Faith turned thirteen. Puberty struck, as did all the insecurity that comes with it. At this time, Faith's mother had just given birth to her fourth child and was depressed about the weight she had gained. Seeing Lily's insecurities only fueled Faith's concerns about her weight and she started purging her food. As well she currently has a crush on Parker Munson.

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