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Josh Snyder

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last= June 1994
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Joshua "Josh" Snyder (previously Stricklyn) is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera "As The World Turns". He was portrayed by William Fichtner from (March 1987-November 1989, December 1992-January 1993, November 1993, June 1994)

Character history

Mysterious Rod Landry arrival in Oakdale started as a quiet one. A quiet, yet brooding man who came from "out West", he began working as a stableman for Lucinda Walsh and soon became close friends with her daughter, Lily Walsh and also Betsy Stewart. But unbeknownst to anyone, he had a secret agenda for being in town and revealed himself as Josh Snyder, the man who raped Iva Snyder when she was 13. Now fifteen years later and having changed his name to Rod Landry (which was the name his biological father went by), he was eager to make amends for what he'd done. Confronted by the Snyders', he tried to explain that he was abused by his stepfather as a child and that affected how he acted toward Iva. Though his mother refused to corroborate his story, in time she admitted that Henry Snyder was abusive toward Josh. When Josh learned that Iva conceived a child out of the rape, he asked what happened to the child. Though she told him that their daughter was stillborn, he didn't believe it. During all of this his friendship with Lily was growing and that was making Iva very nervous. Finally one night finding them together and misinterpreting the situation, Iva blurted out the truth: Lily was their daughter! Though the entire Snyder family was still wary of Josh, he decided to stay in town to get to know Lily. Also at this time, he got to know his own biological father, who was actually oilman Cal Stricklyn.

The one Snyder who wasn't instantly wary of Josh was Meg, Iva's youngest sister. Meg liked Josh and confided in him about her unhappy marriage to Tonio Reyes. The two grew closer and when Betsy turned down his marriage proposal he turned to Meg for comfort and they made love. Soon after Meg learned she was pregnant, but fearing her husband, told Josh that the child was Tonio's. But fear wasn't the only reason Meg was staying with Tonio; she also liked his money. However soon Meg grew tired of his philandering ways and prepared to leave him. Though Tonio tried to use threats to get Meg to stay, she left him. Unfortunately she lost the child in a violent confrontation with him and was left infertile. Through all of this, her and Josh's love grew and to the shock of the entire Snyder family they made plans to marry. Now at peace with his family, Josh changed his name back to Snyder and he and Meg married in a beautiful ceremony at the Snyder farm. The couple then moved to Waco, Texas where he works at Stricklyn Oil.

In November 1993, Josh came back to Oakdale without Meg, and it was learned that he and Meg were going through some marital difficulties (but those difficulties were not disclosed by Josh). Josh's actual reason for returning to Oakdale was to visit with the recently married Lily during the Thanksgiving holiday. Although not forthcoming about the specifics of the marital difficulties between him and Meg, when Lily told Josh that she was fighting her feelings for Holden in favor of making her marriage to Damian Grimaldi work, Josh hinted to her that maybe it wasn't the best idea for her to fight those feelings. Unfortunately, in secret, Damian overheard Josh and Lily speaking, and this was going to cause trouble in Damian and Lily's marriage for over two years. A few days after Thanksgiving, Cal and Emma strongly suggested to Josh that he return to Waco to try and make amends to Meg and give his marriage a fighting chance. Later when Josh and Meg returned to town, in June 1994, for the remarriage of Caleb to Julie Wendall (whom Meg would present with a frilly French maid outfit as a gift), their marriage appeared to be back on track, but there was an undercurrent of tension between Josh and Meg.

Almost a decade later, in 2005, the Snyders would learn from Meg that her marriage was over, though she refused to give any details as to the reason.

Family and relationships


* Cal Stricklyn (biological father)
* Elizabeth Snyder (mother, deceased)
* Henry Snyder (adoptive father, deceased)


* none/unknown

Marital status

* single

Past marriage(s)

* Meg Snyder (divorced)


* Lily Walsh Snyder (daughter, with Iva Snyder Benedict) {given up for adoption}
* Rose D'Angelo (daughter, with Iva Snyder Benedict, deceased) {given up for adoption}
* Unnamed child (sex unknown, with Meg Snyder Montgomery, deceased) {miscarriage}


* Luciano "Luke" Snyder (grandson, via Lily)
* Jade Taylor (granddaughter, via Rose)
* Faith Snyder (granddaughter, via Lily)
* Natalie Snyder (granddaughter, via Lily)
* Ethan Snyder (grandson, via Lily)

Other relatives

* Harvey Snyder (adoptive uncle, deceased)
* Bert Snyder (adoptive uncle, deceased)
* Seth Snyder (adoptive cousin)
* Iva Snyder Benedict (adoptive cousin)
* Caleb Snyder (adoptive cousin)
* Elinor "Ellie" Snyder (adoptive cousin)
* Holden Snyder (adoptive cousin)
* Meg Snyder Montgomery (adoptive cousin)
* Bradley "Brad" Snyder (adoptive cousin)
* Jack Snyder (adoptive cousin)
* Lily Walsh Snyder (adoptive first cousin once removed)
* Rose D'Angelo (adoptive first cousin once removed, deceased)
* Matthew John "MJ" Dixon (adoptive first cousin once removed)
* Abigail "Abby" Williams (adoptive first cousin once removed)
* Aaron Snyder (adoptive first cousin once removed)
* Luciano "Luke" Snyder (adoptive first cousin once removed/adoptive second cousin)
* Faith Snyder (adoptive first cousin once removed/adoptive second cousin)
* Natalie Snyder (adoptive first cousin once removed/adoptive second cousin)
* Ethan Snyder (adoptive first cousin once removed/adoptive second cousin)

Flings & relationships

* Iva Snyder Benedict (raped)
* Betsy Stewart (lover)
* Meg Snyder Montgomery (affair/lover)

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