Cole Norbeck

Cole Norbeck

Cole Norbeck is a fictional character on the daytime soap opera As the World Turns. He was portrayed by Chris Heuisler from July 1, 2007 to December 4, 2007, on March 14, 2008 and again from June 6, 2008 to July 2008.



Cole showed up in the summer of 2007 shortly after his girlfriend Sofie got a job as a waitress at the Lakeview. Cole proved to be a very jealous man who didn't like her job or the fact that she had become instant friends with Aaron Snyder, who also worked there. Nevertheless, he seemed to love Sofie, despite being rough with her every now and then, and she stayed with him to support his upcoming career in the music business. Not much later, Cole ran into Iris Dumbrowski at Al's Diner, calling her "mom". This revealed him to be the older brother of Gwen Munson, one of the women already living in Oakdale whom he abandoned at young age. When he found out Gwen lived in Oakdale, he wanted to see her but was afraid of her reaction. When Sofie told him she met someone who could help him with his career, he agreed to meet the person, only to find out it was Gwen, who was a singer and songwriter. Gwen blamed him for leaving her alone with Iris at young age and told him he had to stay away from her. Cole continued to work on his career, and wasn't pleased at all when Sofie told him she was pregnant. He asked nicely though firmly to get an abortion and Sofie, though not wanting this herself, agreed to it. After she had aborted the baby, she and Cole started to grow apart, especially when Cole became more jealous of her friendship with Aaron and the fact that his career didn't work out very well. He and Sofie eventually split up and he left town shortly after to pursue a music career somewhere else.

When he returned months later, he found Gwen and her husband Will with their newborn daughter, and though knowing his sister didn't want to have anything to do with him, he wished her the best. He was outraged when he found out that their daughter, Hallie Jennifer, was in fact his daughter with Sofie, the one she supposedly had aborted and later gave up for adoption. He was furious with Sofie and asked her for an explanation, one she didn't give him. Cole later tried to kidnap Hallie, but returned her to Gwen and fled from Oakdale. He returned again in the summer of 2008, this time to come to Sofie's aid, who needed his help after she charged Paul Ryan for rape (which he did not do). She promised that if he would help her settle things, she would sleep with him. He agreed and the two slept together. Several weeks later, Sofie discovered she was pregnant once again, convinced it was Paul's. However, the fetus proved to be too young to be Paul's baby, and therefore, the child was Cole's. She told him about the baby, and Cole, who never wanted a baby to begin with, pushed her to get an abortion, but she refused. Later that week, Sofie was found dead, and Paul was the one who found her. Afraid his fiancé Meg had killed her, he took Sofie's body and buried her in his backyard, on which he and Meg married not much later. Once people started to notice Sofie's disappearance, they started looking and her body was eventually recovered. All evidence was pointing at Paul, who had motive since Sofie had falsely accused him of rape and threatened to kill Meg. When Paul's mother Barbara suddenly went missing, Paul started a search. Cole was the one who was holding Barbara captive, demanding her to get him drugs or he would reveal the truth to people, which was that she had killed Sofie. After a struggle, Barbara got the upperhand of Cole and escaped. Cole ran after her but bumped into Meg instead, and demanded to get him his drugs. Meg refused and he shot her. He tried to flee afterwards, but the police got a hold on him and arrested him for kidnapping, fraude, attempted murder and eventually also the murder on Sofie, which he had indeed committed, but convinced Barbara she did since she was on pain medication and couldn't remember everything. Cole went to jail.

Family and relationships


  • Adam Snyder (father, deceased)
  • Iris Dumbrowski (mother)


  • Gwen Norbeck Munson (maternal half-sister)
  • Mike Ree (parental half brother)

Marital status

  • Single

Past marriage(s)

  • None/unknown


  • Hallie Jennifer Munson (daughter, with Sofie Duran) {given up for adoption}
  • Cole Norbeck Jr. (son, with Sofie Duran, deceased)

Other relatives

  • William "Billy" Norbeck (nephew, deceased)
  • Hallie Jennifer Munson (adopted niece)


  • Sofie Duran (dated)

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