History of As the World Turns (1961–1965)

History of As the World Turns (1961–1965)

This article is about the history of As the World Turns (ATWT), the second longest-running American television soap opera.


* Ellen Lowell realizes that Dan Stewart is really her son Jimmy.

* Jeff Baker is a piano player under the name, Jack Bailey.

* Penny Hughes and Greg Williams make plans for a date.

* Jeff begs Penny to take him back.

* Janice Whipple returns to town with daughters Alice and Debbie. Donald Hughes then marries her.

* Nancy tries to stop Don from getting back with Janice.

* Chris asks Nancy to stop messing with Don's life,

* Lisa Hughes gives birth to Thomas Christopher Hughes.

* Lisa makes exscuses so she can't do housework, claiming that Pa Hughes dislikes her.

* Claire becomes attracted to Bill Abbott and when they kiss and a car hits them Doug Cassen gets mad and Bill leaves town.

* Ellen Cole becomes engaged to Jim Norman but when he hears her story he leaves her and leaves town.

* Jeff Baker gets killed in a car crash while Penny Hughes is in a coma and then has amnesia.

* Lisa Hughes has an affair with Bruce Elliot but he breaks it off.

* Lisa Hughes becomes pregnant but miscarries and divorces Bob Hughes.

* Bob Hughes gets with Sylvia Hill.

* Nancy is disappointed that Bob won't give his marriage with Lisa another try.

* Edna Rices husband died because Doug Cassen didn't get a message on time.

* Chris tries to get Nancy to apologize to Don.

* Don stands up in front of the whole of the Hughes family and accuses Nancy of ostracizing his new family.

* Janice and Donald Hughes leave to go to Texas.

* Neil Wade comes to town and meets Penny Hughes. Neil was a doctor who couldn't save his dying father.

* Neil saves Pa Hughes' life after he chokes at the 4th of July party at the Hughes'.

* Doug Cassen is revealed to be Neil Wades father. Judith Wade, his mother, married Frank Wade because she was pregnant.

* Doug offers Neil instead of Bob a job at Memorial.

* Lisa Hughes runs of with Tommy Hughes and puts him in military school but Chris and Bob Hughes bring him back.

* Franny Brennan wants to marry David Stewart.

* Penny Hughes and Neil Wade get married.

* Judith Wade and Jerry Stevens get married and leave town.

* James Lowell almost dies and Claire Cassen tells Doug Cassesn to stay away from Neil Wade.

* Neil Wade opens up a bookstore, Wade Book Shop.

* Judge James T. Lowell convinces Don to return to Oakdale.

* Away from Oakdale Janice Turner dies and Donald returns to town.

*Chris sends Don a letter after feeling hurt that he didn't tell them of Janice's death, Don tears it up.

* Nancy encourages Don to get together with Sara Fuller

* Donald Hughes rekindles his old flame with Ellen Cole.

* Dan Stewart calls Ellen Cole mother.

* Lisa Hughes goes to look for Tommy and gets kidnapped.

* Bob Hughes and Sylvia Hill become engaged. She broke it off and later married Al Suker.

* The Holmes Family (Bill, Ann and their daughter, Amanda) comes to town.

* Amanda Holmes' mother is really Sarah Fuller.

* Ellen Cole and Donald Hughes get engaged but then David Stewart proposes to her.

* Dan Stewart gets together with Susan Burke.

* Lisa Hughes then moves to Chicago and married John Eldridge. She returns to town later that year. (Her story continues in Our Private World)

* Lisa Hughes was going to sue for custody of Tom and was going to tell Bob Hughes that she had married John Elridge, but when Tom didn't want to go Lisa Hughes came up to the Hughes door step demanding Tom but Penny kicked her out.

* Dr. Douglas Cassen dies after an angry patient pushes him into a wall and he suffers a blow to the head (1967).


The Hughes Family

Will "Pa" Hughes:m.Ma Hughes::c.Edith Hughes Frey:::m.George Frey:::a.Jim Lowell (RIP)::c.John Hughes:::m.Marion ::c.Christopher Hughes:::m.Nancy Hughes ::::c.Donald Hughes:::::m.Janice Turner Whipple Hughes(RIP)::::c.Penny Hughes Baker:::::m.Jeff Baker:::::m.Neil Wade::::c.Bob Hughes:::::m.Lisa Miller Hughes ::::::c.Thomas Christopher Hughes::::c.Susan Hughes (RIP}

The Lowell Family

James T. Lowell:m.Alice Lowell (RIP) ::c.Jim Lowell (RIP) :::m.Claire Lowell Cassen::::m.Doug Cassen:::a.Edith Hughes ::::c.Ellen Lowell Cole:::::m.Tim Cole::::::c.James "Jimmy" Cole

Turner Family

Thelma Turner::c.Janice Turner Whipple Hughes (RIP):::m.Carl Whipple::::c.Alice Whipple::::c.Debbie Whipple:::m.Donald Hughes

The Baker Family

Dick Baker:m.Grace Baker::c.Jeff Baker:::m.Penny Hughes Baker

The Cole Family

Tim Cole:m.Louise Cole:m.Ellen Lowell Cole::a.Donald Hughes

The Meadows Family

Joe Meadows:m.Anne Meadows

The Miller Family

Henry Miller:m.Alma Miller::c.Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge:::m.Bob Hughes::::c.Thomas Christopher Hughes:::a.Bruce Elliot:::m.John Eldridge

The Stewart Family

David Stewart:m.Betty Stewart::c.Paul Stewart::c.Dan Stewart (adopted) {Birth Name: James "Jimmy" Cole}

The Rice Family

Ed Rice:m.Edna Rice::c.Carol Rice

The Wade Family

Judith Wade Stevens:m.Frank Wade:m.Jerry Stevens:a.Doug Cassen::c.Neil Wade:::m.Penny Hughes Baker Wade

The Suker Family

Al Suker:m.Martha Suker:m.Sylvia Hill Suker::c.Helen Suker

The Holmes Family

Bill Holmes:m.Ann Holmes:a.Sara Fuller::c.Amanda Holmes {AKA: Jennifer Roberts}

The Elliot Family

Bruce Elliot:c.Lisa Miller HughesLinda Elliot

Other People

*"Tom Pope", Penny's love interest
*"Michell Dru", an attorney
*"Greg Williams", a reporter
*"Julie Spencer", an attorney who was Mitchell Dru's ward.
*"Meg Blaine",
*"Bill Abbott", Claire's lover
*"Jim Norman", Ellen's fiancee
*"Chuck Ryan", doctor who was with Mary Mitchell
*"Mary Mitchell",Sylvias closet friend
*"Franny Brennan", Stewarts housekeeper
*"Susan Burke", Dan Stewarts girlfriend

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