History of As the World Turns (1966–1970)

History of As the World Turns (1966–1970)

This article is about the history of As the World Turns (ATWT), the second longest-running American television soap opera.


* Ellen Cole fires Franny Brennan but when she threatened to reveal all Ellen Cole hit her over the head.

* In prison Ellen Cole meets Sandy McGuire. Her husband Roy McGuire was a thief.

* Sandy McGuire gives birth to a boy and names him Jimmy McGuire.

* Bill Holmes tells his daughter, Amanda Holmes her real mother is Sara Fuller.

* Donald Hughes and Sara Fuller get engaged.

* Pa Hughes is unhappy when Nancy offers to work in Sara Fuller's shop

* Michael Shea comes to town and becomes Doug Cassen's assistant.

* Joan Rogers has a tumor and Doug Cassen tries to help her but she dies and her husband, Ted Rogers pushes Dr. Doug Cassen and he dies after hitting his head.

* Neil Wade dies of an embolism.

* Ellen Cole is released from prison and her and David Stewart are married.

* If Sara Fuller didn't break off with Donald Hughes, Amanda Holmes was going to show him the letter of her paternity, but Sara Fuller fell down a flight of stairs and died.

* Chris Hughes believes that Sara's death was an accident, however Nancy and Don believe she has been murdered by Amanda Homes, the child Sandy gave up for adoption.

* Nancy stands as a witness for the prosecution against Amanda, Chris stands as Amanda's lawyer and grills Nancy.

* Nancy forces Chris to sleep on the couch but Chris later proves that Sara's death was accidental.

* Amanda Holmes dates Donald Hughes for a while and later leaves town.

* Clarie Cassen starts to fall for the new doctor, Michael Shea.

* Ellen & David Stewart are expecting a child.

* Sandy McGuire and Bob Hughes form a relationship.

* Nancy makes it clear that she thinks that Bob should remarry Lisa.

* When in Vermont, Sandy got burned and Bob Hughes placed her in a sanitarium.

* Penny Wade and Roy Maguire get married but when Jimmy is returned to his mother they get an annulment and she leaves town.

* Ellen Stewart gives birth to Carol Ann Stewart.

* Dan Stewart and Susan Burke get married, secretly and they were going to have a baby but she miscarried.

* Michael Shea has an affair with Lisa Hughes.

* Lisa Hughes gets pregnant with Michael Shea's child and names him Charles "Chuckie" Shea.

* Michael and Claire Shea divorce.

* Claire stabs michael with a letter opener when she hears the only reason he'll re-marry her.

* Paul Stewart returns to town and falls for new girl, Elizabeth Tabolt.

* Michael Shea tells Dan the truth about his paternity.

* Ellen and David Stewart had a second child, Dawn Stewart.

* Sandy Hughes divorces Bob Hughes.

* Sandy Hughes launches modeling career under Peter Kane.

* A new doctor, John Dixon, later Michael Shea's protege, comes in to treat Sandy McGuires mother, Martha McGuire for a heat condition.

* Tom Hughes leaves town for a while and find Michael Shea writing a confession used to blackmail Lisa Eldrige into marring him.

* Michael Shea takes up with a new nurse Karen Adams.

* Lisa and Michael get married.

* Chris Hughes helps Lisa by representing Michael Shea in court on a drink driving claim, Chris gets Shea off with 6 months.

* Chris discovers that his grandson Tom is slipping in his school grades, Chris tries to persuade Tom not to join the army but he does and is sent to Vietnam however Tom is sent back home after things went to far for him and he self harmed.

* Michael Shea was planning to make Lisa Shea unfit for a mother and he was going to blackmail her but before he could he got shot and killed. Tom Hughes was on trial and convicted but it was really Miss Thompson who killed him.

* Dan Stewart wants a divorce from Susan Stewart but she refused.

* Susan Stewart becomes pregnant and when her and Dan Stewart had a fight she falls losing the baby.

* Elizabeth Stewart gives birth to a baby girl, Betsy Stewart.

* Paul Stewart brings Elizabeth Stewart's brother to town, Ronnie Tabolt.

* John Dixon propses to Sandy Hughes but she wants to marry Peter Kane.

* A mysterious person, Meredith Harcourt comes to town.


The Hughes Family

Will "Pa" Hughes:m.Ma Hughes::c.Edith Hughes Frey:::m.George Frey:::a.Jim Lowell (RIP)::c.John Hughes:::m.Marion ::c.Christopher Hughes:::m.Nancy Hughes ::::c.Donald Hughes:::::m.Janice Turner Whipple Hughes(RIP)::::c.Penny Hughes Baker Wade McGuire:::::m.Jeff Baker:::::m.Neil Wade:::::m.Roy McGuire::::c.Bob Hughes:::::m.Lisa Miller Hughes ::::::c.Thomas Christopher Hughes::::c.Susan Hughes (RIP}

The Lowell Family

James T. Lowell:m.Alice Lowell (RIP) ::c.Jim Lowell (RIP) :::m.Claire Lowell Cassen::::m.Doug Cassen (RIP):::a.Edith Hughes ::::c.Ellen Lowell Cole:::::m.Tim Cole::::::c.James "Jimmy" Cole:::::m.David Stewart::::::c.Dawn Stewart

Turner Family

Thelma Turner::c.Janice Turner Whipple Hughes (RIP):::m.Carl Whipple::::c.Alice Whipple::::c.Debbie Whipple:::m.Donald Hughes

The Meadows Family

Joe Meadows:m.Anne Meadows

The Miller Family

Henry Miller:m.Alma Miller::c.Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge:::m.Bob Hughes::::c.Thomas Christopher Hughes:::a.Bruce Elliot:::m.John Eldridge:::a.Michael Shea::::c.Charles "Chuckie" Shea

The Stewart Family

David Stewart:m.Betty Stewart::c.Paul Stewart:::m.Elizabeth Talbot::::c.Betsy Stewart::c.Dan Stewart (adopted) {Birth Name: James "Jimmy" Cole}:::m.Susan Burke Stewart:m.Ellen Lowell Cole Stewart::c.Carol Ann Stewart::c.Dawn Stewart

The Wade Family

Judith Wade Stevens:m.Frank Wade:m.Jerry Stevens:a.Doug Cassen (RIP)::c.Neil Wade:::m.Penny Hughes Baker Wade

The Suker Family

Al Suker:m.Martha Suker:m.Sylvia Hill Suker::c.Helen Suker

The Holmes Family

Bill Holmes:m.Ann Holmes:a.Sara Fuller (RIP)::c.Amanda Holmes {AKA: Jennifer Roberts}

The Elliot Family

Bruce Elliot:c.Lisa Miller HughesLinda Elliot

The Wilson/McGuire Family

Carl Wilson:m.Martha Wilson::c.Sandy Wilson McGuire:::m.Roy McGuire::::m.Penny Hughes Baker Wade McGuire::::c. Jimmy McGuire

The Rogers Family

Ted Rogers:m.Joan Rogers (RIP)

The Martin Family

Otto Martin:c.Dick Martin

The Burke Family

Fred Burke:c.Susan Burke Stewart::m.Dan Stewart

The Steiner Family

Mother Steiner:c.Mr. Steiner::m.Diane Steiner

The Talbot Family

Elizabeth Talbot:m.Paul Stewart::c.Betsy StewartRonnie Talbot

Other People

* "Tom Pope", Penny's love interest
* "Michell Dru", an attorney
* "Greg Williams", a reporter who ask Penny Hughes no a date
* "Julie Spencer", an attorney who was Mitchell Dru's ward
* "Meg Blaine",
* "Bill Abbott", Claire's lover
* "Jim Norman", Ellen's fiancee
* "Chuck Ryan", doctor who was with Mary Mitchell
* "Mary Mitchell",Sylvias closet friend
* "Franny Brennan", Stewarts housekeeper
* "Dr. Bellows", prison physician
* "Hank Barton", Tom's college room mate.
* "Peter Kane", Model agency
* "John Dixon",
* "Carol Deming",
* "Miss Thompson",
* "Meredith Harcourt", Pauls patient a mysterious girl

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