Lisa Grimaldi

Lisa Grimaldi

Infobox soap character
series = As the World Turns
Our Private World
name = Lisa Grimaldi

caption1 = Lisa Grimaldi in the present
first = 18 May 1960

caption2 = Lisa Hughes back in 1961
age = 75
gender = Female
parents = Alma Miller (mother)
Henry Miller (father)
years = 19601964, 19661983, 1984–present
spouse = Bob Hughes (divorced)
John Eldridge(divorced)
Michael Shea

Grant Colman(divorced)
Whit McColl (deceased)
Earl Mitchell (deceased)
Eduardo Grimaldi (deceased)
Martin Chedwyn (annulled)
children = Tom Hughes (son)
Scott Eldridge (son)
Charles Shea (son - deceased)
romances = Bruce Elliot
Thomas Eldridge
Michael Shea
Gil Stallings
Wally Matthews
Don Hughes
Bennett Hadley
Brad Hollister
Ralph Mitchell
John Dixon
occupation = Proprietor
portrayer = Eileen Fulton
creator = Irna Phillips
color = #99CCCC

Lisa Grimaldi (née Miller; previously Hughes, Eldridge, Shea, Colman, McColl, Mitchell and Chedwyn) is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera "As the World Turns". The daughter of Henry and Alma Miller, Lisa grew up in Rockford, Illinois, USA before moving to Oakdale.

The character first appeared in May 1960, as the fiancée of medical student Bob Hughes. (The two would soon elope, when they discovered that Lisa was pregnant). Over the next four decades, Lisa would go on to marry seven more times. A scheming "vixen" in her early years, TIME magazine once referred to her as a "superbitch" and the "most hated woman on TV." [,9171,913850-3,00.html] Since those days, Lisa has gone on to become a well-respected presence in Oakdale (the fictional town in which "As the World Turns" is set), often offering advice and support to the town's younger residents. She is now shown more in her Clothing shop, often dwindling in and out of storylines.

An entrepreneur, she currently owns a restaurant, a clothing boutique and co-owns a hotel; she formerly owned one of the town's newspapers, "The Argus", and a nightclub. She recently started work on Crash, a new teen-oriented music club, with the help of her grandson Casey.

The character briefly crossed over into her own prime time spinoff series, "Our Private World", for a few months in 1965, during which Lisa left Oakdale and moved to Chicago. She returned to Oakdale in 1966, where she has remained ever since.

She has two sons—a third son was killed in an automobile accident in the early 1970s—and four grandchildren.

Since 1960, she has been portrayed primarily by Eileen Fulton, with a few other actresses, most notably Pamela King and Betsy Von Furstenberg, filling in during brief absences. Former movie actress Jane Powell replaced Lisa on multiple occasions from 1991 to 1994. Australian actress Carmen Duncan, best known to US audiences for her role as Iris on "Another World", filled in for Fulton for three episodes in late 2004 while she was on emergency medical leave.

Family, marriages, romantic entanglements, and children


*Alma Miller (mother; deceased)
*Henry Miller (father; deceased)
*Shannon O'Hara (niece by marriage to Earl Mitchell)
*Damian Grimaldi (cousin by marriage to Eduardo Grimaldi)
*Margo Montgomery Hughes (daughter-in-law)
*Bonnie McKechnie (goddaughter)


Marital status: Single

*Dr. Bob Hughes (divorced; 1960–1963) [is now best friends with Bob and his current wife, Kim]
*John Eldridge (divorced; 1965)
*Dr. Michael Shea (his death; 1968–1970)
*Grant Colman (divorced; 1974–1979)
*Whit McColl (his death; 1982–1984)
*Earl Mitchell (his death; 1986–1988)
*Eduardo Grimaldi (his death; 1994–1995) [married only weeks]
*Martin Chedwyn (annulled; 1997)

ignificant relationships

*Bruce Elliott (affair, 1963)
*Thomas Eldridge (affair, 1965; John Eldridge's brother, Lisa had an affair with him while married to John.)
*Don Hughes (engaged, early 1970s)
*Dr. John Dixon (engaged, 1996)
*Ralph Mitchell (lovers, 1998)
*Warren Jefferies (dated platonically, 2000)


*Tom Hughes (son; with ex-husband Robert Hughes, born 1961)
*Scott Eldridge (son; with ex-husband John Eldridge, born 1965; he was born off-camera, during the few months between when "Our Private World" ended, and when Lisa returned to Oakdale. Viewers were never made aware of his existence until he tracked Lisa down as an adult in 1992.)
*Charles "Chuckie" Shea (son; with ex-husband Michael Shea, born 1968, died 1973)


*Lien Hughes (daughter of Tom Hughes and unidentified Vietnamise woman, born early 1970s)
*Adam Munson (adopted son of Tom Hughes; biological son of Margo Montgomery Hughes and Hal Monson. Not related biologically, but regards Lisa as his grandmother, born on-screen 1988, character is now depicted as being older)
*Casey Hughes (son of Tom Hughes and Margo Montgomery Hughes, born 1991.)
*Daniel Hughes (son of Tom Hughes and Emily Stewart, born 1998.)

Great grandchildren

*Billy Norbeck (son of Casey Hughes and Gwen Norbeck, born 2005, died in infancy)


Current businesses

*Owner of Crash, a teen-oriented nightclub
*Owner of Fashions, Ltd. (formerly co-owned with Barbara Ryan, now the sole owner)
*Owner of the Mona Lisa restaurant
*Co-owner of the Lakeview Hotel (with Lily Walsh Snyder)

Former businesses

*Former owner of "The Argus" newspaper (operated it with her son Tom; sold the newspaper in 2001, after Tom announced that he wanted to quit the newspaper business and return to practicing law.)
*Former co-owner of the Java Underground Nightclub (with Isaac Jenkins and Bonnie McKecnie; Lisa sold her share in the business when Isaac and Bonnie sold their shares and left Oakdale in 2003.)
*Former partner in "Get Real Fashions" (with Carly Tenney; partnership dissolved after 1997 Hong Kong fiasco; they attempted to start another partnership in 2003, but it did not work out.)

Misdeeds/crimes committed

*Faked "difficulties" with her pregnancy in order to get out of helping her mother-in-law Nancy Hughes with housework. (1960)
*Viciously called Penny Hughes names and accused her of having designs on Wally Matthews (1961)
*Attempted to turn the Hughes family against Penny, blaming Penny's responses to Lisa goading her on psychological stress after Penny lost her baby (1961)
*Attempted to turn her son Tom against his father (1964)
*Accepted hefty divorce settlement in exchange for agreeing to have no involvement in the life of her son Scott (1965)
*Briefly suspected of murdering husband Dr. Michael Shea (1970)
*Faked a suicide attempt in an attempt to hold on to fourth husband Grant Colman and keep him away from Joyce (1977)
*Blackmailed Margo Montgomery about her affair with James Stenbeck, attempting to expose it (1981)
*Bribed staff members at hospital where Iva Snyder gave birth to Lily and Rose so she could obtain proof that Lucinda's adoption of Lily was illegal (1987)
*Attempted to turn public opinion against Duncan and Jessica McKechnie after she made it known that she believed it was morally wrong for a white man and a black woman to have a baby. (1993, her opinion on this issue was later changed, and she subsequently became godmother to their daughter, Bonnie)
*Falsely accused John Dixon of wrongdoing in Eduardo Grimaldi's death (1995)

Medical crises

*(1965) Raped/beaten/had a breakdown
*(1966) Swallowed pills/almost died
*(1971) Ovarian cyst
*(1974) Nearly died after a bout with pneumonia
*(1989) Sleeping pill addiction/injured in car crash
*(1996) Poisoned by Martin/injured her arm off-screen


*Penny Hughes. Initially sisters-in-law (when Lisa was married to Bob Hughes), living both with Nancy and Chris Hughes, Penny was not fond of Lisa, lashing out at her verbally, and particularly resenting Lisa when she became pregnant, while Penny had lost her baby a bit earlier). Lisa responded by manipulatively attempting to turn Chris and Nancy against their daughter in various ways.
*Ellen Stewart. Lisa and Ellen had never gotten along, as Ellen found Lisa to be manipulative and calculating, while Lisa thought Ellen was spoiled and self-centered. The two women were often critical of one another in public.
*Joyce Colman. Grant's scheming ex-wife, who repeatedly tried to sabotage Grant and Lisa's marriage. Later left Grant and Lisa alone when she married Don Hughes, but returned to cause more trouble when that marriage ended.
*Lucinda Walsh. Lisa and Lucinda have feuded bitterly over a number of personal and business issues through the years, though more recently they appear to have become a bit more friendly toward one another, likely due to Lisa's fondness for Lucinda's daughter Lily (with whom Lisa co-owns the Lakeview).
*Carly Tenney. Though initially friends, Carly and Lisa had a falling out over their failed business venture, Get Real Fashions, and their relationship remained adversarial for many years; they appear to have put their animosity behind them during the last year, after Lisa came to Carly's aid when she found herself unable to pay for a bottle of champagne she purchased at the Lakeview.
*John Dixon. Lisa accused John of medical malpractice in the death of her husband Eduardo Grimaldi. John responded by attempting to romance Lisa, asking her to marry, only to dump her at their engagement party, slandering and insulting her publicly. The two have since reconciled.
*Emily Stewart. In addition to having been a rival newspaper owner, Lisa hated Emily for her attempts to break up Tom and Margo's marriage. In an attempt to strong-arm Tom for custody of their son Daniel, Emily ran a sleazy "expose" on Lisa in her tabloid "The Intruder", which put the women even more at odds than they had been.

ee also

*Bob and Lisa Hughes

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