History of As the World Turns (1956–1960)

History of As the World Turns (1956–1960)

This article is about the history of As the World Turns (ATWT), the second longest-running American television soap opera.

Original Cast

Here's a list of characters who were part of the original cast when it debuted on April 2, 1956:
*Chris Hughes
*Nancy Hughes
*Donald Hughes
*Penny Hughes
*Bob Hughes
*Grandpa Hughes
*Edith Hughes
*Judge Lowell
*Jim Lowell
*Claire Lowell
*Ellen Lowell


* Chris and Nancy debate as to whether his father, Will "Pa" Hughes will stay.

* Edith Hughes and a married Jim Lowell have an affair.

* Claire tries to keep Jim at her side by overdosing. Doug Cassen helps her.

* Jim dies in a boating accident in Florida.

* John marries a women named Marion.

* Donald becomes engaged to Janice Turner. She breaks it off and marries Carl Whipple.

* Don and Nancy fall out over Janice, nancy thinks's she isn't good enough for Don.

* Penny is in love with Jeff Baker and elopes with him but it is called off a Nancy's consent.

* Al James and Jeff get in a fight over Penny and he is arrested after James dies.

* Penny becomes engaged to Tom Pope but when she says she still loves Jeff, he breaks it off.

* Donald works for Mitchell Dru. He left him and worked for the DA and then at the Lowell firm.

* Claire marries Doug Cassen.

* Ellen and Tim Cole fall in love and have a child, James "Jimmy" Cole but she gives it up for adoption. Louise Cole, his wife arrives and they divorce.

* Edith marries George Frey and the leave town.

* Penny and Jeff get married.

* When Jeff leaves town Penny becomes pregnant but loses the baby.

* Lisa Miller comes to town with her parent Henry and Alma Miller and she gets with Bob and then they get secretly married.

* Lisa becomes pregnant.

* Nancy wants Bob and Lisa's marriage annulled but is forced to accept her into the Hughes home when she discovers she's pregnant.

* Tim has leukimia. Ellen marries him and weeks later he dies.

* Stewart family (David, Betty, and their children: Dan and Paul) come to town.


The Hughes Family

Will "Pa" Hughes:m.Ma Hughes::c.Edith Hughes Frey:::m.George Frey:::a.Jim Lowell (RIP)::c.John Hughes:::m.Marion ::c.Christopher Hughes:::m.Nancy Hughes ::::c.Donald Hughes::::c.Penny Hughes Baker:::::m.Jeff Baker::::c.Bob Hughes::::c.Susan Hughes (RIP}

The Lowell Family

James T. Lowell:m.Alice Lowell::c.Jim Lowell (RIP) :::m.Claire Lowell Cassen::::m.Doug Cassen:::a.Edith Hughes ::::c.Ellen Lowell Cole:::::m.Tim Cole::::::c.James "Jimmy" Cole

Turner Family

Thelma Turner::c.Janice Turner Whipple:::m.Carl Whipple

The Baker Family

Dick Baker:m.Grace Baker::c.Jeff Baker:::m.Penny Hughes Baker

The Cole Family

Tim Cole:m.Louise Cole:m.Ellen Lowell Cole

The Meadows Family

Joe Meadows:m.Anne Meadows

The Miller Family

Henry Miller:m.Alma Miller::c.Lisa Miller Hughes:::m.Bob Hughes

The Stewart Family

David Stewart:m.Betty Stewart::c.Paul Stewart::c.Dan Stewart (adopted) {Birth Name: James "Jimmy" Cole}

Other People

* "Al James", fought with Jeff over Penny
* "Tom Pope", Penny's love interest
* "Michell Dru", an attorney
* "Greg Williams", a reporter
* "Julie Spencer", an attorney who was Mitchell Dru's ward.
* "Burt Stanton", Ellen's fiance
* "Laura March", replaced Edith Hughes as secretary at hospital.
* "Phil Banner", Jeff's employee when he was in music
* "Ed Richardson", Graces right-hand man

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