History of As the World Turns (1971–1975)

History of As the World Turns (1971–1975)

This article is about the history of As the World Turns (ATWT), the second longest-running American television soap opera.


*Claire Cassen is killed after running into a road to try and apologize to Dan Stewart, unaware of passing cars, Claire is struck by one and dies after apologizing to Dan.

*Sandy McGuire married Peter Kane.

*Susan Stewart dated John Dixon briefly.

*Elizabeth Stewart becomes pregnant by Paul Stewart. She has a miscarriage and goes into a sanitarium.

*Susan Stewart then becomes pregnant by Dan Stewart.

*Penny Wade returns to town but the leaves town and marries Anton Cunningham.

* Tom falls for Meredith Harcourt and allows her to stay in his home.

* Nancy doesn't trust Meredith and doesn't believe she is poor as she claims.

*Meredith buys Nancy some "costume jewelry" which Nancy has checked and discovers it's value is $2000.

*Simon Gilbey comes to town as his ward is Meredith Harcourt.

*A Wealthy new client, Simon Gilbey seeks Chris Hughes' expertise.

*Gilbey overworks and insults Chris Hughes, his lawyer.

*Nancy is distraught when an overworked Chris suffers a heart attack.

*Don blames Bob and David for being too caustious and wants Chris to have experimental surgery.

*Chris agrees with Bob against the idea of experimental surgery and in time, makes a full recovery

*Simon Gilbey falls in love with Lisa Shea. Then Simon Gilbey and Meredith Harcourt leave town as lovers.

*Chuck Ryan comes back to town and is involved with Kim and Jennifer Sullivan and has two children with Jennifer Sullivan, Barbara and Rick Ryan. Shortly after Chuck dies.

*Paul and Elizabeth Stewart divorce and he later dies.

*Nancy plays matchmaker and tries to set Don up with Jennifer Ryan. However Bob falls for jennifer and they get together.

*Nancy tries to get Bob and Lisa back together.

*Donald Hughes and Lisa Shea get together.

*Bob is hated by Jennifer's son, Rick and Nancy warns him of the problems of living with the Ryan family.

*Lisa Shea believes she is pregnant by Don as he is the only one she has been sleeping with. Really, she has an ovarian cyst.

*Don proposes to Lisa.

*Jennifer Sullivan and Bob Hughes plan to get married.

*Tom Hughes and Carol Deming get married as with Bob Hughes and Jennifer Sullivan.

*Don is suspicious of Lisa's other man, Wally Matthews and awaits her decision for who she wants to be with. Don can't wait any longer and leaves Oakdale

*Dan and Susan Stewart give birth to Emily Stewart. He left her for a nurse Peggy Reagan who liked Dan Stewart.

*Susan and Dan Stewart get a divorce and she married Bruce Baxter, but he didn't like children and had a vasectomy and Susan Stewart left him so he left town.

*When Dan Stewart performed gall-bladder surgery on Marie Marino she died and Joe Fernande shot him.

*Dan Stewart marries Elizabeth Stewart but when her and Susan Baxter were arguing she accidentally left the safety gate opened and Betsy Stewart was up there. Elizabeth Stewart went to go get her but fell going up the stairs, ruptured her live and died but not before telling that Dan Stewart was Betsy Stewart's father.

*Wally Matthews comes to town and then later Peter Burton and his adopted mother, Grace Burton. Peter Burton realizes Wally Matthews is his father.Don is suspicious of Lisa's other man, Wally Matthews and awaits her decision for who she wants to be with. Don can't wait any longer and leaves Oakdale.

*Wally Matthews tells Peter Burton that he's his father and Peter Burton left town with his new wife Marion.

*Wally Matthews left town when Lisa Shea rejected him.

*Amy Cunningham, Penny Hughes' adopted daughter comes to town but leaves shortly after.

*Bob Hughes puts Rick Ryan on probation.

*John Dixon wants to marry Kim Sullivan.

*Bob Hughes goes to see Kim Sullivan sing and after the two mader love.

*Jennifer becomes pregnant and Bob Hughes and her reconcile.

*Kim Sullivan becomes pregnant, not revealing the father.

*When Jennifer Hughes is about to get hit by a car Bob Hughes pushes her out of the way and gets hit and in the hospital reveals the he is the father of Kim Sullivan's child.

*Grant Coleman comes to town, he works for the Lowell firm and dates Lisa.

*Jay Stallings also comes to town. Gil Stallings, his stepfather burned their house down and came to town and set fire to the Wade Bookstore. Grant cornered him and he got hit by a truck. Jay Stallings starts up a construction company.

*Carol Hughes realizes she can't have children.

*Bob and Jennifer Hughes have Francis "Frannie" Hughes.

*Nancy tries to reconcile with Jennifer who is hostile towards her mother-in-law.

*Natalie Bannon comes to town and Tom Hughes fell in love with her.

*Kim Dixon wants a divorce from John Dixon but he threatened her.

*Susan gets a new boyfriend, Mark Galloway.

*John Dixon rapes Kim Dixon.

*Jennifer Sullivan almost died of a disease and then got in a car crash and died as Rick Ryan left town.

*John and Kim Dixon fight and he falls down the stairs and becomes in a wheelchair.

*Susan Stewart sued Dan Stewart for custody of Emily Stewart but lost and becomes a drunk.

*Susan Stewart liked Jay Stallings but was in love with Carol Deming and they later got married but him and Susan Stewart had an affair.

*Emily Stewart almost died of menigitis.

*Pa Hughes finds love again with widow Erma Kopecki and they marry.

*Kim and Dan Stewart also got a divorce but when a tornado hit she got a cuncussion so they continued their relationship.

*Kim Stewart and Grant Colman had a romance.



The Hughes Family

Will "Pa" Hughes:m.Ma Hughes::c.Edith Hughes Frey:::m.George Frey:::a.Jim Lowell (RIP)::c.John Hughes:::m.Marion ::c.Christopher Hughes:::m.Nancy Hughes ::::c.Donald Hughes:::::m.Janice Turner Whipple Hughes(RIP)::::c.Penny Hughes Baker Wade McGuire Cunningham:::::m.Jeff Baker:::::m.Neil Wade:::::m.Roy McGuire:::::m.Anton Cunningham::::::c.Amy Cunningham {Adopted by Penny Hughes}::::c.Bob Hughes:::::m.Lisa Miller Hughes ::::::c.Thomas Christopher Hughes:::::::m.Carol Deming Hughes:::::m.Jennifer Sullivan Hughes::::::c.Francis "Frannie" Hughes::::c.Susan Hughes (RIP}

The Lowell Family

James T. Lowell:m.Alice Lowell (RIP) ::c.Jim Lowell (RIP) :::m.Claire Lowell Cassen::::m.Doug Cassen (RIP):::a.Edith Hughes ::::c.Ellen Lowell Cole:::::m.Tim Cole::::::c.James "Jimmy" Cole:::::m.David Stewart::::::c.Dawn Stewart

The Miller Family

Henry Miller:m.Alma Miller::c.Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge:::m.Bob Hughes::::c.Thomas Christopher Hughes:::a.Bruce Elliot:::m.John Eldridge:::a.Michael Shea::::c.Charles "Chuckie" Shea

The Stewart Family

David Stewart:m.Betty Stewart::c.Paul Stewart (RIP):::m.Elizabeth Talbot Stewart (RIP)::::c.Betsy Stewart::c.Dan Stewart (adopted) {Birth Name: James "Jimmy" Cole}:::m.Elizabeth Talbot Stewart Stewart (RIP):::m.Susan Burke Stewart::::c.Emily Stewart:m.Ellen Lowell Cole Stewart::c.Carol Ann Stewart::c.Dawn Stewart

The Wilson/McGuire Family

Carl Wilson:m.Martha Wilson::c.Sandy Wilson McGuire:::m.Roy McGuire ::::m.Penny Hughes Baker Wade McGuire:::m.Peter Kane::::c. Jimmy McGuire

The Rogers Family

Ted Rogers:m.Joan Rogers (RIP)

The Martin Family

Otto Martin:c.Dick Martin

The Burke Family

Fred Burke:c.Susan Burke Stewart Baxter::m.Dan Stewart:::c.Emily Stewart::m.Bruce Baxter

The Talbot Family

Elizabeth Talbot Stewart Stewart (RIP):m.Paul Stewart::c.Betsy Stewart:m.Dan Stewart Ronnie Talbot

The Sullivan/Ryan Family

Jennifer Sullivan Hughes:a.Chuck Ryan (RIP)::c.Barbara Ryan::c.Rick Ryan:m.Bob Hughes::c.Francis "Frannie" HughesKim Sullivan

The Matthews Family

Dr. Wally Matthews:c.Peter Matthews Barton {Adopted by Grace Barton}::m.Marion

The Stallings Family

Gil Stallings :c.Jay Stallings (step-son)::m.Carol Deming

Other People
*"John Dixon"
*"Meredith Harcourt", Simon's ward and later lover
*"Simon Gilby", Meredith's ward and later lover
*"Peggy Reagan", nurse who went for Dan Stewart
*"Eric Lonsberry"
*"Marie Marino", died form gall-bladder surgery
*"Tony Marino"
*"Joe Fernande", shot Dan Stewart for the death of Marie Marino
*"Mr./Mrs. Parson"
*"Richard Taylor"
*"Dr. Bill Jenkins"
*"Bobby Short"
*"Natalie Bannon"
*"Marsha Davison"
*"George Davison"
*"Mark Galloway"

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