Sabrina Hughes

Sabrina Hughes

Sabrina Hughes (former adoptive name Sabrina Fullerton) is a fictional character in the daytime soap opera "As the World Turns". She was portrayed by Julianne Moore from 11/1986-06/1988 and by Claire Beckham from 09/1990-01/1994

Character history

Sabrina Hughes is the daughter of Robert "Bob" Hughes and Kimberly "Kim" Sullivan Hughes. She is the sister of Christopher "Chris" Hughes II and half-sister to Thomas "Tom" Hughes, Frances "Frannie" Hughes and Andrew "Andy" Dixon.

Sabrina was conceived from an affair between Bob and Kim back in 1965, Kim was told that the child was stillborn. However unknown to anyone, the child was sold to the wealthy Fullertons and was raised in England. The Fullerton died in a train wreck two years later.

Sabrina was introduced on the show as Sabrina Fullerton. Sabrina was studying at Oxford in England. When she was spotted by Frannie Hughes, Sabrina bore an uncanny resemblance to her and Frannie was determined to find out exactly who she was. At the same time Sabrina found herself being trailed by a man named Howard Lansing. Bob and Kim Hughes, Frannie's father and stepmother, came to England to help Frannie and when Bob came face to face with Lansing, Bob soon figured out the truth.

Sabrina then moved to Oakdale to get to know her biological family. Where she two romances with Seth Snyder and Tonio Reyes.

She currently lives in Montega, South America where she runs a clinic.

Family and relationships


* Robert "Bob" Hughes (father)
* Kimberly "Kim" Sullivan Hughes (mother)
* Edgar Fullerton (adopted father, deceased)
* Mrs. Fullerton (adopted mother, deceased)


* Thomas "Tom" Hughes (paternal half-brother)
* Frances "Frannie" Hughes (paternal half-sister)
* Andrew "Andy" Dixon (maternal half-brother)
* Christopher "Chris" Hughes II (brother)

Marital status

* Single

Past marriage(s)

* Colin Crawley (divorced)


* none/unknown

Other relatives

* Christopher "Chris" Hughes I (paternal grandfather, deceased)
* Nancy Hughes (paternal grandmother)
* Susan Hughes (paternal aunt, deceased)
* Penny Hughes Cunningham (paternal aunt)
* Donald "Don" Hughes (paternal uncle)
* Jennifer Sullivan (maternal aunt, deceased)
* Lien Hughes (niece)
* Casey Hughes (nephew)
* Daniel Hughes (nephew)
* Hope Dixon (niece)
* William "Billy" Norbeck (great-nephew, deceased)
* Theodore "Ryder" Hughes (paternal adopted cousin)
* Amy Cunningham (paternal adopted cousin)
* Rick Ryan (maternal cousin)
* Barbara Ryan (maternal cousin)
* Melinda Grey (maternal cousin, deceased)
* Frances "Frannie" Hughes (maternal cousin)
* Paul Ryan (maternal first cousin once removed)
* Jennifer Munson (maternal first cousin once removed, deceased)
* William "Will" Munson (maternal first cousin once removed)
* John "Johnny" Dixon Jr. (maternal first cousin once removed, deceased)
* John "Johnny" Donovan (maternal first cousin twice removed)
* Jennifer Ryan (maternal first cousin twice removed, deceased)

Relationships and affairs

* Seth Snyder (dated/engaged)
* Tonio Reyes (dated/engaged)

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