Our Private World

Our Private World

Our Private World is an American serial. It was the first prime-time spin-off from a daytime soap (As the World Turns, the number one daytime soap opera at the time). Created by Irna Phillips and William J. Bell, it premiered on May 5, 1965 and aired Wednesdays and Fridays over the summer; the multiple-episode-per-week format was inspired by ABC's hit show Peyton Place. The final episode aired on September 10 of the same year. Our Private World starred Eileen Fulton as Lisa Miller Hughes, the same heroine she had played on As the World Turns, as well as Nicolas Coster. A total of 38 half-hour episodes were produced.

Also in the cast were film star Geraldine Fitzgerald and stage actress Julienne Marie, who was married to actor James Earl Jones at the time.

The storyline started on As the World Turns, with Lisa boarding a train to Chicago and the announcer (Dan McCullough) encouraging the audience to watch the spin-off. Upon arriving, Lisa took a job in the admitting room of the local hospital and met her wealthy future husband John Eldredge (Coster, who decades later would also play Lisa's seventh husband, Eduardo Grimaldi). A few months after the demise of the series, Fulton returned to As the World Turns.

Nearly three decades later, As the World Turns writers resurrected remnants of Lisa's Our Private World storyline, when a previously-unmentioned son whom Lisa had while in Chicago (presumably during the period between the end of Our Private World and Fulton's return to As the World Turns in early 1966) resurfaced and made contact with her.

May 1965-September 1965 CBS Wednesdays @ 9:30-10pm May 1965-September 1965 CBS Fridays @ 9pm-9:30pm

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