Dubu kimchi

Dubu kimchi
Dubu kimchi

Dubu Kimchi
Korean name
Hangul 두부 김치
Revised Romanization Dubu gimchi
McCune–Reischauer Tubu kimch'i

Dubu kimchi is a Korean dish consisting of sauteed kimchi served with tofu. Boiled or pan-fried sliced tofu and the kimchi are often served with sliced pork or canned tuna. Despite the name of the dish, the tofu is not fermented into kimchi.

The dish is often served as an anju (a side dish consumed with alcohol) especially with soju.



  • A cake of bean curd
  • A pack of cabbage kimchi (¼)
  • Onion, chopped garlic (½, sugar, salt, sesame soy sauce.


Normally, protein is the largest nutrition of dubu kimchi.[1]

Calory(kcal) Protein(g) Calcium(mg) Fe(mg) Vitamin A(re) Cholesterol(mg)
200 12 235 3.3 70 2

How to cook

  • Boil tofu until ripening (this does not take a long time). Don't forget to put into salt when boiling.
  • Slice cabbage kimchi and season with seasame oil and chopped garlic.
  • Scatter oil and parch it with kimchi and onions.
  • Slice tofu and serve on the dish.

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