University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Coat of arms of the University of Nottingham
Coat of arms of the University of Nottingham
Motto Latin: Sapientia urbs conditur[1]
Motto in English A City is Built on Wisdom[1]

1948 - Gained Royal Charter for university status
1881 -University College Nottingham established as a college of the University of London
1798 - Adult education school[2]

2000 (2000) - Establishment of Malaysia campus
Type Public
Religious affiliation University of Nottingham
Endowment £26.4 million (2008/09) [3]
Chancellor Professor Fujia Yang
Provost Ian Pashby[4]
Vice-Chancellor Professor David Greenaway[5]
Students 3,224 [6]
Undergraduates 2,297 [6]

529 [6]

(Figures represent Malaysia campus only)
Other students 1,200 (further education)
Location Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
2°56′42″N 101°52′26″E / 2.945°N 101.874°E / 2.945; 101.874Coordinates: 2°56′42″N 101°52′26″E / 2.945°N 101.874°E / 2.945; 101.874
Campus Rural
Former names University of Nottingham in Malaysia (UNiM)
Colours The University: Notts Blue

House of Arts


House of Social Science

House of Medicine
House of Engineering

House of Divinity


House of Science

Sports Rugby, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Futsal, Squash, Table Tennis, Cricket

Russell Group,[7]

Universitas 21,[8]

Sutton 13. ACU, EUA.

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University of Nottingham.svg
Satellite campus of the University of Nottingham
The administrative building or white building during the 10th anniversary carnival. Tents can be seen on Campus square.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is an overseas campus of the University of Nottingham. The university is situated in Semenyih, Selangor a town part of Greater Kuala Lumpur. The University was recently ranked as "excellent" or tier 5 in a scale of tier 1-6 and is classified as a private institution, by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.[9] The Malaysia Campus was the first campus of a British University in Malaysia and one of the first to open outside Britain thus earning the distinction of the Queen's Awards for Enterprise 2001 and the Queen's Award for Industry (International Trade) 2006.[10][11][12]



The Malaysia campus was first established in 2000 when the first batch of students were enrolled, students were then taught in a rented building. The original idea for the university to open a foreign branch was conceptualized as early as 1992. It is the first purpose-built UK university campus in a foreign country. However, it is not the first foreign university to set up a satellite campus in Malaysia. In fact, it is the third to do so. Formerly, the university was known as the University of Nottingham in Malaysia or UNiM. The campus' incumbent chairman is Ahmad Rithauddeen, an honorary Nottingham graduate and former Malaysian Defence Minister. It was officially opened by Najib Tun Razak (Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia on 26 September 2005 and an alumnus. The campus was made possible by a consortium of partners which includes the Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera or Armed Forces Superannuation Fund (LTAT) via its subsidiary Boustead Holdings Bhd, YTL Corporation Bhd and the University of Nothingham and the Alumni Association.[13] Prior to the opening of the main campus in Semenyih, the University operated at the former Majestic Hotel building near Kuala Lumpur railway station and at Wisma MISC or MISC Tower. Following the opening of the Semenyih campus, most of the teaching departments were moved to Semenyih, only certain post graduate courses still remain in Kuala Lumpur. Sometime in 2007 the campus reopened a Kuala Lumpur branch in Chulan Tower on Jalan Conlay.


Semenyih Campus

The Malaysia campus is primarily based on a 101-acre (0.41 km2) plot situated in Semenyih, Selangor. Semenyih campus is made up of a few teaching buildings and a couple of faculty buildings. The main buildings are colour coded and given a coloured facade at their entrances. In semenyih campus covered pathways are provided to facilitate inter building transport. At the centre of the circular square is an open fountain, which is usually lighted at night. The Semenyih campus is equipped with student recreational facilities such as a sports complex which houses an outdoor 25m swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, 6 basketball courts, a multi purpose hall, a 60m² gym, hockey/futsal field and a football field. A dedicated students association building forms the central connection between on campus housing and the teaching buildings.

The campus have grown considerably since the official opening in 2005[citation needed], and Campus expansion is still on-going, however the pace of expansion has entered a steady decline following the completion of phase 2 of the campus development. Currently, there are further plans to build a new student association building and additional on-campus housing. The Semenyih campus is home to at least two joint research centers.

KL Teaching Centre (KLTC)

Besides the main campus in Semenyih, a city teaching facility is maintained in Chulan Tower at Jalan Conlay within the Kuala Lumpur central business district. Here, certain postgraduate programmes, such as applied psychology, business and management, and education are taught.


Being a satellite campus of the University of Nottingham, students are taught with the same course materials as those in the UK and in China and are under the jurisdiction of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).[14] Upon completing a degree at the Malaysia campus, students are awarded a University of Nottingham degree certificate which is indistinguishable from the certificates awarded at the Nottingham campus. The degrees that are awarded are accredited by international professional bodies such as the Association of MBA's and the UK Engineering Council.


Apart from the taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the university also conducts a range of projects available for research-based postgraduate studies. There are more than 20 research programmes currently being carried out at the Malaysia Campus. This has led to joint research and the setting up of local companies.

The Sahz-UNMC Pilot Plant

The Sahz-UNMC Pilot Plant is a small prototype manufacturing plant built inside the engineering faculty building (D-Building) occupying a space of no greater than 25 square metres (270 sq ft). Currently, Research is primarily focused towards mass fabricating Supercapacitors. Funding for this project is granted from a RM6.5 million Technofund grant by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI). The research project also has links with SEMYUNG Ever Energy Co. Ltd. (South Korea) and 2M Engineering Ltd. (Netherlands).

Biotechnology Research Centre

The Biotechnology Research Centre is a 986-square-metre (10,610 sq ft) separated purpose-built research centre specialising in the applied research of biotechnology products specifically palm oil crop. The building cost is approximate to RM3.5M and this excludes the cost of internal fittings and scientific equipment.[citation needed] Inside the main research building there are 2 separate labs, one for the teaching of UNMC biotechnology students and the other for research.

The research centre is operated as a joint collaboration with Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd (AAR), a start-up company of little known public standing.[15][16][17]

Crops for the Future Research Center (CFFRC)

As the research arm of Crops for the Future, the Crops for the Future Research Centre (CFFRC) is a 50-hectare (0.50 km2) crop research facility and associated field centre soon to be built adjacent to the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus near Semenyih, Selangor. It is proposed that in addition to laboratories and offices, CFFRC will feature biomes, polytunnels and growth chambers, to enable promising underutilised plants to be cultivated in controlled environments. It is expected that the main buildings of the centre will use energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and unique architectural design. CFFRC will also have a visitor centre and botanical garden of alternative crops which be open to the general public.[18]

CFFRC is established as a company limited by guarantee and without shareholders. The project is a joint venture between the Government of Malaysia and the University of Nottingham in Malaysia using an initial grant of nearly US$40m from the Malaysian government for capital and operational costs for the first seven years.[19]

Geography and climate

The University of Nottingham Malaysia campus is located on a 101-acre (410,000 m2) site, approximately 60 m (200 ft) above sea level, located on top a hill overlooking Broga hill and the surrounding areas. There are many palm trees planted around and in the campus itself, due to the site being originally a palm oil plantation, the harvesting of palm fruit still occurs within the campus fence. Palm oil research is carried out at a separated 50-hectare (500,000 m2) plantation adjacent to the campus.

The weather on campus is generally warm throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 30 °C to 34 °C during the day and 25 °C to 28 °C during the night, with cooler temperatures during and after a heavy rainfall. The humidity level is at 80% throughout the year.

The campus faces minimal changes in seasons, however from May and September the campus faces a dry season, in which it may have comparatively less rain, and from mid-November till March a mild wet season. Due to these changes, the subtle changing colours of leaves and the flowering of certain plants may be observed. Otherwise, the campus undergoes the usual tropical rainforest climate.

Environmental issues

During the design and planning phase of the Semenyih campus, there were issues that a planned incinerator was to be built in Broga, something which the university and local area residents made some protest to. [20] Eventually, the incinerator plant was reportedly moved to a new site in Kampung Bohol, Puchong.


Nottingham Knights

The University of Nottingham Rugby Club's Nottingham Knights is the current champions at the 2011 Malaysia Association of Private Colleges and Universities (MAPCU) Rugby tournament. The team managed to beat all opposition without conceding a single goal.[21]

Nottingham Tricampus games

The Malaysia Campus has taken part in all Tri-campus games since its inception in 2009. The Malaysia campus played host to the Nottingham Tricampus games in the summer of 2010. It will play host again in the summer of 2013.

Student Life

Student Association

In the Nottingham Malaysia Campus, much of the activities are overseen by an elected student governing body called the "Student Association" (or often abbreviated as SA) which is considered part of the "Student Union" (SU) in the UK Campus. The student association is also responsible for appropriating funds to student groups and organizations on campus. Most sports activities such as bowling, badminton, basketball, football, squash, table tennis, tennis are managed and organized by the 19 individual student sports clubs. While, Social Gatherings and dances are usually organized by the 32 other cultural related or academic related clubs and societies. The Annual Dinner is one of the major events that is organized by the Student Association. There are also 8 special interest clubs dedicated to special interest such as excursions such as the out-door club, which usually conducts student trips to resort islands all over Malaysia; Robotic Society which conducts robotic tournaments; and the music society which provides live music support for activities.


The Malaysia campus provides 1000 units of on campus housing or less than a third for its total students. Presently, priority for on-campus residence is allocated to international students and first year freshmens, while senior students are generally made to stay off-campus in the nearby neighbourhood of Taman Tasik Semenyih, often abbreviated "TTS" by the students and residents. Although there are plans to further increase the number of on campus student accommodation, the university is currently focused on expanding off-campus housing. On-campus housing is made up of 5 residential halls on campus, namely Pangkor Hall, Redang Hall, Tioman Hall, Kapas Hall and Langkawi Hall, which are named after popular resort islands in Malaysia. Students are generally gender segregated by floors with boys occupying odd floors. Although, there are some halls that are segregated by room or suite. Each halls are led by a student hall tutor and managed by a staff warden.

A single pedestrian bridge currently links the neighbouring Taman Tasik Semenyih 5 with the north entrance of the university.

Islamic Center

Due to a large number of Muslims at the university and being located in a Muslim majority country, there is an Islamic Center building located directly on campus. Throughout the academic year the student run Islamic society will hold numerous talks and student activities. The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is a dry and halal campus, meaning that alcohol and meals that are considered harram is banned on campus.

Mobility Programme

As part of Nottingham's advantage scheme, students may be exchanged to other campuses for a certain academic period. In the words of Vincenzo Raimo, director of Nottingham’s International Office “Students can continue studying exactly the same modules available at Nottingham in the UK but overseas instead — experience the excitement of Asia but within the familiar academic setting of Nottingham University, ... Transfers are open to anyone getting good grades and whose degree subject is among those taught overseas. Air fares may not be cheap, but the cost of living is — and anyone spending the full year at a branch pays just half the UK tuition fee. " [14][22]

Besides exchanging to the UK Campus or the CN Campus, students may also take part in Universitas 21 mobility programme in which students may also be exchanged with universities partner to Universitas 21 in Spain, France, Germany, Japan, China and South Korea. [13]


Aerial photo of the Semenyih Campus.
KTM Kajang - Campus Shuttle Route
Head station
00'00" University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Stop on track
+02'00" Taman Tasik Semenyih
Stop on track
+15'00" Semenyih Town Bus interchange
Stop on track
+17'00" Sunway Semenyih
Stop on track
+19'00" Billion Supermartket
Unknown BSicon "BS2rf" Unknown BSicon "BS2lf"
One way backward Unknown BSicon "BHFlf"
+21'00" HSBC Kajang Prima Bus Stop
One way backward Unknown BSicon "BHFlf"
+22'00" Sunway Semenyih
One way backward Unknown BSicon "BHFlf"
+30'00" Pangsapuri Damai Mewah
One way backward Unknown BSicon "BHFlf"
+40'00" Syabas Building Bus Stop
One way backward Unknown BSicon "BHFlf"
+43'00" Bank Islam
One way backward Unknown BSicon "BHFlf"
+44'20" New Era College
Unknown BSicon "BS2lg" Unknown BSicon "BS2rg"
End station
+45'00" Kajang Railway Station KTM Intercity Bus interchange  RS 

There are three major entrances to the Malaysia campus. The main entrance of the campus is located to the west which is opened 24 hours. A second entrance is located to the South of the campus which is closed for much of the time. A third which only allows pedestrian traffic and small motor vehicle traffic such as motorcycles is located to the North.

There are no direct public transportation connected to the university, other than that of university shuttle buses commuting between the campus and Kajang railway station. Shuttle bus services are offered free as a university incentive to provide greener sustainable transport and to alleviate on-campus parking issues. However, shuttle bus services are by regulations restricted to students and staffs of the University. The nearest public bus route is along the nearest town of Semenyih, approximately 3 km from campus.

The university also provides other complimentary bus services such as bus services to the nearby Tesco super store, special bus service to the Semenyih mosque for Friday prayers, and a shuttle bus service for students living in the student town of Taman Tasik Semenyih or Semenyih Lake park. Also, a single pedestrian bridge connects the neighbouring Taman Tasik Semenyih to the North entrance.

Notable Alumni

  • Najib Tun Razak - The incumbent Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Tuanku Jaafar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman - Tenth King of Malaysia, Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan
  • Sultan Azlan Muhibbudin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yusuff Izzudin Shah Ghafarullahu-lahu - Ninth King of Malaysia, Sultan of Perak
  • Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithaudden - Former Minister of Defence of Malaysia
  • Tuanku Bahiyah - The fifth Queen of Malaysia
  • Tun Dato Seri Dr. Haji Hamdan Bin Sheik Tahir - Governor of Penang province, Malaysia
  • Tunku Tan-Sri Imran ibni Tuanku Jaafar - Prince of Negeri Sembilan, President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia[citation needed]
  • Zara Salim Davidson - The Crown Princess of Perak and the grandniece of the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Note: The alumni mentioned above are Malaysia related alumni that have graduated or studied at the Nottingham UK campus.

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