List of Itchy & Scratchy cartoons

List of Itchy & Scratchy cartoons

This is a list of the Itchy & Scratchy cartoons shown on The Simpsons. There are currently 71 of them.


100-Yard Gash

Title Pun: 100-Yard Dash
Simpsons Episode: "Lisa's First Word"

Year 1984

Synopsis: The scene is at an Olympic Games. A fanfare is heard, and then the theme for Chariots of Fire begins playing. Scratchy is participating in the 100-Yard Dash event. Itchy nails Scratchy's skin to the floor. Scratchy takes off skinless and wins the race. Later, his skeleton is shown on a Wheaties box. This is one of the few Itchy and Scratchy episodes in which Scratchy ends up happy in the end, as his skeleton expression of the Wheaties box is cheerful. At the end of the episode, there was a sign that said "Good Luck to our Athletes from Itchy & Scratchy, Official Animated Cat and Mouse Team of the 1984 Olympics." Itchy then tells Scratchy that he is a “no-go lowlife” and shoots him with a tommy gun.

500-Yard Gash

Title Pun: 500-Yard Dash
Simpsons Episode: The Simpsons Hit & Run (video game)

Year 2003

This episode, which seems to be loosely based on "100-Yard Gash" (see above), appears in the video game The Simpsons Hit & Run once the player has collected all the collector cards. In this version, Itchy surreptitiously injects Scratchy with steroids just as the race is about to begin. At first, this makes Scratchy faster and stronger, allowing him to circle the earth several times in the time it takes Itchy to almost reach the finish line. However, the exertion takes its toll on Scratchy, and his heart literally explodes mere feet away from the finish line. The final scene shows Itchy on the winner's stand, holding Scratchy's head. This short is unique in that it was animated in cel-shaded 3D, like the rest of the game, as opposed to traditional animation.

500 Easy Pieces

Title pun: Five Easy Pieces

Simpsons Episode: Butterfinger commercial

This is an ad for Butterfinger. Itchy pokes the stethoscope into Scratchy's ear, then chomps roughly on the Butterfinger. Scratchy shatters into pieces.

A Briss Before Dying

Title Pun: A Kiss Before Dying
Simpsons episode: "Today I Am a Clown"

Synopsis: Klezmer music. Itchy lies on a table, presumably for his ritual circumcision or brit milah, between a congregation of Jewish mice and Scratchy, who is saying a Hebrew prayer: "Baruch atah adonai, alohienu melech haholahm, boray pur" (a familiar blessing said over wine). Scratchy then pulls out a scalpel to murder Itchy. Seeing the scalpel makes Itchy easily frightened. He jumps up on Scratchy's head, pulls his eyeballs out, and throws them out the window. Attacking Itchy, Scratchy cuts himself to pieces. Itchy picks them up and puts them through a mincer (the eyeballs reappear) and applies the product to the end of a tube, then blows it in a fireplace as if it were made of glass, turning it into a goblet. He wraps it and stamps on it while the other mice clap, shouting "Mousel Tov!" After the cartoon is over, Krusty says "and that's what I believe in now! Hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha!"

Aah! Wilderness!

Title Pun: Ah, Wilderness!
Simpsons Episode: "Boy-Scoutz n the Hood"

Synopsis: Itchy nails Scratchy to the ground and uses him as a tent in order to shelter himself from the thunder storm. Scratchy is then struck by lightning multiple times.

The Battle of Slaughter-Loo

Title Pun: Battle of Waterloo
Simpsons Episode: "The Wandering Juvie"

Synopsis: This cartoon was edited for prison viewing. Itchy and Scratchy lead two armies against each other. As they run towards each other on the battlefield, they pull out bigger and better weapons. As they collide, the episode cuts to Itchy declaring an end to "the spectacular 3D blood and gore!" Then, the mice celebrate.

Bang the Cat Slowly

Title Pun: Bang the Drum Slowly
Simpsons Episode: "Stark Raving Dad"

Synopsis: It's Scratchy's birthday. As a "gift", Itchy puts a bomb into a box and Scratchy screams, allowing Itchy to pull his tongue out and use it to wrap the box. Scratchy's tongue snaps back into his mouth and the box lodges itself in his throat. It explodes, launching his head and party hat into the air. His hat lands first on his neck, then his head falls and is impaled on the hat.

The Beagle Has Landed

Title Pun: The Eagle Has Landed
Simpsons Episode: "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"

Year 1997

Synopsis: This episode marks the debut of Poochie. Itchy and Scratchy are in a car together on their way to a fireworks factory. On the way they run into their new "friend" Poochie (voiced by Homer Simpson). Poochie proceeds to rap about himself - declaring that he is half Joe Camel and one-third Fonzarelli - and finishes by telling children watching to "always recycle... to the extreme!". Poochie ends the cartoon by shouting, "Bust it!," taking Itchy and Scratchy's car, and driving past the fireworks factory.

After the Simpson family, acquaintances relatives watched the episode, Ned Flanders declares that "Homer, that was honestly the best episode of Impy & Chimpy that I've ever seen!"

Bleeder of the Pack

Title Pun: "Leader of the Pack"
Simpsons Episode: "C.E. D'oh"

Synopsis: "Rock Around the Clock" on the soundtrack. Officer Scratchy is minding his own business, talking to a civilian, until troublemaker Itchy chains Scratchy's tail to the parking meter. Scratchy takes off on his motorcycle, chasing Itchy, and his skin gets torn off his body (a reference to American Graffiti). Two 'Itchy' mice in an ambulance take him onboard a plane that the Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, and Buddy Holly are riding. After Scratchy notices they were turned into vampires, the plane crashes. It references the fact that all three died in a plane crash.

The Buck Chops Here

Title Pun: The Buck Stops Here
Simpsons Episode: "Burns' Heir"

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy take a tour of the federal mint. Itchy clobbers Scratchy with a bag full of money and prints Scratchy into money. Itchy circulates the Scratchy bills to smoking dogs at a tycoon convention, who burn them to light their cigars.

Burning Down the Mouse

Title Pun: "Burning Down the House"
Simpsons Episode: "Homer Goes to College"

Synopsis: The first (and so far only) episode where Scratchy gets his revenge at Itchy. Itchy is tied to a pole and Scratchy puts unusually large explosives around Itchy, including two nuclear bombs (before the cartoon starts, Lisa excitedly says that it's "the one where Scratchy finally kills Itchy"). Just as Scratchy is about to blast Itchy, the Simpsons' TV is unplugged. The cartoon is over when it comes back on (Krusty then says that there's no way they'll ever be allowed to show that again in a million years; Bart and Lisa are highly furious). Note: The end of this episode is unknown (Possibly Itchy has saved up from the death and killed Scratchy again,or probably Itchy finally died for once).

Burning Love

Title Pun: Burning Love
Simpsons Episode: "Krusty Gets Busted"

Synopsis: Scratchy is sleeping outside and Itchy fires a burning arrow at him, setting him alight.

Butter Off Dead

Title Pun: Better Off Dead
Simpsons Episode: "Little Girl in the Big Ten"

Year 2002

Synopsis: In an agricultural setting (probably in a Mennonite society) Itchy runs out of butter. As farmer Scratchy visits farmer Itchy (both of them are dressed like Amish men, complete with beards), Itchy shoves Scratchy into a cow's mouth, and an inside view of the cow shows Scratchy being digested by its four stomachs. Itchy then milks the digested Scratchy out of the cow and pours the milk into a butter churn to create his own "I Can't Believe It's Not Scratchy!" butter. When he spreads this on his toast, Scratchy's eyeballs are seen, and after saying a quick prayer Itchy chomps down on the toast.

Notes: This episode of Itchy & Scratchy is (extremist) commentary on the lives of farmers being gradually eradicated by modern technology. It is also one of three I&S cartoons to be referred to by a production code assigned to a Simpsons episode; it is called "Episode CABF06," the production code for the Simpsons episode "Skinner's Sense of Snow," by the professor who uses it in his class. The other two such episodes, both called out in "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show," are referred to by codes 4F12 (the code for that very episode, in which Poochie leaves the show) and 2F09 (the code for "Homer the Great", which Homer's ex-college roommate Doug uses to point out an otherwise viewed as "silly" continuity error). Another fan at the Android's Dungeon begins to refer to another 4F production line I&S cartoon before Comic Book Guy interrupts him.

Candle in the Wound

Title Pun: Candle in the Wind
Simpsons Episode: "Treehouse of Horror IX"

Year 1998

Synopsis: See Treehouse of Horror IX#The Terror of Tiny Toon.

Cat Splat Fever

Title Pun: Cat Scratch Fever
Simpsons Episode: "Radio Bart"

Year 1992

Synopsis: Scratchy thinks Itchy wants to take his own life by jumping into a well and thus jumps into it to save him. Itchy never did though and Scratchy is eaten by an alligator waiting. When his ghost as an angel rises upwards, Itchy takes out his gun and shoots him. This episode is "Dedicated to Timmy O'Toole."

Circus of the Scars

Title Pun: Circus of the Stars
Simpsons Episode: "The Bart Wants What It Wants"

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are trapeze artists in a circus. While swinging towards each others, Scratchy hanging with his hands, Itchy with his legs, Itchy pulls out two knives and cuts Scratchy's hands off. Scratchy falls on the safety net, which slices him into dices. An elephant standing there starts eating the pieces of Scratchy as if they were peanuts.

(Bart and his girlfriend Greta Wolfcastle watch this episode on a DVD. In the DVD commentary, Scratchy says that the episode was filmed at 4:00 A.M. and the crew was very cranky; Itchy shows up and cuts his head off.)

Come Flay with Me

Title Pun: Come Fly with Me
Simpsons Episode: "He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs"

Synopisis: Scratchy is on a plane with various versions of Itchy. A large Itchy gives him less room. A baby screams in his ears making them bleed. A attendant comes by and Scratchy's hand gets cut off. A passenger in front of him pulls the seat back squeezing him. The attendant opens the luggage case and various weapons come out and attack Scratchy. The attendant says the passengers have to spend 3 more hours on the tarmac and Scratchy screams in horror.

Dazed and Contused

Title Pun: Dazed and Confused
Simpsons Episode: "The Front"

Year 1993

Synopsis: Itchy is hitting Scratchy — relatively gently — on the head with a mallet. Itchy laughs each time as Scratchy says "Ow". At the end they both say "Kids! Say no to drugs!" and smile.

(This extremely tepid episode of I&S is the one that prompted Bart and Lisa to write their own episodes.)

Deaf Comedy Blam!

Title Pun: Def Comedy Jam
Simpsons Episode: "In Marge We Trust"

Synopsis: Scratchy is an ear trauma patient. Itchy uses his stethoscope with his ears and stretches it until he reaches a French nuclear testing site. When the bomb explodes the sound travels through the stethoscope until it reaches Scratchy and makes his head explode; a patient leans over to tell him to be quiet.

diePod Slaylist

Title Pun: iPod Playlist
Simpsons Episode: "Mypods and Boomsticks"

Year 2008

Synopsis: Itchy cranks up Scratchy's myPod volume so loud that it melts his brain. Itchy replaces Scratchy's brain with Einstein's. A much smarter Scratchy invents the atomic bomb, then upon realizing its destructive power he invents a time machine and goes back in time to stop himself from inventing the A-bomb. But just as he goes to warn himself, he realizes it's a trap; Itchy has replaced the old Scratchy with an A-bomb decoyed as Scratchy. Itchy watches from a distance as the A-bomb explodes and then enters his own time machine and heads for Studio 54 circa the 1970s. This episode was shown in Lisa Simpson's myPod (the episode was exclusive to myTunes).

Dogday Hellody of 1933

Title Pun: The Broadway Melody
Simpsons Episode: "How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?"

Synopsis: A court with Itchy as judge and a bunch of Scratchys is held against a dog who is guilty for crimes against animals. Then Edward G. Robinson appears and shoots the dog with a machine gun, then Will Rogers hangs the dog with his lasso, then W. C. Fields appears to drink the dog's blood, after that Harpo Marx cut the dog's tongue and Bing Crosby appears and hits the dog with a bat.

Esophagus Now

Title Pun: Apocalypse Now
Simpsons Episode: "Lisa the Vegetarian"

Synopsis: Scratchy is dining at a restaurant and orders a steak. Itchy is the waiter and while Scratchy is putting on his napkin Itchy sneaks under the table and shaves off a section of Scratchy's fur pulling out his stomach without him noticing. Itchy serves it as rare steak decorated with an olive. Scratchy starts to eat it but the chunk he chews on goes down his throat and out his stomach back onto the plate. This situation is repeated three more times. Itchy hands Scratchy the bill (which is $100). When Scratchy sees the bill he shrieks and his head explodes.

James L. Brooks, on the commentary for "Lisa the Vegetarian", commented that the concept came from a story that had written during high school, but, not being able to fit in a suitable ending, the writers just stuck in a simple, tongue-in-cheek concept of Scratchy's head exploding from the impact of the over-expensive bill.

Field of Screams

Title Pun: Field of Dreams

Part 1

Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy continuously bonk each other with baseball bats until a squirrel resembling Marge comes along and tells Itchy and Scratchy to stop what they're doing. Itchy knocks off the squirrel's head and the two nemeses shake hands.

Part 2

Simpsons Episode: "Like Father, Like Clown"

Synopsis: Scratchy and his son are playing catch in the park. Itchy and son slices Scratchy and son with a combine. Itchy and son play catch using Scratchy's head as the ball. Krusty comments on how sweet the ending scene is.

Flay Me to the Moon

Title Pun: Fly Me to the Moon
Simpsons Episode: "Homer the Heretic", "Another Simpsons Clip Show"

Synopsis: Scratchy reads of a space launch in the paper. Itchy sneaks into his house, and pulls his tongue out like a fishing-line, runs outside and ties it to the spaceship. It takes off, with Scratchy's tongue unwinding to enormous proportions until the vessel orbits the moon twice and ties a knot around it with the tongue. This pulls the moon towards the earth, and Scratchy only noticing now, panics and hides in his closet. The moon crushes his house with him inside. Inside NASA headquarters, 'Itchy' mice celebrate a successful mission and drink champagne. This episode is one of the most popular and well-known, being shown in two episodes. In the episode "Another Simpsons Clip Show", Marge asks whether Bart and Lisa have seen this episode before Bart replies "It's a new episode", referring to the fact that the episode had been shown before.

Foster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Title Pun: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Simpsons Episode: "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily"

Synopsis: Scratchy is reading a newspaper. As he hears his doorbell ring, he sees Itchy at the door, disguised as a baby. The minute Scratchy picks up Itchy, Itchy breaks a glass bottle in half and stabs Scratchy with it. Itchy steals Scratchy's TV and runs off, with Scratchy saying his last words: "Why, my only son?".

This episode was the first viewed by Ned Flanders and his family. While Lisa and Bart laugh at the end thereof, Rod makes no attempt to mask his fear, and asks Ned "What was coming out of kitty's ear?" Ned unconvincingly answers, "Uh ... um ... raspberry jam."

Four Funerals and a Wedding

Title Pun: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Simpsons Episode: "A Star Is Burns"

Year 1995

Synopsis: Scratchy is getting married to a girl cat. During the ceremony Itchy replaces the bride with one made entirely of explosives, and lights the fuses. We see Scratchy kissing his newlywed wife, feeding her with wedding cake. After this we see Scratchy sitting on a sofa next to his wife, while two children, also made entirely of explosives are playing on the floor. Finally, we can see old Scratchy, with his wife, still fuses ignited, sitting calmly on the porch of an old folks home in rocking chairs. His wife finally explodes, taking Scratchy with her. Old Itchy runs to the scene, laughing at Scratchy's burnt remains. Suddenly, Itchy grasps his chest, grunts and falls to the floor, dead.

This short won the Springfield Film Festival Award for Outstanding Animated Short.

From Here to Infirmity

Title Pun: From Here to Eternity
Simpsons Episode: "HOMR"

Year Circa 1954

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are making out and moaning on the beach when Itchy drags a shark and Scratchy kisses it instead. The shark tears him apart and the director of the show stops it for the commercials. Itchy starts smoking a cigarette and a mutilated Scratchy soon joins him. The episode ends with Itchy, Scratchy and the director coughing up tobacco.

Germs of Endearment

Title Pun: Terms of Endearment
Simpsons Episode: "Marge in Chains"

Synopsis: Scratchy visits Dr. Itchy and wants Itchy to do a tonsillectomy exam on him. Itchy opens Scratchy's mouth and ties Scratchy's organs to a brick and tosses the brick out the window. Scratchy dives out the window and puts his organs back where they belong, and lands on a cactus.

The Glass Moan-agerie

Title Pun: The Glass Menagerie
Simpsons Episode: "Girly Edition"

Synopsis: Scratchy applies for an apprenticeship with Itchy, who runs a store selling glass sculpture. Itchy accepts the offer, and tosses him into the kiln. After Itchy blows Scratchy into a glass "NO VACANCY" sign for a motel, he sits and admires his finished work while sipping a drink with a female mouse in the pool.

Good Cats, Bad Choices

Title Pun: Good kids, bad choices (a phrase sometimes used by parenting advisors)
Simpsons Episode: "Bart After Dark"

Synopsis: The setting is a talk show, and Scratchy is the guest. "Says mouse friend mistreats him" reads the caption. Backstage, Itchy feels he is the victim, and goes on-stage with a broken bottle. Scratchy "doesn't know slashing is imminent", but panics when reading this last caption. Itchy then comes on to the stage and attempts to kill Scratchy with the bottle, but the episode is then interrupted by Kent Brockman.

The Great Brawl of China

Title Pun: Great Wall of China
Simpsons Episode: "Angry Dad: The Movie"

Synopsis: Styled as per a martial-arts movie (and spoken primarily in Chinese with English subtitles), the plot proceeds in the following chapter-based format:

Chapter 1: Scratchy and his father harvest rice in medieval China. Emperor Itchy rides up to them and demands Scratchy's father's hat. When the old cat denies him, Itchy slices his head off. Scratchy vows revenge.
Chapter 2: Scratchy seeks out a monk to train him in the arts of warfare. He is ultimately deemed ready after several years of training.
Chapter 3: At last, Scratchy arrives at a (now-elderly) Itchy's palace. Though Emperor Itchy warns him to "Enter … and be killed," Scratchy gains the upper hand early and is about to dismember his foe when his mentor appears behind him and reminds him that a warrior can have no greater weapon than a capacity for mercy. Scratchy thanks his master for freeing him from his desire for revenge that enslaved him. However, the monk promptly sheds his costume and reveals himself to be Itchy's son, who sends Scratchy into the air. Itchy dices Scratchy into several small pieces, and the two mice eat Scratchy with chopsticks.

House of Pain (also called "This Old Mouse")

Title Pun: House of Pain / This Old House
Simpsons Episode: "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk"

Scratchy is tied up in the wood column while Itchy impales and kills Scratchy with a nail and hanging a picture of themselves.

Hold that Feline

Title pun: Hold that line, college football cheer in common use before World War II
Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"

Synopsis: Itchy kicks Scratchy an exploding football, and his eyes fall out, then Itchy gives him bombs and Scratchy explodes.

I'm Getting Buried in the Morning

Title Pun: I'm getting married in the morning, first line of "Get Me to the Church on Time" from My Fair Lady
Simpsons Episode: "Bart's Friend Falls in Love"

Synopsis: It was Scratchy's wedding with his bride and Itchy was the reverend. After the wedding, Itchy used his reverend hat as a boomerang to cut the bride's head of which Scratchy was holding on to and then himself. The cartoon ends with Itchy driving off with his car with the heads of Scratchy and his wife.

Itchy & Scratchy meet Fritz the Cat

Title Pun: Fritz the Cat
Simpsons Episode: "The Day the Violence Died"

Synopsis: An X-rated 1970s-style I&S cartoon. Scratchy is attempting to pick up a prostitute when he sees Itchy driving by in a car. When Itchy gets out of the car, Itchy pours gasoline on him and sets him alight with a cigarette. While Scratchy burns Itchy drives off with the prostitute. The only known version of the cartoon is a bootleg video that Comic Book Guy owned. It was presumably only available in bootleg form "because of its frank depiction of sex and narcotic consumption". Despite the title, Fritz the Cat does not actually appear in the cartoon, but since Bart and Lisa entered Comic Book Guy's store where the film was playing and because he switched the film off before the viewer could see what Itchy and the prostitute did next, it can be assumed that Bart and Lisa and us, as the viewers, only saw a few scenes of what's perhaps a longer film where Fritz the Cat might have appeared or appear.

Itchy & Scratchy Movie Trailer

Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie"

Synopsis: Is the promotional trailer for "The Itchy and Scratchy Movie" (Movie plot, see below) Itchy shaves Scratchy fur off, scribbles his face with a marker and blows his brain out. Also shown some "scenes" from the movie: Itchy has Scratchy tied to a log on a conveyor belt, moving toward a circular saw; and Itchy dress up some dynamite as a "female cat", who Scratchy falls in love with. At the end of the trailer, a voiceover says: "53 percent new footage".

Itchy the Lucky Mouse in: Manhattan Madness

Title Pun: Mouse in Manhattan, one of the first Tom and Jerry cartoons Simpsons Episode: "The Day the Violence Died"

Year 1919

Synopsis: The very first Itchy cartoon (in canon) parodying both the Tom and Jerry short "Mouse in Manhattan" and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit name. The plot revolves Itchy (looking noticeably different due to this cartoon being drawn by Itchy's original creator Chester J. Lampwick) strutting around Manhattan while decides to hurt people throughout the day. The victims include an Irish person (who was ringed through an old washing machine starting with his beard) and Theodore Roosevelt (who was decapitated with an axe). Itchy winks at the screen and the cartoon ends with credits posed by Lampwick.

Kitchen Kut-Ups

Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"

Synopsis: After bonking each other with mallets, Itchy stabs Scratchy with a knife, then chases him with an eggbeater.

Kitty-Kill Condition

Title Pun: Critical condition
Simpsons Episode: "The Heartbroke Kid"

Synopsis: Scratchy visits the feline cardiologist (Itchy). When Itchy brings Scratchy in for a stress test, he speeds up the treadmill, building up Scratchy's stress, to the point Scratchy has a heart attack. Itchy takes out Scratchy's heart and the heart runs all over the treatment room. Itchy catches the heart, sticks dynamite in it and puts the heart back in Scratchy's belly. Itchy shows a picture of him with Scratchy's wife, causing Scratchy to die. During Scratchy's funeral, the dynamite explodes and kills everyone.

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Title Pun: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Simpsons Episode: "Brother from the Same Planet"

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are at a bowling alley. Itchy pulls Scratchy's tongue into the ball returner. Itchy then lights a bomb and bowls it down to the end. As the bomb comes back up the returner, Scratchy tries sawing his tongue in half to save himself, but the bomb appears before him and explodes. Itchy sells Scratchy's remains to dogs who are seen eating them.

Koyaanis-Scratchy: Death out of Balance

Title Pun:Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance Simpsons Episode: "Stealing First Base"

Synopsis: At the Grand Canyon, Itchy cuts Scratchy's head off and throws it over the edge. Scratchy's headless body begins to chase the severed head. After a while, it reaches the Hoover Dam, and is carried of by an eagle. Afer much time passes (shown by a set of time lapses), Scratchy's body finally finds its head, which had two eagle eggs planted in its neck. When he puts the head back on his body, a pair of baby eagles burst out of his eyeballs. Then, Itchy shoots Scratchy with a shotgun, splattering his guts everywhere.

Let them Eat Scratchy

Title Pun: "Let them eat cake"
Simpsons Episode: "Bart Gets an F"

Synopsis Scratchy is chasing Itchy, armed with a sword, until Itchy cuts off Scratchy's head using a guillotine. Itchy sticks dynamite in Scratchy's mouth and Scratchy's head explodes.

Little Barbershop of Horrors

Title Pun: The Little Shop of Horrors
Simpsons Episode: "The Front"

Year 1993

Synopsis: Scratchy goes to a barber shop for a haircut, with Itchy as the barber. In the first sketch, Itchy was about to cut Scratchy's hair, but Itchy cut Scratchy's head off and Itchy danced around a red, bloody fountain on Scratchy's body. In the second sketch, Itchy pours barbecue sauce on Scratchy, whose head is eaten by ants, leaving behind his skull. Itchy then propels Scratchy into the air, and into Elvis Presley's television. Elvis comments that "This show ain't no good" and shoots the TV. First chapter that is written by Bart and Lisa. This is the only episode so far to had an ending theme performed by an unknown singer (The song is similar to the opening, only in a piano version.) This episode was created by Bart and Lisa Simpson, but the viewers think that Abraham Simpson wrote this.

Messenger of Death

Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"

Synopsis: Itchy blows Scratchy's head off with a bazooka. Later, Itchy puts out Scratchy's eyes with a mallet in which Itchy gives him 2 cheery bombs. Scratchy then goes to the bathroom to comb his hair when the bombs explode where Scratchy is blown up.

Moo Goo Gai Pain

Title Pun: Moo goo gai pan
Simpsons Episode: "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

Synopsis: Scratchy notices an "All You Can Eat Cat Special" at a Chinese restaurant; unfortunately, he's on the menu. The result, Itchy chops him up, sprinkles spices on his pieces, and then eaten by the customers, leaving his head (showing a relieved Scratchy). An hour later, the customers ate up Scratchy's head, leaving his skull intact.

Mouse M.D.

Title Pun House M.D.
Simpsons Episode: Postcards from the Wedge

Synopsis: Scratchy comes to the clinic because of a sore paw. Itchy (with a beard reminiscent of that of Dr. House) first saws off his legs, then cuts out his heart, all with "Teardrop" playing in the background.

My Bloody Valentine

Title Pun: My Funny Valentine, My Bloody Valentine
Simpsons Episode: "I Love Lisa"

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy give each other Valentine's Day gifts, and while Scratchy gives Itchy a heart-shaped card, Itchy gives Scratchy his own real heart. At home, Scratchy reads a newspaper saying he needs a heart to stay alive. Scratchy dies before he can reach it, as it is sitting on his mantelpiece while in the background Act II of Alexander Borodin's "Polovtsian Dances" is playing.

My Dinner with Itchy

Title Pun: My Dinner with Andre
Simpsons Episode: "Homer Defined"

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are dining at a fine restaurant and are about to drink wine. However, Scratchy decides to drink the wine first, thus figuring out that Itchy actually gave him carbonic acid. After noticing his lower body is nothing but his own skeleton, Itchy removes the cloth covering the label “ACID” and then throws his "wine" into Scratchy's eyes. Screaming in pain, Scratchy runs into the street where he is run over by a streetcar.

Nazi Supermen are our Superiors

Synopsis: This episode was only referenced, in the episode "Itchy & Scratchy Land". While we do not know for sure if it is an I&S cartoon, we do know that Roger Meyers Sr. produced it in 1938, and was the one exception to his being "beloved by the world."

O Solo Meow

Title Pun: O Sole Mio
Simpsons Episode: "When Flanders Failed"

Synopsis: Scratchy is at an Italian-type restaurant, Itchy serves Scratchy spaghetti with a bomb. Scratchy eats the food, and while swallowing, he notices the fuse. Panicking, Scratchy runs out, hits his head to the door frame, and is beheaded. The rest of his body runs out and explodes.

Par for the Corpse

Title Pun(s): Par for the Corps, Par for the Course
Simpsons Episode: "Blame it on Lisa"

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy play golf. Itchy uses Scratchy's head as the golf ball and Scratchy's head reaches the moon.


Title Pun: Pinocchio
Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy Land"

Synopsis: Scratchy, a woodworker, has just finished making a wooden doll that looks just like Itchy. Scratchy says "Now you be-a good, Pinitchio, and don't-a you lie!" Then Pinitchio says "I promise I will never hurt you." Then instantaneously, Pinitchio's wooden nose grows several feet, its razor-sharp point impaling Scratchy's head. Scratchy screams, "OUCH-A!"

Planet of the Aches

Title Pun: Planet of the Apes
Simpsons Episode: "Bart of Darkness"

Synopsis: A season finale episode of The Itchy and Scratchy Show featured on the season finale of the Krusty The Klown Show. The plot involves Itchy placing Scratchy behind a cinderblock wall and sealing him inside. Three millennia later, futuristic Itchy-like mice (with large bulging heads with visible brains) open up the wall with lasers. They find Scratchy now feeble, emaciated and bearded. The mice nurse helps Scratchy back to health, dress him and groom him with their telekinetic powers. Lastly, he is taken to a large Flavian-esque amphitheater where all the mice smile indulgently. They then use their telekinetic powers to launch blades and knives at Scratchy, dismembering him as the audience applauds.

After the cartoon ended, Krusty the Klown announced that he would be leaving for the remainder of the summer, and that episodes of Klassic Krusty would follow.

Porch Pals

Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"

Synopsis: This lovey-dovey Itchy and Scratchy cartoon is the antithesis to the violent Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. Itchy and Scratchy drink lemonade on the porch, dancing together and at the end of the episode, Scratchy reads Itchy a bedtime story. It featured special introductory titles with a new theme song indicating the pair now "Love and Share" (you can literally see Itchy has a heart and Scratchy with some wrapped gifts) instead of "Fight and Bite". This may have also been the first I&S cartoon where the pair actually speak, using radically different voices from those heard later in the series, and their pupils are larger than usual.

Remembrance of Things Slashed

Title Pun: Remembrance of Things Past
Simpsons Episode: "The Day the Violence Died"

Synopsis: Itchy is upset after reading the newspaper saying that Scratchy has died of an illness. Scratchy comes back as a ghost to haunt Itchy. Itchy tries to stab Scratchy but the knife goes through him. Itchy then sucks him up with a vacuum cleaner and blows him out into the freezer. When Scratchy is frozen solid, Itchy chips the eyes out and uses them as ice cubes in his drink. This episode was shown in honor of Itchy & Scratchy's 75th anniversary.

Reservoir Cats

Title Pun: Reservoir Dogs
Simpsons Episode: "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious"

Synopsis: In this episode, a pastiche of the Quentin Tarantino feature film Reservoir Dogs, Itchy is seen splashing gasoline over Scratchy and cutting his ear off with a straight razor to Stealer's Wheel's "Stuck in the Middle With You" (as in Reservoir Dogs). A cartoon Quentin Tarantino then appears and says, "What I'm trying to say is that violence is everywhere, man, it's like even in breakfast cereals…" At that point Itchy sharpens his razor and chops Tarantino's head off. Itchy and Scratchy high-four and dance around Tarantino's freshly decapitated body, similar to a dance scene in his film Pulp Fiction.

Scar Trek: The Next Laceration

Title Pun: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Simpsons Episode: "Deep Space Homer"

Synopsis: Scratchy is cruising in his spaceship. Itchy pops out of his stomach and tosses Scratchy into the airlock and hits the "Blow Hatch" button. Scratchy quickly dons his spacesuit before being blown out into space. Itchy then emerges from the ship in a space pod like that of 2001: A Space Odyssey and cuts Scratchy in half using Saturn's rings (which act as a sawblade), then removes Scratchy's space helmet, causing Scratchy's head to inflate. Itchy then punctures Scratchy's inflated head with a pin, causing blood to splatter everything in the scene and spell out "The End". A warning appears after the cartoon, announcing: This cartoon contained scenes of extreme violence and should not have been viewed by small children.



Title Pun: Fantasia
Simpsons Episode: "Itchy & Scratchy Land"

Synopsis: Scratchy appears as a sorcerer's apprentice (like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia), brandishing an axe. He attacks Itchy, which splits him into several smaller Itchies that start to attack Scratchy. Scratchy attacks again chopping until the Itchies are nothing more than pink powder. He sighs and accidentally inhales the powder. Inside his body, countless microscopic Itchies that attacks cells with axes, causing him to rapidly die. This is rare for featuring Itchy violently attacked by Scratchy.

Screams From a Mall

Title Pun: Scenes from a Mall
Simpsons Episode: "The Front"

Synopsis: Scratchy is shopping at a mall. Itchy nails his feet to the escalator. Scratchy gets caught in the escalator and gets his fur torn off. Itchy sells Scratchy's fur at a fur shop. A rich couple buys Scratchy's fur and Scratchy takes his fur back. He leaves the mall, only to be beaten by animal rights activists for wearing fur. This was the second episode to be created by Bart and Lisa Simpson and, in the viewers' point of view, the second episode to be written by Abraham Simpson.

Slaughter is the Best Medicine

Title Pun: Laughter is the Best Medicine
Station identification shown for Sky1 in the United Kingdom.

Synopsis: Scratchy walks down the street and sees a painted sign on the ground reading "UNSAFE". He steps forward onto a square reading "SAFE". Due to a pun, Itchy throws a pile of safes onto Scratchy, crushing him. He is taken to hospital where he is relieved to see a sign that seems to read "A&E" (which shows that this is a British ident—in America the A&E, or Accident and Emergency, is called ER) -- which soon turns out to be "SUPER KILLING LASER". The Laser is turned on Scratchy, who appears unscathed, until the Sky1 "crystalline" logo falls down and squashes him. He stands up and finally tries to run as the logo is zapped with the laser, causing the logo to shatter into shards, slicing him into pieces.

Skinless in Seattle

Title Pun: Sleepless in Seattle
Simpsons Episode: "Bart Sells His Soul"

Synopsis: Scratchy is supposed to meet his lover at the Space Needle, but this is actually yet another of Itchy's schemes to kill Scratchy. Itchy throws down a penny but it misses Scratchy, who is lovesick for his mystery lover and oblivious to Itchy's attempted murder. Miniature souvenir Space Needles also fail to kill Scratchy; instead they form an ironic heart shape around him. Visibly annoyed, Itchy then saws off the top half of the Space Needle, which hits Scratchy in the eye as he looks up. Scratchy runs around in agony with half the Space Needle stuck in his eyeball.

As a result of having sold his soul to Milhouse days prior, Bart wryly remarks: "I know that that's funny, but — I am just not laughing."

The Sound of Silencers

Title Pun: "The Sound of Silence"
Simpsons Episode: "Bart the Murderer"

Mimicking the St. Valentine's Massacre, various suspect animals, including Scratchy, are up on a wall. Itchy, as a policeman, is wondering who caused the crime. Obviously, he picks Scratchy and shoots him until he bleeds very badly. Itchy then pauses, and shoots him again writing "The End" on Scratchy's bloody body using his gun. After the short, Fat Tony and his boys start laughing, ending with Fat Tony saying, "It's funny because it's true."

Spay Anything

Title Pun: Say Anything
Simpsons Episode: "Cape Feare"

Synopsis: Scratchy walks along Itchy's Cat Hospital and looks at a sign that says "We Pay Your Pet $75". The minute Scratchy enters the hospital, Itchy reveals the sign said "We Spay Your Pet $75"! Two bulldogs strap Scratchy to a table and Itchy turns on the spaying mechanism — a giant laser. To save himself, Scratchy has to use the fine maneuvers of James Bond to deactivate the spaying machine, only he uses his tongue to unplug the machine! Scratchy feels relieved, but Itchy plugs the machine in again and the laser slices Scratchy to pieces. In a deleted scene shown in the DVD, Itchy sews Scratchy back together, then gives Scratchy the medical bill. After Scratchy sees the bill, he shoots himself.

Spherical on 34th Street

Title Pun: Miracle on 34th Street
Simpsons Episode: "Funeral for a Fiend"

Synopsis: During the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Itchy fills Scratchy up with hydrogen, turning him into a balloon-like creature. Itchy then fires a flaming arrow at Scratchy. After 10 commercials from the Krusty the Clown show, of which the Simpsons ignored thanks to TiVo, Scratchy explodes and his guts spray the street and Itchy, as a reporter, shouts, "Oh, the hilarity!", a parody of the exclamation made famous after the Hindenburg disaster by Herbert Morrison: "Oh, the Humanity!" After that, the Pilgrims eat a chunk of Scratchy's body.

Steamboat Itchy

Title Pun: Steamboat Willie
Simpsons Episodes: "Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie" and "The Day the Violence Died"

Synopsis: First to show Itchy and Scratchy together. Essentially a parody of Steamboat Willie. It starts with Itchy piloting cheerfully a steamboat (in the Mickey Mouse role and design). Scratchy (in Pete's role) joins him blissfully. Itchy shoots Scratchy's legs off at the knees with a Tommy Gun and shoves his head in the furnace. It then ends with an iris in on Scratchy's burned head and Itchy laughing at the cat's burned head. The only line in this cartoon was said by Itchy: "Oh me, oh my!"

Sundae Bloody Sundae

Title Pun: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Simpsons Episode: "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Synopsis: Itchy is working as a soda jerk. Scratchy comes along and orders a drink. Itchy puts Scratchy into a glass and blends him into a drink.

Safety First

Title Pun: Safety Last
Simpsons Episode: The Simpsons Ride

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy show guests what can happen to them if they don't follow ride rules as a female voiceover goes over several safety tips before boarding the ride, as 'legally required' introduced by Sideshow Bob. Scratchy is ready to run into the ride room when Itchy nails his tail to the floor, causing his skin to be ripped off. The voiceover wants riders to walk (not run) when the doors open. Itchy and Scratchy place their loose articles against the ride room walls (all fragile items must be leaned against the wall and loose items must be carried safely), and Scratchy bangs his head while trying to enter the vehicle (he should have taken his seat and watched his head while entering), followed by Itchy banging him with a mallet. Scratchy then pulls down his lap bar, and stresses too much that he rips off the lap bar - and loses his head which made the dogs (as Krusty's Krew Member) angry, while Itchy gently pulls down his lap bar (that's part of the safety once the riders are seated). Scratchy puts his arm around his girlfriend and his hand gets close to Itchy. Annoyed, Itchy then pulls Scratchy's arm outside and around the ride vehicle and closes the doors causing Scratchy's arm to be sliced off (riders must remain seated and keep their arms and legs inside at all times). Scratchy then begins to use photography on the ride, causing multiple giant missiles to be shot at him since there would be no still or motion photography of any kind allowed, destroying his camera and burning off his skin. Itchy then safely puts his camera in his pocket. The episode ends with the voiceover saying, "Thanks for your attention. Enjoy the ride!" and a list of the safety reminders that the riders should remember.

Tears of a Clone

Title Pun: "The Tears of a Clown"
Simpsons Episode: "Little Big Mom"

Synopsis: Scratchy has recently died, and mourners (including Poochie) visit his coffin at a funeral. Itchy is depressed and alcoholic without Scratchy, and he reminisces about all the times he killed him. He looks at a newspaper headline about a cloned sheep (resembling Dolly the cloned sheep) and he decides to make clones of Scratchy. He builds a cloning machine using a sample of Scratchy's blood from a meat cleaver to make Scratchy clones. As the clones come out from the machine, Itchy kills them all using various weapons. He can't keep up with the rate of the machine, and after getting tired of killing Scratchy by hand, he builds a killing machine and puts it directly after the cloning machine. When the blood of the clones sprays out of the machine it spells "THE END" on the wall.

That Happy Cat

Simpsons Episode: "Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie"

Synopsis: The first Scratchy cartoon. Scratchy, in a 1920s style cartoon, walks down the street whistling while wearing a hat. He stops and tips his hat forward, rocks backwards and forwards then continues walking. The cartoon was 14 seconds long and, needless to say, did very poorly.

To Kill a Talking Bird

Title Pun: To Kill a Mockingbird
Simpsons Episode: "Jaws Wired Shut"

Synopsis: This is a cinema notice. Itchy and Scratchy and the other animals in the theater's audience grow annoyed with a duck talking too loudly on his cell phone. Itchy and Scratchy replace the duck's phone with dynamite, killing it. The meaning of this sequence is that cell phones must be turned off during the feature presentation of the film. After the explosion, the duck is a skeleton and says "uh-oh". Then, Itchy removes Scratchy's intestines from his body to write "Please No Talking" on the screen which reminds audience to be quiet during the feature presentation.

The Un-Natural

Title Pun: The Natural
Simpsons Episode: "I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

Synopsis: Scratchy strikes out and meets Itchy who suggests he should use steroids. Scratchy hestiates that he could have health problems and Itchy claims he could have millions of dollars. Scratchy takes them and hits a home run that goes all the way to the North Pole. Scratchy becomes very famous and falls in love. But, six years later, Scratchy goes to court and testifies guilty. His steroid effects destroy the whole court. He floats the White House where the Lincoln Monument comes to life and rips off his head then hits him for a home run. Scratchy's head was sent to the museum as a hall of fame and lots of mice paparazzi arrived to take a picture of his head on the hall of fame podium... even when Kent Brockman interrupts the cartoon for a status on the prison escape.

According to Kent Brockman, this cartoon has won an Annie Award.

What's Nuked, Pussycat?

Title Pun: What's New Pussycat?
Simpsons Episode: "Fraudcast News"
Year: 2004

In an episode written and directed by C. Montgomery Burns, Scratchy is protesting outside the Nuclear Power Plant, when Itchy spears him with a forklift truck, telling Scratchy about the benefits of nuclear power, such as generating energy for the local orphanage and hospital. When Scratchy suggests that wind power is cheap and safe, Itchy chops Scratchy's head off with the blades of a wind turbine. An eagle flies into shot, looking like (and voiced by) Mr. Burns, telling viewers that "Nuclear power is your friend, and so is Monty Burns." Scratchy's head tells viewers, "Don't end up like me. Vote Republican," with Itchy saying "God Bless America!" before adding "This cartoon was made in Korea."

Why Do Fools Fall in Lava?

Title Pun: "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?"
Simpsons Episode: "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"

Synopsis: Scratchy pays Itchy for a bungee jump in the volcano, and Itchy cuts open Scratchy's belly and ties his intestines. Then he shoves him into the volcano, and as soon as he is about to plunge in the lava, the intestines hold on. As Scratchy sighs with relief, Itchy fills his intestines with gasoline. Scratchy tries to hold the gasoline inside but he bursts and is reduced to cinders by the lava.


Title Pun: Up Simpsons Episode: "Loan-a Lisa"

Scratchy gets married to a female cat. Then they fail at having a baby, view clouds shaped like Disney/Pixar characters from a hill, become elderly, repeat the cloud-watching sequence in elderly form but get shot by Itchy. Scratchy's wife's name is revealed to be Mrs. Scratchy according to her grave. They fly up to heaven but get sucked into a vacuum cleaner by Itchy. He throws out the vacuum bag and sets it on fire with Scratchy and Mrs. Scratchy inside it.

The Itchy & Scratchy Movies

Simpsons Episodes: "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" & The Simpsons Movie (a sequel to this film)


  • The Itchy & Scratchy Movie: Only a short scene that runs very fast is shown: Scratchy is tied to a train track. Itchy tries to get into a steam locomotive to over Scratchy, but must get a degree to ride first. The result? Itchy goes off to train-driving school, studies madly, passes, receives a degree, attends the achievement celebration, displays the diploma proudly in his tome, applies for a job and at last hops into the train. Scratchy, who at this point has almost freed himself, see the oncoming train and quickly tries to finish untie himself. He does not manage in time and is run over, leaving Scratchy's severed arms still trying to untangle the rope.
  • Itchy & Scratchy 2: As astronauts, Itchy and Scratchy have landed on the moon. There, Itchy impales Scratchy several times with the flag they were going to plant on the surface and cracks his air helmet open, causing Scratchy to apparently die of deoxidation. Back on Earth, Itchy is praised as a hero for being the first mouse on the moon and inexplicably becomes President, with Hillary Clinton as Vice President. It has been made apparent that Scratchy died on his own and Itchy tried to save him. However, Itchy discovers that Scratchy is still alive and going to tell everyone the truth. After desperately thinking (in scenes that resemble John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis), Itchy decides to launch an "accidental" missile launch towards the moon. As Scratchy screams, all the missiles enter his mouth, save for one which reveals a small boot-like contraption inside it and kicks him, causing him to explode.

Un-named cartoons

    • Synopsis: Scratchy chases Itchy into his mouse hole and gets his head stuck. Itchy then puts a bomb in Scratchy's mouth and it explodes. Itchy is then seen rolling Scratchy's head through his ribcage.
Note: The first appearance of Itchy & Scratchy during the regular season run. Also, the only time they are seen in a Tom and Jerry-esque domestic "Cat & Mouse" setting.
    • Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy engage in a duel with each pulling out a larger gun than the other. They expand so much that the guns become bigger than the building they are in, then bigger than North America, then finally bigger the Earth where Itchy pulls the trigger and shoots Scratchy all the way into the sun.
  • Simpsons episode: "Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie"
    • Synopsis: In a World War II-era cartoon, Itchy and Scratchy pummel Adolf Hitler to a fine mess before turning on each other. President Franklin Roosevelt appears and kicks the remains of Hitler and Scratchy, while Itchy holds up a sign saying "save scrap iron".
    • Synopsis: This occurs in Lisa's dream. Itchy and Scratchy were about to duel when suddenly a unicorn kills them both. Sitting on her saddle is Lisa. Here, she tells viewers the truth about animal violence and how to protect them. She then disposes of Itchy and Scratchy who remind viewers to go to for more information.
    • Synopsis: In a parody of the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons, Itchy, carrying a large drill, chases Scratchy (in rocket ACME shoes) across a desert landscape. Losing Scratchy, Itchy stops at a church and prays in Latin. Scratchy is smashed by a giant foot and thrown in the depths of hell. Up above in heaven, Itchy and a God-mouse shake hands and wink at each other. They then wink at the viewer. This episode was dedicated to Lester and Eliza (Bart and Lisa's sudden rivals in bringing a solution to the episode) for "making all this possible."
    • Synopsis: Scratchy buys a ticket to see the musical Cats. After a few seconds at the boring show, Scratchy shoots himself. The audience member beside him gets covered in blood and says, "Ssshhh."
    • Synopsis: Itchy knocks Scratchy's eyes out with a mallet. Scratchy feels around for his eyes. Itchy produces two small bombs and gives them to Scratchy, who thinks they are his eyes. He puts them in his eye-sockets and goes to comb his hair. He somehow sees the lighted bombs in the mirror he is using and then explodes.
    • Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are at a baseball game. When a blue-haired squirrel with Marge Simpson's face starts scolding them about violence, they knock the squirrel's head off like a baseball. One of the few cartoons where Scratchy does not become the victim. This episode was inspired after Marge Simpson writes a letter of protest against cartoon violence to the Itchy and Scratchy cartoonists.
    • Synopsis: Itchy is aiming a bow and arrow at Scratchy, who has an apple on his head. Itchy shoots the arrow and it hits the apple. As Scratchy feels relieved, the arrow is revealed to have pierced a tank of carbonic acid which falls on Scratchy, who is burned to the bone. He is then seen running and screaming in pain.
    • Synopsis: Scratchy is walking down the street and notices a lady cat made out of dynamite. He kisses her, and the lady cat explodes, blowing Scratchy into pieces. Itchy walks out of a shop and starts juggling Scratchy's body parts in front of an audience of animals.
Note: Because of large cutbacks at the network, the normal voice actors quit, and Krusty dubs his voice over the cartoon, sounding very uninterested (mainly due to irritation that his show had to be affected because Kent Brockman swore on the air). He reckons that Itchy killed Scratchy because Scratchy was messing with his wife.
    • Synopsis: Scratchy is part of an ice sculpture. Itchy starts sawing him with a chainsaw when Poochie (with Homer Simpson's voice) shows up to say something important. His mouth doesn't move while we can hear Roger Meyers Jr.'s voice saying, "I have to go now. My Planet needs me." The animation cell is lifted off the animation and the end of the episode, and a handwritten note says "Poochie died on his way home."
    • Synopsis: Bart is watching an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon in which they only chase one another and no cartoon violence occurs before leaving to investigate a mysterious light in the backyard shed.
  • Simpsons Episode The Simpsons: Road Rage (videogame)
    • Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are seen continually whacking each other with giant mallets.

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