Police rank

Police rank

Lists of the ranks of various police agencies and forces all around the World:



Generally, all police forces of Australia follow this rank structure with some individual state police forces have ranks differing slightly.

Insignia of rank displayed on epaulette in italics and brackets

For an overview of all distinct state and federal rank structures, see Australian police ranks.


  • Highest commissioned rank
    • Hoofdcommallieissaris / commissaire divisionnaire (Chief Commissioner)
  • Commissioned rank
    • Commissaris / Commissaire (Commissioner)
  • Senior non commissioned rank
    • Hoofdinspecteur / Inspecteur principal (Chief Inspector/Superintendent)
  • Non commissioned rank
    • Inspecteur / Inspecteur (Inspector, equivalent to Constable or Officer)
  • Auxiliary rank
    • Agent van Politie / Agent de Police (Auxiliary Officer)ba


Brazil has several different police forces, each with its own ranks. At a federal level, there are the Federal Police (Policia Federal, the equivalent to the FBI), the Federal Road Police (Policia Rodoviaria Federal) and the Train Network Police (Policia Ferroviaria Federal). At a state level, there are the Military Police (Policia Militar, not to be confused to the Army police, which has a purely internal function) and the Civil Police (Policia Civil). At a city level, there are the City Guard (Guarda Municipal). In terms of staff, the Military Police and the Civil Police are the most important one, although in terms of headlines and prestige, the Federal Police is the one that concentrates most of the media attention.[1]

In theory, the Civil Police is responsible for investigating crimes whilst the Military Police is responsible for preventing them to take place, although it is not rare to see their functions clashing and ever so often they actually have open confronts.

The Civil Police is organized accordingly to functions. Escrivao is the low rank position responsible for the internal work inside the police premises (e.g., collecting witness statements). Detetives (detectives) is the low rank position responsible for actions outside the premises (e.g., investigating the circumstances of a crime). Inspetor is a senior detective. And delegados are senior officials (generally required to have law degrees) responsible for the lower ranks and for coordinating the whole work (investigations) of the Civil Police. The delegados also have the assistance of peritos, which are the technical body (CSI-like). The Federal Police follows a very similar structure to the Civil Police.

The ranks listed below are valid for the state military police agencies (such as PMMG, PMESP, PMERJ and others) and are listed, respectively, from higher to lower ranks:

  • coronel (colonel)
  • tenente-coronel (lieutenant-colonel)
  • major (major)
  • capitão (captain)
  • 1º tenente (1st lieutenant)
  • 2º tenente (2nd lieutenant)
  • aspirante-a-oficial (cadet, student rank)
  • subtenente (under-lieutenant)
  • 1º sargento (1st sergeant)
  • 2º sargento (2nd sergeant)
  • 3º sargento (3rd sergeant)
  • cabo (corporal)
  • soldado de 1ª classe (1st class soldier)
  • soldado de 2ª classe (2nd class soldier, student rank)

The 2nd class soldier and the cadet are considered to be students in the formation courses and have no street policing duties (except in a very few cases, as probationary tours). Despite closely resembling the rank structure within the Brazilian army, there are no rank of general in the military police forces, as the Military Police is slotted under the Army control in case of war, with is colonels slotting under the Army generals.


Ranks of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police[2]:

Police Ranks for Provincial (With the exception of the Sûreté du Québec and Alberta Sheriffs) and the majority of Municipal Police Services as follows [3][4][5]:

Police Ranks for the Alberta Sheriffs [6]:

Ranks of the Sûreté du Québec[7]:

  • Director General of the QPP (Directeur général)
  • Deputy Director (Directeur adjoint)
  • Chief Inspector (Inspecteur chef)
  • Inspector (Inspecteur)
  • Captain (Capitaine)
  • Lieutenant (Lieutenant)
  • Sergeant (5 classes of sergeants: Detective sgt, Staff sgt, specialist sgt)
  • Agent (3 classes of Agents)

Ranks of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal [8]:

  • Directeur (Director)
  • Associate Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Chief Inspector
  • Inspector
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant / Detective Lieutenant
  • Sergeant / Detective Sergeant
  • Constable

Canadian Auxiliary Police Ranks as follows:



  • Director General
  • Prefecto General
  • Prefecto Inspector
  • Prefecto
  • Subprefecto
  • Comisario
  • Subcomisario
  • Inspector
  • Subinspector
  • Detective


  • General Director
  • General Inspector
  • General
  • Coronel
  • Teniente Coronel
  • Mayor
  • Capitán
  • Teniente
  • Subteniente


  • Suboficial Mayor
  • Suboficial
  • Sargento 1º
  • Sargento 2º
  • Cabo 1º
  • Cabo 2º
  • Carabinero



Regular Police ranks

  • Police Director (Ravnatelj policije)
  • Deputy Police Director (Zamjenik ravnatelja policije)
  • Major Police advisor (Glavni policijski savjetnik)
  • Police advisor (Policijski savjetnik)
  • Major Police inspector (Glavni policijski inspektor)
  • Independent Police inspector (Samostalni policijski inspektor)
  • Upper Police inspector (Viši policijski inspektor)
  • Police inspector (Policijski inspektor)
  • Upper Police sergeant (Viši policijski narednik)
  • Police sergeant (Policijski narednik)
  • Upper Police officer (Viši policajac)
  • Police officer (Policajac)
  • Probationer with college (Vježbenik više i visoke stručne spreme)
  • Probationer with secondary school (Vježbenik Srednje Stručne Spreme)

Special Intervention Police ranks

  • Commander of intervention Police (Zapovjednik interventne policije)
  • Deputy of commander of intervention Police (Pomoćnik zapovjednika interventne policije)
  • Instructor in headquarters of intervention Police (Instruktor u zapovjedništvu interventne policije)
  • Commander of intervention Police unit (Zapovjednik jedinice interventne policije)
  • Deputy of commander of intervention Police unit (Zamjenik zapovjednika jedinice interventne policije)
  • Commander of troop in intervention Police (Zapovjednik satnije)
  • Deputy of commander of troop in intervention Police (Pomoćnik zapovjednika satnije)
  • Commander of platoon in intervention Police - instructor (Zapovjednik voda- instruktor)
  • Commander of section in intervention Police(Zapovjednik odjeljenja)
  • Leader of intervention group (Vođa interventne grupe)
  • Police officer in intervention group (Interventni policajac)




  • Services Director (Directeur des Services Actifs)
  • Inspector General (Inspecteur Général)
  • Controller General (Contrôleur Général)
  • Divisional Commissioner (Commissaire Divisionnaire)
  • Commissioner (Commissaire de Police)


  • Major (Commandant de Police)
  • Captain (Capitaine de Police)
  • Lieutenant de Police
  • Lieutenant de Police stagiaire
  • élève Lieutenant de Police


  • Major
  • Brigadier-chef de Police
  • Brigadier de Police
  • Sous-Brigadier de Police
  • Peace Guard (Gardien de la Paix)
  • First year Peace Guard (Gardien de la Paix Stagiaire)
  • Studying Peace Guard (élève Gardien de la Paix)

EMPLOI JEUNE (5 ans / 5 years)

  • Adjoint de Sécurité


The following ranks are in use by state police forces. Detective Ranks follow the same scheme, replacing the word Polizei with Kriminal, for example a plainclothed detective lieutenant is called Kriminalkommissar. The Federal Police of Germany basically follows the scheme, but deviates in the flag ranks.

Politically appointed

They are comparable to military flag (General) officers, and are appointed by the state Minister of Interior (Senators of Interior in City-States). For federal agencies the federal Minister of Interior is responsible. They are usually specialists in public administration and have a master-level law degree. Since they are outside of the career system, they receive payment according to the B-scale of public officer payment grades.

  • Inspector of (stand-by) police (Inspekteur der Bereitschaftspolizei, this rank is named differently in some states. The officer commands the stand-by police forces of the state.
  • President of Police (Polizeipräsident), commands an independent regional authority of state police (Polizeipräsidium, Landespolizeidirektion, or similar), directly subordinated to the corresponding state ministry of interior.

Higher echelon

Comparable to military staff officers, Major and above. The ranks are available for applicants who completed master level university studies, usually in law. It is possible for officers from the elevated echelon to obtain a master degree from the Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei, so they can enter higher ranks.

  • Police Chief Director (Leitender Polizeidirektor) acts as lieutenant to the President of Police or heading a branch service of state police. As a career position it corresponds to grade A16. Four gold stars on shoulder patch.
  • Police Director (Polizeidirektor), commands a subdivision of a regional authority of state police, either territorial (encompassing roughly one or two Districts of Germany districts) or by branches (traffic, crime). Grade A15. 3 gold stars.
  • Police Senior Councillor (Polizeioberrat), grade A14. 2 gold stars.
  • Police Councillor (Polizeirat), commands a local police division (Polizeiinspektion) or special branch; grade A13. 1 gold star.

Elevated echelon

Comparable to military officers, Lieutenant and above. The ranks are obtained after receiving a bachelor level degree of a state college of public administration. In several states of Germany this is the lowest echelon for service entry, the medium service echelon is being abolished.

  • First Police Chief Inspector (Erster Polizeihauptkommissar), may serve in lieu of an Police Councillor, grade A13. 4 silver stars (in some states 5).
  • Police Chief Inspector (Polizeihauptkommissar), grades A11 and A12. 3 silver stars, in some states 4 stars when in grade A12.
  • Police Senior Inspector (Polizeioberkommissar), grade A10, 2 silver stars.
  • Police Inspector (Polizeikommissar), grade A9, 1 silver star.

Medium echelon

Comparable to military non-commissioned officers. Those ranks are usually obtained during or after two years service in training companies (Ausbildungshundertschaften) of the Bereitschaftspolizei. The ranks are indicated by light blue (with blue uniform) or light green (with green-brown uniform) stars.

  • Police Chief Master (upgraded pay) (Polizeihauptmeister mit Amtszulage), may serve in lieu of an Police Commissioner, grade A9 with upgrade, 4 or 5 stars.
  • Police Chief Master (Polizeihauptmeister), grade A9, 4 stars.
  • Police Senior Master (Polizeiobermeister), grade A8, 3 stars.
  • Police Master (Polizeimeister), grade A7, 2 stars.
  • Chief Constable (Hauptwachtmeister), grade A6, 1 star (only in a few states, usually during service in the Bereitschaftspolizei).
  • Senior Constable (Oberwachtmeister) (only in a few states, usually during service in the Bereitschaftspolizei), grade A5.

There have been lower ranks in use in earlier times, with the abolishment of the basic echelon, they have been out of use since the 1980s.


  • Candidates (Anwärter), usually the word is appended to the rank, to which the person is going to be commissioned, e.g. Polizeikommissaranwärter. Pay is a reduced amount of the corresponding rank.


The ranks of the Greek police; 1. the Greek name; 2. the old military name; 3. the new ranks (police style).

  • Αντιστράτηγος -Police Lieutenant General -Commissioner
  • Υποστράτηγος -Police Major General -Deputy-Commissioner
  • Ταξίαρχος -Police Brigadier General -Assistant Commissioner (AC)
  • Αστυνομικός Διευθυντής -Police Colonel -Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC)
  • Αστυνομικός Υποδιευθυντής -Police Lieutenant Colonel -Commander (Cmdr)
  • Αστυνόμος Α' -Police Major -Chief Superintendent (Ch Supt)
  • Αστυνόμος Β' -Police Captain -Superintendent
  • Υπαστυνόμος Α' -Police Lieutenant -Chief Inspector (Ch Insp)
  • Υπαστυνόμος Β' -Police Second Lieutenant -Inspector (Insp)
  • Ανθυπαστυνόμος -Police Warrant Officer -Sergeant (Sgt or PS)
  • Αρχιφύλακας -Police Sergeant -Acting Sergeant
  • Αστυφύλακας -Police Constable -Police Constable (PC)

Hong Kong


  1. National Commissioner
  2. Vice National Commissioner, Police chief, Headmaster of the National Police School
  3. Vice Police Chief of Reykjavík, Deputy Police Chief
  4. Chief Constable
  5. Vice Chief Constable
  6. Chief Sergeant, Assistance Chief Constable
  7. Sergeant, Inquisitor
  8. Policeman
  9. Police Intern, Temporary Replacement Officer, District Police Officer


Main Articles : List of Police Ranks in India and Indian Police Service (I.P.S.)

Gazetted officers include all the Indian Police Service officers and all State Police Services officers of and above the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) or Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in State Police and Metropolitan Police forces respectively.

Ranks of Gazetted Officers

  • Director Intelligence Bureau (post held by senior most Indian Police Service officer; not a rank)
  • Commissioner of Police (State) or Director General of Police
  • Special Commissioner of Police or Additional Director General of Police
  • Joint Commissioner of Police or Inspector General of Police
  • Additional Commissioner of Police or Deputy Inspector General of Police
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police or Senior Superintendent of Police or Senior Commandant
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police or Superintendent of Police or Commandant
  • Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police or Additional Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commandant
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police or Assistant Commandant
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (IPS Probationary Rank: 2 years of service)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (IPS Probationary Rank: 1 year of service)

Ranks of Non-Gazetted Officers

Insignia of Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officers

Indian Police Service Officer Rank Insignia
Insignia Director IB Insignia.png Director General of Police.png Inspector General of Police.png Deputy Inspector General of Police.png Senior Superintendent of Police.png Superintendent of Police.png Additional SP IPS.png DySP IPS.png Assistant SP IPS 2.png Assistant SP IPS 1.png
Rank Director of Intelligence Bureau (GOI)¹ Commissioner of Police (State) or Director General of Police² Joint Commissioner of Police or Inspector General of Police Additional Commissioner of Police or Deputy Inspector General of Police Deputy Commissioner of Police or Senior Superintendent of Police Deputy Commissioner of Police or Superintendent of Police Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police or Additional Superintendent of Police Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police Assistant Superintendent of Police (Probationary Rank: 2 years of service) Assistant Superintendent of Police (Probationary Rank: 1 year of service)
  • ¹ Although DIB is a 4 star post and not a rank, it's given to the senior most IPS officer in Intelligence Bureau.
  • ² Rank insignia of CP/DGP is similar to Spl.CP/ADGP (not shown above).
  • Note: Commissioner of Police designation can only be used by ADL.CP/DIG, JCP/IGP and CP/DGP, where the latter is called Commissioner of Police (State) and the former ones Commissioner of Police (City).
Indian State Police Gazetted Officer Rank Insignia
Insignia SSP State Police.png SP State Police.png Assistant Superintendent of Police.png Deupty Superintendent of Police.png
Rank Deputy Commissioner of Police or Senior Superintendent of Police Deputy Commissioner of Police or Superintendent of Police Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police or Additional Superintendent of Police Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police
Abbreviation DCP or SSP DCP or SP ADL.DCP or ASP ACP or DSP
  • Note: Gazetted officers belonging to Indian State Police Service(s) lie between ranks ACP/DSP and DCP/SSP.
    • To gain promotion to ADL.CP/DIG rank, officers undergo training and hence are awarded IPS.
Indian State Police Non-Gazetted Officer Rank Insignia
Insignia Police Inspector.png Police Sub-Inspector.png Police Assistant Sub-Inspector.png Police Head Constable.png Senior Police Constable.png No Insignia¹
Rank Inspector of Police Sub-Inspector of Police Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police Police Head Constable Senior Police Constable Police Constable
Abbreviation INS SI ASI HPC SPC PC
  • ¹ Police Constable has no insignia except the khaki uniform.
  • Note: Colour pattern and size of chevron may vary according to the different rules of several distinct Indian State Police Services.



The Iraqi Police is made up of three branches, under the command of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, these being the Iraqi Police Service which tasked with general patrol of Iraq's cities, the National Police which are a paramilitary organisation which deals with incidents that are beyond the control of the Iraqi Police, but are not so serious the Iraqi Army are involved, and the supporting force that is made up of the Department of Border Enforcement.[9]

Iraqi Police Service ranks, ordered lowest to highest with symbol on epaulette:[10]


See Italian State Police Ranks


Ranks of An Garda Síochána (Guardians of the Peace) the Police service in the state of Ireland.

  • Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Chief Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Inspector
  • Sergeant
  • Garda (equivalent to constable or police officer)
  • Student Garda (a trainee who is not yet sworn)
  • Reserve Garda (a sworn volunteer reservist with limited powers)
Ranks of the Garda Síochána
Rank Student Reserve Student Garda Sergeant Inspector Superintendent Chief
Insignia Garda 09.png Garda 08.png Garda 07.png Garda 06.png Garda 05.png Garda 04a.PNG Garda 04.png Garda 03.png Garda 02.png Garda 01.png


  • Commissioner General (Japanese: 警察庁長官 Keisatsu-chō Chōkan?): The Chief of National Police Agency. The rank outside. 1 capacity.
  • Superintendent General (警視総監 Keishi-sōkan?): The Chief of Metropolitan Police Department. 1 capacity.
  • Superintendent Supervisor (警視監 Keishi-kan?): Deputy Commissioner General, Deputy Superintendent General, The Chief of Regional Police Bureau, The Chief of Prefectural Police Headquarters, others. 38 capacity.
  • Chief Superintendent (警視長 Keishi-chō?): The Chief of Prefectural Police Headquarters.
  • Senior Superintendent (警視正 Keishi-sei?): The Chief of Police Station.
  • Superintendent (警視 Keishi?): The Chief of Police Station.
  • Police Inspector or Captain (警部 Keibu?)
  • Assistant Police Inspector or Lieutenant (警部補 Keibu-ho?)
  • Police Sergeant (巡査部長 Junsa-buchō?)
  • Senior Police Officer or Corporal (巡査長 Junsa-chō?): Honorary rank.
  • Police officer, old Patrolman (巡査 Junsa?)

South Korea

  • Commissioner General (치안총감, 治安総監): 1 capacity.
  • Chief Superintendent General (치안정감, 治安正監): 5 capacity.
  • Senior Superintendent General (치안감, 治安監)
  • Superintendent General (경무관, 警務官)
  • Senior Superintendent (총경, 総警)
  • Superintendent (경정, 警正)
  • Senior Inspector (경감, 警監)
  • Inspector (경위, 警衛)
  • Assistant Inspector (경사, 警査)
  • Senior Police Officer (경장, 警長)
  • Police Officer (순경, 巡警)
    • Newly commissioned officer is appointed as Policeman Assistant (순경시보, 巡警試補) for two years in probationship. The uniform and insignia of an assistant is identical to those of Policeman.






Virsseržants/First sergeant

Virsnieka vietnieks/Warrant Officer

Leitnants/ Lieutenant

Virsleitnants/First lieutenant

Kapteinis / Captain

Majors/ Major

Pulkvežleitnants/Lieutenant Colonel

Pulkvedis/ Colonel

Ģenerālis/ police general


A class officers

  • Commissioner
  • Senior commissioner
  • The Chief Commissioner
  • Commissioner-General

B class officers

  • Inspector
  • The chief inspector
  • Commissioner Inspector

C class officers

  • Junior police officer
  • Police officer
  • Senior police officer
  • Sergeant


  • Supterintendent General
  • Supterintendent
  • Intendent
  • Sub-Intendent
  • Commissioner
  • Sub-Commissioner
  • Chief
  • Sub-Chief
  • 1st Class Guard
  • 2nd Class Guard
  • Guard


Below shown are the rank structure of the Royal Malaysian Police.


  • Chief Constable (Hoofdcommissaris)
  • Commissioner (Commissaris)
  • Superintendent (Hoofdinspecteur)
  • Inspector (Inspecteur)
  • Sergeant (Brigadier)
  • Constable First Class (Hoofdagent)
  • Constable (Agent)
  • Police Patrol Officer (Surveillant)
  • Police Trainee (Aspirant)


Police ranks of Norway
Norwegian Politidirektør Assisterende
Politimester Visepolitimester Politiinspektør
Politiadvokat Politifullmektig
Rank National
Chief of Police Deputy
Chief of Police
Chief of Police
Junior Police
Insignia Norwegian police rank 001.jpg Norwegian police rank 002.jpg Norwegian police rank 003.jpg Norwegian police rank 004.jpg Norwegian police rank 005.jpg Norwegian police rank 006.jpg Norwegian police rank 007.jpg
Norwegian Politistasjonssjef
Politioverbetjent Politiførstebetjent Politibetjent 3 Politibetjent 2 Politibetjent 1 Politi
Rank Police Chief
Chief Inspector
Police Inspector Police Sergeant Police Constable Police
Insignia Norwegian police rank 008.jpg Norwegian police rank 009.jpg Norwegian police rank 010.jpg Norwegian police rank 011.jpg Norwegian police rank 012.jpg Norwegian police rank 013.jpg Norwegian police rank 017.jpg

Source: Norwegian National Police[11]

Pakistan - Rangers

The following ranks are observed in the top para-military force of Pakistan

Commissioned officers

  • Director General (DG) - Equivalent to Major General
  • Deputy Director General (DDG) - Equivalent to Brigadier
  • Senior Superintendent Rangers(SSR) - Equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel
  • Superintendent Rangers(SR) - Equivalent to Major
  • Deputy Superintendent Rangers (DSR) - Equivalent to Captain


The following ranks are observed in the PNP as of 2009 with the following:[12]

Commissioned officers

  • Director General (DGen.) - General Director
  • Deputy Director General (DDG) - Lieutenant General
  • Director (Dir.) - Major General
  • Chief Superintendent (C/Supt.) - Brigadier General
  • Senior Superintendent (S/Supt.) - Colonel
  • Superintendent (Supt.) - Lieutenant Colonel
  • Chief Inspector (C/Insp.) - Major
  • Senior Inspector (S/Insp.) - Captain
  • Inspector (Insp.) - Lieutenant

Note: Rank in Italics is the Army equivalent. There is no Second Lieutenant rank-equivalent in the PNP.

Non-commissioned officers

  • Senior Police Officer IV (SPO4) - Senior Master Sergeant / Chief Master Sergeant
  • Senior Police Officer III (SPO3) - Master Sergeant
  • Senior Police Officer II (SPO2) - Technical Sergeant
  • Senior Police Officer I (SPO1) - Staff Sergeant
  • Police Officer III (PO3) - Sergeant
  • Police Officer II (PO2) - Corporal
  • Police Officer I (PO1) - Private First Class

Note: Rank in Italics is the Army equivalent. There is no Private rank-equivalent in the PNP.


Police ranks of Poland
Group Generals Senior Officers Junior Officers
Polish inspektor
nadinspektor inspektor młodszy
podinspektor nadkomisarz komisarz podkomisarz
Rank General
Inspector Junior
Commissioner Deputy
Insignia POL policja generalny inspektor.svg POL policja nadinspektor.svg POL policja inspektor.svg POL policja młodszy inspektor.svg POL policja podinspektor.svg POL policja nadkomisarz.svg POL policja komisarz.svg POL policja podkomisarz.svg
Group Aspirants Non-commissioned Officers Constables
Polish aspirant sztabowy starszy aspirant aspirant młodszy aspirant sierżant sztabowy starszy sierżant sierżant starszy posterunkowy posterunkowy
Rank Staff
Aspirant Junior
Sergeant Senior Constable Constable
Insignia POL policja aspirant sztabowy.svg POL policja starszy aspirant.svg POL policja aspirant.svg POL policja młodszy aspirant.svg POL policja sierżant sztabowy.svg POL policja starszy sierżant.svg POL policja sierżant.svg POL policja starszy posterunkowy.svg POL policja posterunkowy.svg


  • Commissioned ranks (Corpul ofiţerilor de poliţie, Police Officers Corps)
  • Non-commissioned ranks (Corpul agenţilor de poliţie, Police Agents Corps)
    • Senior Sergeant (Agent-şef principal, Principal Chief Agent)
    • Senior Sergeant (Agent-şef, Chief Agent)
    • Sergeant (Agent-şef adjunct, Deputy Chief Agent)
    • Senior Constable (Agent principal, Principal Agent)
    • Constable (Agent)



Below shown are the rank structure of the Singapore Police Force

Sri Lanka

Gazetted Officers
Non-Gazetted Officers

South Africa

The functional rank structure of the South African Police Service (SAPS).

In the SAPS, ranks indicate the seniority of police officials. The most senior rank in the police service is that of National Commissioner. The person who has this rank is the head of the organization.

As from 1 April 2010 the "new" functional rank structure is as follows:

Senior Management - Commissioned officers

• General (Gen) • Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) • Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) • Major General (Maj Gen) • Brigadier

Commissioned Officers

• Colonel (Col) • Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) • Major (Maj) • Captain • Lieutenant (Lt)

Non-commissioned officers

• Warrant Officer (W/O) • Sergeant (Sgt) • Constable (Const)


The pre- April 2010 rank structure


Cuerpo Nacional de Policía

Guardia Civil - Civil Guard

Basque Country

Ertzaintza - Basque Police


Mossos d'Esquadra - Catalonian Police

Ranks of the Mossos d'Esquadra
Rank Mosso Caporal Sergent Sotsinspector Inspector Intendent Comissari Major
Insignia Sense galons.gif Galons de caporal.gif Sergent.gif Sotsinspector.gif Inspector.gif Intendent.gif Comissari.gif Major (Mossos d'Esquadra).gif


Policía Foral (Foruzaingoa in Basque) - Navarrese Police

Taiwan (The Republic of China)

  • Police Supervisor General (警監特級)
  • Police Supervisor Rank One (警監一級)
  • Police Supervisor Rank Two (警監二級)
  • Police Supervisor Rank Three (警監三級)
  • Police Supervisor Rank Four (警監四級)
  • Police Officer Rank One (警正一級)
  • Police Officer Rank Two (警正二級)
  • Police Officer Rank Three (警正三級)
  • Police Officer Rank Four (警正四級)
  • Police Rank One (警佐一級)
  • Police Rank Two (警佐二級)
  • Police Rank Three (警佐三級)
  • Police Rank Four (警佐四級)


สำนักงานตำรวจแห่งชาติ (samnak ngan tamruat haeng chat) - Royal Thai Police

Commissioned officers

  • พลตำรวจเอก - Police General (phon tamruat ek)
  • พลตำรวจโท - Police Lieutenant General (phon tamruat tho)
  • พลตำรวจตรี- Police Major General (phon tamruat tri)
  • พลตำรวจจัตวา - Police Brigadier General (not in use now) (phon tamruat jattawa)
  • พันตำรวจเอก (พิเศษ) - Police Senior Colonel (equivalent to Police Brigadier General) (phan tamruat ek phiset)
  • พันตำรวจเอก - Police Colonel (phan tamruat ek)
  • พันตำรวจโท - Police Lieutenant Colonel (phan tamruat tho)
  • พันตำรวจตรี - Police Major (phan tamruat tri)
  • ร้อยตำรวจเอก - Police Captain (roi tamruat ek)
  • ร้อยตำรวจโท - Police Lieutenant (roi tamruat tho)
  • ร้อยตำรวจตรี - Police Sub-Lieutenant (roi tamruat tri)

Non-commissioned officers

  • ดาบตำรวจ - Police Senior Sergeant Major (dap tamruat)
  • จ่าสิบตำรวจ - Police Sergeant Major (ja sip tamruat)
  • สิบตำรวจเอก - Police Sergeant (sip tamruat ek)
  • สิบตำรวจโท - Police Corporal (sip tamruat tho)
  • สิบตำรวจตรี - Police Lance Corporal (sip tamruat tri)
  • พลตำรวจ - Policeman/Constable (phon tamruat)


Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü - Turkish Police

  • Director General (Emniyet Genel Muduru)
  • 1st Degree Police Chief (1. Sinif Emniyet Muduru)
  • 2nd Degree Police Chief (2. Sinif Emniyet Muduru)
  • 3rd Degree Police Chief (3. Sinif Emniyet Muduru)
  • 4th Degree Police Chief (4. Sinif Emniyet Muduru)
  • Superintendent (Emniyet Amiri)
  • Chief Inspector (Baskomiser)
  • Inspector (Komiser)
  • Sub-Inspector (Komiser Yardimcisi)
  • Kıdemli BaşPolis Memuru senior chief police officer
  • BaşPolis Memuru chief police officer
  • Police Officer (Turkish: Polis Memuru)

United Kingdom

The British police ranks that exist today were deliberately chosen so that they do not mirror British Military ranks, due to public concern about military intervention into civil disorder.

Each officer upon joining the police is sworn in legally as a Constable, which is also the title of the starting rank. While at the rank of Constable, each officer is required to undergo a two-year probationary period and work in a uniformed policing role. After the two year period has passed, the individual officer may apply for promotion to the first supervisory rank of Sergeant or a specialised role.

The prefix 'detective' is given to officers who are trained in criminal investigations, who are usually assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department or other investigative units. However, just because an officer has detective status it does not automatically mean they have seniority over non-detectives. For example, a uniformed Constable and a Detective Constable are equal in rank.

Many forces in the United Kingdom have several different branches, such as the road policing unit and support unit. In some, officers are uniformed due to the roles requiring such, others are staffed by plain-clothes detectives.

Most territorial police forces and special police forces outside of London, have a standard set of ranks:

Ranks up to Chief Superintendent can be held in either a uniformed or detective capacity, whereas after that the "Chief Officer" ranks are concerned with the overall management and effective running of the force.

Within London's Metropolitan Police Service the ranks are identical to those outside London, until Chief Superintendent. In London, the chief officer ranks are:

United Kingdom police ranks (up to Chief Superintendent)
Rank Police
Sergeant Inspector Chief
Superintendent Chief
Insignia Uk-police-01.PNG Uk-police-02.PNG Uk-police-03.PNG Uk-police-04.PNG Uk-police-05.PNG Uk-police-06.PNG
United Kingdom police ranks (chief officers)
County police
force rank
Chief Constable
Chief Constable
Chief Constable
City of London
Commander Assistant
Commander Deputy
Insignia Uk-police-07.PNG Uk-police-08.PNG Uk-police-09.PNG Uk-police-10.PNG Uk-police-11.PNG

The Special Constabulary, which is made up of volunteer police officers with identical powers to regular officers, maintains its own ranking structure (varies, but most common):

  • Chief Officer
  • Assistant Chief Officer
  • Special Chief Inspector
  • District Officer (Similar in role to an Inspector)
  • Section Officer (Similar in role to a Sergeant)
  • Special Constable

The Special Constabulary in Scottish police forces does not maintain any rank structure and all members of the Special Constabulary are Special Constables regardless of length of service/experience, etc. Special Constables are always subordinate to regular Constables.

Traffic wardens and Police Community Support Officers do not have a rank structure.

United States

The United States police rank model is generally quasimilitary in structure. Although the large and varied number of federal, state, and local police departments and sheriff's office have different ranks, a general model, from highest to lowest rank, would be:


  • Comisarhkin ik .k
  • Comisario
  • Sub Comisario
  • Inspector Jefe
  • Inspector
  • Sub Inspector
  • Detective
  • Agente
  • Officre'
  • Doctor


Công an Nhân dân Việt Nam - People's Police of Vietnam

Commissioned officers

====Highest Rank ==== sir

  • Đại tướng Công an - Police general sir
  • Thượng tướng Công an - Police Senior Lieutenant General sir
  • Trung tướng Công an - Police Lieutenant General
  • Thiếu tướng Công an- Police Major General

Middle Rank

  • Đại tá Công an - Police Colonel
  • Thượng tá Công an - Police Senior Lieutenant Colonel
  • Trung tá Công an - Police Lieutenant Colonel
  • Thiếu tá Công an - Police Major

Low Rank

  • Đại úy Công an - Police Captain
  • Thượng úy Công an - Police Senior Lieutenant
  • Trung úy Công an - Police Lieutenant
  • Thiếu úy Công an - Police Sub-Lieutenant

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