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Pocket God

This page is about the computer video game. For the comic, see Pocket God (comics).

Pocket God
Version 1.41.5 icon of Pocket God.[1]
Developer(s) Bolt Creative
Publisher(s) iOS
Bolt Creative
Windows Phone 7
Frima studio
Version iOS
1.41.5 (October 23, 2011)
1.3 (September 10, 2011)
Platform(s) iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Verizon Wireless
Release date(s) iOS
January 9, 2009
Verizon Wireless
September 1, 2010[2]
December 1, 2010[3]
Windows Phone 7
December 4, 2010[3]
December 23, 2010
Genre(s) God game
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) Apple: 9+
Media/distribution Digital distribution

Pocket God is a god game developed by Bolt Creative,[4] in which the player manipulates an island and its inhabitants. It was originally released for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on January 9, 2009, and later released for Verizon Wireless on September 1, 2010,[2] Android on December 1, 2010,[3] and Windows Phone 7 on December 4, 2010. The closed beta for the Facebook game was announced December 1, 2010.



Pocket God is a god game in which the player takes the role of an omnipotent being who rules over an island and controls everything. The primitive islanders, known as Pygmies, are subject to the player's god powers. These range from benevolent powers, such as giving the islanders a fishing rod, to destructive, for example summoning a hurricane, or simply entertaining, such as levitating the Pygmies. Built-in features of iOS, the iPad, and iPod Touch are used, such as the accelerometer to simulate gravity and earthquakes. Most of these features can be toggled on the game's menu bar. The "March of the Fire Ants" update also added a new feature known as OpenFeint, where players can access chat rooms, leaderboards, achievements, and announcements during gameplay. Pocket God was ranked number one on iTunes for at least six months.

Screenshot of the iOS version of Pocket God, version 1.39.

One of the game's most notable features is the regular release of updates introducing additional content. The episodes "A New Home", "Dead Pygmy Walking", and "The Pyg Chill" added additional islands to the game, which can be toggled from the menu bar. The Fun n' Games until A Pygmy Gets Hurt update added mini-games for consecutive coconut bounces, consecutive shark snaps, underwater skewer, pygmy bowling, and hurricane zaps. The Ooga Jump update added the first crossover minigame, Ooga Jump, which was followed by a Harbor Master crossover. In the Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down update more idle features were added to the Pygmies when they are not in use. Also, Buddy Challenges were implemented with OpenFeint. In the Good Will Haunting update, a downloadable content (DLC) store was added with changeable skins for the T-Rex. Other packs, such as the Halloween, Holiday and alien themes, have since been added.

Pocket God is updated often with new 'episodes', a themed update that adds new features to the Pocket God world, such as new islands, items, or minigames.

iOS version

As of October 12, 2011, forty-one episodes have been released for the iOS version of Pocket God. The current update is titled I Sting the Body Electric.

Episode descriptions

Episode number Version number Release Episode title Features
1 1.0 01/09/09 Nowhere To Go, Nothin' To Do Initial release of Pocket God. Abilities include flicking and levitating the Pygmies, as well as throwing them into the water.
2 1.1 01/14/09 Does this Megabyte Make My App Look Fat? Several updates to the game engine.
3 1.2 01/20/09 You Always Hurt the Ones You Lava Added a volcano which the player can flick Pygmies into. After three hits, the volcano will erupt, spewing molten lava onto the island. The Pygmies are set on fire, and then jump in the water and drown.
4 1.3 01/29/09 Shake That App! Added gravity features allowing Pygmies to slide across the screen by tilting the device, and creating an earthquake by shaking the device.
5 1.4 02/05/09 A Storm is Coming Added storm clouds and lightning which can electrocute the Pygmies.
6 1.5 02/14/09 And on the 7th Day, Rest! Added the ability to change between day and night by dragging the sun or moon up and down.
7 1.6 02/20/09 Just Give Us 5 Minutes Added the ability to make the Pygmies dance by tapping the screen, a feature unlocked by achieving five minutes of gameplay. The boulder was also added, which can crush Pygmies or bowl them off the island.
8 1.7 02/26/09 Jumping the Shark Added a shark to the ocean, which will eat a Pygmy if it is dangled over the water. Players can also levitate a shark out of the water and drop it on a Pygmy's head, or slap Pygmies off of the island.
9 1.8 03/06/09 Idle Hands Added top menu and more gravity functions. Also added more idle animations to the Pygmies.
10 1.9 03/15/09 Hi, Dracula! Introduced the vampire bat, which turns one sleeping Pygmy into a vampire. The vampire will knock all the other Pygmies off the island, but it is destroyed when the player changes night into day. Also added an eclipse when the boulder is levitated in front of the sun.
11 1.10 03/24/09 A Mighty Wind Added the ability to create a hurricane by making circular motions on the screen during stormy weather. The hurricane whirls Pygmies and objects around the island and drops them in the ocean.
12 1.11 04/01/09 Something Fishy... Added a fishing rod, to let Pygmies catch and eat the new fish. This was also the April Fool's Day release, which implied that the player had only purchased the lite version of the game, and must buy the full version for $4.99.
13 1.12 04/08/09 March of the Fire Ants Added an anthill and magnifying glass to the island. Tapping the anthill and drawing a line from the anthill will draw out fire ants, which will consume a nearby Pygmy. The magnifying glass allows destroying ants and burning Pygmies. Also added OpenFeint, an iPhone social network with chat rooms and leader-boards.
14 1.13 04/17/09 Say My Name! Added the ability to name individual Pygmies and their tribe. Also added stats to see how many times Pygmies were sacrificed and given gifts.
15 1.14 04/28/09 A New Home Added a new, larger, island that contained an outhouse, as well as a mysterious dinosaur egg. Pygmies who use the outhouse will stay indefinitely until the player knocks on the door; meanwhile, Pygmies who are forced to wait in line will eventually burst.
16 1.15 05/08/09 The Tyrannosaurus Strikes Back! Now, when a player drops the egg three times, a Tyrannosaurus Rex will appear and begin eating the Pygmies. The Moai statue is changed to an octopus god statue, to avoid racial insensitivity. Additionally, a story about the island's background was introduced.
17 1.16 05/19/09 Return of the Pygmy Added a spear, which the player can give to Pygmies to fight off the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Once the T-Rex's health bar is emptied, it will fall into the water. This update also added buttons for toggling T-Rex egg and outhouse functionality. Finally, an easter egg was added so that if players touch the octopus god statue three times in rapid succession, all Pygmies on the island are vaporized while the statue mumbles, "You know you love Pocket God". A god statistic screen is revealed, but does not save the user's changes due to a small glitch.

The game is upgraded to iOS 2.2.1.

18 1.17 06/01/09 Surf's Up! Players can now generate a tsunami by moving a finger across the water. The flood reveals a new underwater area, with a mysterious statue that protects ancient ruins. Tapping the statue will release a deadly spear that skewers the Pygmies. Pushing the water down will return the scene to the prior island. The new god stat screen is fixed and allows users to change their god type and shows users their achievements.

Due to complaints, the game is downgraded to iOS 2.2.

19 1.18 06/17/09 Fun n' Games Until A Pygmy Gets Hurt Pocket God now includes achievements that turn some Pocket God activities into mini-games. Achievements include records for most consecutive coconut bounces, consecutive shark snaps, underwater skewers, pygmies bowled and hurricane zaps. Also, a two-finger swipe is now needed to create a tsunami or change the weather: the change was intended to avoid players accidentally triggering the tsunami or changing the weather. This was also a cleanup update to correct many glitches and optimize animations.
20 1.19 07/03/09 Stop! My App is On Fire! This update gives the pygmies wood to make a fire so they can cook fish and warm themselves. Pygmies assemble a pile of wood, and the player hits it with lightning to set it on fire. Now, the player can roast a fish over the fire, but roasting a fish for too long will burn it. Giving the burnt fish to a pygmy will make the pygmy choke and fall into the water. Players can also cook pygmies so that they turn rock-hard. A more complex background is added for the underwater area. The two-fingered sky and water movement controls are reverted to one finger controls after technical difficulties.

Due to this being the 20th update, some thought Pocket God would cease updates.[citation needed]

21 1.20 07/09/09 Flipping the Bird' Added a flying Dodo bird to every island. Poking the bird will make it drop "bird bombs" on the pygmies. This leads to a new a mini-game, in which the player must drop the most feces consecutively without missing. The dodo bird will go after caught fish, and will snatch up a Pygmy holding a fish. The bird can be caught and cooked over the fire, or can be struck by lightning. A whirlpool ability and some fish animations are added to the underwater area. Achievements are now recorded in Feint.
22 1.21 07/24/09 Ooga Jump This update is a crossover with Doodle Jump. When a player drags a Pygmy over the cloud line and drops him, it will bounce off the cloud and be propelled up into the sky. There are four types of clouds: a normal cloud which bounces the pygmy further into the air, a thundercloud which lights a pygmy on fire and shoots him even higher up, an ice cloud which freezes a pygmy and prevents him from jumping as high, and a fake cloud which disappears when one tries to jump on it. On reaching 1,000 oogles, there will be doodlers perched on clouds that will try to shoot the pygmy. If the pygmy fails to hit a cloud, it falls back down to the island and is flattened. The record height for "Ooga Jump" is a new achievement.
23 1.22 08/05/09 Bait Master This update is a cross over with Harbor Master and adds a new mini-game to the underwater scene. When the anchor is picked up and dropped, piranhas begin to enter the screen from the left and right to eat floating Pygmies. Players must guide each piranha by drawing a path. The goal is to keep them away from each other as they are led to their dinner, and then back off the screen. The more Piranhas are "served", the faster they arrive. Gameplay is similar to Flight Control, but players may move the Pygmy targets as well as the piranhas. This update also adds two improvements to Ooga Jump: players will no longer end up in a situation where there are no possible jumps, and the doodlers appear sooner and only one at a time.
24 1.23 08/19/09 Idle Hands 2: Caught With Your Pants Down This update adds more idle features to the Pygmies when they are not in use. The new idle features are as follows: The Pygmies' grass skirts fall down showing underpants, sneezing, a Pygmy thinks of a food item, it pulls the bone out of its hair and it falls down over their face, and the Pygmy beats its chest like Tarzan.[5] This update also implemented Buddy Challenges through Feint.

Due to some coding errors, this version of Pocket God ran iOS 2.1s and 2.2s. Due to this problem, Bolt Creative replaced the update with the prior update "Bait Master". The next update was later released as a combination of Ep. 24 and Ep. 25.[6]

25 1.24 09/02/09 Sharks with Frickin' Laser-beams Attached to their Heads This update added a chum bucket option to the underwater area, which players can use to attract a shark. The shark can shoot pygmies, using the accelerometer to control aiming. Sharks will also eat Pygmies if they are holding a piece of chum. There is now a button to go to the underwater area from the menu. The title is a reference to Austin Powers.[7]
26 1.25 09/17/09 Dead Pygmy Walking This update added a new location: the Pygmy Graveyard. On the island is a grave in which players can bury a Pygmy alive. The seal on the grave will cause the Pygmy to come back as a Zombie, which proceeds to eat the brains of the other Pygmies on the island (which turns them into Zombies as well). When the player makes zombies dance, it is based on "Thriller." If a player touches a zombie, it explodes into blue flakes of skin. Added two new sacrifices (Brains Eaten, Buried Alive) and one new gift (Gift of Zombie dance).
27 1.26 10/06/09 Good Will Haunting The graveyard island will now create ghosts when any Pygmy dies on the island. Players can direct the ghosts by dragging across the screen, and can make ghosts and Pygmies interact: The ghosts can possess a pygmy, scare it to death, pick up a Pygmy and carry it away, pull a Pygmy into the ghost dimension, or make a banshee scream that will burst the eardrums of the pygmies. To get rid of a ghost, players have to direct it into "the light", located at the top left of the screen. The ghosts can be toggled from the menu. Also, there were DLC features for the T-Rex which include skins, tattoos, and hats.
As a result of the DLC using the iOS in-app purchase system, Pocket God can no longer run on iOS 2.0.
28 1.27 10/28/09 Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy In the graveyard, a giant spider has been added. To attract the spider, a Pygmy must be placed in the web hanging from the tree, touched to summon a small spider to cocoon him, and touched again to burst the cocoon, revealing dozens of baby spiders. The giant "Barking Spider" then appears. Pygmies can be webbed and eaten by the spider, or put in the spiderweb where the mother spider puts the pygmy in a cocoon to be fed to the spider babies. Pygmies can also fight the spider with the spear, but a different strategy is needed than with the T-Rex. Halloween themes for the DLC was added for many items around the island, such as the volcano, the dodo bird, the meteor, and the Doodler from Doodle Jump. The "Barking Spider" literally barks when it is about to eat a Pygmy and whines when it is hit with a spear. Like the T-rex, there is an achievement for least spears used to kill it.
29 1.28 12/04/09 The Pyg Chill Introduced a new ice island with an igloo. Players can cook fish in it, but the igloo can also fire pygmies out the top or sides. This update also included an ice monster, which is battled by flicking Pygmies at it. The ice monster can block attacks and throw snowballs. Additionally, there is now a new island selection screen which shows a map instead of a list. Another holiday skin pack was released as an add-on purchase, which includes Christmas themed items.
30 1.29 1/26/10 Great Job, Ice Hole Players can now expand and contract the sun to make the world hotter and cooler. When it’s cold, the pygmies turn into frozen statues that shatter when the player touches them. When it's hot, they start sweating, and eventually explode. If the Pygmies are on the ice island when it gets hot, they melt through and create an Ice Hole. Pygmies can fish in the Ice Hole and catch a swordfish, which is lethal when eaten. If a player holds a Pygmy over the Ice Hole a squid will come out of it to try and catch the Pygmy. If players pull too hard against the squid, the pygmies head will fall off and body taken into the ice hole by the squid. There is also an Easter egg, if the player drops a burnt pygmy from the Dino island, an ice geyser will erupt, killing all the remaining pygmies. Eight new dances were included as downloadable content.
31 1.30 3/15/10 What's the Story, Morning Gory? Added a story mode, which lets players watch movies from the creators, create their own, or share them on OpenFeint. A new game, called the Pain Drain, was added to the underwater area, which involves players tilting their device to control a pygmy dropping down platforms. An alien themed DLC pack was also added.
31B 1.31 3/29/10 What's the Story, Morning Gory? Part II A clean-up update to fix some bugs. Added an in-game news alert for Pocket God events.
32 1.32 5/25/10 Crack is Wack Added the ability to make a crack in the island and make the pygmy fall in and start a new Canabalt-like minigame called "The Runs": A pygmy runs along underground platforms chased by a lava flow, while the player pokes him to jump across the gaps (to avoid falling into the lava below). There is also an ice monster skin pack. An added update to the shop makes it easier to view and change skin packs, dance packs, etc.[8][9]
33 1.33
8/3/10 A Pygmy A Day Keeps The Ape Away Added a new area called "Ape Mountain" that come in three parts with an ape on it that the Pygmies can summon by doing several actions. It is the first area without an ocean and is a tribute to Ape Entertainment. The update also includes a new skin pack called the "Retro Gamer Pack."
34 1.34 9/25/10 Monkey See Monkey Chew Adding the second part of the ape mountain trilogy to "Ape Mountain" There is now a banana tree that the player can pull bananas from, which lure monkeys out. Also adding another dance pack with 7 new dances seen in "Pocket God Update Song".
35 1.35 10/31/10 Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky A new update including the ability to draw a double rainbow in the sky (referring to the internet meme). The Pygmies will react to the rainbow. This is the first update where the Pygmies can actually talk, when showing reactions from the double rainbow. Includes a new medieval skin pack.
36 1.36 12/21/10 Konkey Dong Last part of the ape trilogy. This update added an Ape Idol on Ape Mountain (when the banana tree is visible). Drop a pygmy into it to start a new minigame, which is a parody of the original Donkey Kong game by Nintendo. The update also marked the open beta of Pocket God for Facebook, which is linked to in the loading screen of the game.
37 1.37 2/23/11 Moron Pests The thirty-seventh update is a cross over with The Moron Test, with a new island, named the "Island of Misfit Crossovers". It also contains new thought bubbles when they sleep, and when tapped, the new island will appear, and by performing a certain task, the game will lanch the mini-game Moron Pests; the player must answer increasingly difficult questions while running away from a character from The Moron Test. The Spider Skin Pack is also included in the update.[10]
38 1.38 4/6/11 Two and a Half Pygmies This minor update, with the title parodying the American sitcom Two and a Half Men, and alludes to Charlie Sheen's exclusion from the show. It features a "guest-pygmy" visiting Oog Island from Mars called "Charlie", who morphs into a tiger, and slices the other pygmies in half, using his claws. All of these are referenced to interviews of Sheen and others on YouTube. Also, when there is a vampire active on the island, Charlie turns into a high priest, and destroys the vampire, along with any other pygmy.
39 1.39 5/19/11 Challenge of the Gods The thirty-ninth episode enables players to discover new ways to discover god powers. The player selects a prior episode, such as Crack is Wack, and the player must complete a challenge, in which case is won, he or she will receive a 'god idol' from that particular episode, in which there are 39 to collect. Also a new island is added, called God Island; which features a temple and four pedestals which idols can be placed. The Shark Pack is also added with the update. When four idols are placed on the pedestals it shows a preview of the next episode, Battle of the Gods. If the player has updated to episode 40, the player will instead be taken to the battle of the gods. (See below)
40 1.40
8/10/11 Battle of the Gods The fortieth episode of Pocket God introduces battle mini-games against other gods or pygmies. The mini game is played with the idols that are unlocked through Episode 39. It has introduced a faster mechanic to level up a player's idols, which the developers have indicated for leveling from 5 to the max level of 20. Also, a pillar appears when winding the winch on Ape Mountain.[11]
41 1.41
10/12/11 I Sting the Body Electric The forty-first and current update introduces a new underwater area, called the Coral Reefs; which also includes a new animal, jellyfish. Another major addition is the introduction of turn-based multiplayer for Battle of the Gods. The update also implements use of iOS 5, including iCloud.

Downloadable content packs

Since the first downloadable content (DLC) pack was added in the Good Will Haunting update, fourteen packs have been released for in-game purchase.

Downloadable content
Pack title Features
T-Rex Skin Pack Added customization of the T-Rex, including a dragon skin and several tattoos.
Halloween Skin Pack Added customization of objects such as the moon or meteor and the ability to place pumpkins on each of the islands.
Holiday Skin Pack Added customization of objects such as the dodo bird or fish and the ability to place snow on each of the islands.
Alien World Skin Pack Added customization of objects such as the outhouse or spear and the ability to place alien world extras on each of the islands.
The Dance Pack Added customization of the pygmies' dances, including a tribute to the "Pants on the Ground" man from American Idol.
Ice Monster Pack Added customization of the Ice Monster, including a Japanese robot and a yeti.
Retro Gamer Skin Pack Added customization of objects such as the meteor into a Donkey Kong Barrel or the Volcano into a Mario Pipe.
Dance Pack Too Added seven new dances, including the Riverdance and the dances of the "Pocket God Update Song" (which includes the song itself).
Medieval Skin Pack Added customization of objects such as the meteor into a mace or the volcano into a castle.
Japanese Skin Pack Added customization of objects such as the meteor into a sumo wrestler or the volcano into Mount Fuji.
Fishmas Skin Pack Added the Pygmies' "Fishmas Carol" dance and other fishy holiday customizations.
Spider Skin Pack Added customization of the Barking Spider, including a dog, a robot, a dinosaur and a "spider monkey".
Pimp Skin Pack Added customization of various objects, including the meteor being a 'Rolex Watch' and fish being a stack of money.
Mafia Skin Pack Added customization of the meteor, moon, fish, dodo bird, and Mafia extras on each island.
Underwater World Pack Added customization of most islands and various objects, such as coral, volcano, igloo, etc.

Bonus content packs

With the release of "A Pygmy A Day Keeps the Ape Away" a new feature was added to Pocket God: Bonus Packs add an un-lockable feature to the app, which require players to either complete a task or reach a certain score.

Bonus packs
Pack title Features
Pocket God Comic Pre-Order Bonus A jet pack is added to Ooga Jump, found floating around the clouds. The player can unlock this either by entering the Pocket God Comic Contest, or reaching God status on Ooga Jump, by reaching 6000 Oogles after this update was released.

Facebook version

A Facebook version of Pocket God was released on December 23, 2010, citing more features from the mobile versions of the game.


Pocket God is a series of comic books/strips, published by Ape Entertainment, released for iOS, and available as paperback in retailers, on August 3, 2010.[12] It describes "...an indestructible race of people who inhabit a mysterious island and are continuously (and comically) tortured by their mischievous gods". It features all six Pygmys, in the tribe 'Ookga Chaka'. Ooga, Klik, Klak, Booga, Dooby, and Nooby. There are currently four comics, including a special Christmas issue, and a 'behind-the-scenes' comic, named The Pygmy Peril. Although Bolt Creative had stated they were going to only publish four comics, in The Pygmy Peril, however, they stated they were to publish more comics, due to popular demand: currently, the Pocket God Comic books are outselling DC Comics entire catalog.[13]


Pocket God was released for iOS devices on January 9, 2009. According to the official Pocket God blog, Bolt Creative have "about ten ideas for standalone Pocket God games". They also noted that even if sequels are developed, Pocket God will still receive updates, but at a slower rate. A digital comic-book tie-in is currently being published; the first issue was released on August 3, 2010 through iVerse and Ape Entertainment.[14]

Pocket God is slowly being released on non-Apple platforms. A version was released for Verizon Wireless cellphones on September 1, 2010.[2] An Android port (published by ngmoco) was released on December 1, 2010.[15] A Facebook port (co-developed by Frima studio) moved to closed Beta on the same day.

Pocket God will also be a Windows Phone 7 launch title.[3] The creators stated that they would be releasing Pocket God: Journey to Uranus exclusively for the iPad, and that it would include minigames allowing the pygmies to travel to other planets,[16] it was scheduled for release in Fall 2010, but was since delayed. According to the developers regularly updated blog,[17] the app was released on December 16, 2010. JTU has since been updated in the episodic style of Pocket God, and now features four areas (Earth, space, Uranus, Mercury). In Episode 4: Quantum Entanglement, JTU was made compatible with all iOS devices.


Pocket God has received ratings that ranged from generally positive reviews to universal acclaim. iTune App Reviews gave the game 5 out of 5 stars.[18] AppStruck gave the game 5 out of 5 stars referring to the game as "endlessly amusing and is an easy way to completely lose track of time".[19] iPhone App Reviews gave the updated version of the game 4.8 out of 5[20] having given the original version 3.92 out of 5[21] Appvee gave the game 4 out of 5 after episode 11 was released, having originally given the game 1.8 out of 5.[22]


The game was subject to controversy when some Pacific Islanders and anthropologists protested to Apple Inc. claiming the game was racist.[23][24][25] The game's creators defended the game, saying "it depicts no specific race or nationality." Pocket God programmer Dave Castelnuovo got in touch with one of the original Pacific Islanders and came up with some compromises: The islanders would be called Oogs instead of Pygmies, and the Moai statue would be replaced with a statue of an Octopus God.[26] On May 27, 2009, Dave Castelnuovo announced that the characters would no longer be called Oogs, as 'Pygmies' was a more suitable name, and didn't actually cause any friction between Pacific Islanders.[27]

In other apps

As part of the effort to promote Pocket God, the developers engaged in cross-promotion with a number of other developers. This promotion saw a number of updates where new themed features were added to "Pocket God" and in return the related apps added Pocket God themed updates.

Three apps have featured the game as a direct result of cross-promotion. The addition of Doodler to Pocket God resulted in a new version of Doodle Jump being released on May 22, 2009 which allowed users to play as a Pygmy from Pocket God. To unlock the Pygmy, players must change the high score name to one of the characters from Pocket God: Ooga, Booga, Nooby, Dooby, Klik or Klak.[28]

The second crossover was with Harbor Master on August 8, 2009 where Pygmies replaced the normal boats in the path drawing game.[29]

The final cross promotion saw a new test added to "Moron Test" with a Pocket God theme to it, which characters from the Moron Test were featured on a new island and minigame within the Pocket God universe.

Two other apps have featured the famous Pocket God characters within their games. The Creeps released an update allowing pygmies as characters.[30] Also Trenches added to their "Zombie Horde" mode by allowing Zombie Pygmies to replace the Zombie Germans as the antagonists within the game.[31]


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