High priest

High priest

The term "high priest" may refer to an individual who holds the office of ruler-priest, or may refer to the head of a religious caste.
* In ancient Egypt, a high priest was the chief priest of any of the many gods revered by the Egyptians.
* In Ancient Greek, Archiereus is one of several titles for high priests, in Greek an/or rendered in Greek, which literally translates as 'Arch-hierarch', i.e. head of the (priestly) hierarchy
* In Hawaii, the high priest is called Kahuna Nui and presides over the temple or heiau. Below the Kahuna Nui are various types and ranks of priests.
* In Ásatrú, the high priest is called a "goði" (or "gyða") and is the leader of a small group of practitioners collectively referred to as a Kindred. The goði are collectively known as the "goðar".
* In Christianity a high priest could sometimes be compared with the Pope in the Roman Catholic Church, a Patriarch in an Eastern Orthodox Church, or a Primate in an Anglican or Episcopal church; but it is traditional to refer only to Jesus as the one high priest of Christianity. In all episcopal bodies, except in the Anglican Communion and the superintended Lutheran churches, bishops are also referred to as high priests, as they are believed to share in, that is: are considered earthly instruments of, the high priesthood of Jesus Christ.
* In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Latter Day Saint sects, High Priest is also a priesthood office in the Melchizedek Priesthood.
* In Druidry, all members would be considered priests due to the historical role of the Druids as the priestly class of the Celts and Gauls. A "high priest" would likely be referred to as an Elder and would be a person who has practiced Druidry for a considerable amount of time.
* In Judaism and Samaritanism, a high priest is called a Kohen Gadol. The office is no longer filled in mainstream Judaism while there is no functioning Temple, thus only the Samaritans (Foreign deportees mingled with local Israelite remnants who in the 800's/500's BC developed a divergent Jewish sect around the hills of Samaria under their own high priest) have had an active high priest after the year 70 AD
* In ancient Rome, the high priest was known as "Pontifex Maximus" (Great Bridge-Builder). The office was usually filled by a leading politician, rather than by a full-time priest. "Pontifex Maximus" continues to be one of the titles of the Popes.
* In Santeria, a high priest is called a Babalao. The term comes from the supreme priest of Santería, a protege of Orula. The term means wise man.
* In Shinto, a high priest, called a Guji, is usually the highest ranking priest (Kannushi) in a shrine.
* In Wicca a High Priest and High Priestess are able to lead a coven and initiate others.:"In other religions, cultures or faiths the meaning of this term may vary."

* In Rider Waite Tarot, The High Priestess is one of the Major Arcana cards.

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