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Nine News's flagship bulletin is the nightly 6:00pm localised bulletin, produced by networked owned-and-operated stations in Sydney (TCN9), Melbourne (GTV9), Brisbane (QTQ9) and Darwin (NTD) alongside localised bulletins produced by the WIN-owned Nine Network affiliates in Adelaide (NWS9) and Perth (STW9). A supplementary regional news for the Gold Coast in Queensland is also produced by the news service.


National Bulletins

Early Morning News

Nine Early Morning News is a half-hour bulletin airing at 5:00am weekdays, presented from the network's Sydney studios by various presenters.

The Early Morning News is a pre-recorded bulletin, and is presented as the "AM Edition" of the Qantas Inflight News, a daily news bulletin for passengers of Qantas airways.

Nine previously had an early news bulletin, known as Daybreak, and later National Nine Early News, from the early nineties until 2003 when Today was extended to begin at 6am. The Early News resumed for a brief time at 6am in 2005 where it was presented by Sharyn Ghidella and Chris Smith, before again being cancelled. Amber Sherlock previously presented the bulletin from July 2008 until June 2010.

Morning News

Nine Morning News airs at 11:00am weekdays. It is presented from the network's Sydney studios by news presenter Wendy Kingston from Monday to Thursday, with Alicia Gorey presenting every Friday. Sport is presented by Tim Sheridan. Fill-in presenters include Amber Sherlock, Sarah Harris, Amelia Adams and Jessica Rich (news), Tim Gilbert and Roz Kelly (sport).

The morning bulletin, originally known as National Nine Morning News, has been broadcast since 1981 and was originally presented by Eric Walters. The bulletin was extended from 30 minutes to 60 minutes on Monday 4 May 2009[1].

From 2004 to October 2008 the bulletin was known as the Morning Edition, and between that date and May 2009 was titled as the AM Edition.

Recently, the bulletin has become unavailable on the Nine Network's regional affiliate WIN Television and has been replaced on WIN by Alive and Cooking and a news and entertainment show "Daily".

Afternoon News

Nine Afternoon News airs at 4:30pm weekdays, and is presented from the network's Sydney studios by news presenter Wendy Kingston from Monday to Thursday, with Alicia Gorey presenting every Friday. Sport is presented by Tim Sheridan and weather is presented by Jaynie Seal. The bulletin consists of national news, sport, finance and weather. Fill-in presenters for the bulletin include Amber Sherlock, Sarah Harris, Amelia Adams and Jessica Rich (news), Tim Gilbert and Roz Kelly (sport), Garry Youngberry and Livinia Nixon (weather).

It was introduced in 2004 as National Nine News: Afternoon Edition in response to Seven launching a similar 4:30pm bulletin a year before.

Past presenters who have also presented the bulletin include Georgie Gardner (2004), Mike Munro (2005–2006), Kellie Connolly (2006–2008), Leila McKinnon (2008) and Mark Ferguson (2009). Previously sport has been presented by Nicole Livingstone (2007). In 2008, Mike Bailey presented the weather on Fridays, until he was sacked in early 2009.

From 2004 to 20 October 2008 the bulletin was known as the Afternoon Edition. It was sub-titled as the PM Edition from October 2008 to May 2009, before changing simply to Nine Afternoon News. The bulletin is often still referred to as the Afternoon Edition.

In June 2009, the program was replaced by a 1-hour news program This Afternoon. The last regular bulletin aired on Thursday 25 June 2009 after being presented from Melbourne for the previous 7 weeks. James Talia presented the final edition. The following day, a special 90-minute bulletin was broadcast on the death of Michael Jackson, with This Afternoon beginning the following Monday. This only lasted three weeks, with This Afternoon axed due to poor ratings after only 12 episodes. Nine News: Afternoon Edition was reinstated on Wednesday 15 July 2009, with Mark Ferguson appointed as presenter. Ferguson remained in the chair until signing off on 25 September 2009, prior to his departure for the Seven Network. Wendy Kingston was reinstated as the program's presenter.

In November 2010, the bulletin was extended to an hour.

First at Five

Nine News First at Five airs at 5:00pm on weekends, and is presented from the network's Sydney studios by Georgie Gardner (Saturday) and Peter Overton (Sunday). Sport is presented by Cameron Williams (Saturday) and Ken Sutcliffe (Sunday). Weather is presented by Jaynie Seal. Fill-in presenters include Wendy Kingston (news) and Amber Sherlock (weather)

It was introduced in 2011 in response to Ten News moving their weekend bulletin to 6:00pm. The bulletin is not broadcast in Sydney or Brisbane on Sundays during the NRL season. Despite Ten News reinstating their own 5:00pm weekend bulletin, the Nine bulletin remains.

Nine News Updates

State-based updates are presented throughout the afternoon by reporters or presenters.

Amber Sherlock along with a number of rotating reporters including Tracy Vo, Jessica Rich and Sarah Harris present news updates on weeknights from Sydney's TCN 9 studios.

Weekend late news updates are presented from Melbourne's GTV 9 studios by Jo Hall.

Online Bulletins

Ninemsn Newsroom

Ninemsn Newsroom is an online bulletin streamed at 12:30pm on weekdays. Presented by Wendy Kingston and Alicia Gorey. The special online bulletin was introduced in September 2009. It can be viewed and downloaded from, and as a vodcast.

The bulletin was formerly known as Nine News Now and was previously recorded later at 3pm. It was introduced in 2006.

Live Streaming

In June 2008, live streaming of the 6pm bulletins in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane was introduced to the Nine News website. These bulletins can be viewed nationwide, regardless of the home market of the viewer.

Nine Morning News and Nine Afternoon News are also streamed live from the Ninemsn Newsroom website.

Nine Newsbreak

Nine Newsbreak is an iPhone and iPad app that was launched in 2011. The app is constantly updated with videos from Nine's newsrooms around the county and overseas along with a 60-second video stories that are exclusive to the app, full reports from Nine News bulletins. There is also a user generated functionality, enabling consumers to take a photo or video and send it via the app, direct to the Nine Newsroom.

Local Bulletins



Nine News Sydney is presented from the network's Sydney news studios by Peter Overton from Sunday to Thursday and Georgie Gardner on Friday and Saturday, with Ken Sutcliffe presenting sport from Sunday to Thursday and Cameron Williams presenting sport on Friday and Saturday. Natalie Gruzlewski presents the weather from Monday to Thursday and Jaynie Seal presents the weather from Friday to Sunday. The bulletin is also simulcast on Hope 103.2 radio station.[2]

The main fill-ins for the bulletin are presenters Wendy Kingston, Leila McKinnon and Peter Harvey with sports presenters Andrew Voss, Tim Sheridan and Tim Gilbert with weather presenters Amber Sherlock or Alissa Warren.

The Sydney bulletin was presented by Brian Henderson for 38 years – a record that still stands today. Henderson retired in November 2002, with then-Sunday presenter Jim Waley taking over as weeknight presenter. Waley was the main weekend presenter around the time of Henderson's retirement.

In 2005, Waley, who was one of the Nine Network's longest serving presenters, was dropped following a year of poor ratings (despite the fact that Nine News Sydney was the leading 6pm news program throughout the 2003-4 ratings seasons) and replaced with then-weekend presenter Mark Ferguson.[3] In 2004, Nine News Sydney won only 27 out of a possible 40 ratings weeks. By this time, the 6pm bulletin had lost its long time ratings lead to the rival Seven News Sydney.

Mike Munro was the previous weekend news presenter, until he resigned from the Nine Network in July 2008. He presented his last bulletin on Sunday 26 October 2008.[4] He was replaced by Michael Usher.

In January 2009, Mark Ferguson was replaced as weeknight presenter by Peter Overton.[5] Ferguson returned to his weekend presenting position, which he previously held during Jim Waley's stint as weeknight presenter.

In July 2009, it was revealed that weekend news presenter Mark Ferguson would move to Seven News from October.[6] Ferguson, who had been with Nine for 17 years, was removed immediately from the Sydney weekend bulletin and was replaced by Georgie Gardner. Ferguson continued to present Nine Afternoon News until his contract expired in September 2009.

Mike Bailey presented weather forecasts on Friday and Saturday, until he was sacked in early 2009. Jaynie Seal, who had previously presented weather from Sunday to Thursday, returned to weekday weather presenting. In February 2010, Nine announced that Natalie Gruzlewski would present weather from Monday to Thursday and file lifestyle and entertainment reports for Nine News with Seal presenting weather from Friday to Sunday. During 2011, the 6pm Sydney bulletin officially overtook Seven's Sydney news in the ratings for the first time in seven years, winning 21 weeks compared to Seven's 14 weeks.[7]

Nine News Sydney is also broadcast on WIN Television in regional southern and central New South Wales & the ACT.


Nine News Melbourne is presented from the network's Melbourne news studios by Peter Hitchener on weekdays, with Tony Jones presenting sport. Livinia Nixon presents the weather. Weekend bulletins are presented by Jo Hall and sport presenter Clint Stanaway. The bulletin is also simulcast on local radio station Light FM.

The late Brian Naylor presented National Nine News Melbourne for 20 years from 1978 to 1998. Following his retirement, he was succeeded by Peter Hitchener as weeknight news presenter, while Jo Hall took over Hitchener's existing position as weekend presenter.

Rob Gell was the weeknight weather presenter for 15 years until his surprise sacking in 2003, and was replaced by Livinia Nixon.

From July 2008, weekend presenters of Nine News Melbourne began presenting the news standing up. Nine did not introduce this format into the weeknight bulletin, opting for presenter Peter Hitchener to sit behind the news desk instead.[8] This lasted until August 2009 as Nine News Melbourne received a new set, similar to that of Nine News Sydney, with Jo Hall moving back to sitting behind a newsdesk.

In October 2008, swimmer Grant Hackett joined Nine News Melbourne as the weekend sport presenter. Hackett replaced Heath O’Loughlin, who vacated the position to take up employment with the North Melbourne Football Club. O'Louglin presented sport for the final time on 5 October 2008.[9] Although in November 2009, Nine announced that Hackett will no longer present weekend sports news but appear on shows, Wide World of Sports and What's Good For You. Lisa Andrews replaced him, remaining in this position until mid 2011. Clint Stanaway replaced her.[10]

Nine News Melbourne had led in the ratings well ahead of its rivals for more than 20 years, but as recently as 2007 it had lost this position to its rival Seven News Melbourne, winning only 19 weeks out of a possible 40 (Seven won 20 weeks and one week was drawn that year).

Afternoon news updates are presented by Jo Hall from Saturday to Wednesday, while on Thursday and Friday afternoon the newsbreaks are presented by a reporter or fill-in news presenter. The nightly news presenters presents newsbreaks for the rest of the evening. Fill-in news presenters for the bulletin include presenters Tony Jones and Brett McLeod. Clint Stanaway is the main fill-in sports presenter, while Corey Norris is the substitute weekend sport presenter. Brodie Harper, Jacqueline Felgate or Sonia Marinelli present the weather in place of Livinia Nixon over the summer, or as a fill-in.

Fill-in presenters in recent years have included Rachael Rollo (news/weather), Carolyne Randoe (news/weather), Tim McMillan (news/sport), James Talia (news/sport), Alicia Gorey (news) and Christine Ahern (sport). Over the summer period of 2008–09, 3AW radio presenter and former WIN News Victoria presenter Denis Walter was appointed as the weekday weather presenter. Steve Jacobs was also a fill-in presenter through 2009. Postcards reporter Brodie Harper filled in for Livinia Nixon whilst she was on maternity leave from November 2009 until July 2010.

Nine News Melbourne is also simulcast on WIN Television in regional Victoria each night and at weekends on WIN Television Tasmania.


Nine News Brisbane is presented from the network's Brisbane news studios by Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes on weeknights, with Ian Healy presenting sport, and Garry Youngberry presenting the weather. This bulletin is simulcast in Brisbane on community radio station River 94.9 and across regional Queensland on WIN Television.

Eva Milic presents on weekends, alongside sport presenter Steve Haddan. Paul Burt is now presenting weather. He also presents Surfing and Fishing reports on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Regular presenter fill-ins for the weekend bulletin include former ABC News & weather presenter Lisa Backhouse, former weekend and weeknight presenter until 2011, Heather Foord and former weeknight presenter Bruce Paige and weather presenter Sylvia Jeffreys. Wally Lewis is also often seen presenting sport.

On Wednesday 17 June 2009, weeknight presenter Bruce Paige announced his retirement from Nine News. After presenting his final bulletin on 26 June 2009, Paige remains with the network filling-in as presenter over the summer period and presenting a feature segment on Sunday nights. Andrew Lofthouse took over as the weeknight presenter with Melissa Downes. From 11 July 2009, Heather Foord returned to Nine News as weekend presenter, replacing Lofthouse with Eva Milic moved from news to weather duties. Foord remained in the position until mid 2011 when she resigned to spend more time with her family. Eva Milic then became the weekend presenter. Foord can still occasionally be seen filling in for Milic or Downes.

From the mid-1990s, National Nine News Brisbane was presented by Bruce Paige and Heather Foord on weeknights. This lasted until 2002, when Foord decided to move to weekend presenting with Mike London, allowing her to spend more time with her family. Jillian Whiting replaced her on weeknights.

Mike London and Heather Foord presented on weekends until London resigned in June 2003, following allegations that he had organised a female friend to complain about the news presenting technique of weeknight presenter Bruce Paige, who was at the time presenting with Jillian Whiting. This was covered by the ABC's Media Watch in 2003. London had swapped roles with Paige in the mid 1990's following Paige's return to the Nine Network in 1994.

In late 2004, Heather Foord and Jillian Whiting swapped positions, with Foord moving back to weeknight presenting with Bruce Paige. Whiting became the solo weekend presenter. She remained in this position until 2006, when she was replaced by Melissa Downes. During this time, Nine News Brisbane was the leading news service in Queensland until rival Seven News Brisbane assumed this title in 2007. Since then, Nine News Brisbane has remained in second place.

Heather Foord announced her resignation as weeknight presenter on 21 November 2008, citing family reasons. She presented her final bulletin on 5 December.[11] On 27 November 2008, Melissa Downes was appointed presenter of the weeknight news with Bruce Paige, replacing Foord.

On the same day as Foord's resignation, Andrew Lofthouse announced his resignation from ABC News Queensland to join the Nine News team. It was announced that Eva Milic would join Lofthouse as a weekend presenter. Lofthouse and Milic commenced from early 2009 as presenters of the weekend news bulletin.[11] The changes to the presenter line-up followed a poor year of ratings for the 6pm bulletin, which for the second year in a row was beaten by rival Seven News Brisbane.

In June 2009, more presenter changes occurred with Andrew Lofthouse replacing Bruce Paige as weeknight presenter with Melissa Downes. The following month, Heather Foord again returned to the newsdesk, taking over the weekend bulletin. Eva Milic was moved to weekend weather presenting to make way for Foord's return.

Wally Lewis was the weekday sports presenter until December 2006, when following an on-air incident, it was found he had epilepsy. He returned to presenting sport during the 2007–08 summer period and also files sports reports. He occasionally fills in if either Steve Haddan or Ian Healy is unavailable.[12] Chris Bombolas was the weekend sports presenter who preceded Haddan, before resigning to become a politician, and then chairman of A-League club Brisbane Roar.

John Schluter was the weather presenter until his resignation in September 2006 just short of his 25th anniversary with the Nine Network, and now works for rival Seven News Brisbane as the weekday weather presenter.

In 2008 Frank Warrick was the weather presenter for most of the year, before being replaced by Sami Lukis for the rest of the year.

Former NBN weather presenter Garry Youngberry became weeknight weather presenter from early 2009. This followed the departure of Sami Lukis, who moved to Sydney to join radio station Triple M.

Nine News Brisbane is also broadcast on Imparja Television throughout central Australia. This simulcast was introduced in 2008.

Gold Coast

Nine Gold Coast News is a regional news service for the Gold Coast, presented by Rob Readings. Eva Milic presented the bulletin in 2008, after previously serving as its weather presenter. Millic moved back to become a weekend presenter for Nine News Brisbane a year later. This bulletin is also simulcast on local radio station, 107.3 Life FM. Jillian Whiting or Melissa Downes were the previous presenters of the Gold Coast bulletin until Downes moved to presenting the weekend editions of Nine News Brisbane, and Whiting went on maternity leave in 2007.

The bulletin is produced and presented from the Nine Network's Gold Coast studios at Surfers Paradise with studio production moved briefly to Brisbane between 2006 and 2008. It airs at 5:30pm on weeknights as an opt-out broadcast on QTQ-9's Gold Coast transmitters and is followed by Nine News Brisbane. Carly Walters and Frank Warrick are fill-in presenters for the bulletin.


Nine News Darwin is presented from the network's Darwin news studios by Jonathan Uptin. Michelle Buckworth presents Sport and also presents a short weekend bulletin. Uptin replaced previous presenter David Fidler who present the then Eight National News for 15 years until 2000, but was forced to resign after being exposed by The Australian newspaper for falsely claiming he had represented Australia at the Olympics.[13] Fill-in presenters for the bulletin include Kyrrie Blenkinsop (News) and Leah Hannon (Sport).

The weekend bulletin comprises a simulcast of Nine News Sydney followed by local news and sport.

During 2009 and 2010, Darwin's Nine News was also broadcast on Imparja Television throughout central Australia. This simulcast no longer occurs, with Imparja broadcasting the Brisbane bulletin only. Nine News Darwin continues to be simulcast on local radio station Territory FM.



Nine News Adelaide is produced from the WIN Corporation-owned Channel 9 Adelaide news studios by Michael Smyth and Kate Collins, with Kym Dillon presenting sport and Brenton Ragless presenting the weather. The weekday bulletins are simulcast on local radio station 107.9 Life FM and replayed on weeknights at 11:30pm.

The bulletin was previously presented by Rob Kelvin and Kelly Nestor who advised viewers on air on 26 November 2009 that her contract would not be renewed and was promptly removed from any further news presenting. Rob Kelvin presented his final bulletin on 31 December 2010.

Georgina McGuinness is the weekend presenter with Troy Grey presenting sport.

From 1988 until 2007 Nine News Adelaide was presented by Rob Kelvin and the late Kevin Crease

This was one of the longest serving news duos in Australia. Caroline Ainslie presented the news with Rob Kelvin until 1987.

Throughout the 1990s, Deanna Williams was the main fill-in presenter and state political reporter.

Following her resignation in March 2002, either Kelvin or Crease would fill in for McGuinness on weekends, but in 2005 the situation arose where all three presenters were unavailable, and weekend sports presenter Mark Bickley had to present the news.

Nine News Adelaide is also broadcast into the Riverland and South-East of South Australia via WIN Television. Nine's Adelaide bulletin was not available in this region between September 2007 (when WIN switched affiliations to Seven during a dispute with Nine) and October 2009 (when WIN introduced the digital only channel WIN Nine).


Nine News Perth is produced from the WIN Corporation-owned Channel 9 Perth news studios and is presented by Greg Pearce, with sport presented by Mark Readings and weather with Angela Tsun. Louise Momber or Ebbeny Faranda present the weekend news, with sport presented by Tyson Beattie and weather by Candice Barnes. Fill in presenters include Peter Vlahos (sport) and Lee Steele (weather). The weekday bulletins are simulcast on local radio station Sonshine 98.5 FM.

Perth's Nine News bulletin was the first and only Australian news bulletin to have two female presenters, Dixie Marshall and Sonia Vinci. They were also the faces of Nine Perth's general operations and promotions, until Sonia Vinci was sidelined to host a Perth version of A Current Affair and former Network Ten news presenter Greg Pearce appointed in her place, in early 2008. In 2010, Sharlyn Sarac resigned from presenting weekend news with Matt Tinney.

In April 2011, Matt Tinney resigned and is now presenting WIN News Western Australia weeknights with Louise Momber or Ebbeny Faranda presenting the weekend news. Dixie Marshall resigned from the Nine Network in May 2011.

Natalia Cooper presented weather on Perth's Nine News until her resignation in June 2008.[14]

This bulletin is repeated at 11:30pm on weeknights and is also simulcast on WIN Television Western Australia.

Current Affairs Programs


Today is the network's breakfast program, consisting of talk, entertainment and human-interest stories, as does rival program Sunrise. Presented by Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, it airs weekdays from 5:30am to 9am, live from Nine's Sydney studios. News is presented by Alicia Gorey (Monday) & Georgie Gardner (Tuesday - Friday), Sport is presented by Ben Fordham, and Weather is presented by Steve Jacobs. Entertainment news is presented by Richard Wilkins with Richard Reid.

Fill-in presenters for Today include Georgie Gardner (host), Alicia Gorey or Sarah Harris (news), Tim Gilbert (sport), Michele Mahone (entertainment), and Emma Freedman (weather).

Weekend Today

Weekend Today is presented by Cameron Williams and Leila McKinnon. It airs Saturdays from 7am to 9am, and Sundays from 7am to 10am (competing directly with the Seven Network's Weekend Sunrise). News is presented by Alicia Gorey, while sport is presented by Tim Gilbert. Entertainment news is presented by Michele Mahone.

The program was announced on 4 January 2009 by Nine's CEO David Gyngell and news and current affairs boss John Westacott. It was originally broadcast on Sunday mornings only and was titled Today on Sunday, introduced to replace Nine News Sunday AM. On 2 May 2009, Today was further extended to Saturday mornings, airing between 7:00 and 9:00am with the same presenters as the Sunday edition. Both the Saturday and Sunday editions were re-named Today: Weekend Edition, before that was changed to Weekend Today, similar to rival Weekend Sunrise.

A Current Affair

A Current Affair is a weeknightly populist current affairs program broadcast on the Nine Network at 6:30pm and presented by Tracy Grimshaw. First broadcast on 22 November 1971 with Mike Willesee, the show was screened weeknights at 7:00pm on GTV-9. When Willesee left Nine in 1974 to move to the rival 0–10 Network, journalist Mike Minehan took over presenting the program. The program ended on 28 April 1978 due to strong competition. In 1984, Willesee returned to the Nine Network to present a mid-evening current affairs program titled Willesee, screening from Monday to Thursday nights at 9:30pm. The following year, Willesee moved to the earlier 6:30 pm timeslot and extended to five nights a week and ran until 1986. On 18 January 1988, the same week that Seven's Australian soap Home And Away was introduced, former 60 Minutes team presenter Jana Wendt became the first host of the revived A Current Affair. Following strong competition from Seven's Real Life (which became Today Tonight in 1995), Wendt left the program in November 1992.

Currently, Leila McKinnon is the main fill-in for Grimshaw if she is sick or on leave, however Eddie McGuire, Cameron Williams and Karl Stefanovic have also filled in for Grimshaw.

60 Minutes

60 Minutes is a Nine Network current affairs and investigative journalism program which airs on the Nine Network on Sundays at 7.30pm. The program is currently presented by Liz Hayes, Tara Brown, Michael Usher, Liam Bartlett, Allison Langdon and Peter Harvey.

Former Bulletins


Nightline was Nine's weeknight late news bulletin, originally launched in 1992 with Jim Waley as presenter. Other presenters who have presented Nightline include Hugh Riminton, Helen Kapalos, Ellen Fanning and Michael Usher. The bulletin was axed on 25 July 2008 due to budgetary constraints at the Nine Network, with the final news bulletin airing on the same night.[15] Wendy Kingston presented the final bulletin.

On Monday 4 May 2009, Nine re-introduced a late bulletin, entitled Nine Late News and presented by Wendy Kingston.[1]. The Late News was launched to replace the short two-minute national newsbreak, which was introduced following Nightline's axing in 2008. On weekends, a late news update continues to air, presented by Jo Hall in Melbourne.

Wendy Kingston stayed as presenter of the Late News until November 2009, when she was replaced with Kellie Connolly. The Nightline branding returned on 30 November 2009.[16] The late bulletin was broadcast in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin markets only - Adelaide and Perth viewers (served by WIN-owned Nine stations) received a repeat of the 6pm local bulletin.

In July 2010, the network announced that Nightline had been axed due to poor ratings and scheduling problems. It will be replaced by news updates presented by duty reporters. Nine reportedly offered presenter Kellie Connolly a redundancy package.[17]


Sunday was a long-running Australian breakfast news program which aired on Nine on Sunday mornings and featured investigative journalism, movie reviews and political interviews. The program was presented by Ellen Fanning prior to its axing. News was presented by Michael Usher and sport was presented by Stephanie Brantz. Veteran political journalist Laurie Oakes presented politics. The program was axed on 3 August 2008 due to poor ratings and cost-cutting across the network. The previous presenters of the show included:

Sunday Morning News

Nine News: Sunday AM was a one-hour bulletin airing at 8am on Sunday mornings, presented by Michael Usher. Stephanie Brantz presented sport, finance was presented by Ross Greenwood and weather was presented by Mike Bailey. The regular fill-in presenters for the Sunday AM News were Tara Brown, Brett McLeod and Elise Mooney. Nine's Sunday AM News was a one-hour bulletin that was introduced on 10 August 2008 as a replacement for the network's long-running current affairs program, Sunday. Sunday, last broadcast on 3 August 2008, was axed due to budget cuts in news and current affairs at the Nine Network.[15]

Nine's Sunday AM News featured the Laurie Oakes political interview, at approximately 8.35am every Sunday morning. With the exception of Melbourne audiences, the bulletin had continued to lag behind Weekend Sunrise, which often wins in the ratings by a ratio of 3:1.[citation needed] During the non-ratings period, the bulletin was half-an-hour long.

From February 2009, the bulletin was replaced with a Sunday edition of Today entitled Today on Sunday.

This Afternoon

This Afternoon was a 1-hour news and current affairs program, which aired on the Nine Network weekdays at 4:30pm. The program was presented by Andrew Daddo, Katrina Blowers and Mark Ferguson.

The show presented the top current affairs of the day and predominantly focuses on news, sport, weather and entertainment with an emphasis on reports and interviews.

On 15 July 2009, Nine axed This Afternoon due to poor ratings.


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