Glucose 1-phosphate

Glucose 1-phosphate
Glucose 1-phosphate
CAS number 59-56-3 YesY
PubChem 65533
ChemSpider 388311 YesY
MeSH glucose-1-phosphate
ChEBI CHEBI:16077 YesY
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C6H13O9P
Molar mass 260.136
 YesY 1-phosphate (verify) (what is: YesY/N?)
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Glucose 1-phosphate (also called cori ester) is a glucose molecule with a phosphate group on the 1'-carbon.




In glycogenolysis, it is the direct product of the reaction in which glycogen phosphorylase cleaves off a molecule of glucose from a greater glycogen structure.

To be utilized in cellular catabolism it must first be converted to glucose 6-phosphate by the enzyme phosphoglucomutase. One reason that cells form glucose 1-phosphate instead of glucose during glycogen breakdown is that the very polar phosphorylated glucose cannot leave the cell membrane and so is marked for intracellular catabolism.


In glycogenesis, free glucose 1-phosphate can also react with UTP to form UDP-glucose, by using the enzyme UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase. It can then return to the greater glycogen structure via glycogen synthase.

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