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Crackle, Inc.
Type Subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.
Founded July 2007
Headquarters Culver City, California, U.S.
Owner(s) Sony
Parent Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

Crackle (formerly known as Grouper) is a digital network and studio, featuring commercially supported streaming video content in Flash Video format. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, and its content consists primarily of Sony's library of films and television shows. Crackle provides its content through a web syndication network, including YouTube, Hulu, AOL, MySpace, and mobile service providers.



In July 2007, Sony purchased the online video site Grouper for $65 million.[1] In the same month, Sony announced that Grouper would be re-branded and re-purposed as Crackle, a multi-platform video-entertainment network and studio, featuring full-length movies and television shows from Sony’s library, as well as producing original content made just for the Internet. In October 2008, Sony moved Crackle to its Culver City base.[2]

In April 2009, Crackle blocked access to anyone not in the United States of America. On June 8, 2010, Crackle announced it had opened up access to selected content on the site to viewers in the UK, Canada and Australia.[3]In March 2011, Crackle launched on PS3, Roku boxes, Sony Blu-ray players and Bravia TVs.[4] and in April 2011, Crackle launched a mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users[5] In July 2011, the Crackle app was launched for the Android platform[6] On October 5th 2011, Microsoft partnered with Crackle, to bring the channel to Xbox 360 Live. [7]

Crackle currently features original content and licenses movie and T.V. shows from Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star, Screen Gems, and Sony Pictures Classics. [8]

On October 17, 2011, Crackle announced a Halloween event called Kill Count, which will keep count of the amount of kills the user watches in their expanded horror movie section. [9]

As of October 2011, the Crackle app has totaled 5 million downloads worldwide. [10]

Original programming

In addition to content from Sony Pictures, Crackle features original content, including Trenches and The Bannen Way, which amassed 8.4 million views in February 2010,[11] and more than 13 million views as of March 2010. At the series conclusion it had set records for views for a web series.[12]

In 2011, Crackle began to focus on long form programming. According to Eric Berger, “Short-form episodes had their role on sites like YouTube and other places as the market was developing," he said. "But we think we can create something longer with real talent behind it that can sit side by side with our great library." Such projects include, Monster Heist, Strand Street, and an untitled anthology series that tells paranormal stories. [13]


Gaming Devices

Mobile Android Handsets:

  • Acer Liquid Metal[14]
  • Acer Stream[14]
  • Dell Venue[14]
  • HTC Desire S[14]
  • HTC Desire Z[14]
  • HTC EVO 4G[14]
  • HTC Inspire 4G[14]
  • HTC Nexus One[14]
  • HTC Thunderbolt 4G [14]
  • HTC T-Mobile G2 Touch[14]
  • HTC T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide[14]
  • LG Optimus 2X[14]
  • Motorola Atrix[14]
  • Motorola Cliq[14]
  • Motorola Droid[14]
  • Motorola DROID PRO[14]
  • Motorola DROID X[14]
  • Motorola DROID 2 Global[14]
  • Motorola Milestone 2[14]
  • Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G[14]
  • Samsung Galaxy S II[14]
  • Samsung Nexus S[14]
  • Samsung SHW-M100S[14]
  • Sony Ericsson Experia Arc[14]
  • Sony Ericsson Experia PLAY[14]
  • Sony Ericsson MT15iv[14]

Android Tablets

  • Sony Tablet S1/S2[15]

iOS devices


Over the top boxes

  • Sony Bravia TV[4]
  • Boxee(13)
  • Google TV(12)
  • Roku[4]
  • Sony Blu-ray Player[4]
  • Sony Streaming Player[4]
  • Sony Dash[4]

Live streaming

Crackle also has distributed live streaming events, including the This Is It movie preview [17] and a live streaming concert event for Wyclef Jean.[18]


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