(formerly is a humor website founded in 1998 that features comedy videos, flash games, and pictures among other material. The chief executive officer of Break is Keith Richman. The web site's target audience is men 18-35.cite news
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author=Paul R. La Monica


The main focus of the site is videos, with an emphasis on humorous videos and other material targeted towards their male demographic. Break also has several video categories including animation, military, sports, humor, movies and entertainment. Break posts roughly 8 new videos on the homepage per day, mostly consisting of user generated home movies of people performing stunts and pranks. Some of the videos feature people getting injured, usually as a result of their own recklessness or foolishness, on purpose or by accident, but Break does not post videos where it is certain someone has died (with the exception of the Saddam Hussein execution video). The site also includes television clips and other viral videos.

Visitors were once able to rank site material on a scale of 1 to 5, but Break has since replaced this feature with a thumbs up/thumbs down system. Negative scores are not allowed on videos - a "thumb down" simply counteracts the vote of a "thumb up." Users can also comment on most of the individual entries.

In January 2006, introduced a new file hosting system for its users to share their files. Shared files can be promoted to the homepage to be featured. Users that host original files promoted to the homepage are paid and the user relinquishes all rights to their material under contract. [ Terms Of Use] , Retrieved April 9, 2007]

As of July 2008, Break is one of the 300 most viewed sites in the world. [ Traffic Details:] , Alexa Internet, #248 retrieved July 15, 2008]

The website is owned by TMFT Enterprises, LLC.

Mainstream media content

In August 2006, and Showtime partnered to promote "Weeds" by encouraging users to upload original videos matching the themes of the show, with winners eligible for airing on the channel. [cite news
url='s Innovative Marketing Deal With Showtime
author=Heather Green

In March 2007, signed a contract with NBCU Digital Studios to develop a streaming broadband series to be featured on, tentatively titled "Breakers". The show will involve attractive women finding different ways to break objects.cite news
url=, Endemol to Launch Record Breakers
author=Mike Shields
] Breaker's advertising revenue will come from businesses paying to have their product smashed on the show.'s young-male demographic is expected to attract the advertisers. CEO Keith Richman stated "We have a male audience that likes attractive women and demolition."cite news
title=NBCU Digital Preps 'Breakers'
author=Andrew Wallenstein

In April 2007, announced a deal with Fear Factor/Big Brother (TV series) producer Endemol USA to create a new show called "Record Breakers". The show will center around contestants attempting to break obscure world-records. Endemol chose for its ability to reach the young-male demographic. According to MediaWeek the show is likely to carry pre-roll video advertisements and banner ads.

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