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January 2004 (Animax Asia launch)
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Animax Asia is the Japanese anime TV network Animax's English language feeds in Southeast Asia and South Asia, as well as its feeds across other regions of mainland Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Animax Asia is operated and broadcasted by Singapore-based SPE Networks - Asia Pte. Ltd., which is wholly owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Animax Asia was first launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia from January 2004" [ Sony Pictures Entertainment to Launch Animax Asia] ", Press Release, SPE, 29 October 2003, Anime News Network.] , and launched in several other countries soon after. It currently airs across over 28 million households.cite web|url=|title=About Animax - Animax Asia|publisher=Animax Asia|accessdate=2007-10-20]


Hong Kong and Taiwan

Animax Asia was first launched in Taiwan on January 1, 2004, and in Hong Kong on January 12, 2004. Its anime programming in the regions consists of numerous television series both old and new, including recent anime which is premiered in Taiwan and Hong Kong ahead of its other networks in Southeast Asia, such as "Death Note", "Blood+", "Trinity Blood", "Mushishi" and several others. cite web|url=|title=Animax-asia|publisher=Anime News Network|accessdate=2007-10-20]

outheast Asia

A week after its launch in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Animax launched in Southeast Asia, particularly in The Philippines and Indonesia, on January 19, 2004, originally featuring its anime programming exclusively in the original Japanese audio with English subtitling, becoming the company's first English language network. It also later incorporated a English audio dub feed. On August 31, 2006, Animax launched in Malaysia, utilizing the Southeast Asian English language feed and also airing its programming in a Japanese audio feed with subtitles in the local languages. The network's early programming in Southeast Asia consisted of such anime as "Chobits", "Cardcaptor Sakura", "Great Teacher Onizuka", "Haibane Renmei", "Doctor Dokkiri", "Vision of Escaflowne", "Midori no Hibi", "Captain Tsubasa", "Wolf's Rain", "Mobile Suit Gundam", "Cowboy Bebop", ', and it has gone on to air several series, including "Fate/stay night", "Blood+", "Honey and Clover", "Maria-sama ga Miteru", ', "Otogizōshi", "Jigoku Shōjo", "Galaxy Angel", "Witch Hunter Robin", "Samurai 7", "Gunslinger Girl", "Urusei Yatsura", and "Ranma 1/2".

It also utilizes numerous programming blocks, such as "Teen-Edge", which is aired on weekdays at 4:00pm and 5:30pm and has aired such programs as "Chibi Maruko-chan", "Hime-sama Goyōjin" (a.k.a. "Princess Be Careful") and "Tsubasa Chronicle", "Animania", which is aired on weekdays from 6:00pm and 6:30pm and has aired such programs as "Dragon Ball" and "Law of Ueki", "Mega Zone", its prime time programming block that is aired on weekdays from 7:00pm and aired such programs as "Gun X Sword", "Fate/stay night" and "Honey and Clover", and its "Weekends" programming block that is aired every Sunday at 9:00pm and 10:00pm and has aired series such as "Dear Boys", "Blood+" and "Please Teacher!".cite web|url=|title=Animax Asia official site|accessdate=2007-10-20]

outh Asia

On July 5 2004, Animax started operations across South Asia in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, featuring its programming within an English-language feed. Animax South Asia's programming consists of several noted anime series, including "Fate/stay night", "Blood+", "Cowboy Bebop", "Galaxy Angel", "Le Chevalier D'Eon", "Glass Fleet", "Doctor Dokkiri", ', "Wolf's Rain", ', "Cowboy Bebop", "Samurai 7", "Gunslinger Girl", "Fantastic Children", "Cardcaptor Sakura", "Tsubasa Chronicle", "Jigoku Shōjo", "Midori no Hibi", "Kyo Kara Maoh!", "GeGeGe no Kitaro 4", "Maria-sama ga Miteru" and "Magikano".

In India, Animax broadcasted 12 hours of anime in Hindi until 2006, where Animax changed the dubbing to English, although Hindi is available upon request.

As of July 2008, the network utilizes numerous programming blocks, such as "Sporty Thursday", which is aired on every Thursday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm and has broadcast sports-oriented anime such as "Captain Tsubasa" and "Ginban Kaleidoscope", "Romantic Wednesdays", which airs every Wednesday at 8:00pm to 9:00pm with romance, music and fashion-themed programs such as "La Corda D'Oro" and "Paradise Kiss", "Futuristic Monday", a Science fiction and fantasy-themed block which airs ' and "Sentō Yōsei Yukikaze", every Monday at 8:00pm to 9:00pm, "Supernatural at 10", which airs supernatural and horror-themed programs on every Monday to Friday from 10:00pm to 10:30pm, such as "Jigoku Shōjo", "Jigoku Shōjo Futakomori" and also at prime time, the network utilizes all-time favourites "Slam Dunk", "Kyo Kara Maoh" (seasons one and two), and "Keroro Gunsō" every monday to friday at 6:00 to 6:30 and also "Big Movie Monday", which aired OVAs and feature-length anime movies , such as ', ', "Onimusha", ', "Read or Die (OVA)", "Escaflowne", and "Appleseed".cite web|url=|title=Animax India official site|accessdate=2007-10-20]


On April 29, 2006, Animax started its operations in Korea, featuring its programming within a separate Korean feed.cite web|url=|title=Animax Crashes Korea on Saturday|publisher=Anime News Network|accessdate=2007-10-20] Animax Korea's early programming included such shows as "", "Otogizōshi", "Galaxy Angel", "Tweeny Witches", "Eureka Seven", "Blood+", "Jigoku Shōjo" and "Honey and Clover".cite web|url=|title=Animax Korea - Anime News Network|publisher=Anime News Network|accessdate=2007-10-20]


Animax has a separate satellite feed for the Philippines. It has a program lineup different from other Southeast Asian feeds, as well as a localized program, "Mad Mad Fun", and "Initial D the Fourth Stage" (with tagalog dubbed).

Primetime Schedule

As of September 2008

Primetime Schedule for Animax Southeast Asia

(except Philippines)

Primetime Schedule of Animax Philippines

Primetime Schedule of Animax India

"For Animax India's primetime schedule please visit Animax India."


* "'
* Onimusha
* Read or Die (OVA)
* Escaflowne
* Appleseed
* Steamboy
* Metropolis
* Memories
* Tokyo Godfathers
* Ghost in the Shell
* "'

Upcoming movie premieres

* (2008)
* LaMB (2009)

Upcoming show premieres

* BLEACH (2009)
* xxxholic from September
* Ayakashi (怪 ~ayakashi~) from October
* Darker than Black (2008/2009)
* Nodame Cantabile (2008/2009)


Animax Asia is the first 24-hour anime television network launched in the region and has broadcast numerous anime series, including ', "Cowboy Bebop", "Mobile Suit Gundam","Kyo Kara Maoh!", "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam", "Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam", "Honey and Clover", "Blood+", "InuYasha", "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Eureka Seven", "Urusei Yatsura", "Ranma 1/2", "Rurouni Kenshin", the "Dragon Ball" series, "Cardcaptor Sakura", "Tsubasa Chronicle", "Chobits", "Vision of Escaflowne", "Death Note", , "Wolf's Rain", "Future Boy Conan, "Emma - A Victorian Romance", "Trinity Blood", "Wangan Midnight", "Jigoku Shōjo", as well as several OVA series and anime films, such as "Steamboy", "Alien Nine", "Metropolis", "Memories", "Tokyo Godfathers", "Ghost in the Shell", ', ', ', "Appleseed", "", "Escaflowne", each of the "InuYasha" movies, and many others. Animax Asia also shows some music, youth/lifestyle shows, including Music Station and Technomax and has produced its own show Mad Mad Fun.

New 3D brand Identity

•Animax networks worldwide spruces up brand identity for on-air, off-air, online and mobile for a consistent and immersive evolution of the channel look on all platforms

•The new brand identity adds a fresh look and 3D touch, designed by Argentine agency Punga which enhanced the Animax brand identity that has been in use since 2006

•Brand identity refreshed through collaboration between SPE Networks and SPTI to keep Animax networks worldwide at the cutting edge of appeal to youth & young adults

From 1 September 2008,the new Animax’s signature acrylic cubes design element given a more polished and 3D-look, and the addition of new, innovative and colorful 3D design elements revolving round the cubes to add a touch of zest and dynamism to the brand identity. All visual elements are based on a lively color palette of blue, white and orange derived from the Animax logo and design layout to create a vibrant, playful yet sophisticated look.

Translation and dubbing teams

Animax has utilized numerous translation and dubbing studios for the broadcast of numerous of its anime series across its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia, some of which were not licensed by North American distributors and do not have any English adaptation counterparts, such as "Detective School Q", "Dokkiri Doctor", "Twin Spica", "Zettai Shōnen", "Clamp School", "", "Future Boy Conan", numerous installments of the "World Masterpiece Theater" series, and numerous others. Animax has also produced and aired uncensored English versions and dubs of anime series, among the most notable of them being their dub of "Cardcaptor Sakura", which was shown uncensored and retained all of the original names, plot details and dialogue, and numerous others.

For broadcast across its English-language networks, Animax has also broadcast English dubs produced by other enterprises, such as Bandai Entertainment, The Ocean Group, Bang Zoom, Geneon Entertainment, VIZ Media, Central Park Media, and numerous others, airing their dubs of "Cowboy Bebop", "Witch Hunter Robin", "Mobile Suit Gundam", "Brain Powerd", "Please Teacher!", "Galaxy Angel", "Arjuna", "Jubei-chan", "Tsukikage Ran", "Angel Tales", "Saber Marionette", "Appleseed", "Alien 9", the "InuYasha" films, "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Yukikaze" and several others.

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*List of programs broadcast by Animax

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