Bulgarian National Bank

Bulgarian National Bank
Bulgarian National Bank
Българска народна банка (Bulgarian)
Balgarska narodna banka
Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) headquarters in Sofia Coat of Arms of the Bulgarian National Bank
Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) headquarters in Sofia Coat of Arms of the Bulgarian National Bank
Headquarters Sofia
Established 25 January 1879
Governor Ivan Iskrov
Central bank of Bulgaria
Currency Bulgarian lev
ISO 4217 Code BGN
Website bnb.bg
The historical building of BNB today (now occupied by Office of Foreign economic affairs of Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism[1]

The Bulgarian National Bank (Bulgarian: Българска народна банка, Balgarska narodna banka, IPA: [bəːlɡarskɐ narodnɐ banka]) is the central bank of the Republic of Bulgaria with its headquarters in Sofia. The BNB has been established on 25 January 1879. It is an independent institution responsible for issuing all banknotes and coins in the country, overseeing and regulating the banking sector and keeping the government's currency reserves. The BNB is also the sole owner of the Bulgarian Mint.

The current governor is Ivan Iskrov.



The Bulgarian National Bank's headquarters in Sofia are located on the central Battenberg Square. The current edifice was commissioned to the noted architects Ivan Vasilyov and Dimitar Tsolov and built between 1934 and 1939 in the strict and non-decorative Neoclassical style of the time. It spreads over an area of 3,700 m² and has four overground and three underground storeys. The inner decoration is the work of Ivan Penkov and Dechko Uzunov.

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