Croatian National Bank

Croatian National Bank
Croatian National Bank
Hrvatska narodna banka
Building of the Croatian National Bank
Building of the Croatian National Bank
Headquarters Trg hrvatskih velikana 3
Coordinates 45°48′44″N 15°59′03″E / 45.81222°N 15.98417°E / 45.81222; 15.98417
Established 21 December 1990
Governor Željko Rohatinski
Central bank of Croatia
Currency Croatian kuna
ISO 4217 Code HRK

The Croatian National Bank (Croatian: Hrvatska narodna banka [xr̩ʋatska narɔdna baŋka] or HNB) is the central bank of the Republic of Croatia.

HNB was established by the Constitution of Croatia which was passed by the Croatian Parliament on 21 December 1990. Its main responsibilities are maintaining the stability of the national currency, the kuna, and ensuring general financial liquidity within the country. HNB also issues banknotes and holds the national monetary reserves. In performing its duties HNB acts as an independent institution responsible to the parliament. The bank has a share capital of 2,500,000 of Croatian kunas (near 485,292 USD).[citation needed] HNB acts in accordance with Law on Croatian National Bank.



Constitution of Croatia, made on 21 December 1990, determined in article 53,[1] Croatian National Bank as central bank of Republic of Croatia and found its responsibilities: "Croatian National Bank is central bank of Republic of Croatia. Croatian National Bank is responsible, within its rights and duties, for stability of the currency and for liquidity of payments in state and abroad. Croatian National Bank is independent in its activity and responsible to Croatian Sabor. Profits made by Croatian National Bank belong to Croatian state budget. Position of Croatian National Bank is made by law." By amendments of Constitution of Croatia in 1997, Bank's earlier name National Bank of Croatia (Croatian: Narodna banka Hrvatske is changed to Croatian National Bank Croatian: Hrvatska narodna banka)


  • Ante Čičin-Šain (August 1990 – May 1992)
  • Pero Jurković (June 1992 – February 1996)
  • Marko Škreb (March 1996 – July 2000)
  • Željko Rohatinski (July 2000 – present)

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  1. ^ Sabor Republike Hrvatske. Ustav Republike Hrvatske. Narodne novine. Retrieved 2011-08-29 (Croatian)

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Coordinates: 45°48′44″N 15°59′03″E / 45.81222°N 15.98417°E / 45.81222; 15.98417

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