James (name)

James (name)

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name = James

pronunciation=IPA|/dʒeɪmz/ or IPA|/dʒeɪms/
gender = Male
meaning = “he supplanted”
region =
origin = Hebrew
related names = Iacomus, Jacob, Jaime, Jamie, Séamas
footnotes =

James was the most common male name in the United States in 1990. [ [http://www.census.gov/genealogy/www/freqnames.html Frequently Occurring First Names and Surnames From the 1990 Census] , Site for locating the frequency of a given name in the 1990 U.S. Census, "US Census Bureau"] Likewise, in Northern Ireland, the name has appeared among the 10 most popular for the last quarter of the 20th Century and into the 21st. [cite press release
title = Jack and Emma were the most popular first names in Northern Ireland in 2003
publisher = Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
date = 2004-01-02 | accessdate = 2008-02-14
url = http://www.groni.gov.uk/Publication/512004111434.pdf | format = PDF
quote = Only one of the top 10 boy's names in 1975 (James) is still in the top 10 in 2003....

“James” is derived from the same Hebrew name as Jacob, meaning “holds the heel” (in the Genesis narrative, Jacob was born grasping Esau′s heel and later bought his birthright).

The name came into English language from the French variation of Gemmes of the Late Latin name Iacomus, a dialect variant of Iacobus, from the New Testament Greek Unicode|Ἰάκωβος (Iakōbos), from Hebrew word יעקב (Unicode|Yaʻaqov). Cognates include Jacob. The development "Iacobus" > "Iacomus" is likely a result of nasalization of the "o" and assimilation to the following "b" (i.e., intermediate *"Iacombus") followed by simplification of the cluster "mb" through loss of the "b".

*Albanian: Jakup, Jakub, Jakob or Jakov
*Amharic: ያዕቆብ (Ya`iqob)
*Arabic: يعقوب (Yaʻqub)
*Armenian: Հակոբ (western Hagop, eastern Hakob)
*Azerbaijani: Yaqub
*Basque: Jakes, Jakobe, Jakue
*Belarusian: Jakub
*Breton: Jagu, Jagut, Jacut, Jak, Jakes, Jakez, Jakezig, Jakou
*Bulgarian: Яков, (Yakov)
*Catalan: Jaim, Jaume, Xaume, Jacob
*Cantonese: 占士
*Cherokee: ᏤᎹᏎ (Tsemase), ᏤᎻ (Tsemi)
*Chinese: 詹姆斯 (zh„n m– s‹), 雅各
*Cornish: Jago, Jammes, Jamma
*Croatian: Jakov
*Czech: Jakub, Jakoubek (diminutive), Kuba (diminutive), Kubík (diminutive), Kubíček (diminutive), Kubas (informal, uncommon), Kubes (informal, uncommon), Kubis (informal, uncommon), Kubi (informal, uncommon)
*Danish: Jakob, Jeppe, Ib.
*Dutch: Jacob(us), Jakob, Jaap, Jobby, Cobus, Koos
*English: Jacob, Jakob (uncommon, by way of German, Yiddish, etc.), Jacoby (rare, chiefly American, and originally a surname), Jake, Jakey (diminutive), Jackie (diminutive, chiefly British), Jack (also taken more commonly as a diminutive for John), Coby (diminutive, uncommon, chiefly American); James, Jamie (diminutive, chiefly British), Jaime/Jaimie (diminutive, uncommon, chiefly American, and by way of Spanish), Jim Jimmy/Jimmi/Jimi (diminutive); Jacqueline/Jaqueline (feminized, by way of French), Jacqui/Jaqui (feminized diminutive), Jackie (feminized diminutive, chiefly American), Jacki (feminized diminutive), Jamie/Jamey (chiefly American), Jamie/Jami (feminized), Jay, Jem
*Esperanto: Jakobo
*Estonian: Jakob, Jaakob, Jaagup, Jaak
*Faroese: Jákup
*Finnish: Jaakob, Jaakoppi, Jaakko, Jamppa (diminutive)
*French: Jacques, Jacob, Jacquot, Jacot, Jaco, Jack (diminutive), Jacky (diminutive), Jacq (diminutive), Jacquy (diminutive), Jame, Gemmes (Normandy), Gemme (Normandy), Jacomo; Jacqueline (feminized)
*Friulian: Jacun
*Galician: Xaime, Iago, Diego, Xacobe
*Georgian: იაკობი (iakobi)
*German: Jakob, Jeckel (diminutive), Jaeckel (diminutive)
*Modern Greek: Ιακώβ (Iakόv), Ιάκωβος (Iákovos), Γιακουμής (Yakumís, possibly also from Ιωακείμ(Joachim)), Ιακωβίνα (Iakovína, feminized), Ζάκης (Zákis, French-sounding)
*Hawaiian: Kimo
*Hebrew: יעקב (Ya'aqov),קובי (Kobi : diminutive from Ya'akov)
*Hungarian: Jakab
*Icelandic: Jakob
*Indonesian: Yakobus, Yakub
*Irish: Séamas/Séumas, Shéamais (vocative, whence anglicized Hamish), Seamus (anglicized), Shamus (anglicized), Séimí (diminutive), Séimín (diminutive)
*Italian: Giacomo, Iacopo or Jacopo, Giacobbe
*Japanese: ヤコブ(Yakobu in the Bible) ジェイムズ (Jeimuzu in Katakana)
*Korean: 야곱(Yagop in the Old Testament), 야고보 (Yagobo in the New Testament), 제임스(Jeimseu In Hangul)
*Latin: Iacobus, Iacomus (vulgarized)
*Latvian: Džeimss
*Lithuanian: Jokūbas
*Macedonian: Јаков (Yakov)
*Malayalam: യാക്കോബ്‌ (Yacob), ചാക്കോ (Chacko)
*Maltese:Ġakbu, Jakbu
*Manx: Jayms
*Māori: Hemi
*Norwegian: Jakob, Jeppe
*Occitan: Jammes, James
*Polish: Jakub, Kuba, Kubuś (diminutive)
*Portuguese: Jacó (O.T. form), Jacob, Jaime, Tiago (contracted form — used in the N.T.), Diogo. Used only in Brazil: Thiago (Brazilian "anglicized" spelling), Diego, Jaqueline (fem.)
*Provençal: Jacme
*Romanian: Iacob, Iacov
*Russian: Яков (Yakov), Яша (Yasha) (diminutive)
*Scottish Gaelic: Seumas, Sheumais (vocative), Hamish (anglicized)
*Serbian (Cyrillic/Latinic): Јаков/Jakov (Yakov); Јаша/Jaša (Yasha) (diminutive)
*Slovak: Jakub, Kubo, Kubko (diminutive), Jakubko (diminutive)
*Slovenian: Jakob, Jaka
*Spanish: Jacobo, Jacob, Iago, Yago, Santiago, Jaime, Diego
*Swedish: Jakob
*Swiss German:Köbi, Chöbi, Jakobli (diminutive)
*Syriac: ܝܰܥܩܽܘܒ (Yaqub)
*Tagalog: Jaime
*Thai: เจมส์
*Turkish: Yakup
*Ukrainian: Яків ("Yakiv")
*Welsh: Iago, Jâms, Jago
*Yiddish: Yankel (diminutive of the Hebrew Ya'akov, a more religious form in the context of the Yiddishland - East European Jewish communities until WWII -), Yankele (diminutive of the precedent), Koppel (diminutive)


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