North Carolina General Assembly election, 2004

North Carolina General Assembly election, 2004

Elections to choose members of the North Carolina General Assembly, each of whom serves a two-year term, occurred on Tuesday, November 2, 2004. The U.S. Presidential election, 2004, U.S. House election, 2004, U.S. Senate election, 2004, North Carolina gubernatorial election, 2004, North Carolina Council of State election, 2004, and North Carolina judicial elections, 2004 were held on the same day.

Democratic Libertarian Republican
House District 1
Camden County, Currituck County, Paquaotank County, Tyrell County
W.C. Bill Owens, Jr.
unopposed in general election
House District 2
Chowan County, Dare County, Hyde County, Washington County
Bill Culpepper   Daniel M. Beall
House District 3
Pamlico County, Craven County (part)
Alice Graham Underhill Herbert M. Sobel Michael Speciale; won primary, 45%
Michael A. Gorman; lost primary, 38%
John M. Nichols; lost primary, 13%
Kirby R. Braxton; lost primary; 4%
House District 4
Duplin County, Onslow County (part)
Russell E. Tucker; won primary, 73%
unopposed in general election

Naverro Brown; lost primary, 16%
Martin L. Herring; lost primary, 10%
House District 5
Bertie County, Gates County, Hertford County
Howard Hunter, Jr.; won primary, 67%
Fred Yates; lost primary, 33%
Larry Cooke, Jr.  
House District 6
Beaufort County, Pitt County, North Carolina (part)
Arthur J. Williams III   Al Klemm
House District 7
Halifax County (part), Nash County, North Carolina (part)
John D. Hall
unopposed in general election
House District 8
Martin County, North Carolina
Edith D. Warren; won primary, 64%
Mary Lawrence Williams; lost primary, 36%
  Curt Hendrix
House District 9
Pitt County (part)
Marian N. McLawhorn
unopposed in general election
House District 10
Greene County, Lenoir County (part), Wayne County (part)
James D. Llelwellyn   Stephen LaRoque; won primary, 56%
Willie Ray Starling; lost primary, 44%
House District 11
Wayne County (part)
    Louis M. Pate, Jr.
unopposed in general election
House District 12
Craven County (part), Lenoir County (part)
William L. Wainwright   John Percy Wetherington Jr.
House District 13
Carteret County
Malcolm Fulcher   Jean R. Preston
House District 14
Onslow County (part)
Kever M. Clark   George G. Cleveland; won primary, 54%
Keith P. Williams; lost primary, 46%
House District 15
Onslow County (part)
    Robert Grady
unopposed in general election
House District 16
New Hanover (part), Pender County (part)
    Carolyn Justice; won primary, 61%
unopposed in general election

Rick Catlin; lost primary, 39%
House District 17
Brunswick County (part)
E. David Redwine Edward Gore Bonner Stiller
House District 18
New Hanover County (part), Pender County (part)
Thomas E. Wright; won primary, 81%
Fred Spain; lost primary, 19%
  Frankie Roberts
House District 19
New Hanover County (part)
    Danny McComas
unopposed in general election
House District 20
Columbus County, Brunswick County (part)
Dewey L. Hill; won primary, 50%
unopposed in general election

Richard Wright; lost primary, 50%
House District 21
Samspon County (part), Wayne County (part)
Larry M. Bell
unopposed in general election
House District 22
Bladen County, Cumberland County (part)
Edd Nye; won primary, 53%
unopposed in general election

William Brisson; lost primary, 47%
House District 23
Edgecombe County (part), Wilson County (part)
Joe Tolson   Henry Williams, II
House District 24
WilsonCounty (part), Edgecombe County (part)
Jean Farmer Butterfield
unopposed in general election
House District 25
Nash County (part)
    Bill Daughtridge
unopposed in general election
House District 26
Johnston County (part)
    Leo Daughtry
unopposed in general election
House District 27
Northampton County, Warren County, Vance County (part)

Michael H. Wray; first primary, 29%
Grace M. Edwards; first primary, 29%
Richard M. Henderson; lost primary, 29%
John Soles; lost primary, 16%
Julius O. Webb; lost primary, 2%
House District 28
Johnston County (part), Sampson County (part)
    James H. Langdon, Jr
unopposed in general election
House District 29
Durham County (part)
Paul Miller
unopposed in general election
House District 30
Durham County (part)
Paul Luebke Sean Haugh  
House District 31
Durham County (part)
Mickey Michaux Michael P. Owen  
House District 32
Granville County, Vance County (part)
Jim Crawford; won primary, 56%
James J. Gooch; lost primary, 44%
Tom Howe  
House District 33
Wake County (part)
Bernard Allen Steven Hilton  
House District 34
Wake County (part)
Grier Martin   Don Munford; won primary, 76%
J. H. Ross; lost primary, 24%
House District 35
Wake County (part)
Jennifer Weiss Graham Yarko Thomas  
House District 36
Wake County (part)
  Gary Goodson Nelson Dollar; won primary, 64%
David Miner; lost primary, 36%
House District 37
Wake County (part)
  H. Wade Minter Paul Stam
House District 38
Wake County (part)
Deborah K. Ross   Phil Jeffreys
House District 39
Wake County (part)
Linda Coleman; won primary, 60%
Darren Jackson; lost primary, 40%
  Sam Ellis; won primary, 62%
Jeff Eddins; lost primary, 38%
House District 40
Wake County (part)
Joe O'Shaughnessy Andrew Hatchell Rick Eddins; won primary, 50%
David S. Robinson; lost primary, 50%
House District 41
Wake County (part)
    J. Russell Capps; won primary, 58%
unopposed in general election

Thayne N. Conrad; lost primary, 42%
House District 42
Cumberland County (part)
Marvin W. Lucas   Bob White
House District 43
Cumberland County (part)
Mary McAllister; won primary, 58%
Elmer Floyd; lost primary, 42%
House District 44
Cumberland County (part)
Margaret Highsmith Dickson   Ralph Reagan
House District 45
Cumberland County (part)
Rick Glazier; won primary, 51%
Alex Warner; lost primary, 49%
  Robert T. Lawrence
House District 46
Scotland County (part), Hoke County (part), Robeson County (part)
Douglas Y. Yongue
unopposed in general election
House District 47
Robeson County (part)
Ronnie Sutton
unopposed in general election
House District 48
Hoke County (part), Scotland County (part), Robeson County (part)
Garland E. Pierce; won primary, 41%
unopposed in general election

J. D. Willis; lost primary, 39%
Russell C. Smith; lost primary, 20%
House District 49
Franklin County, Halifax County (part), Nash County (part)
Lucy T. Allen   Renee McCormick
House District 50
Caswell County, Orange County (part)

Bill Faison; won primary, 52%
unopposed in general election

Barry Jacobs; lost primary, 42%
Joel F. Knight II; lost primary, 4%
Duke Underwood; lost primary, 2%
House District 51
Lee County, Harnett County (part)
Leslie Cox   John Sauls
House District 52
Moore County (part)
    Richard T. Morgan; won primary, 51%
unopposed in general election

Peggy Crutchfield; lost primary, 49%
House District 53
Harnett County (part)
Louise Taylor   David Lewis
House District 54
Chatham County, Orange County (part), Moore County (part)
Joe Hackney
unopposed in general election
House District 55
Person County, Durham County (part)
Winkie Wilkins Tom Rose  
House District 56
Orange County (part)
Verla Insko
unopposed in general election
House District 57
Guilford County (part)
Pricey Harrison   Joanne W. Bowie
House District 58
Guilford County (part)
Alma Adams Walter J. Sperko Olga Morgan Wright
House District 59
Guilford County (part)
Maggie Jeffus Allison N. Jaynes Jim Rumley
House District 60
Guilford County (part)
Earl Jones
unopposed in general election
House District 61
Guilford County (part)
    Laura I. Wiley; won primary, 51%
unopposed in general election

Steven W. Wood; lost primary, 49%
House District 62
Guilford County (part)
    John Blust; won primary, 75%
unoposed in general election

James P. Attaway; lost primary, 25%
House District 63
Alamance County (part)
Alice Bordsen
unopposed in general election
House District 64
Alamance County (part)
    Cary D. Allred; won primary, 83%
unopposed in general election

A. J. Glass; lost primaary, 17%
House District 65
Rockingham County (part)
Nelson Cole   Wayne Sexton
House District 66
Richmond County, Montgomery County (part)
Melanie Wade Goodwin; won primary, 79%
Anthony G. Copeland; lost primary, 21%
House District 67
Stanly County, Montgomery County (part), Union County (part)
June Mabry   David Almond; won primary, 40%
Bobby Harold Barbee; lost primary, 38%
Kenny Furr; lost primary, 11%
Lester F. Galloway; lost primary, 7%
W. P. Davis; lost primary, 5%
House District 68
Union County (part)
    Curtis Blackwood
unopposed in general election
House District 69
Anson County, Union County (part)
Pryor Gibson; won primary, 65%
Ken Honeycutt; lost primary, 35%
  Hilda L. Morton
House District 70
Randolph County (part)
  Douglas Kania Arlie F. Culp; won primary, 53%
Jim Parker; lost primary, 25%
Bucky Jernigan; lost primary, 22%
House District 71
Forsyth County (part)
Larry W. Womble Lynn Haggerty  
House District 72
Forsyth County (part)
Earline W. Parmon
unopposed in general election
House District 73
Forsyth County (part), Davidson County (part)
  Michael Smith Larry R. Brown; won primary, 77%
Mike Decker, Sr.; lost primary, 23%
House District 74
Forsyth County (part)
Tom Brandon   Dale R. Folwell; first primary, 29%
Debra Conrad-Sharader; first primary, 26%
Winfield Beroth; lost primary, 19%
Jonathan Dills; lost primary, 11%
Tom Southern; lost primary, 8%
Derrick G. Hinson, Sr.; lost primary, 4%
Josh Wood; lost primary, 3%
House District 75
Forsyth County (part)
    Bill McGee
unopposed in general election
House District 76
Rowan County (part)
    Fred F. Steen, II; won primary, 53%
Chad Mitchell; lost primary, 27%
Thomas L. Smith; lost primary, 19%
House District 77
Rowan County (part)
Lorene T. Coates   Lynn Dula
House District 78
Randolph County (part)
    Harold J. Brubaker
unopposed in general election
House District 79
Davie County, Iredell County (part)
    Julia Craven Howard; won primary, 53%
Frank Mitchell; lost primary, 47%
House District 80
Davidson County (part)
    Jerry C. Dockham
unopposed in general election
House District 81
Davidson County (part)
L. Hugh Holliman
unopposed in general election
House District 82
Cabarrus County (part)
  Carl Miller Jeff Barnhart; won primary, 65%
W. Drew Becker; lost priimary, 27%
Scott R. Herman; lost primary, 8%
House District 83
Cabarrus County (part)
  Caroline Gellner Linda P. Johnson
House District 84
Avery County, Mitchell County, Yancey County (part), Caldwell County (part)
  C. Barry Williams Phillip Frye; won primary, 54%
Charles M. Buchanan; lost primary, 46%
House District 85
McDowell County, Burke County (part)
Philip J. Tate   Mitch Gillespie
House District 86
Burke County (part)
Walt Church
unopposed in general election
House District 87
Caldwell County (part)
Woody Tucker; won primary, 70%
Larry K. Clark; lost primary, 30%
  Edgar V. Starnes
House District 88
Alexander County, Catawba County (part)
Joel Harbinson   Mark W. Hollo; won primary, 43%
Grimes Byerly; lost priimary, 36%
Jill Griffin; lost primary, 15%
Ray Henderson; lost primary, 6%
House District 89
Catawba County (part)
    Mitchell Smith Setzer
unopposed in general election
House District 90
Alleghany County, Surry County (part)
Jim Harrell   Jack Conaway
House District 91
Stokes County, Rockingham County (part)
Robert W. Mitchell   Bryan R. Holloway; won primary, 54%
Rex L. Baker; lost primary, 46%
House District 92
Yadkin County County (part) County (part)
    George M. Holmes
unopposed in general election
House District 93
Ashe County, Watauga County
Cullie Tarleton; won primary, 55%
Dan Hense; lost primary, 45%
Brandon Derr Gene Wilson
House District 94
Wilkes County
    R. Tracy Walker; won primary, 61%
unopposed in general election

David Sprinkle; lost primary, 39%
House District 95
Iredell County (part)
    Karen Ray
unopposed in general election
House District 96
Catawba County (part)
    Mark K. Hilton
unopposed in general election
House District 97
Lincoln County
Ken H. Fortenberry   Joe L. Kiser
House District 98
Mecklenburg County (part)
    John W. Rhodes
unopposed in general election
House District 99
Mecklenburg County (part)
Drew P. Saunders
unopposed in general election
House District 100
Mecklenburg County (part)
James B. Black
unopposed in general election
House District 101
Mecklenburg County (part)
Beverly M. Earle
unopposed in general election
House District 102
Mecklenburg County (part)
'Becky Carney
unopposed in general election
House District 103
Mecklenburg County (part)
Sid Sowers Stephen Burr Jim Gulley
House District 104
Mecklenburg County (part)
    Ed McMahan
unopposed in general election
House District 105
Mecklenburg County (part)
    Doug Vinson; won primary, 76%
unoppposed in general election

Ken Gjertsen; lost primary, 24%
House District 106
Mecklenburg County (part)
Martha Alexander
unopposed in general election
House District 107
Mecklenburg County (part)
W. Pete Cunningham   Kenny Houck
House District 108
Gaston County (part)
William F. Manning, Sr.   John Melvin Rayfield
House District 109
Gaston County (part)
Shirley M. Wiggins   William A. Current, Sr.; won primary, 60%
Donnie Loftis; lost primary, 24%
Pat Underwood; lost primary, 16%
House District 110
Gaston County (part), Cleveland County (part)
Jim Long; won primary, 62%
Glenda Payne Eudy; lost primary, 38%
  Debbie Ann Clary; won primary, 64%
Floyd Wright; lost priimary, 36%
House District 111
Cleveland County (part)
Kathryn H. Hamrick   Tim Moore
House District 112
Rutherford County, Cleveland County (part)
Bob England Ralph Haulk Mike Hager
House District 113
Cleveland County, Transylvania County, Henderson County (part)
    Trudi Walend
unopposed in general election
House District 114
Buncombe County (part)
Susan Fisher   Bill Porter
House District 115
Buncombe County (part)
D. Bruce Goforth Robert Parker Barbara Boyd
House District 116
Buncombe County (part)
Doug Jones   Wilma M. Sherrill
House District 117
Henderson County (part)
Wayne Bastedo   Carolyn K. Justus
House District 118
Madison County, Haywood County (part), Yancey County (part)
Ray Rapp
unopposed in general election
House District 119
Swain County, Macon County (part), Haywood County (part)
Phil Haire   Margaret Carpenter
House District 120
Cherokee County, Clay County, Graham County, Macon County (part)
    Roger West
unopposed in general election
Senate District 1
Beaufort County, Camden County, Currituck County, Dare County
Hyde County, Pasquotank County, Tyrrell County, Washington County
Marc Basnight   Ron Toppin
Senate District 2
Carteret County, Craven County, Pamlico County
Scott Thomas Richard C Evey Chuck Tyson
Senate District 3
Edgecombe County, Martin County, Pitt County (part)
Charles Johnson; first primary, 33%
Clark Jenkins; first primary, 33%
Jim Rouse; lost primary, 26%
Shelly Willingham; lost primary, 8%
  Beverly Moore
Senate District 4
Bertie County, Chowan County, Gates County, Halifax County
Hertford County, Northampton County, Perquimans County
Robert L. Holloman; won primary, 47%
Patricia Ferguson; lost primary, 30%
Sammy D. Webb; lost primary, 23%
Senate District 5
Greene County, Wayne County (part), Pitt County (part)
John Kerry   Tony P. Moore
Senate District 6
Jones County, Onslow County
Cecil Hargett, Jr. Mathew Tillman Harry Brown; won primary; 57%
Tommy Pollard; lost primary, 43%
Senate District 7
Franklin County, Granville County, Vance County, Warren County
Doug Berger; first primary, 37%
Darryl D. Moss; first primary, 20%
Bobby W. Rogers; lost primary, 19%
C. Douglas Jackson; lost primary, 11%
Bernard A. Holliday; lost primary, 8%
Jack Day; lost primary, 5%
  Harold N. Frazier
Senate District 8
Brunswick County, Columbus County, Pender County
R. C. Soles, Jr.   Jack Swann
Buford McConatha
Senate District 9
New Hanover County,
Julia Boseman; won primary, 80%
Buff McConatha; lost primary, 20%
  Woody White; won primary, 71%
Don Hayes; lost primary, 29%
Senate District 10
Duplin County, Lenoir County, Sampson County
Charles W. Albertson   Rich Jarman; won primary, 68%
Adrain Ray Arnett; lost primary, 32%
Senate District 11
Nash County, Wilson County
A. B. Swindell   Dennis Nielsen
Senate District 12
Johnston County, Wayne County (part)
    Fred Smith
Senate District 13
Hoke County, Robeson County
David F. Weinstein    
Senate District 14
Wake County (part)
Vernon Malone   John Odoom; won primary, 55%
Carol Bennett; lost primary, 32%
Johnnie C. Mayfield; lost primary, 13%
Senate District 15
Wake County (part)
  Lee Griffin Neal Hunt; won primary, 62%
John H. Carrington; lost primary, 32%
Jean Koch; lost primary, 6%
Senate District 16
Wake County (part)
Janet Cowell; won primary, 49%
Jack Nichols; lost primary, 24%
Carter Worthy; lost primary, 19%
Mike Shea; lost primary, 7%
Jason P. Mara Mark A. Bradrick
Senate District 17
Wake County (part)
Norwood Clark Ryan Maas Richard Stevens
Senate District 18
Chatham County, Lee County, Durham County (part)
Bob Atwater; won primary, 52%
Paul D. Carrington; lost primary, 37%
Tommy Griffin; lost primary, 11%
Jon Guze Christine Mumma
Senate District 19
Bladen County, Cumberland County (part)
Tony Rand   George Quigley
Senate District 20
Durham County (part)
Jeanne H. Lucas Ray Ubinger  
Senate District 21
Cumberland County (part)
Larry Shaw; won primary, 50%
D.J. Haire; lost primary, 47%
Mohammed Smith; lost primary, 3%
Brian Irving Richard D. Evans
Senate District 22
Harnett County, Moore County
Oscar N. Harris   Harris Blake
Senate District 23
Orange County, Person County
Ellie Kinnaird   Kim James
Senate District 24
Alamance County, Caswell County
Tony Foriest; won primary, 68%
Tim Purgason; lost primary, 32%

Hugh Webster

Senate District 25
Anson County, Richmond County, Scotland County, Stanly County
William R. Purcell    
Senate District 26
Rockingham County, Guilford County (part)
    Philip E. Berger; won primary, 69%
Tim Sessions; lost primary, 28%
Roger Erdely' lost primary, 3%
Senate District 27
Guilford County (part)
Kay Hagan Rusty Sheridan Bobby Coffer
Senate District 28
Guilford County (part)
Katie G. Dorsett    
Senate District 29
Montgomery County,
Charles K. Moss   Jerry W. Tillman; won primary, 60%
Joe O. Shaw; lost primary, 40%
Senate District 30
Alleghany County, Stokes County, Surry County, Yadkin County
Melvin T. Jackson   Don W. East
Senate District 31
Forsyth County (part)
    Hamilton C. Horton
Senate District 32
Forsyth County (part)
Linda Garrou; won primary, 80%
Jermaine Baxter; lost primary, 20%
  W.R. Dowe
Senate District 33
Davidson County, Guilford County (part)
    Stan Bingham
Senate District 34
Davie County, Rowan County,
Larry C. Brown   Andrew C. Brock; won primary, 67%
Gus Andrews; lost primary, 33%
Senate District 35
Union County, Mecklenburg County (part)
  Sean A. Johnson W. Edward Goodall, Jr.; won primary, 69%
Paul Standridge; lost primary, 31%
Senate District 36
Cabarrus County, Iredell County (part)
  Mike Helms Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.
Senate District 37
Mecklenburg County (part)
Daniel G. Clodfelter    
Senate District 38
Mecklenburg County (part)
Charlie Dannelly; won primary, 76%
Lawrence B. Brinson; lost primary, 24%
Senate District 39
Mecklenburg County (part)
  Andy Grum Robert Pittenger
Senate District 40
Mecklenburg County (part)
Malcolm Graham; won primary, 63%
Fountain Odom; lost primary, 37%
  Brian Sisson
Senate District 41
Lincoln County, Iredell County (part), Gaston County (part)
Rita W. McElwaine   James Forrester; won primary, 58%
R.B. Sloan; lost primary, 42%
Senate District 42
Catawba County, Iredell County (part)
    Austin Allran
Senate District 43
Gaston County (part)
David W. Hoyle   Russell Fleming
Senate District 44
Burke County, Caldwell County
Richard Cornwell Avery; won primary, 57%
Dan DeHart; lost primary, 43%
  Jim Jacumin; won primary, 62%
George S. Robinson; lost primary, 38%
Senate District 45
Alexander County, Ashe County, Watauga County, Wilkes County
Jim Cain   John Garwood
Senate District 46
Cleveland County, Rutherford County
Walter H. Dalton; won primary, 83%
James W. Carr; lost primary, 17%
  James Testa
Senate District 47
Avery County, Madison County, McDowell County
Mitchell County, Yancey County, Haywood County (part)
Joe Sam Queen   Keith W Presnell
Senate District 48
Henderson County, Polk County, Buncombe County (part)
Matthew C. Rogers   Tom Apodaca
Senate District 49
Buncombe County (part)
Martin L. Nesbitt   R.L. Clark
Senate District 50
Cherokee County, Clay County, Graham County, Jackson County, Macon County
Swain County, Transylvania County, Haywood County (part)
John J. Snow, Jr. Ben Lamm Robert C. Carpenter

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