Midbrain tegmentum

Midbrain tegmentum
Brain: Midbrain tegmentum
Transverse section of mid-brain at level of superior colliculi. ("Tegmentum" visible center right.)
Section through superior colliculus showing path of oculomotor nerve. (Tegmentum not labeled, but surrounding structures more clearly defined.)
Latin Tegmentum Mesencephali
Gray's subject #188 802
Part of Midbrain
NeuroNames hier-482
MeSH Tegmentum+Mesencephali
NeuroLex ID birnlex_1200

The midbrain tegmentum is the part of the midbrain extending from the substantia nigra to the cerebral aqueduct in a horizontal section of the midbrain. It forms the floor of the midbrain which surrounds the cerebral aqueduct.

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