Order of the Griffon

Order of the Griffon
Order of the Griffon
Order of the Griffon
Cover art
Developer(s) Westwood Associates
Publisher(s) Turbo Technologies
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Platform(s) TurboGrafx-16
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Tactical Role-playing Game
Mode(s) Single-player
Media/distribution Cartridge

Order of the Griffon is a tactical role-playing game for the TurboGrafx-16 developed by Westwood Associates and based on the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). The game is set in the nation of Karameikos within D&D's Mystara setting.



Order of the Griffon uses a turn-based combat engine similar to that of the Gold Box games, such as Pool of Radiance. Unlike many Gold Box games, however, Order of the Griffon utilizes the Basic Dungeons & Dragons rules instead of the AD&D rules. Players select four pre-generated characters from the following classes: fighter, dwarf, mage, thief, halfling, cleric, and elf. Although characters are pre-generated, the player is offered three character options per class, each with different strengths and weaknesses.[citation needed] Characters start at the 1st level of experience and can achieve a maximum of 8th level.[1]. Order of the Griffon uses a third person perspective similar to Eye of the Beholder in cities and dungeons, and a bird's eye view for both the overland map and combat encounters.


Lord Korrigan, the ruler of Radlebb Keep,[2] commissions the party of adventurers to investigate strange rumors of vampires, lycanthropes, and undead roaming the lands. Shortly thereafter the party uncovers assassination plots against Karameikan leaders, a conspiracy between various factions to turn innocent people into undead, and foretellings of the return of an ancient vampire.

The party's travels take them to three cities (Specularum, Radlebb Keep, and Kelvin)[2] as well as to various ruined sites, keeps, caves, and forests as they attempt to recover the four stones (ruby, onyx, death gem, and diamond) and prevent the evil Vampire Koriszegy from amassing an army of the dead. The game culminates in a final showdown with the evil vampire himself.


The game includes competing factions and organizations. The Order of the Griffon is an honorable society of paladins, knights, and fighters with branches throughout Karameikos.[2] The Iron Ring is a powerful criminal organization composed of bandits, cut-throats, and lycanthropes hired by the vampire Korizsegy to carry out many of his evil schemes, including assassinations and kidnappings of important political leaders). Its main branch is hidden deep within the Karameikan forests.[2] An evil wolf pack is hired by Koriszegy and led by the sentient dire wolf, Collum, who was to give the Staff of Life to the Iron Ring after the latter had eliminated the rival Dosmo pack. The party joins the Order of the Griffon after successfully defeating Collum and retrieving the Staff of Life.


The game also includes a number of powerful magic items. The Four Stones (ruby, onyx, death gem, and diamond) imbue the user with the ability to transform living victims into undead. The Staff of Life allows access into Koriszegy Crypt. The Chalice is able to neutralize the poison that nearly kills Duke Stefan. The Staff of Halav is the only item that can kill the Vampire Koriszegy.

Prominent Non-Player Characters

  • Lord Korrigan is the ruler of Radlebb Keep that commissions the party to look into the rumors regarding undead and lycanthropes spotted in the Karameikan forests. He is initially very skeptical about these reports.
  • Duke Stefan Karameikos is the ruler of Karameikos.[2] He resides in Stefan Manor with his family in the capital city of Specularum, and is the victim of an assassination attempt made by the Iron Ring.
  • Adriana Karameikos is the daughter of Duke Stefan,[2] and a victim of an Iron Ring kidnapping.
  • King Halav is a legendary Karameikan hero that drove off the beastmen.[2] He appears as a spectral figure that guides the player characters while in his tomb. He possesses of two of the artifacts needed to defeat the evil vampire.
  • Collum is a sentient dire wolf who leads a major wolf pack which lives in the caves north of Radlebb Keep. He guards the key to the ancient village of Koriszegy where the Staff of Life is hidden.
  • A white dragon hides deep within Koriszegy Crypt.[2]
  • General of the Iron Ring leads the Iron Ring branch in Karameikos.[2]
  • Vampire Koriszegy is the game's ultimate villain. He forms an alliance between the undead, Iron Ring, local humanoids, and Collum's wolves to kidnap Karameikan citizens and transform them into undead using the four stones.[2]


Frank Klepacki composed the game's music, and cites it as the low-point of his career due to difficulties working with the limited musical capabilities of the TG-16's sound engine.[3]


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