Polyhedron (magazine)

Polyhedron (magazine)

"Polyhedron" was a magazine which started out as the official publication of the RPGA (Role Playing Gamers Association). Publication began in the year 1981, and the target audience was players of the "Dungeons & Dragons" roleplaying game. Articles were written by gamers for other gamers in the style of the "Dragon" magazine, and information was included on RPGA membership and events. The magazine was quarterly at first and became bimonthly in 1983. For several years it was available only to RPGA members; for some, joining the RPGA essentially amounted to a subscription to "Polyhedron".

In 2002, Paizo Publishing acquired publishing rights and merged the "Polyhedron" magazine with the sister publication "Dungeon" to form a single magazine (issue 90 of "Dungeon" and issue 149 of "Polyhedron" were one and the same magazine, and this dual numbering continued throughout this period). This ended the association of "Polyhedron" with the RPGA. It also marked a major change in the magazine's focus, from a primarily "Dungeons & Dragons"-oriented magazine similar to "Dragon" to a general d20 system magazine that often featured entirely new, simple role-playing games based on this system, along with support for non-D&D d20 games such as d20 Modern. Eventually another formerly separate magazine, the "Living Greyhawk Journal", briefly became a section in "Polyhedron" as well.

Though this version of "Polyhedron" had many vocal supporters, sales were poor, a situation many blamed on putting two magazines with distinct target audiences together in one somewhat higher-priced package. The "Polyhedron" section was removed from "Dungeon" as part of a major revamp of the latter magazine in 2004 and "Polyhedron" is no longer published in any form.

For a short time in 2006 and 2007, Wizards of the Coast used the name "Polyhedron" for a "Dungeons & Dragons" email newsletter. As far as can be determined at this time, the newsletter consisted of advertisements for the company's Web site and does not seem to have been particularly popular.

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