Nyima County

Nyima County
Nyima County
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Location of Nyima County within Tibet
Coordinates: 34°06′35″N 87°50′31″E / 34.10972°N 87.84194°E / 34.10972; 87.84194
Country China
Province Tibet
Prefecture Nagchu Prefecture
Capital [[]]
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Nyima County (Tibetan སོག་རྫོང་ Wylie sog rdzong; Chinese: 尼玛县; Pinyin: Nímǎ Xiàn) is the largest county within the Nagchu Prefecture and in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Coordinates: 34°06′35″N 87°50′31″E / 34.10972°N 87.84194°E / 34.10972; 87.84194

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