The Apprentice (TV series)

The Apprentice (TV series)
The Apprentice
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Genre Reality television
Created by Mark Burnett
Composer(s) Jeff Lippencott and Mark T. Williams, Ah2 Music
Country of origin United States
Executive producer(s) Mark Burnett, Donald J. Trump, Jay Bienstock
Original channel NBC
Original run January 8, 2004 (2004-01-08) – present
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The Apprentice is a television franchise which originated in 2004 in the United States. As originally conceived, the show depicted 16 contestants from around the country with various backgrounds competing in an elimination-style competition to become an apprentice to Donald Trump. The winning contestant would have the opportunity to work for Trump as the president of one of his companies for at least one year with an annual salary of $250,000. The Apprentice was developed by British TV producer Mark Burnett, who successfully brought Survivor to the US. Since its premier, the show has spawned many licensed international versions as well as several imitations.


Original series

The Apprentice is a reality television show that originated in the United States on NBC. Billed as "The Ultimate Job Interview," the show depicts a group of 15-18 businessmen and -women competing in an elimination-style competition for a one-year, $250,000 job of running one of real estate magnate Donald Trump's companies. The position starts with an introductory one-year contract with a starting yearly salary of $250,000 USD.

The first season aired during winter and spring of 2004, executive produced by Mark Burnett, Jay Bienstock, and Donald Trump, who also hosts the show. The show led Trump to become known for his fateful catch phrase "You're Fired!". The theme song for the show is "For the Love of Money" by The O'Jays, and other themes and underscore are written by composers Mark T. Williams and Jeff Lippencott of Ah2 Music.

The contestants live communally in a suite at Trump Tower in New York City and the boardroom showdown is with Trump and two of his associates (usually Carolyn Kepcher, Former Chief Operating Officer and General Manager for the Trump National Golf Club, and George H. Ross, Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization). Season 6 saw the show move to Los Angeles. On May 14, 2007 NBC announced the show was not on its fall 2007 schedule, but that a decision to cancel or renew it had not yet been made. On 19 May 2007, Trump announced that he was "moving on from The Apprentice",[citation needed] effectively ending the series. However, on 22 May, NBC responded by saying Trump still has a year left on his contract.[citation needed] On July 16, 2007 NBC renewed the show for mid-season as a special celebrity edition, with season seven debuting on January 3, 2008. The eighth season of The Apprentice premiered on NBC on March 1, 2009. Similar to the previous season, all contestants were celebrities playing for charity.[1] The ninth season of The Apprentice began in Spring 2010, also featuring a celebrity cast.[2]

A new season with regular candidates started September 16th 2010 on NBC.

International versions

Country Name 'Host' Channel Catchphrase Winners
Africa countries The Apprentice Africa Mr. Biodun Shobanjo Nigeria NTA
Ghana TV3
Kenya KTN
Uganda WBS
Tanzania TBC1
Season 1, 2008: Ghana Isaac Dankyi-Koranteng
Arab League Arab World الإدارة جدارة
El Idara Jadara
United Arab Emirates Mohamed Ali Alabbar LBC Season 1, 2005: Cancelled
 Australia The Apprentice Mark Bouris Nine Season 1, 2009: Andrew Morello
 Belgium De Topmanager Rob Heyvaert VT4 Season 1, 2006: Claudia Schiepers
 Brazil O Aprendiz Roberto Justus Rede Record Você está demitido!

Season 1, 2004: Vivianne Ventura
Season 2, 2005: Fábio de Oliveira Porcel
Season 3, 2006: Anselmo Martini
Season 4, 2007: Tiago de Aguiar Pereira
Season 5, 2008: Clodoaldo Araújo
Season 6, 2009: Marina Erthal

João Dória Jr

Season 7, 2010: Samara Schuch
Series 8, 2011: Upcoming series

 China “赢在中国
Yíng zài zhōngguó
CCTV Season 1, 2006: ??
 Colombia El Aprendiz Jean-Claude Bessudo Canal Caracol Estás despedido! Season 1, 2006: Kees Stapel
 Czech Republic&
Šéfka Nora Mojsejová Czech RepublicTV Prima
SlovakiaTV JOJ
U mňa si dnes skončil! Season 11, 2011: Slovakia Michal Pilip
 Denmark Hyret Eller Fyret Klaus Riskaer Pedersen Kanal 5 Du er fyret Season 1, 2005: Louise Holm
 Estonia Mantlipärija Armin Karu TV3 Season 1, 2007: Sverre Puustusmaa
 Finland Diili Jari Sarasvuo MTV3 Olet vapautettu

Season 1, 2005: Olli Rikala

Hjallis Harkimo Sä saat potkut!

Season 2, 2009: Antti Seppinen
Season 3, 2010: Mira Kasslin
Season 4, 2011: Upcoming series

 Germany Big Boss Reiner Calmund RTL Sie haben frei Season 1, 2004: Carmen Dohmen
 Georgia კანდიდატი
Lado Gurgenidze Rustavi 2 Season 1, 2004: Luka Lomaia
Kakha Bendukidze Imedi Season 1, 2011: Current Season
 India[3] Business Baazigar Cyrus Sahukar Zee TV Handing out air tickets Season 1, 2005: Irfan Alam
 Indonesia The Apprentice Indonesia Peter Gontha Indosiar Anda saya pecat Season 1, 2005: Fendi Gunawan Liem
 Ireland The Apprentice Bill Cullen TV3 You are fired!

Season 1, 2008: Brenda Shanahan
Season 2, 2009: Steve Rayner
Season 3, 2010: Michelle Massey

 Netherlands De Nieuwe Moszkowicz Bram Moszkowicz AVRO Season 1, 2005: Nienke Hoogervorst
 New Zealand The Apprentice Terry Serepisos TV2 Season 1, 2010: Thomas Ben
 Norway Kandidaten Inger Ellen Nicolaisen TVNORGE Du har sparken Season 1, 2005: Jeanette Bretteville[4]
 Russia[5] Кандидат
Arkady Novikov TNT Вы уволены
Vy uvoleny

Season 1, 2005: Tatyana Burdelova

Vladimir Potanin

Season 2, 2006: ??
Season 3, 2007: ??

 South Africa The Apprentice:SA Tokyo Sexwale SABC3 You're dismissed! Season 1, 2009: Zanele Batyashe & Khomotso Choma
 Spain El Aprendiz Lluís Bassat La Sexta Season 1, 2009: Juan Ignacio Lanchares
 Switzerland Traum Job Jürg Marquard SF1 Sie sind raus Season 1, 2005: Martin
 Turkey[6] Çırak Tuncay Özilhan Kanal D Seninle çalışmak istemiyorum! Season 1, 2005: Ahmet Isik
 United Kingdom The Apprentice Lord Alan Sugar BBC One You're fired!

Series 1, 2005: Tim Campbell
Series 2, 2006: Michelle Dewberry
Series 3, 2007: Simon Ambrose
Series 4, 2008: Lee McQueen
Series 5, 2009: Yasmina Siadatan
Series 6, 2010: Stella English
Series 7, 2011: Tom Pellereau

 United States of America The Apprentice Donald Trump NBC You're fired

Season 1, 2004: Bill Rancic
Season 2, 2004: Kelly Perdew
Season 3, 2005: Kendra Todd
Season 4, 2005: Randal Pinkett
Season 5, 2006: Sean Yazbeck
Season 6, 2007: Stefani Schaeffer
Season 10, 2010: Brandy Kuentzel

The Celebrity Apprentice

Season 7, 2008: Piers Morgan
Season 8, 2009: Joan Rivers
Season 9, 2010: Bret Michaels
Season 11, 2011: John Rich

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Season 1, 2005: Dawna Stone


An African version, The Apprentice Africa is hosted by advertising magnate and co-founder of Insight Communications, Mr. Biodun Shobanjo. The Apprentice Africa is based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is aired in Nigeria on (Nigerian Television Authority), Silverbird TV, Super Screen, and MBI Television; Ghana on (TV3); Kenya on (KTN); Uganda on (WBS); and Tanzania (TBC1). It premiered in February 2008. Eighteen contestants on the show come from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, and Republic of Guinea. Owner Patrick E. Isibor and Jajaebu Kamarou.

The maiden edition of The Apprentice Africa was won by Isaac Dankyi-Koranteng, a 31 year old Sales Manager from Ghana. Isaac beat Eunice Omole, a Nigerian American in a final show that saw most of the evicted contestants supporting the winner. Isaac was hired for Bank PHB Plc and will be assigned special responsibilities, by the Managing Director and CEO of the bank, which include research and development of products, and roll-out strategy for the bank in new markets, with supervision by the Apprentice-Africa "CEO," Mr. Biodun Shobanjo.


The Australian version of The Apprentice began airing September 28, 2009 on the Nine Network. The host is Mark Bouris, the founder of and Chairman of 'Wizard Home Loans'. The series is produced by the production company FremantleMedia. Sales consultant Andrew Morello won the series and was employed as a sales director to Bouris. Morello is currently Head of Business Development at Bouris' wealth management company, Yellow Brick Road.

A second series in the Celebrity Apprentice format commences screening in October 2011.

South Africa

The South African version that aired on SABC3 is hosted by Tokyo Sexwale, a mining magnate. During the live finale 22 September, Mr. Sexwale hired the final two—Zanele Batyashe, 24, and Khomotso Choma, 34, which not only elicited anger from viewers, but also resulted in complaints across the country after the announcement was made. Later, US Series 4 winner Randal Pinkett recommended Trump not do so in the finale (See US Series 4) after he pondered hiring the runner-up, something which may have been inspired by this incident. The catch phrase Tokyo Sexwale used was "You're dismissed!" [3], [4]


In Belgium, VT4 broadcast De Topmanager on 1 March 2006. Rob Heyvaert from Capco hired Claudia Schiepers from 16 candidates.


O Aprendiz, a Brazilian version of The Apprentice hosted by marketing business man Roberto Justus, premiered on 4 November 2004. People+Arts (a cable channel that broadcasts The Apprentice in Latin America) and Rede Record (a Brazilian broadcasting network) teamed up with Fremantle Media to create the show. Justus' catchphrase is "Você está demitido" ("you're fired"). The show is currently in its sixth season (2009), with the name O Aprendiz 6 - Universitário (The Apprentice 6 - The Universitary). In 2009, Justus has changed from other television network SBT who is the main rival of Rede Record and the new program host is businessman João Dória, Jr.


China has had a reality show called "Winner"(创智赢家 in Chinese)produced by SMG (Shanghai Media Group).


Hosted By Jean-Claude Bessudo, a French-born tourism entrepreneur. The show first aired in May 2005 on Canal Caracol. The Spanish version is called El Aprendiz (literal translation from the original show's name). The show's catchphrase is "Estás despedido!" (You're fired!).


Hosted by Klaus Riskaer Pedersen in the Danish version. Pedersen's catchphrase is "Du er fyret" ("you're fired"). Louise Holm was hired at the end of the first season.


The Estonian version called "Mantlipärija" was hosted by Armin Karu, the owner of the Olympic Entertainment Group (casinos & hotel chains). It was shown on TV3 at the fall of 2007.


Former talk show host and current consulting firm owner Jari Sarasvuo hosted the Finnish version on MTV3, called Diili (slang term for "deal"). Olli Rikala was the winner of the first season, although his competitor in the final was also hired, as well three of the other competitors. The show was aired in spring 2005

The second season was shown in Autumn 2009. It was hosted by well-known business enterpreneur and tv personality Harry Harkimo, whose catchphrase was "Mä annan sulle potkut!" or "Sä saat potkut!" ("You are fired"). The winner of the second season was Antti Seppinen. He was hired as the marketing manager of urban area project in Sipoo (Sipoonranta).[7] The third season was shown in Autumn 2010 and Harry Harkimo continued as a host. The winners of the third season former Olympic track cycler Mira Kasslin. She was hired as the manager of hotel project in Hanko. [8]


In the autumn of 2004, German TV station RTL aired an adaptation of The Apprentice on German television called Big Boss. The show was hosted by former soccer manager Reiner Calmund and only scored fair to poor ratings. The catchphrase was "Sie haben frei", or "you are excused". Carmen Dohmen was hired at the end of the first season and Sandra Trögl wound up getting fired at the end of the first season.

In September 2004 aired an adaptation of The Apprentice on German television called "Hire or Fire", produced and starred by John de Mol, on ProSieben. But the show was cancelled after only one episode due to low ratings.


Cyrus Sahukar is the host of the Indian version, called Business Baazigar, which literally translates to Business Gambler. It was seen on Sunday evenings and early Monday mornings on Zee TV. Irfan is the winner of the first season of Business Baazigar. The phrase 'you're fired' was subtly substituted by handing out air tickets for the candidates who were eliminated.


Media mogul Peter Gontha is the host. The show, the first Apprentice spin-off in Asia, started on 3 October 2005, and aired every Monday on 21.30 Western Indonesian Time (GMT +7) on the television station Indosiar. According to the show's official website, the apprentice winner, a 29-year old male whose name is Fendi Gunawan Liem, will be earning a salary of 600 million Rupiahs, equivalent to about USD 66,000. The catchphrase is "Anda saya pecat", or "you are fired". The direct translation means, "I fire you".


An Irish version began in September 2008 on Irish broadcaster TV3. It is hosted by business mogul Bill Cullen, who has made his fortune from the motor industry, and is the owner of Renault Ireland; his company makes over €350 million annually[citation needed]. At the time of the announcement that Cullen would front the show, many were skeptical, saying that Cullen would not be scary, or tough enough on the contestants, however many have praised his handling of the show since then.[citation needed] The show is based in Dublin, and the winner receives a 12 month contract working alongside Cullen with a package worth €100,000. Although TV3 have made home-produced versions of international programmes before such as The Weakest Link, The Apprentice is without doubt proving to be the most successful for the broadcaster, attracting large viewing figures[citation needed], and receiving much attention from the media in Ireland, the show's catchphrase is; You are fired!

The show's first scandal involved Joanna Murphy, one of the contestants. She had been in contact with her family between takes, even though it is forbidden according to the rules of the show. She used the Project manager laptop to communicate with her husband, and received his help in the hope of winning a task. Her team had to collect electrical equipment, and this would be recycled. The team with the most equipment won the task. It was exposed that Joanna's family and friends were actually raiding a recycling centre near Naas Racecourse, and bringing it to her teams 'special recycling centre' down the road. Each vehicle was driven by her friends and family, but viewers and cameramen were unaware of this. Some vehicles even came in more than once, but changed number registration plates, so as not to be caught by the cameras. This stunt was exposed while in the boardroom, Cullen fired her as a result. The story was in nearly all of the national newspapers in Ireland, and was the first major scandal to hit the show. RTÉ, TV3's biggest rivals, have considered the show's success, and produced their own version of Dragon's Den as a result, in the hope of also attracting Irish viewers. The Irish Apprentice ended on December 8, 2008 (2008-12-08), with Brenda Shanahan winning in the end, after collecting the most money for her charity, and winning 10 out of 11 tasks in the series. Brenda will now start working for Bill, as his apprentice.[9] [10]

The success of the first series has led to a second series being produced, which aired on TV3 in 2009. The winner of the 2009 series was Steve Rayner. He won the show, despite admitting on the show that he is a recovering alcoholic and gambler.[11]

The Netherlands

In 2005, high-profile lawyer Bram Moszkowicz offered a highly paid position ("the new Moszkowicz") in his law firm in AVRO's show De Nieuwe Moszkowicz. The show focused much on the character of Moszkowicz, a flamboyant man known for defending a number of very unpopular figures, most notably Desi Bouterse. Eventually Nienke Hoogervorst won out.

In 2011, a new Dutch adaptation of The Apprentice aired, called Topmanager Gezocht, closely following the BBC format. This time, the series centered around Dutch entrepreneur Aad Ouborg, known mostly for creating and managing the Princess Household Appliances brand. The phrase used by Ouborg to fire contestants translates as I'm not going into business with you. Key scenes were filmed in Rotterdam, although the Boardroom scenes take place in a theatre in the city of Breda.

New Zealand

Hosted by Terry Serepisos, the show will have 14 contestants each vying for the prize of getting a six-figure salary at one of Serepisos's companies. The show began screening on the 16th of February 2010 on TV2.


Produced for network TVNORGE, this was notable for being the first Apprentice spinoff in Europe. It is also notable for having the first female host—Hairdressing mogul Inger Ellen Nicolaisen hosted the first season of the Norwegian version. The show is titled Kandidaten (The Candidate), and the catchphrase is "Du har sparken" ("you're fired").


Real estate tycoon Mohamed Ali Alabbar محمد علي العبار hosts the Arabic version from Dubai called el idara jadara الإدارة جدارة. The show hasn't started yet on LBC Lebanon.


In Russia the show is called "Candidate" (Russian: Кандидат) and is broadcast on the TNT channel. The first season in 2005 was hosted by restaurant tycoon Arkady Novikov, and the winner, Tatyana Burdelova, was hired as the CEO for one of Novikov's companies. The second season in late summer of 2006 was hosted by the mining, metals, banking and property tycoon Vladimir Potanin. As of January 2007, Potanin's personal wealth is estimated to be $14.2 billion (roughly 369 billion rubles) [5], which makes him the richest host of any version of the show so far. The catchphrase is "Вы уволены", or, "You are fired".

"Candidate" failed to attract a Russian audience. British TV producer, Peter Pomerantsev credited Russian culture with its failure, writing, "The usual way to get a job in Russia is not by impressing at an interview, but by what is known as blat – ‘connections’. Russian society isn’t much interested in the hard-working, brilliant young business mind."[12]


The Spanish version of the show, called "El Aprendiz", premiered in September 2009 on La Sexta. It is hosted by advertising mogul Lluís Bassat.[13]


Swiss publishing mogul Jürg Marquard hosts the show, which first aired in April 2005 on SF1. The show is titled Traum Job (Dream Job), and the catchphrase is "Sie sind raus" ("You are out"). Martin was ultimately hired at the end of the first season.


Turkey's version is hosted by one of that country's most successful businessmen, Tuncay Özilhan the CEO of Anadolu Group. The show is titled Çırak (The Apprentice), and the catchphrase is "Seninle çalışmak istemiyorum!" ("I do not want to work with you"). Ahmet Isik was the winner of the first season.

United Kingdom

Lord Alan Sugar, founder of electronics company Amstrad, is the boss on The Apprentice in the United Kingdom. He ranks 84th on The Sunday Times Rich List 2007 with an estimated worth of around £973m. His catchphrase is "You're fired". Like the US version, the show also has a narrator, Mark Halliley. The show started on 16 February 2005 on BBC Two, with the final episode of the first series shown on 4 May 2005. Tim Campbell, a former transport manager for the London Underground, was ultimately hired and as a result, landed a position at Amstrad with an introductory contract of 1 year with a salary exceeding £100,000. Saira Khan was fired on the series finale[14] but has used the show to help launch a media career, including a regular column on the BBC Apprentice website and presenter of the enterprise show Beat the Boss on CBBC. James Max, a semi-finalist of the show, presents the daily Business Update on TalkSPORT alongside Ian Wright and Adrian Durham he also covers for non-sports presenters on a regular basis. He presents two weekly shows on LBC 97.3 Radio on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

A second series of The Apprentice UK began on Wednesday 22 February 2006, with the winner being Michelle Dewberry, chosen over Ruth Badger.[15]

Series three of The Apprentice UK began on Wednesday 28 March 2007, 'promoted' to the more mainstream BBC One channel because of series' increasing popularity. The winner was Simon Ambrose who was chosen over Kristina Grimes.[16]

Series four of The Apprentice UK began on Wednesday 26 March 2008 on BBC One and ran for twelve weekly episodes. A record 20,000 applications were received. The winner of the 2008 series was Lee McQueen, having beaten Claire Young, Helene Speight and Alex Wotherspoon in the final, which featured four candidates instead of the usual two. The series peaked at 9.7 million viewers during the last episode, an unprecedented figure for the series.

A spin-off show, The Apprentice: You're Fired!, is presented by Dara Ó Briain and is shown on BBC Two straight after the BBC One broadcast. The 30-minute programme has a studio audience and interview with the fired apprentice, and Sir Alan usually appears in the final episode of each series.

The RTL Group holds international licence rights for the show worldwide, and the show is produced by RTL's Talkback Thames. The UK opening theme is "Dance of the Knights" from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, with the Boardroom music provided by UK artist Dru Masters.

The BBC has also screened series 1–5 of the US version (as of winter 2010), being broadcast some considerable time after the original US airing, and in the graveyard slot (11:00 pm onwards).

Other Countries

NTU in  Ukraine has recently bought the rights and a Ukrainian version of The Apprentice is expected in 2011.

The Games

Legacy Interactive has created two casual computer game versions of the show. The most popular of these, The Apprentice Los Angeles, was released in April 2007, and appeared in Target stores in May.

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