The Apprentice (U.S. season 10)

The Apprentice (U.S. season 10)
The Apprentice 10
Winner Brandy Kuentzel
Season run September 16th, 2010 – December 9th, 2010
Filming Dates June 1st, 2010 – June 29th, 2010
Number of episodes 13
Number of candidates 16
Teams Octane and Fortitude
Season chronology
Previous season The Celebrity Apprentice 3
Next season The Celebrity Apprentice 4

The Apprentice 10 is the tenth installment of the United States version of the reality television series, The Apprentice. On March 17, 2010, NBC officially announced the renewal of The Apprentice for the fall of 2010.[1][2] For the season, the show went back to its regular version, with non-celebrities, for the first time since the 2006–07 television schedule. The theme of the season is "second chance" and the contestants are those affected by the late-2000s recession.

The format of the show is much the same as was employed between the first and fifth seasons, with the changes introduced in The Apprentice: Los Angeles being discarded. The biggest change is to the rewards—unlike the often lavish rewards that had been granted in prior seasons to the winning teams, in this season, the winning Project Managers are rewarded with one-on-one meetings with some of America's best-known business leaders and CEOs. Taping began June 1, 2010,[3] and ended on June 29, 2010.[4] The season premiered on Thursday, September 16, 2010, at 9-11pm ET.[5]

Despite hopes by fans that this season would lead to a permanent return of the original format, the season received the lowest audience figures of any Apprentice season, managing barely half the ratings of the panned sixth season, which had been the previous lowest-rated season. In addition, critics roundly condemned the decision to bring back the non-charity format, saying it was inappropriate to do so during an economic crisis (despite the fact that this season was dedicated to helping victims of the recession). Because of the poor ratings and lackluster reception of this season, Trump confirmed on the day of the final episode that the original format would be permanently discontinued after this season, and that all future seasons of the show would be in the Celebrity Apprentice format.[6]



Candidate Background Original team Age Hometown Result
Brandy Kuentzel Former Corporate Attorney Fortitude 30 San Francisco, California Hired by Trump
Clint Robertson Struggling Property Developer Octane 40 Fort Worth, Texas Fired in the Season Finale
Liza Mucheru-Wisner Struggling Business Owner Fortitude 30 Corpus Christi, Texas Fired in week 12
Steuart Martens Fledgling Entrepreneur Octane 27 Washington, D.C. Fired in week 11
Stephanie Castagnier Unemployed Banker Fortitude 34 Chicago, Illinois Fired in week 10
Poppy Carlig Unemployed Grad Student Fortitude 24 Richmond, California Fired in week 9
Anand Vasudev Struggling Business Owner Octane 31 Tampa, Florida Fired in week 9
David Johnson Unemployed Account Manager Octane 34 Portage, Michigan Fired in week 8
Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy Assistant District Attorney Fortitude 29 Brooklyn, New York Fired in week 7
Kelly Smith Beaty Unemployed Publicist Fortitude 30 Fayetteville, Georgia Fired in week 6
Wade Hanson Struggling Realtor Octane 33 Woodbury, Minnesota Fired in week 5
Gene Folkes Unemployed Financial Advisor Octane 46 Wylie, Texas Fired in week 5
Tyana Alvarado Unemployed Sales Rep Fortitude 41 Miami, Florida Fired in week 4
James Weir Unemployed Attorney Octane 31 New York, New York Fired in week 3
Alex Delgado Former Construction Engineer Octane 43 Santa Ynez, California Fired in week 2
Nicole Chiu Unemployed Attorney Fortitude 27 Palos Verdes, California Fired in week 1

Weekly results

Candidate Original team Week 8 team Week 9 team Week 11 team Final task team Application result Record as project manager
Brandy Kuentzel Fortitude Octane Octane Fortitude Fortitude Hired by Trump 1-0 (win in week 8)
Clint Robertson Octane Octane Octane Octane Octane Fired in the Season Finale 2-1 (win in weeks 4 & 9, loss in week 11)
Liza Mucheru-Wisner Fortitude Octane Fortitude Fortitude Fired in week 12 1-1 (win in week 11, loss in week 7)
Steuart Martens Octane Octane Octane Octane Fired in week 11 2-0 (win in weeks 7 & 10)
Stephanie Castagnier Fortitude Fortitude Fortitude Fired in week 10 1-1 (win in week 5, loss in week 10)
Poppy Carlig Fortitude Fortitude Fortitude Fired in week 9 1-1 (win in week 2, loss in week 9)
Anand Vasudev Octane Fortitude Fired in week 9 1-0 (win in week 6)
David Johnson Octane Fortitude Fired in week 8 0-2 (loss in weeks 2 & 8)
Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy Fortitude Fired in week 7 0-1 (loss in week 4)
Kelly Smith Beaty Fortitude Fired in week 6 0-1 (loss in week 6)
Wade Hanson Octane Fired in week 5 0-1 (loss in week 5)
Gene Folkes Octane Fired in week 5 1-0 (win in week 1)
Tyana Alvarado Fortitude Fired in week 4 1-0 (win in week 3)
James Weir Octane Fired in week 3 0-1 (loss in week 3)
Alex Delgado Octane Fired in week 2
Nicole Chiu Fortitude Fired in week 1 0-1 (loss in week 1)
Elimination chart
Candidate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Nicole FIRED
     The contestant was hired and won the competition.
     The contestant won as project manager on his/her team.
     The contestant lost as project manager on his/her team.
     The contestant was on the losing team.
     The contestant was brought to the final boardroom.
     The contestant was fired.
     The contestant lost as project manager and was fired.
     The contestant didn't participate in the challenge.


Episode 1: Back to Work

  • Airdate: September 16, 2010
  • Task scope: The teams were tasked with creating an office workspace.
  • Fortitude project manager: Nicole
  • Octane project manager: Gene
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Ivanka Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Winning team: Octane
  • Reasons for win: Trump expressed that he didn't like either team's designs, but he preferred Octane's modern SOHO design.
  • Reward: Gene is rewarded by having the opportunity to sit down with Donald Trump
  • Losing team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for loss: Their office space felt too enclosed and uninviting. Moreover, Tyana insisted on placing a portrait of an unidentified elderly businessman in the middle of the office, giving it an overly formal and stuffy atmosphere.
  • Sent to boardroom: Nicole, Tyana, Mahsa
  • Fired: Nicole - for being deemed unanimously as a bad leader by her teammates and for losing their respect, a lack of overall leadership, relying on the team too much for decision making, and for not effectively defending herself in the boardroom against Tyana and Mahsa.

Episode 2: Frozen Assets

  • Airdate: September 23, 2010
  • Task scope: The teams had to sell ice cream on the streets of New York.
  • Fortitude project manager: Poppy
  • Octane project manager: David
  • Judges: Donald Trump; George H. Ross; Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Tension: Constant bickering between Stephanie, Poppy, Brandy, and Liza flared.
  • Winning team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for win: They earned $1800 in profit.
  • Reward: Poppy is rewarded by having the opportunity to sit down with Jack Welch, former CEO Of General Electric and two year scholarship to the Jack Welch Management Institute
  • Losing team: Octane
  • Reasons for loss: Lost by $300 with total profit of $1500.
  • Sent to boardroom: David, Alex, James
  • Fired: Alex - for lack of skill in sales, not defending himself in the boardroom, and for not being a good overall contributor to the team, as well as not having enough passion.
  • Notes:
    • Fortitude acknowledged that tension was building between them, and the women said that if they lost that Liza should be fired. Trump jokingly fired Liza and then announced that the women won.

Episode 3: Working Like A Dog

  • Airdate: September 30, 2010
  • Task scope: To organize and manage a doggy day care.
  • Fortitude project manager: Tyana
  • Octane project manager: James
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Ivanka Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Tension: At Octane, James prevented David from asking questions in the meeting with the owner, which infuriated David. At Fortitude, Tyana did not want Mahsa working at reception, which angered Mahsa. In the boardroom, the girls once again went after Liza after Brandy informed Trump that Liza had swore at Poppy, and Liza became emotional when they all attacked her in the boardroom. However, the girls eventually won and Donald jokingly said that Liza still had to work with "these bitches".
  • Winning team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for win: The women's team was run smooth and nicely done. Both the owner of the day care and Mr. Milan loved what the women did.
  • Reward: A sit down with Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings and founder of Phat Farm, and $10,000 Calvin Klein gift card
  • Losing team: Octane
  • Reasons for loss: The owner hated the job that the men's team did, and felt that James showed him a lack of respect by repeatedly ignoring his requests to be told what the men were doing. It also did not help when James had removed David from the project completely, which left them a man down.
  • Sent to boardroom: Wade, David, James
  • Fired: James - for not being respected by his teammates and for benching David.

Episode 4: Snack Attack

  • Airdate: October 7, 2010
  • Task scope: The teams are asked to develop a viral video for Popcorn Indiana.
  • Fortitude project manager: Mahsa
  • Octane project manager: Clint
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Ivanka Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Winning team: Octane
  • Reasons for win: Even though the judges didn't like the violence in the viral video, they felt the men's team video was more entertaining.
  • Reward: Clint got to meet with Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine
  • Losing team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for loss: Although the executives thought they had an interesting idea of popcorn in the gym, they felt it seemed more like a commercial and didn't focus on the right demographic.
  • Boardroom tension: Although Liza wanted to blame the project manager, she instead went after Tyana, fearing the wrath of Mahsa in the boardroom. Tyana in turn attempted to accuse Mahsa of coming up with a bad concept, but shot herself in the foot by doing so since Trump and the Popcorn Indiana executives thought the idea itself was a very good one, but hadn't been executed right.
  • Sent to boardroom: Mahsa, Tyana, Liza
  • Fired: Tyana – for complaining about the team's concept of the viral video and effectively being disloyal, having no ideas for the video herself, and for her very little contributions in the task.
  • Notes:
    • David did not compete in this task due to a root canal.

Episode 5: Rock the Catwalk

  • Airdate: October 14, 2010
  • Task scope: The teams were asked to manage and present a fashion show presenting men's & women's shoe lines for Rockport.
  • Fortitude project manager: Stephanie
  • Octane project manager: Wade
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Juan Betancourt; Catherine Roman
  • Winning team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for win: Despite the fact that one of their models was considered unattractive and some of their clothing choices were questionable, they were much smoother and more effective in their presentation. Brandy was also complemented for her excellent performance as the event emcee.
  • Reward: Stephanie received a personal interview with Rockport CEO Michael Rupp and participation in one of Adidas Group's advanced management training program
  • Losing team: Octane
  • Reasons for loss: While their models were well-dressed and attractive, Octane's presentation was extremely unprofessional. The judges specifically noted that Gene was a horrible emcee for the presentation, because he repeatedly fumbled, stumbled, stuttered, and mispronounced his words, along with being monotone and pausing awkwardly. The presentation was boring, and Gene had presented from behind a computer, which only added onto the lack of professionalism. He also forgot to explain how beautiful the shoes actually looked.
  • Sent to boardroom: No final boardroom – Trump decided that Wade did not deserve to select anyone for the final boardroom because he delivered exceptionally poor results for his team.
  • Fired:
    • Gene, who effectively quit by accepting full responsibility for his poor presentation and saying that he deserved to be fired.
    • Wade, for his lack of leadership and making the fatal choice of having Gene as the emcee.
  • Notes:
    • David co-hosted part of Octane's event. While David's efforts weren't nearly as bad as Gene's, he was strongly criticised for walking off the stage and not helping Gene when he started struggling. Wade was also heavily criticised when it was revealed that there had been no rehearsal due to Gene's lack of preparation, and Trump told Wade that he should have replaced Gene with Anand or Steuart at that point.
    • In an unusual move, Trump sent the women out of the boardroom before discussing the men's results.
    • While in the boardroom, David accused Steuart and Anand of volunteering to oversee the model's outfits because they wanted to sexually harass them, causing outrage among his team-mates.

Episode 6: Pedicab Confessions

  • Airdate: October 21, 2010
  • Task scope: To run a pedicab ride in New York City.
  • Fortitude project manager: Kelly
  • Octane project manager: Anand
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Ivanka Trump; Eric Trump
  • Winning team: Octane
  • Reasons for win: Although David continued to be a burden to his team, Octane had a creative Roman theme and selected Trump Tower as their prime location, which had provided many tourists. They earned $950.
  • Reward: Anand gets to sit down with the CEO of Fandango and DailyCandy.
  • Losing team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for loss: Although the team tried to make money from wealthy business workers, their terrible location (Wall Street) and their lack of sales led to their loss. Things were made worse by the fact that Kelly and Mahsa badly failed the pedicab test, removing Fortitude's numerical advantage over Octane (they could otherwise have operated five pedicabs to the men's three). They had a total profit of $320, losing by $630.
  • Sent to boardroom: Kelly, Liza, and Stephanie
  • Fired: Kelly - for her poor leadership skills, taking no responsibility for the location, and for not even being able to participate in the task after failing the pedicab test.
  • Notes:
    • It was revealed in Episode 9 that Anand had contacted some of his friends during this task and asked them to hire Octane's pedicab service for a considerably higher fee than normal. No-one took Anand up on the offer, and would not have made any difference anyway since Octane made almost triple the income of their competitors, but this did not save Anand from being fired when Trump found out.
    • David and Clint had a fierce argument in the boardroom prior to the task results being announced, and Clint asked Trump to fire David even if Octane won. Trump acknowledged that David was clearly proving a hindrance to the team, but said that his hands were tied if they won the task (which they did).
    • Trump hinted that Kelly should have targeted Mahsa and not Stephanie in the boardroom, since Mahsa is a native New Yorker and should have known that Wall Street would be a bad location, while Stephanie is based in Chicago (and originally from Canada).
    • A problem with Kelly's microphone rendered her barely audible for nearly the entire boardroom meeting. A post-credits caption apologised for this.

Episode 7: Broadway Boardroom

  • Airdate: October 28, 2010
  • Task scope: To prepare a backer's audition for a Broadway play or musical. The winner will be decided on by a panel containing John Yonover, Daryl Roth, and Broadway, film and TV star Kristin Chenoweth
  • Fortitude project manager: Liza
  • Octane project manager: Steuart
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Ivanka Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Winning team: Octane
  • Reasons for win: Despite the fact that Steuart stumbled the ending of his presentation, the team's marketing material was clever and their musical was executed almost perfectly. Against all odds, most of the credit went to David, who steered the team away from the more formal presentation they initially intended to make and took charge of the creative side of the task.
  • Reward: Steuart gets to sit down with Larry Glene, the CEO of Snapple.
  • Losing team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for loss: Despite the fact that the musical was great (albeit slightly disjointed), and Kristin personally praised Liza, they made a fatal mistake: the contact information was not on their team's marketing material.
    • Firing verdict: Early in the boardroom it emerged that prior to the boardroom in the previous task, Mahsa had told the men how much money the women had made from their pedicab service. Mahsa did not deny this, but argued that Clint first told her how much the men had made. This led to the men coming back into the boardroom and a lengthy argument took place; Mahsa claimed that he had told her Octane's number first, while Clint said that Mahsa gave him Fortitude's sales figure without being asked, and that Clint did not give Mahsa any specific number (which Steuart backed him up on).
  • Fired: Mahsa - for disclosing the amount that Fortitude had made in last task to the other team. While Trump felt that Liza and Stephanie were mainly at fault for the failure of this task, he considered Mahsa's actions to be a sign of either very poor judgement or active disloyalty to her team, and grounds for termination of her candidacy.
  • Notes:
    • Liza was strongly criticised for stepping up as project manager on a task that would have been better suited to Stephanie. Stephanie also got into trouble herself when she couldn't clearly explain why she didn't put herself forward as project manager, and while Trump eventually accepted her reasoning (that Liza and Brandy still had yet to be project managers), the inarticulate nature of her response left him distinctly unimpressed.

Episode 8: Dressed To Kill

  • Airdate: November 4, 2010
  • Task scope: Create a four page advertorial for the Donald J. Trump fashion line at Macy's.
  • New Fortitude Team: Anand, David, Poppy, and Stephanie
  • New Octane Team: Brandy, Clint, Liza, and Steuart
  • Fortitude project manager: David
  • Octane project manager: Brandy
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.; Eric Trump
  • Winning team: Octane
  • Reasons for win: The Macy's executives liked Octane's risky approach. The colors and model pictures were impressive. They liked the use of Steuart and Brandy in the actual advertorial, and felt that the presentation itself was fantastic.
  • Reward: A sitdown with Terry J. Lundgren, the chairman of Macy's. Their ad will also be used as part of a marketing campaign for the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection at Macy's.
  • Losing team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for loss: Fortitude's advertorial was complicated and unprofessional. Their photos were horrendous and one male model's shirt was too big, but David said "with a face like that who would notice?" and later said that "if I didn't have all those kids at home I'd go gay". The photos that were also on the back page (designed by Poppy) were too small to show the product placement.
  • Sent to boardroom: David, Poppy, and Stephanie
  • Fired: David - for his poor judgements, being a dictator instead of a leader, unable to manage his teammates, along with his previous failure as a project manager.

Episode 9: Fragrant Disregard

  • Airdate: November 11, 2010
  • Prologue: Anand is fired at the beginning of this episode for sending text messages during the Pedicab task, saying "Come to Trump Tower with at least $50 cash. Pretend like you don't know me. Need you to buy a pedicab ride from me or one of my teammates. I'm project manager; I'm getting close to the top." Despite the fact that no-one took Anand up on his request (which he said was because of the fact that it was a working day, but Trump felt to be proof that Anand's contacts didn't respect him) his violation of the rules, along with the fact that he deliberately lied to Trump and claimed that he didn't do it, resulted in him being fired instantly. Moreover, Anand wasn't even given a taxi ride, and was told to make his own way home. This is the first time in Apprentice history that somebody has cheated like this, and thus was fired prior to the week's task.
  • Task Scope: Create an in-store display to promote Kim Kardashian's new perfume.
  • Corporate shuffle: Trump moved Liza to Fortitude to keep the team symmetrical.
  • Fortitude project manager: Poppy
  • Octane project manager: Clint
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Kim Kardashian; Ivanka Trump
  • Winning team: Octane
  • Reasons for win: Kim Kardashian liked the clean and professional look of the display, and specifically liked how the soft pink background complemented the perfume bottles.
  • Reward: A meeting with Barry Sternlicht, the founder of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. At this meeting, Clint received a $5,000 Gift Card to Pier 1 Imports from Mr. Trump.
  • Losing team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for loss: The executives, along with Trump and Kim, all felt that Fortitude's display was cheap and juvenile. They also felt that it did not portray a glamorous approach to her perfume. The executives did like Kardashian's portrait on the perfume bottle.
  • Sent to boardroom: No final boardroom
  • Fired: Poppy - for leading the task with the tacky display, not taking ownership of the Kardashian portrait (although it was actually Stephanie's idea), and for not defending herself.

Episode 10: Must-See Mobile TV

  • Airdate: November 18, 2010
  • Task scope: Create and produce a 30-second commercial for AT&T mobile TV and FLOTV.
  • Fortitude project manager: Stephanie
  • Octane project manager: Steuart
  • Judges: Donald Trump; Ivanka Trump; Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Winning team: Octane
  • Reasons for win: Despite Brandy's mediocre presentation and inconsistency of branding, the commercial was spot on with multiple accurate demographics and also that it branded the names quickly. Brownie points for showing an actual AT&T location.
  • Reward: A meeting with Cathie Black, Chairman of Hearst Magazines and New York’s recently appointed School’s Chancellor.
  • Losing team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for loss: Despite the fact that Stephanie had a great presentation, the executives disliked the fact that the commercial featured people in a business meeting watching television on their phones. Trump also added that it took too long for the viewer to know the brand they were promoting.
  • Sent to boardroom: No final boardroom
  • Fired: Stephanie, for having no ability to control Liza and for producing an unairable commercial.

Episode 11: Driving Miz-rahi

  • Airdate: November 25, 2010
  • Task scope: Write, direct, produce and star in a live sales segment on QVC.
  • New changes: Trump moves Brandy to Fortitude.
  • Fortitude project manager: Liza
  • Octane project manager: Clint
  • Judges: Donald Trump; headhunters Catherine Roman and Juan Betancourt
  • Results: Fortitude selects the watch which it prices at $69.55, and Octane selects the handbag which it prices at $194.97.
  • Issues: When Liza looked at the QVC viewers, she was told that 85% of the viewers were Caucasian. Liza founded out that she wouldn't do well in the sales segment; despite the fact that Brandy would do well since she's Caucasian. Trump confirmed that race is a little bit of an issue dealing with a Caucasian versus African on the census.
  • Winning team: Fortitude
  • Reasons for win: The profit from sales was over $800 more than Octane's. They earned $2,998.38 and sold 77 watches.
  • Losing team: Octane
  • Reasons for loss: While their on-air segment was great and their strategies got them both of their desired points, both Mizrahi and Trump agreed that the price was too high. They earned $2,174.25 and sold only 25 handbags.
  • Fired: Steuart, due to credentials and experience. Both of Clint's and Steuart's credentials appealed to Trump, as did Steuart's metropolitan style. However, Trump determined Clint's credentials along with his life experience made him a better candidate to be The Apprentice than Steuart.

Episode 12: Tee'd Off

  • Airdate: December 2, 2010
  • Prologue: With the final three remaining, the contestants face Donald Trump and plead their cases. One of them will be fired.
  • Fired: Liza. According to Trump, Liza was the weakest of the three left. She also has to improve her ability to get along with others. Trump commented that the person Liza appeared to get along best with was Trump himself.
  • Brandy's task: Organize a VIP Golf Tournament featuring Kathy Griffin.
  • Brandy's team: Anand, Stephanie and Liza
  • Clint's task: Organize a Liza Minnelli concert and Tournament Dinner.
  • Clint's team: Steuart, Mahsa and Poppy
  • Judges: Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump
  • Issues of Brandy's team: Brandy was infuriated when Liza and Anand bought golf sets and prizes. She told them to buy gift certificates. After that, the photographer was going to show up but he was at a different golf course. It was at Trump National Bedminster Golf.
  • Issues of Clint's team: A number of cateers was going to show up but Clint and Steuart got emails and it said that the cateers won't do it. However, one cateer in a phone call will show up. When they got their banners, things came quite a shock: Liza's last name is spelled wrong. Mahsa called the team's graphic designer and the designer says that it needs a $200 charge requirement. They spent $4,000 and have one thousand dollars credit left. Not only that Liza's last name is misspelled on the banner, it's misspelled on each individual placement flyers that would go on the dinner tables.

Episode 13: Welcome to the Club; Season Finale

  • Airdate: December 9, 2010
  • Note: This is a continuation of the episode Tee'd Off from the week prior. This is also the final episode, and also the first time in which the finale is not live.
  • Fired: Clint - for his Southern mannerisms. Although Clint's team won the final task, this outcome was disregarded and the selection appeared to be based on the personal characteristics of the candidates.
  • Hired: Brandy
  • Notes: This is the first season where the finale was not part of a live show (NBC chose not to order a live show, presumably due to low ratings).[7] Two separate boardrooms were shot with Clint winning in one, and Brandy winning in the other. The contestants did not know who had indeed won until the episode was aired.[8][9] There also was no preview for the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. One final interesting note is that Brandy was never told "You're Hired."


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