The Apprentice (U.S. season 1)

The Apprentice (U.S. season 1)

"The Apprentice 1" is the first season of "The Apprentice", which aired on NBC in the winter and spring of 2004. It is currently available on DVD. It featured 16 candidates.

The first season was a ratings smash, ranking at #7 in the average weekly Nielson Rankings, with an average viewership of 20.7 million viewers each week. The final episode of the season was seen by an estimated 28.05 million viewers and ranked as the #1 show of the week, beating out a new episode of CSI. It was the most popular new show of 2004.


Infobox Television The Apprentice
season_name = The Apprentice 1
first_aired = January 2004
last_aired = April 2004
filming_started = October 2003
filming_completed = November 2003
location = New York City, New York
winner = Bill Rancic
number_candidates = 16
number_episodes = 15
previous_season =
next_season = The Apprentice 2
teams = Protégé and Versacorp
Season 1 had real estate magnate Donald Trump as the show's executive producer and host.

The season started with 16 contestants, eight men and eight women from around the United States. Each had been successful in various enterprises, including real estate, restaurant management, political consulting, and sales. During the show, the contestants lived communally in a suite at Trump Tower in Manhattan, located on the fourth floor. Elimination took the form of one contestant being "fired" by Trump at the conclusion of each week's episode. Filming the entire season took three months.

The contestants were originally divided into two "corporations" by gender. The men choose to name their company "Versacorp", and the women choose to name their company "Protégé Corporation".

Each week, Trump assigned the teams a task. Each team selected a "project manager" to lead them in the week's assigned task. The winning team received a reward, while the losing team faced a boardroom showdown with Trump and two of his associates in order to determine which team member would be fired.

Elimination proceeded in two stages. In the first stage, Trump confronted the losing team and required the week's project manager to select two additional team members which the project manager believed were most responsible for the loss.

The rest of the team was dismissed (allowed to go back up to the suite, because they were safe to stay for the next round), and the project manager and the two other selected members faced a final confrontation several minutes later in which Trump fired one of the three. Trump is now well known for his catch phrase "You're Fired!", and he sought to trademark the phrase in 2004. [cite web|url= |title=Smoking Gun - Donald Seeks to Trump "You're Fired" Mark |accessdate=2006-08-30 |last= |first= |coauthors= |date= |format= |work= |publisher= |language= |archiveurl= |archivedate= ]


Since "The Apprentice" is essentially a job interview, the contestants are referred to as "applicants":

:colorbox|navy The contestant won the competition:colorbox|cornflowerblue The contestant won as project manager on his/her team:colorbox|orange The contestant lost as project manager on his/her team:colorbox|pink The contestant called at the final boardroom:colorbox|tomato The contestant was fired:colorbox|magenta The contestant lost as project manager and was fired

Weekly summary

Week 1: "Meet the Billionaire"

*Air date: January 8, 2004
*Task: Starting with seed money, purchase supplies and sell lemonade on the streets of New York.
*Protégé project manager: Ereka
*Versacorp project manager: Troy
*Winning team: Protégé Corporation
**Reasons for win: The women won by 3-1 margin of earnings. They stay in Midtown and use the promises of kisses to sell lemonade for five dollars a glass.
**Reward: Visit Donald Trump in his penthouse suite, taking in the pleasures of true fortune.
*Dramatic tension: Versacorp member Sam begins to get on the other's nerves by his crazy antics, including fruitlessly trying to sell a single glass of lemonade for $1,000.
*Fired: David, for doing poorly at the task and saying that sales was not his forte in the Boardroom.
** [ Episode recap from]
**Though originally 90 minutes long, the repeated airing of the episode was cut to 60 minutes.
**18.5 million people watched this episode’s initial airing, fulfilling NBC's expectations for the much-anticipated premiere. In fact, the series premiere came in 7th place for the week it aired.
**When Versacorp enters the boardroom, Trump is already sitting in his chair. This is the only Apprentice episode ever where Trump arrives in the boardroom before the candidates.

Week 2: "Sex, Lies and Altitude"

*Air date: January 15, 2004
*Task sponsor: Marquis Jet Card
*Task: Both teams are to design an advertising campaign to sell private jet service, which they must pitch to the owner of the company.
*Protégé project manager: Amy
*Versacorp project manager: Jason
*Winning team: Protégé
**Reasons for win: The women take Donny Deutsch's advice to "swing for the fences" by creating a sexy and edgy print and screen ads. They design a campaign showing depicting parts of the aircraft in black and white artistic shots with sexual overtones and pitch it to the owner wearing flight attendant outfits.
**Reward: A trip to Boston in a private jet and dinner at a fancy restaurant. The reward was marred by an ugly argument that Omarosa instigated with Ereka.
*Losing team: Versacorp
**Reasons for loss: The men, lagged down with Jason's commanding and overly aggressive leadership style and Sam's inability to focus on the job, choose a safer route, something that all ad agencies have seen before. They design a functional campaign with photos of the cockpit and passengers designed to illustrate the utility and convenience of the service.
**Sent to boardroom: Jason, Nick, and Sam
**Trump's comments: Trump is aghast that Jason, the Versacorp project manager, did not meet with company's owner at the beginning and thereby learn that he wanted a flashier campaign.
*Fired: Jason, for not meeting with the client at the start of the task. Trump felt that the decision was tough between Jason and Sam (having made it clear Nick would not be fired under any circumstances) but had no choice but to fire Jason since it is really important to meet up with the client in the business world. Since Jason didn't meet up with the client, Jason had to go since what Trump called "a firing mistake" was made.
**Dramatic tension: Sam further aggravates his team members and is excoriated for taking a nap on the floor during the afternoon.
** [ Episode recap from]
**Controversy surrounds this episode because Omarosa claims that Ereka called her the N-word. However, Ereka denies the claims, going so far as to take lie detector tests to prove that she did not verbally assault Omarosa.
**This episode is the first time that the Project Manager has the words "Project Manager" in their name at the bottom of the screen instead of their job.
**20.2 million people watched this episode’s initial airing. The episode, which came in 5th for the week it aired, converted about two million more Apprentice-wannabees.

Week 3: "Respect"

*Air date: January 22, 2004
*Task: The teams are given a scavenger list of items which they are required to purchase during the day at the lowest possible total price.
*Protégé project manager: Jessie
*Versacorp project manager: Sam
**In a "put up or shut up" maneuver, Sam is appointed project manager by the men, as Bill states Sam will either do well and redeem himself or do poorly and get fired. He splits the men into two teams, with him and two others staying back at the suite to perform research by phone and over the web.
*Winning team: Protégé
**Reasons for win: The women split into two groups, each of which goes into the city. The women used their sexual appeal to seduce the sellers into selling their goods at a lower price, namely the gold bar.
**Reward: Dinner at the 21 Club restaurant.
*Losing team: Versacorp
**Reasons for loss: Sam, believing that it is important to purchase the gold bar early in the day, directs the men away from other tasks to purchase it, but they are unable to buy it with any discount. The other Versacorp men make it clear Sam failed and Kwame bluntly said he did not respect Sam.
**Sent to boardroom: Sam, Kwame, and Bowie
*Trump's comments: Trump is disgusted at the men's failure for the third week in a row and Sam's incompetence, especially in regard to the decision to send his team members away from other tasks to buy the gold bar, which would have a very small discount compared to the other items on the list.
*Fired: Sam, in the "easiest decision yet", according to Trump and his associates. Trump says his trademark dismissal quote, "You're fired!" to Sam four times and for good reason—Sam's leadership was considered to be too weak, which coupled with his bizarre antics.
*Dramatic tension: Ereka and Omarosa get into a fight in the last episode, and it continues in this episode, and Katrina stepped in and tried to make them reconcile, but it didn't work.
** [ Episode recap from]
**Sam’s firing in this episode was named number 96 on TV Guide / TV Land’s 100 Most Memorable TV Moments in December 2004.

Week 4: "Ethics Schmethics"

*Air date: January 29, 2004
*Task sponsors: Planet Hollywood
*Task: The teams are required to collectively manage the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Times Square on successive evenings, with the performance judged by the increase in profits over the same day the previous year.
*Protégé project manager: Katrina
*Versacorp project manager: Kwame
*Winning team: Protégé
**Reasons for win: The women go first, and choose to focus on increasing alcohol sales. The women again used their sexual appeal to increase sales.
**Reward: Protegé won a trip to a top-notch golfcourse where they enjoyed the driving range and the course. There, Donald Trump and Carolyn informed the ladies that they have more to show than just their sex appeal and that he would like to see more of that.
*Losing team: Versacorp
**Reasons for loss: On the next night, the men keep several of their members on the sidewalk hawking coupons and sell basketballs autographed by Kwame, who is African American, with the tacit assumption that he is an NBA star (although never stating so). Nick gets disgusted at the ploy, which had been originally suggested by Troy, and is attacked by his teammates and Trump for mentally checking out of the challenge and his lack of enthusiasm.
**Sent to boardroom: Kwame, Bowie, and Nick
**Trump's comments: Increasing alcohol sales was the key, which the men missed.
*Fired: Bowie, mostly by process of elimination. Bowie's firing is one of the rare instances which Trump elected to fire someone through an elimination process. Trump stated that he saw qualities in Kwame that he knows he could do something good with it. He also wanted Nick to be project manager for the next week. Trump, giving no further explanation for the firing of Bowie, later mentioned how much he liked Bowie and what a difficult decision the firing had been. Bowie later said his biggest mistake was not taking on a strong enough leadership role.
** [ Episode recap from]
**18.9 million people watched this episode’s initial airing, which came in 6th place for the week

Week 5: "Trading Places"

*Air date: February 5, 2004
**The teams are reorganized by "corporate restructuring", with the names retained but now mixed by sex.
*Task: Starting with seed money, the teams are required to purchase items and sell them at the greatest profit return at an open-air flea market.
*Protégé project manager: Kristi
*Versacorp project manager: Nick
*Winning team: Versacorp
**Reasons for win: The Versacorp team yielded a profit of over $600, whereas Protégé finished in the red.
**Reward: A tour of the Yankee Stadium.
*Losing team: Protégé
**Reasons for loss: The members of Protégé lost $183 on this task, and its location could not be accounted for.
**Sent to boardroom: Kristi, Heidi, and Omarosa
*Fired: Kristi, for not defending herself, poor decision making styles and leadership. She was heavily criticized for failing to secure the money. Her decision to bring Heidi into the final Boardroom--even though her primary target was Omarosa--also hurt her as Heidi heavily criticized her work in front of Trump.
** [ Episode recap from]
**Protégé's first loss ends Versacorp's 4-week losing streak.
**Donald Trump warns the new teams sex appeal won't cut it in the real world in reorganising the teams.
**This episode marks the first time that female candidates were in the Final Boardroom. Versacorp’s Project Manager, Kristi, chooses to bring Heidi and Omarosa into the final boardroom, where Kristi becomes the first woman fired on The Apprentice.
**George Ross does not appear in this episode because of a business trip. He is replaced (temporarily) by Bernie Diamond.

Week 6: "Tit for Tat"

*Air date: February 12, 2004
*Task: This week's task is to raise money for charity at a Sotheby's celebrity auction. The teams are told to sign up celebrities for an auction to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The celebrities that took part in the auction were Regis Philbin, Rocco DiSpirito, Carson Daly, Tiki Barber, Ed Bernero (an Executive Producer of "Third Watch"), Russell Simmons, Kate White (the editor of "Cosmopolitan" magazine), Nicole Miller, the cast of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and Isaac Mizrahi.
*Protégé project manager: Omarosa
*Versacorp project manager: Bill
*Winning team: Versacorp
**Reasons for win: Strong returns from packages involving Philbin and DiSpirito. Also, Versacorp won because they were able to minimize the numerous gaffes that Tammy made throughout the task.
**Reward: None, as this was a charity event, Trump decided that the feeling of raising money for a charity was reward enough."'
*Losing team: Protégé
**Reasons for loss: Protege did well on balance but did not have the bigger-money items that Versacorp did.
**Sent to boardroom: Omarosa, Heidi, and Jessie
*Fired: Jessie, for not defending herself after being insulted by Omarosa. Heidi also didn't strongly defend herself from an insulting comment by Omarosa, but Trump felt Heidi was tougher than Jessie. He also felt Omarosa's actions were disgusting but was more upset that Jessie took that much crap from her.
** [ Episode recap from]
**A show-mance began between Nick and Amy.

Week 7: "Dupe-lex"

*Air date: February 19, 2004
*Task: The teams restore and rent out apartments.
*Protégé project manager: Troy
*Versacorp project manager: Katrina
*Winning team: Protégé
**Reasons for win: Protégé Corporation finally won after leasing their apartment with a 27% rent increase.
**Reward: A trip to Donald Trump's mansion in Bedford for a picnic.
*Losing team: Versacorp
**Reasons for loss: Versacorp only gained 10% in the rent.
**Sent to boardroom: Katrina, Bill, and Tammy
*Fired: Tammy, for being disloyal to her team and generally being useless baggage on her team's previous wins (especially the auction task).
** [ Episode recap from]
**Heidi finds out her mother has cancer. Trump says she can leave the game to be with her mom if she wants, but she says she wants to stay and compete.
**Amy, who was originally reshuffled onto Versacorp, is brought back to Protégé Corporation because of the 6 vs. 4 deficit.
**Troy and Kwame are finally on a winning team.

Week 8: "Ice Escapades"

*Air date: February 26, 2004
*Task: Both teams sell bottled water called "Trump Ice" with Donald Trump's photo on each bottle.
*Protégé project manager: Heidi
*Versacorp project manager: Ereka
*Winning team: Protégé
**Reasons for win: Troy devised a plan where the Trump Ice could be purchased in bunches over a period of several weeks, thus allowing businesses with limited storage space to not be swamped with too much product.
**Reward: A helicopter tour of New York City in Mr. Trump's private chopper.
*Losing team: Versacorp
**Reasons for loss: Nick did poorly as a salesperson and Ereka's leadership was sorely lacking.
**Sent to boardroom: Ereka, Bill, and Nick
*Fired: Ereka, for letting her emotions influence her decision-making (she let her friend Katrina go back up to the suite so she could fight in the boardroom against Bill), and not having a strong defense when Nick and Bill jointly listed her deficiencies as a leader.
** [ Episode recap from]
**20.0 million people watched this episode's initial airing. Despite the big numbers, the installment came in at No. 11 on the weekly charts.

Week 9: "DNA, Heads and the Undead Kitty"

*Air date: March 4, 2004
*Task: This week's task is to pick one artist from an array of controversial and strange painters, sculptors, and other kinds of artists, and then sell the art at a gallery. Protégé Corporation picks a surrealist artist named Meghan Boody. Versacorp sticks with a more mainstream artist named Andrei Petrov, who specializes in abstract art paintings.
*Protégé project manager: Kwame
*Versacorp project manager: Nick
*Winning team: Versacorp
**Reasons for win: Versacorp sold 8 pieces for $13,600, blowing Protégé out of the water. Nick made an executive decision for his deadlocked team to go with an artist whose work was a smash hit at the gallery.
**Rewards: Nick is awarded with 10 minutes alone with Mr. Trump, talking about the tricks of the trade. Trump told Nick, "Even when you weren't, in theory, doing well, I thought you were doing well."
*Losing team: Protégé
**Reasons for loss: A gap of nearly $13,000 in sales between the two teams. Protégé chose an artist with bizarre and disturbing work, and the gallery patrons did not like what they saw.
**Sent to boardroom: Kwame, Heidi, and Omarosa
*Fired: Omarosa, for making too many excuses, crying for sympathy and overstating her performance on the task (she babbled about her whopping one sale and lied about strongly opposing their choice of artist).
**Trump's comments: Trump apparently is fed up with Omarosa's horde of excuses and felt that the team would perform better without Omarosa.
** [ Episode recap from]
**After a highly emotional board room, where Omarosa breaks down because of her "concussion", she becomes the 9th to be fired.
**Project Manager Nick chooses Amy to come to his side, Versacorp, for this task.
**Midway through Trump's discussion with Carolyn and George, Omarosa walks in and complains. This marks the first time a candidate has interrupted Trump and his viceroys midway through a discussion.
**Omarosa later became a contestant of The Celebrity Apprentice where she was fired in week 10.

Week 10: "Wheeling and Dealing"

*Air date: March 11, 2004
*Task: The teams take over a pedicab shift. Protégé Corporation sells prepaid punch cards, modeled after Troy's phased-sales plan that was the winner on the Trump Ice task. Versacorp sells advertising on the rickshaws that they ride. Amy uses previous contacts made in the game to quickly amass a large amount of advertising commitments. Kwame spends much of the afternoon as a driver but without being able to land a single fare. After one of the ads (for a restaurant) is found to have fallen off one of Versacorp's pedicabs, Nick irritated his teammates by going back to the restaurant owner and returning the full amount paid. When Troy sees Versacorp's pedicab advertising, he realizes Protégé is sunk and in a rare moment of humility states, "It was a great idea. I didn't come up with it." With Protégé's victory disappearing into thin air, Heidi begins swearing under her breath at passersby when she is unable to convince them to buy rides.
*Protégé project manager: Troy
*Versacorp project manager: Bill
*Winning team: Versacorp
**Reasons for win: Versacorp sold $3680.
**Rewards: A ride around Manhattan on a yacht name Calypso.
*Losing team: Protégé
**Reasons for loss: Protege's sales ideas could not match the ad revenue Versacorp brought in.
**Sent to boardroom: Troy and Heidi
*Fired: Heidi, for not doing her best in each task and for "not having her head in the game", according to Trump, who also said he didn't think she had the leadership skills to run one of his companies. She was criticised by Carolyn, who later said she was trying to motivate Heidi to defend herself more strongly. Trump strongly implied in the season finale that he fired Heidi so she would be able to leave the game and be with her mom during her recovery from cancer surgery.
** [ Episode recap from]
**There are ethical battles and morale-boosting schemes.
**A new rule is imposed in this episode: when a team is down to 3 members, the Project Manager sends 1 person up to the suite, and goes into the final boardroom with the other.

Week 11: "A Look Back"

*Air date: March 18, 2004
*Recap of first ten weeks, along with previously unaired footage.
*No new task, no firing.
*This episode was added because NBC did not want the show to compete against CBS' coverage of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship first round games, knowing how the ratings of the tournament, would be too hard to compete against because of the heavily regionalised coverage of the tournament. Likewise, Mark Burnett Productions refuses to let The Apprentice compete head-to-head against CBS' Survivor, which is also a Mark Burnett production.
*One particularly humorous outtake was the one featuring Omarosa calling in the doctor to get advice on her "terrible head injury". When the doctor said it was nothing serious, she was not satisfied, and proceeded to check into the hospital.

Week 12: "Circus, Circus"

*Air date: March 25, 2004
*"Corporate Reshuffle": Having faced losses in the last two tasks, Protégé Corporation is down to two candidates against four on Versacorp. As in the past when the teams have become overly uneven, Trump has the smaller team choose a player from the winning team. Kwame and Troy select Bill, breaking with the "tradition" of picking Amy. Versacorp now consists of Amy, Katrina and Nick.
*Task: The teams head to Atlantic City, New Jersey where they will be responsible for registering gamblers at the Trump Taj Mahal Resort and Casino. The team whose registered gamblers wager the most money wins. Protégé's priority was to get the people to gamble as much as possible, rather than to attract as many gamblers as possible. In a bid to get people to stay, Protégé decided to raffle off $1,000 cash late in the evening. Versacorp also raffled off a prize at the end of the night where the lucky winner could either have a drive in an expensive sports car or collect $300, this prize however was far less effective of making the people stay. Protégé decided to send in a caged tiger where the people gambling for Versacorp were to distract them from gambling. At the end of the night, Protégé attracted slightly fewer gamblers than Versacorp, but the gamblers of Protégé wagered much more each.
*Protégé project manager: Kwame
*Versacorp project manager: Amy
*Winning team: Protégé
**Reasons for win: Protégé is able to earn over $123,000, thanks to Bill's plan to target high rollers.
**Reward: Protege stayed in The Trump Taj Mahal with $3000 in gambling money, and was allowed to stay in the best suite there.
*Losing team: Versacorp
**Reasons for loss: At the end of the task, Versacorp takes in over $105,000.
*Sent to boardroom: Amy and Katrina
*Fired: Katrina, by default. The team members all performed poorly. Given past results, Trump decided that Amy was the better leader and that Katrina should be fired.
** [ Episode recap from]
**This is the first time Amy has been on a losing team, breaking her ten-week streak. She currently holds the record for longest time ever without losing a challenge.
**George Ross does not appear in this episode. Mark Brown replaces him while he is away.
**Katrina tried to use her sexuality to convince the Chrysler executive into letting them auction off the Chrysler Crossfire.
**22.8 million people watched this episode's initial airing, rebounding from last week and building upon the recap episode by five million viewers, pushing it far enough to take second place for the week.
**The “showmance” between Nick and Amy reaches a climax when Trump finds out about it in the boardroom.

Week 13: "The Price is Height"

*Air date: April 1, 2004
*Task: This week's task is to rent out a luxurious penthouse for one evening at Trump World Tower for no less than $20,000 for one night.
*Protégé project manager: Troy
*Versacorp project manager: Nick
*Winning team: Versacorp
**Reasons for win: Versacorp took in $40,800 for the win, thanks to a deal at the very last minute.
**Reward: A flight and lunch to Trump's Mar-A-Lago private club in Palm Beach, Florida. Amy's sister and Nick's father surprised them on the plane.
*Losing team: Protégé
**Reasons for loss: Protégé took in $35,001. Troy's sales style annoyed one prospective customer who walked away from the penthouse.
**Sent to boardroom: Troy and Kwame
**Firing verdict: During the boardroom, Bill, Kwame, and Troy were asked about their education. Troy only held a high school diploma, while Kwame held a Masters degree from Harvard, and Bill has a college degree from Loyola University, both schools Trump knew well. Troy would fire Kwame, so Bill was not nominated onto the Boardroom. Troy and Kwame would face the final wrath of Trump after Trump took time to review the performance of the Boardroom Nominees.
*Fired: Troy, for being something of a loose cannon and not having the education of the other contestants.
** [ Episode recap from]
**20.2 million people watched this episode's initial airing, just edging into the top five for the week.
**In this episode, a man is fired, the first time this has happened in 8 weeks.

Week 14: "Down to The Wire"

* Air date: April 8
* Last episode before April 15 live finale
* The final four candidates face demanding interviews with four Trump advisors.
*Nick got fired first because he was a respected sales representative, but he lacked leadership and was named as the person who should be fired by Kwame, Bill and even Amy. This caused Trump to seal Nick's fate. Amy later on got fired because not too many people respected Amy and Trump's advisors had nothing but negative comments about her, referring to her as a "Stepford Wife".
*Bill and Kwame are the finalists.
* The last six fired candidates return to be "employees" of Bill and Kwame for the final task. Bill chooses Amy, Katrina and Nick for his staff; Kwame selects Heidi, Omarosa and Troy. It was later revealed that Bill ended up choosing both the task and the first team member (Amy) because of a fluke in the rules. Kwame also said he picked Omarosa with his second choice (after Troy) because he didn't want her to come in with a bad attitude from being chosen last, since Bill would not have chosen Omaraosa for his team and Kwame would be stuck with her anyway.
* For the final task, Bill and Kwame will each have to oversee a major event. Bill is assigned a golf tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Kwame gets a Jessica Simpson concert at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
* Omarosa does not fulfill her duties, and Jessica Simpson ends up being lost. Kwame's uncertainty about how to deal with her led to confusion for himself about whether he could have fired her; the 3rd season finale had George Ross clarifying this point, saying team leaders could use their employees in any way they wanted, a situation wherein Kwame would have been free to fire Omarosa from the task.
* [ Episode recap from]

Week 15: "Season Finale"

* Air Date: April 15
*Jessica Simpson booked her own transportation, without informing Kwame, and arrived at the hotel safely with her band. At the golf tournament, Bill lost track of some of the inventory.
*Omarosa broke orders and took Jessica Simpson away when she was supposed to meet with Donald Trump. Trump gets impatient as Kwame is unable to locate Ms. Simpson.
*Omarosa continues to make attacks concerning Kwame's handling of the Jessica Simpson concert.
* Both tasks are successful. Trump introduced Simpson at her concert, and donated $25,000 to Operation Smile, an organization which Simpson sponsors.
* Who is hired: Bill, because Trump thought Bill did a "very good job" and Carolyn had nothing but positive comments about Bill. He gets to choose from two jobs, and has only three minutes to decide. He selects the project of overseeing the building of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, Illinois, on the site of the present Chicago Sun-Times Building. The other option he had was to oversee and manage a new Trump National Golf Course and resort in Los Angeles.
*Who gets fired: Kwame, because Omarosa lied to Kwame twice and for his failure for not "re-firing" Omarosa for those lies.
**Trump's comments about Kwame's flaws: Trump was aghast when he found out that Kwame didn't fire Omarosa for excessive false testimony and wanted to know why Kwame didn't re-fire Omarosa, not feeling that his explanations (that having her out would have put too much pressure on Troy and Heidi to run parts of the task, and that he didn't know he could actually get rid of her if he felt it was necessary) were satisfactory.
*Part of this episode is taped at the same time as the ""' second season premiere. Only footage with Donald Trump introducing Jessica at the concert is seen, as footage featuring Kwame and his team had to be removed so everything would remain a secret until the first part of The Apprentice final task would air.


*Ereka Vetrini was the co-host of "The Tony Danza Show" for the first season.
*In 2005's "Hottest Girls in Reality Shows" calendar, Katrina Campins appeared and posed like a supermodel with several New York City towers in the background of her swimsuit picture.
*Bill Rancic was only 4-9 (with a 2-0 Project Manager Record) [] and Kwame Jackson was 3-10 (1-2 as Project Manager) [] in the 13 weeks. It is the only time in Apprentice history where the Final Two each had a losing record in all of the episodes throughout the season, because of all of the switching of members of teams.
*Nick Warnock appeared in Episode 6 Season 4 of House M.D. as a Reporter.


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  • The Apprentice (U.S. season 2) — This article is about the U.S. season. For the UK season, see The Apprentice (UK series two). The Apprentice 2 Winner Kelly Perdew Season run September 8, 2004 – December 16, 2004 Filming Dates May 2004 – June 2004 Number of episodes 15 Number of …   Wikipedia

  • The Apprentice (U.S. season 7) — Infobox Television The Apprentice season name = The Celebrity Apprentice caption = The Celebrity Apprentice Titlecard winner = Piers Morgan first aired = January 3, 2008 last aired = March 27, 2008 [cite… …   Wikipedia

  • The Apprentice (U.S. season 8) — Infobox Television The Apprentice season name = The Celebrity Apprentice 2 caption = The Celebrity Apprentice Titlecard filming started = September 21 2008 [cite news|url=,CST FTR zp20.article… …   Wikipedia

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  • The Office (U.S. season 7) — The Office season 7 Region 1 DVD artwork Country of origin United States No. of episodes 26 …   Wikipedia

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