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A warm welcome to the Harz Mountains Portal, the home of Wikipedia information on the Harz Mountains, an important natural landscape and tourist destination in North Germany.

The portal gives a brief overview of the region as well as acting as a road map for many of the articles about the Harz Mountains in English Wikipedia.


Harz Mountains

The Harz is the second highest mountain range in Germany's Central Uplands after the Ore Mountains and extends across parts of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The name Harz derives from the Middle High German word Hardt or Hart (mountain forest). The Harz has the highest mountain in northwestern Germany, the legendary Brocken, which is 1,141 metres (3,743 ft) above sea level and was the site of a former Soviet listening post during the Cold War. The Harz also hosts the highest dam in Germany, the 106 m high Rappbode Dam. The region has a high level of snow and rainfall, and its network of lakes and dams provide drinking water to the surrounding towns and cities as well as flood protection. It is also a popular tourist destination with ski resorts such as Braunlage and Sankt Andreasberg and a major hiking trail network known as the Harzer Wandernadel. More...

Geography and Nature

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  • Landscape: Hercynian Forest, Upper Harz
  • Animals: Bear Monument, Black Stork, Dipper, Lynx, Harz Roller, Peregrine, Tengmalm's Owl, Wildcat
  • Caves: Baumann's Cave, Hermann's Cave
  • Gardens : Arboretum Bad Grund, Brockengarten
  • Geology: Rhenohercynian Zone
  • Lakes and reservoirs: List, Harzwasserwerke, Brockenteich, Ecker, Innerste, Königshütte, Mandelholz, Oder, Oderteich, Oker, Neustadt, Rappbode, Silberteich, Söse, Wendefurth, Wippra
  • Nature parks: Harz National Park
  • Mountains: List, Achtermannshöhe, Aschentalshalbe, Auf dem Acker, Bocksberg, Brocken, Bruchberg, Carlshaushöhe, Großer Knollen, Hasselkopf, Heinrichshöhe, Hohnekamm, Jordanshöhe, Königsberg, Kuppe, Rammelsberg, Ravensberg, Rehberg, Scharfenstein, Sonnenberg, Stöberhai, Wolfsklippen, Wolfswarte, Wurmberg, Zeterklippen
  • Plateaux: Alter Stolberg, Hexentanzplatz
  • Regions: Mansfelder Land
  • Ridges: Langfast
  • Rivers: Bode, Bode Gorge, Eine, Grane, Gose, Holtemme, Ilse, Innerste, Kalte Bode, Oder, Oker, Rappbode, Rhume, Selke, Söse, Warme Bode, Wipper, Wormke, Zillierbach, Zorge
  • Rock formations: Ackertklippe, Bäumlersklippe, Brockentor, Böser Kleef, Froschfelsen, Gänseschnabel, Hahnenkleeklippen, Hirschhornklippen, Hoher Kleef, Hamburger Wappen, Hübichenstein, Kahle Klippe, Kamelfelsen, Kästeklippen, Muxklippe, Ottofels, Roßtrappe, Schnarcherklippen, Schurre, Taubenklippe, Treppenstein



Towns and Villages

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Featured article:
The Harzer Wandernadel is a network of checkpoints for walkers in the Harz mountains. It has a system whereby hikers can earn badges at different levels by walking to the various checkpoints and stamping their passbooks. With 222 checkpoints in three federal states and five districts and over 10,000 'members', the Harz walking network has gained a Germany-wide following. The Wandernadel ("hiking badge") helps holidaymakers and locals alike to get to know the varied and popular hiking trails in the area because the check points are placed on viewing points and hill tops, by caves and castles and other places that are rich in culture or steeped in history. Most can only be reached on foot or by bicycle. More...

Articles to be added
Bismarck Tower (Bad Lauterberg), Harzschützen, Homburg's Watchtower, Thale Mountain Theatre, Wurmberg Granite

  • Abbeys: Hagenrode, Himmelpforten
  • Castles:
  • Nature reserves: Kramershai
  • Mountains and plateaux: Lange (Harz)
  • Rivers: Kellwasser Valley
  • Rocks: Gläserner Mönch, Ilsestein
  • Other: Regionalverband Harz, Köte, Kaiserworth, Krug Bridge, Lynx Stone, Wernigerode Orangery, Wernigerode Pleasure Garden

Did you know, that...?

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  • The Wurmberg in the Harz, near Braunlage, is the highest mountain in Lower Saxony?
  • An indication of the natural state of the beech woods in the Harz is the return of the black stork (pictured)?
  • The Harz Narrow Gauge Railways, an old fashioned, steam and diesel-powered railway network is a very popular mode of transport, especially with tourists ?


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Politics and History

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  • Politics and Administration: Goslar district, Harz district, Mansfeld-Südharz district, Nordhausen district, Osterode am Harz district


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