Mount Haynes

Mount Haynes
Mount Haynes

Mount Haynes, 2009
Elevation 8,218 ft (2,505 m) [1]
Location Yellowstone National Park, Teton County, Wyoming, USA
Range Gallatin Range
Coordinates 44°37′58″N 110°56′46″W / 44.63278°N 110.94611°W / 44.63278; -110.94611 (Mount Haynes)Coordinates: 44°37′58″N 110°56′46″W / 44.63278°N 110.94611°W / 44.63278; -110.94611 (Mount Haynes)[1]
Topo map Mount Jackson

Mount Haynes el. 8,218 feet (2,505 m) is a prominent peak adjacent to the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. The peak was named by then Yellowstone superintendent Horace Albright to honor Frank Jay Haynes (1853–1921), the first official photographer of the park.[2] Prior to being named Mount Haynes, the peak was unofficially called Mount Burley for D. E. Burley of the Union Pacific Railroad.[3] Today there is an interpretive overlook along the Madison River just opposite the peak.

Images of Mount Haynes
Mount Haynes namesake, Frank Jay Haynes  
National Park Meadow with Mount Haynes on the horizon  

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