Districts of Mongolia

Districts of Mongolia

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A sum (Mongolian: сум, arrow, sometimes rendered as soum or—from the Russian form—as somon, or translated as district) is a second level administrative subdivision of Mongolia. The 21 aimags of Mongolia are divided into 329 sums.[1]

On average, each sum administers a territory of 4,200 km² with about 5,000 inhabitants, primarily nomadic herders. It has total revenues of 120 million Tögrög, 90% of which comes from national subsidies.

Each sum is again subdivided into bags (sometimes rendered as baghs[1]). Most bags are of an entirely virtual nature. Their purpose is to sort the families of nomads in the sum into groups, without a permanent human settlement.

Officially, and occasionally on maps, many sum centers bear a name different from that of the sum. However, in practice the sum center is most often referred to under the name of the sum, to the point of the official name of the center being unknown even to the locals.

Sum map of Mongolia


Arkhangai aimag

Sums of Arkhangai

Bayan-Ölgii aimag

Sums of Bayan-Ölgii

Bayankhongor aimag

Sums of Bayankhongor

Bulgan aimag

Sums of Bulgan

Darkhan-Uul aimag

Sums of Darkhan-Uul

Dornod aimag

Sums of Dornod

Dornogovi aimag

Sums of Dornogovi

Dundgovi aimag

Sums of Dundgovi

Govi-Altai aimag

Sums of Govi-Altai

Govisümber aimag

Sums of Govisümber

Khentii aimag

Sums of Khentii

Khovd aimag

Sums of Khovd

Khövsgöl aimag

Sums of Khövsgöl

Ömnögovi aimag

Sums of Ömnögovi

Orkhon aimag

Sums of Orkhon

Övörkhangai aimag

Sums of Övörkhangai

Selenge aimag

Sums of Selenge

Sükhbaatar aimag

Sums of Sükhbaatar

Töv aimag

Sums of Töv

Uvs aimag

Sums of Uvs

Zavkhan aimag

Sums of Zavkhan

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