Districts of Uzbekistan

Districts of Uzbekistan

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The provinces of Uzbekistan are divided into districts (tuman). The districts are listed by province, in the general direction from west to east. Names often transliterated from Russian.


Okresi of Uzbekistan


Districts of Karakalpakstan
District name District capital
1 Amudaryo District Mang‘it
2 Beruniy District Beruniy
3 Chimboy District Chimboy
4 Ellikqala District Bo‘ston
5 Kegeyli District* Kegeyli
6 Mo‘ynoq District Mo‘ynoq
7 Nukus District Oqmang‘it
8 Qanliko‘l District Qanliko‘l
9 Qo‘ng‘irot District Qo‘ng‘irot
10 Qorao‘zak District Qorao‘zak
11 Shumanay District Shumanay
12 Taxtako‘pir District Taxtako‘pir
13 To‘rtko‘l District To‘rtko‘l
14 Xo‘jayli District Xo‘jayli

*Kegeyli district was created in 2004 by the merger of former Bozatau district (the northern part of district 5 on the map) and former Kegeyli district (the south-eastern part of district 5). This merger was effected by Resolution 598-II of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan (11 February 2004) and Resolution 225 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (11 May 2004), which abolished Bozatau district and created the enlarged Kegeyli district. Prior to that date, there were 15 districts in Karakalpakstan. See Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Karakalpakstan on gov.uz.


Districts of Xorazm
Key District name District capital
1 Bog‘ot District Bog‘ot
2 Gurlan District Gurlan
3 Xonqa District Xonqa
4 Xazorasp District Xazorasp
5 Khiva District Khiva
6 Qo‘shko‘pir District Qo‘shko‘pir
7 Shovot District Shovot
8 Urganch District Qorovul
9 Yangiariq District Yangiariq
10 Yangibozor District Yangibozor


Districts of Navoiy
Key District name District capital
1 Kanimekh District Kanimekh
2 Karmana District Navoiy
3 Kyzyltepa District Kyzyltepa
4 Khatyrchi District Yangirabad
5 Navbakhor District Beshrabot
6 Nurata District Nurata
7 Tamdy District Tamdibulok
8 Uchkuduk District Uchkuduk


Districts of Bukhara
Key District name District capital
1 Alat District Alat
2 Bukhara District Galaasiya
3 Gijduvan District Gijduvan
4 Jondor District Jondor
5 Kagan District Kagan
6 Karakul District Qorako‘l
7 Karaulbazar District Karaulbazar
8 Peshku District Yangibazar
9 Romitan District Romitan
10 Shafirkan District Shafirkan
11 Vabkent District Vabkent


Districts of Samarqand
District name District capital
1 Bulungur District Bulungur
2 Ishtikhon District Ishtikhon
3 Jomboy District Jomboy
4 Kattakurgan District Paishanba
5 Koshrabot District Koshrabot
6 Narpay District Oqtosh
7 Nurobod District Nurobod
8 Oqdarya District Laish
9 Pakhtachi District Ziadin
10 Payariq District Payariq
11 Pastdargom District Juma
12 Samarqand District Gulabad
13 Toyloq District Toyloq
14 Urgut District Urgut

Latinization of district names according to Samarqand regional web site on gov.uz


Districts of Qashqadaryo
District name District capital
1 Chiroqchi District Chiroqchi
2 Dehkanabad District Karashina
3 Guzar District Guzar
4 Kamashi District Kamashi
5 Karshi District Beshkent
6 Kasan District Koson
7 Kasbi District Muglan
8 Kitob District Kitab
9 Mirishkor District Yangi-Mirishkor
10 Muborak District Muborak
11 Nishon District Yangi-Nishon
12 Shahrisabz District Shahrisabz
13 Yakkabog District Yakkabog

Latinization of district names according to Qashqadaryo Province web site on gov.uz


Districts of Surxondaryo
District name District capital
1 Angor District Angor
3 Boysun District Boysun
4 Denov District Denov (Denau)
5 Jarkurghon District Jarkurghon
2,6 Kizirik District Sariq
7 Kumkurghon District Kumkurghon
8 Muzrabot District Khalkobod (Khalkabad)
9 Oltinsoy District Qarluq
10 Sariosiyo District Sariosiyo
11 Sherobod District Sherobod
12 Shurchi District Shurchi
13 Termiz District Termiz (Termez)
14 Uzun District Uzun

Bandikhon and Kizirik Districts was merged in December 2010[1]


Districts of Jizzakh
Key District name District capital
1 Arnasay District Goliblar
2 Bakhmal District Usmat
3 Dustlik District Dustlik
4 Forish District Yangikishlok
5 Gallaorol District Gallorol
6 Jizzakh District Uchtepa
7 Mirzachul District Gagarin
8 Pakhtakor District Pakhtakor
9 Yangiabad District Balandchakir
10 Zaamin District Zaamin
11 Zafarobod District Zafarobod
12 Zarbdar District Zarbdar


Districts of Sirdaryo
Key District name District capital
1 Akaltyn District Sarboda
2 Bayaut District Bayaut
3 Gulistan District Dehkonobod
4 Khavast District Khavast
5 Mirzaabad District Navruz
6 Saikhunabad District Saikhun
7 Sardoba District Pakhtaabad
8 Sirdaryo District Sirdaryo


Districts of Tashkent
District name District capital
1 Bekabad District Zafar
2 Bostanliq District Gazalkent
3 Buka District Buka
4 Chinaz District Chinaz
5 Qibray District Qibray
6 Okhangaron District Okhangaron
7 Oqqurgan District Oqqurgan
8 Parkent District Parkent
9 Piskent District Piskent
10 Quyi Chirchiq District Dustobod
12 Orta Chirchiq District Toytepa
13 Yangiyol District Gulbakhor
14 Yukori Chirchiq District Yangibazar
11, 15 Zangiata District Keles

Toshkent and Zangiota Districts was merged in August 2010[2]

Latinization of district names according to Tashkent regional web site on gov.uz


Districts of Namangan
Key District name District capital
1 Chartak District Chartak
2 Chust District Chust
3 Kasansay District Kasansay
4 Mingbulak District Jumashuy
5 Namangan District Tashbulak
6 Naryn District Khakkulabad
7 Pap District Pap
8 Turakurgan District Turakurgan
9 Uchkurgan District Uchkurgan
10 Uychi District Uychi
11 Yangikurgan District Yangikurgan


Districts of Fergana
District name District capital
1 Altyariq District Altyariq
2 Baghdad District Baghdad
3 Beshariq District Beshariq
4 Buvayda District Ibrat
5 Dangara District Dangara
6 Fergana District Chimyon
7 Furqat District Navbakhor
8 Qo'shtepa District Langar
9 Quva District Quva
10 Rishton District Rishton
11 Sokh District Ravan
12 Tashlaq District Tashlaq
13 Uchkuprik District Uchkuprik
14 Uzbekistan District Yaypan
15 Yazyavan District Yazyavan

Ohunboboev District was renamed to Qo'shtepa District in August 2010.

Latinization of district names according to Fergana regional web site on gov.uz


Districts of Andijan
District name District capital
1 Andijan District Kuyganyar
2 Asaka District Asaka
3 Baliqchi District Baliqchi
4 Boz District Boz
5 Buloqboshi District Buloqboshi
6 Izboskan District Paytug
7 Jalalkuduk District Akhunbabaev
8 Khodjaobad District Khodjaobad
9 Kurgontepa District Kurgontepa
10 Marhamat District Marhamat
11 Oltinkol District Oltinkol
12 Pakhtaabad District Pakhtaabad
13 Shakhrihon District Shakhrihon
14 Ulugnor District Okoltin

Latinization of district names according to Andijan regional web site on gov.uz

Source: Aministrative-Territorial Division of the Republic of Uzbekistan, map, State Committee on Land Resources, Geodesy, Cartography, and State Cadastre, Tashkent, 2007.

Tashkent City

  • Bektemir
  • Chilanzar
  • Hamza
  • Mirobod
  • Mirzo Ulugbek
  • Sergeli
  • Shaykhontohur
  • Olmazar
  • Uchtepa
  • Yakkasaray
  • Yunusabad

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