List of club-mosses and mosses of Montana

List of club-mosses and mosses of Montana
Sphagnum Moss

There are at least 23 species of Club-mosses and 153 species of Mosses found in Montana.[1],[2] The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks has identified a number of Club-moss and moss species as Species of Concern.[3]



Stag's horn club-moss


Class: Lycopodiopsida Order: Lycopodiales Family: Lycopodiaceae[4]


Class: Isoetopsida Order: Isoetales, Family: Isoetaceae[5]

  • Bolander's Quillwort, Isoetes bolanderi
  • Howell's Quillwort, Isoetes howellii
  • Nuttall Quillwort, Isoetes nuttallii
  • Spiny-spore Quillwort, Isoetes echinospora
  • Western Quillwort, Isoetes occidentalis



Class: Isoetopsida Order: Selaginellales, Family: Selaginellaceae[6]

  • Dense Spike-moss, Selaginella densa
  • Lesser Spikemoss, Selaginella densa var. densa
  • Low Spike-moss, Selaginella selaginoides
  • Rocky Mountain Spikemoss, Selaginella densa var. scopulorum
  • Standley's Spike-moss, Selaginella densa var. standleyi
  • Wallace's Spike-moss, Selaginella wallacei
  • Watson's Spike-moss, Selaginella watsonii


Granite mosses

Class: Andreaeopsida Order: Andreaeales, Family: Andreaeaceae[7]

Peat Mosses

Narrowleaf peatmoss

Class: Sphagnopsida Order: Sphagnales, Family: Sphagnaceae[8]

Hair-cap Mosses

Class: Polytrichopsida Order: Polytrichales, Family: Polytrichaceae

  • Lyall's polytrichum moss, Meiotrichum lyallii
  • Oligotrichum moss, Oligotrichum aligerum
  • Polytrichum moss, Polytrichum sexangulare

True Mosses

An Orthotrichum moss

Class: Bryopsida[9]

  • Order: Hypnales, Family: Amblystegiaceae
    • Calliergon moss, Calliergon trifarium
    • Calliergonella moss, Calliergonella cuspidata
    • Campylium moss, Campylium polygamum
    • Cardot's campylium moss, Campylium cardotii
    • Hamatocaulis moss, Hamatocaulis vernicosus
    • Hygroamblystegium moss, Hygroamblystegium noterophilum
    • Hygrohypnum moss, Hygrohypnum cochlearifolium
    • Hygrohypnum moss, Hygrohypnum duriusculum
    • Limprichtia moss, Limprichtia revolvens
    • Pseudocalliergon moss, Pseudocalliergon turgescens
    • Richardson's calliergon moss, Calliergon richardsonii
    • Sarmenthypnum moss, Sarmenthypnum sarmentosum
    • Scorpidium moss, Scorpidium scorpioides
    • Smith's hygrohypnum moss, Hygrohypnum smithii
    • Warnstorfia moss, Warnstorfia exannulata
  • Order: Hypnales, Family: Brachytheciaceae
    • Barnes' eurhynchium moss, Eurhynchium pulchellum var. barnesii
    • Brachythecium moss, Brachythecium oxycladon
    • Cedar Moss, Sciuro-hypnum holzingeri
    • Leiberg's brachythecium moss, Brachythecium leibergii
    • Matted Feather Moss, Brachythecium populeum
    • Nelson's brachythecium moss, Brachythecium nelsonii
    • Platyhypnidium moss, Platyhypnidium riparioides
    • Steerecleus moss, Steerecleus serrulatus
    • Stiff brachythecium moss, Brachythecium turgidum
    • Trachybryum moss, Trachybryum megaptilum
  • Order: Bryales, Family: Bryaceae
    • Alpine bryum moss, Bryum alpinum
    • Arctic bryum moss, Bryum arcticum
    • Bryum moss, Bryum calophyllum
    • Bryum moss, Bryum lonchocaulon
    • Bryum moss, Bryum pallens
    • Bryum moss, Bryum cyclophyllum
    • Bryum moss, Bryum dichotomum
    • Bryum moss, Bryum calobryoides
    • Drummond's pohlia moss, Pohlia drummondii
    • Obtuseleaf pohlia moss, Pohlia obtusifolia
    • Plagiobryum moss, Plagiobryum demissum
    • Plagiobryum moss, Plagiobryum zieri
    • Pohlia moss, Pohlia vexans
    • Schleicher's bryum moss, Bryum schleicheri
    • Waterfall copper moss, Haplodontium macrocarpum
  • Order: Bryales, Family: Catoscopiaceae
    • Black golf club moss, Catoscopium nigritum
  • Order: Dicranales, Family: Dicranaceae
    • Acuteleaf dicranum moss, Dicranum acutifolium
    • Blytt's kiaeria moss, Kiaeria blyttii
    • Cynodontium moss, Cynodontium tenellum
    • Dicranella moss, Dicranella heteromalla
    • Dicranella moss, Dicranella palustris
    • Dicranella moss, Dicranella subulata
    • Dicranoweisia moss, Dicranoweisia cirrata
    • Dicranum moss, Dicranum angustum
    • Dicranum moss, Dicranum spadiceum
    • Fragile leaf dicranum moss, Dicranum fragilifolium
    • Greville's dicranella moss, Dicranella grevilleana
    • Longleaf paraleucobryum moss, Paraleucobryum longifolium
    • Olympic dichodontium moss, Dichodontium olympicum
    • Paraleucobryum moss, Paraleucobryum enerve
    • Schreber's dicranella moss, Dicranella schreberiana
    • Sickle kiaeria moss, Kiaeria falcata
    • Starke's kiaeria moss, Kiaeria starkei
  • Order: Dicranales, Family: Ditrichaceae
    • Ambiguous Ditrichum moss, Ditrichum ambiguum
    • Incline distichium moss, Distichium inclinatum
    • Trichodon moss, Trichodon cylindricus
  • Order: Hypnales, Family: Fabroniaceae
    • Fabronia moss, Fabronia pusilla
  • Order: Fissidentales, Family: Fissidentaceae
  • Order: Leucodontales, Family: Fontinalaceae
    • Aquatic Moss, Fontinalis antipyretica
  • Order: Funariales, Family: Funariaceae
  • Order: Grimmiales, Family: Grimmiaceae
    • Agassiz's schistidium moss, Schistidium agassizii
    • Aquatic racomitrium moss, Racomitrium aquaticum
    • Britton's dry rock moss, Grimmia brittoniae
    • Curved dry rock moss, Grimmia incurva
    • Dry rock moss, Grimmia laevigata
    • Dry rock moss, Grimmia mollis
    • Fascicled racomitrium moss, Racomitrium fasciculare
    • Pygmy racomitrium moss, Niphotrichum pygmaeum
    • Racomitrium moss, Racomitrium heterostichum
    • Racomitrium moss, Bucklandiella brevipes
    • Varied racomitrium moss, Racomitrium varium
    • Western racomitrium moss, Racomitrium occidentale
  • Order: Hypnales, Family: Hypnaceae
    • Callicladium moss, Callicladium haldanianum
    • Herzogiella moss, Herzogiella striatella
    • Herzogiella moss, Herzogiella turfacea
    • Hypnum moss, Hypnum callichroum
    • Hypnum moss, Hypnum procerrimum
    • Platygyrium moss, Platygyrium repens
    • Recurved hypnum moss, Hypnum recurvatum
  • Order: Hypnales, Family: Leskeaceae
    • Claopodium moss, Claopodium crispifolium
  • Order: Leucodontales, Family: Leucodontaceae
    • Dendroalsia moss, Dendroalsia abietina
  • Order: Bryales, Family: Meesiaceae
    • Amblyodon moss, Amblyodon dealbatus
    • Angled paludella moss, Paludella squarrosa
    • Meesia moss, Meesia longiseta
    • Meesia moss, Meesia triquetra
    • Meesia moss, Meesia uliginosa
  • Order: Bryales, Family: Mniaceae
    • Cinclidium moss, Cinclidium stygium
    • Leucolepis umbrella moss, Leucolepis acanthoneuron
  • Order: Leucodontales, Family: Neckeraceae
    • Douglas' neckera moss, Neckera douglasii
  • Order: Orthotrichales, Family: Orthotrichaceae
    • Mougeot's amphidium moss, Amphidium mougeotii
    • Orthotrichum moss, Orthotrichum praemorsum
  • Order: Pottiales, Family: Pottiaceae
    • Syntrichia papillosissima
    • Aloina moss, Aloina brevirostris
    • Bartram's tortula moss, Syntrichia bartramii
    • Convoluted barbula moss, Barbula convoluta
    • Desmatodon moss, Tortula cernua
    • Didymodon moss, Didymodon brachyphyllus
    • Didymodon moss, Didymodon ferrugineus
    • Heim's desmatodon moss, Hennediella heimii
    • Lamella pterygoneurum moss, Pterygoneurum lamellatum
    • Lime-seep Eucladium moss, Eucladium verticillatum
    • Norwegian tortula moss, Tortula norvegica
    • Obtuseleaf desmatodon moss, Desmatodon obtusifolius
    • Oxystegus moss, Trichostomum tenuirostre
    • Pseudocrossidium moss, Pseudocrossidium obtusulum
    • Rigid didymodon moss, Didymodon rigidulus var. gracilis
    • Sessile pterygoneurum moss, Pterygoneurum subsessile
    • Toothed phascum moss, Phascum cuspidatum
    • Tortella moss, Tortella inclinata
    • Tortula Moss, Tortula muralis
    • Tortula Moss, Tortula caninervis
    • Twisted tortella moss, Tortella tortuosa
    • Wideleaf crumia moss, Crumia latifolia
    • Wideleaf stegonia moss, Stegonia latifolia
  • Order: Hypnales, Family: Pterigynandraceae
    • Myurella moss, Myurella tenerrima
  • Order: Grimmiales, Family: Ptychomitraceae
    • Gardner's ptychomitrium moss, Ptychomitrium gardneri
  • Order: Schistostegales, Family: Schistostegaceae
    • Luminous Moss, Schistostega pennata
  • Order: Seligeriales, Family: Seligeraceae
    • Acute blindia moss, Blindia acuta
    • Donn's small limestone moss, Seligeria donniana
  • Order: Funariales, Family: Splachnaceae
    • Acuminate dung moss, Tayloria acuminata
    • Entire-leaf nitrogen moss, Tetraplodon mnioides
    • Lingulate dung moss, Tayloria lingulata
    • Pinkstink dung moss, Splachnum sphaericum
    • Serrate dung moss, Tayloria serrata
    • Toothed-leaf nitrogen moss, Tetraplodon angustatus
  • Order: Hypnales, Family: Thamnobryaceae
  • Order: Bryales, Family: Timmiaceae

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