List of Bionicle characters

List of Bionicle characters

Bionicle characters consist of the various species and races that exist in the fictional universe of Lego Bionicle. This list of groups covers every race, species, and group within the universe; it also covers individuals that do not neatly fit into any group. They are sorted by alignment.

The Matoran Universe

The Matoran Race

In the story, the Matoran are the chosen people of the Great Spirit Mata Nui[1] and the most common race in the Bionicle world. Though most of the time "Matoran" refers to small workers, it can be extended to the warrior Toa and elder Turaga that Matoran can sometimes become. Regardless, all wear Kanohi Masks and have some degree of elemental power.[2]


The Matoran are a race of small humanoid beings. Their elemental energies manifest as minor physical enhancements, and they cannot activate the powers of Kanohi Masks that they wear. Though they are among the weakest races, they are very brave people and will fight to the last for their homes and lives.[2] They make up for their physical disadvantages by being builders; able to create fortresses, weapons, defense machines and whatever other tools they need. The Matoran live by the three virtues that Mata Nui gave them: Unity, Duty, and Destiny.[3] All Water, Lightning & Psionics Matoran are female; all others, with the exception of Light and Shadow, are male. Both Light and Shadow are mix-gender.

Best Known Matoran include:

  • Jaller, a Ta-Matoran (Fire-element); currently a Toa, formerly known as Jala (he is voiced by Andrew Francis as a Matoran)
  • Kapura, a Ta-Matoran (Fire-element)
  • Kopeke, a Ko-Matoran (Ice-element)
  • Matoro, a Ko-Matoran (Ice-element); currently a Toa, deceased
  • Hahli, a Ga-Matoran (Water-element); currently a Toa (she is voiced by Chiara Zanni as a Matoran)
  • Macku, a Ga-Matoran (Water-element); formerly known as Maku
  • Kongu, a Le-Matoran (Air-element); currently a Toa (he is voiced by Lee Tockar as a Matoran)
  • Tamaru, a Le-Matoran (Air-element)
  • Onepu, an Onu-Matoran (Earth-element)
  • Nuparu, an Onu-Matoran (Earth-element); currently a Toa
  • Taipu, an Onu-Matoran (Earth-element)
  • Tehutti, an Onu-Matoran (Earth-element); formerly known as Tehuti
  • Hewkii, a Po-Matoran (Stone-element); currently a Toa, formerly known as Huki (he is voiced by Michael Dobson as a Matoran)
  • Hafu, a Po-Matoran (Stone-element)
  • Ahkmou, a Po-Matoran (Stone-element)
  • Takua, an Av-Matoran (Light-element); currently a Toa named Takanuva (he is voiced by Jason Michas)
  • Solek, an Av-Matoran (Light-element)
  • Tanma, an Av-Matoran (Light-element)
  • Photok, an Av-Matoran (Light-element)
  • Kirop, an Av-Matoran (Light-element); former Shadow Matoran
  • Radiak, an Av-Matoran (Light-element); former Shadow Matoran
  • Gavla, an Av-Matoran (Light-element); former Shadow Matoran
  • Dekar, a Po-Matoran (Stone-element); transformed into a replica of Hydraxon.
  • Vican, a Le-Matoran (Air-element); former Shadow Matoran
  • Defilak, a Le-Matoran (Air-element)
  • Mazeka, a Ko-Matoran (Ice-element)
  • Vultraz, a Shadow Matoran (Shadow-element); formerly a Ta-Matoran
  • Balta, a Ta-Matoran (Fire-element); former member of matoran resistance on Voya Nui.
  • Dalu, a Ga-Matoran (Water-element); former member of matoran resistance on Voya Nui.
  • Garan, an Onu-Matoran (Earth-element); former leader of matoran resistance on Voya Nui
  • Velika, a Po-Matoran (Stone-element); former member of matoran resistance on Voya Nui.
  • Piruk, a Le-Matoran (Air-element); former member of matoran resistance on Voya Nui.
  • Nuhrii, a Ta-Matoran (Fire-element); formerly known as Nuri
  • Vhisola, a Ga-Matoran (Water-element)
  • Orkham, a Le-Matoran (Air-element); formerly known as Orkhan
  • Ehrye, a Ko-Matoran (Ice-element)
  • Kazi, a Ko-Matoran (Ice-element); former member of matoran resistance on Voya Nui.
  • Sarda, a Ta-Matoran (Fire-element)
  • Idris, a Ga-Matoran (Water-element)
  • Kotu, a Ga-Matoran (Water-element)
  • Gaardus, a Ta-Matoran (Fire-element); transformed into a weapon-like being.


See main article: Toa (Bionicle)

Toa are the tallest members of the Matoran Race. They were created as protectors of the Matoran race. Also predestined Matoran, using Toa Stones, transform to Toa, the heroes and primary protagonists of BIONICLE. They serve as the public heroes of the Great Spirit Mata Nui and can wield the power of elements. The Toa, once numerous, had their ranks severely cut by the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters.[2] The main six elements are Air, Water, Earth, Stone, Fire, Ice.


When a Toa fulfills his/her destiny, they may have to choose to give up their power for the greater good.[2] When this happens, they turn into Turaga, elders that use the wisdom they gained as Toa to lead the Matoran. Their elemental powers are minimal and rarely used, and they can access the powers of weaker Noble Kanohi Masks.[2]

Notable Turaga
  • Vakama is a Turaga of Fire, and the former elder of Ta-Koro on Mata Nui, now elder of Ta-Metru. His badge of office is a Firestaff, and he wears a Noble Huna, the Mask of Concealment. Vakama is now in Metru Nui, and he led the city with his fellow Turaga and Turaga Dume, until "Turaga" Ahkmou came into power. He is voicd by Christopher Gaze.[4]
  • Nokama is a Turaga of Water, and the former elder of Ga-Koro on Mata Nui, now elder of Ga-Metru. Her badge of office is a Trident, carved from Makuta fish bones, and wears a Noble Rau, the Mask of Translation. Nokama is now in Metru Nui, and she led the city with her fellow Turaga and Turaga Dume, until "Turaga" Ahkmou came into power. She is voiced by Lesley Ewen.[4]
  • Matau is a Turaga of Air, and the former elder of Le-Koro on Mata Nui, now elder of Le-Metru. His badge of office is the Kau-Kau Staff, (the name has nothing to do with the Mask of Water-breathing. It is derived from the cry of the Brakas monkey.[2])and he wears a Noble Mahiki, Mask of Illusion. Matau is now in Metru Nui, and he led the city with his fellow Turaga and Turaga Dume, until "Turaga" Ahkmou came into power.[4]
  • Nuju is a Turaga of Ice, and the former elder of Ko-Koro on Mata Nui, now elder of Ko-Metru. His badge of office is an Ice Pick, and he wears a Noble Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis. Nuju is now on Metru Nui, and he led the city with his fellow Turaga and Turaga Dume, until "Turaga" Ahkmou came into power.[4]
  • Onewa is a Turaga of Stone, and the former elder of Po-Koro on Mata Nui, now elder of Po-Metru. His badge of office is a Stone Hammer, and he wears a Noble Komau, Mask of Mind Control. Onewa is now in Metru Nui, and he led the city with his fellow Turaga and Turaga Dume, until "Turaga" Ahkmou came into power. He is voiced by Dale Wilson.[4]
  • Whenua is a Turaga of Earth, and the former elder of Onu-Koro on Mata Nui, now elder of Onu-Metru. His badge of office is a drill staff, called the "Drill of Onua," and he wears a Noble Ruru, Mask of Night Vision. Whenua is now in Metru Nui, and he led the city with his fellow Turaga and Turaga Dume, until "Turaga" Ahkmou came into power.[4]
  • Dume is a Turaga of Fire, and the elder of Metru Nui. Dume's badge of office is a Firestaff, similar to Vakama's, and he wears a Noble Kiril, Mask of Regeneration. Dume remained on Metru Nui after the Toa Metru took the Matoran to the island of Mata Nui above, refusing to leave the city.[2] He was leading the city with the Mata Nui Turaga until "Turaga" Ahkmou came into power. He is voiced by Gerard Plunkett[4]
  • Lhikan was a Turaga of Fire, killed by Makuta Teridax after the Great Cataclysm. It is unknown what his badge of office may have been, but it is known that he wore a Noble Hau, Mask of Shielding. This mask was given to the Ta-Matoran Jaller, after his own mask was damaged during the journey to Mata Nui. The Kanohi was lost in Karzahni when Jaller traveled there with five other Matoran, and since then, reclaimed by Toa Tahu Nuva.[5] He is voiced by Michael Dobson[6]
  • Jovan was leader of the first team of toa to recover the mask of life. Later on, Jovan surved as Turaga of Voya Nui, until he was killed by the cactylism that separated it from the main land.
  • Ahkmou is not a real Turaga, but a treacherous Po-Matoran who had aided Teridax in the past.[7] He was appointed to be the "Turaga" of Metru Nui when Makuta Teridax took over the Matoran universe. His first assignment went to all the Po-Matoran, banning all unauthorized artwork in the city, and carving statues of Makuta Teridax.[8]

Vakama, Nokama, Whenua, Nuju, Matau, and Onewa were released as the 2001 small sets. The Matoran Akhmou was released in 2004 as a first-wave small set. Dume was available as part of the second-wave 2004 sets "Turaga Dume & Nivawk", and "Ultimate Dume". Jovan was never released as a Turaga, but in the Lego Club's Official magazine, recipitants where given the option to build his toa form with pieces from Toa Inika Nuparu, Hewkii, and Hali.

Order of Mata Nui

The Order of Mata Nui is an organization within the that serves the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They were originally known as the Hand of Artakha, before they disbanded. Toa Helryx, the leader of the Order, later recruited a new organization to serve the Great Spirit where the Toa could not. They operate secretively, guarding artifacts and dispatching universal threats to the Pit. Two well known operatives in this organization are Axonn and Brutaka. The latter joined the Piraka in the hunt for the Mask of Life after he incorrecly assumed that the Great Spirit Mata Nui had abandoned their universe. With the escalation of events in Bionicle Legends, Helryx ordered a Destiny War against the Brotherhood, withdrawing members and discussing alliances with the Skakdi, Toa Hagah, Barraki, and Dark Hunters in preparation. The organization has been partially dissolved due to Teridax's triumph.[9]

Brotherhood of Makuta

The Brotherhood of Makuta was a faction led by the Makuta species, a sect of evil shapeshifters. They were tasked by the Great Spirit Mata Nui to populate the Matoran Universe with Rahi, but later took on larger universal roles. They were initially led by Makuta Miserix, who was overthrown in favor of Makuta Teridax and his "Plan" to overthrow the Great Spirit Mata Nui. The Makuta species commanded the Brotherhood, formed of armies such as the Visorak and the Rahkshi. The Makuta were noted for their task force they sent Karda Nui to transform the Av-Matoran into Shadow Matoran. As of the 2009 storyline, all Makuta from the main universe are currently deceased, with the exception of Miserix, and an alternate light Teridax currently in the MU.


Makuta Teridax is the leader and previous lieutenant of the Brotherhood of Makuta and also main antagonist of BIONICLE series. Using Makuta Mutran's intellect, he conjured a "Plan" to overthrow the Great Spirit and take command of the Brotherhood. He brought the Great Spirit to a coma, masqueraded as Turaga Dume in a plot to enslave the Matoran, awaited the arrival of the Toa Mata, and keep them from awakening the Great Spirit. His body was destroyed by Toa Takanuva, and as Antidermis influenced the events of Bionicle Legends in preparation of the final stages of the "Plan", including taking over the robotic body of a Maxilos guard robot. Teridax took over the body of Mata Nui, thus succeeding in the Plan. He used his new powers to kill any remaining Makuta after the Makuta War.[4] He was later killed by Mata Nui, who got Teridax's head to collide with a fragment from the ocean-moon Aqua Magna. This destroyed the Mata Nui Robot's Core Processor, which killed Teridax forever. Teridax (then known only as and thus credited as "Makuta") was voiced by Lee Tockar in the first 3 Bionicle films.

Teridax was first released in the second-wave Titan set "Makuta". In 2004 another form of him was released in the second-wave set "Ultimate Dume". His form as the robot Maxilos was released in 2007 in the second-wave set "Maxilos & Spinax".

Teridax's name was not revealed until 2008 by Greg Farshtey, and most beings in the Matoran Universe do not know Teridax's name, and rathermore refer him as 'Makuta of Metru Nui', 'Makuta', or 'The Makuta'. '


Rahkshi are serpentine mech-suits piloted by Kraata-serpents and created/controlled by Makuta.[2][3] Rahkshi can fly, and carry staffs; most Rahkshi seen use their staffs to channel their powers. The Rahkshi first appeared in 2003, being the second-wave canister sets of that year. These were the first sets to have bendable legs. A Rahkshi of Heat-vision was released in 2010 as part of the "Stars" line-up.

  • Guurahk is the Rahkshi of Disintegration. It is blue and has a fin on its back similar to that of a Spinosaurus. It carries the Staff of Disintegration, which can crumble any object to dust.
  • Kurahk is the Rahkshi of Anger. It is white and has icicle-like blade spikes on its back. Kurahk can use its Staff of Anger to cause an enemy to be consumed by rage.
  • Lerahk is the Rahkshi of Poison. It is green and has leaf-like spikes on its back. Lerahk wields the Staff of Poison, which can poison anything it touches.
  • Panrahk is the Rahkshi of Fragmentation. It is brown and has sideways spikes on its back. When Panrahk walks, the ground cracks under its feet, and it can use its Staff of Fragmentation to cause objects to explode.
  • Turahk is the Rahkshi of Fear. It is red and has curved spikes on its back. When Turahk uses its Staff of Fear, the opponent becomes paralyzed with fear. In the film called Mask of Light, Turahk was the last Rahkshi to be defeated.
  • Vorahk is the Rahkshi of Hunger. It is black. Vorahk is an excellent hunter, and it can use its Staff of Absorption to sap an enemy's strength and energy.
  • The Rahkshi of Heat Vision released in 2010. It is yellow and needs its staff to access its heat vision powers.

There are 42 different varieties of Rahkshi and their abilities depend on which Kraata pilots the armor and which was turned into it.[2] Other Rahkshi to make an appearance the Bionicle series include, but are not limited to, a golden Rahkshi which has powers of weather control and a silver one that controls chain lightning, and a purple one that wields heat vision, but at the cost of blurring its vision. These were later stopped by the Toa Metru, while any others were killed by Voporak's temporal field.[10]

Dark Hunters

The Dark Hunters are an organization of bounty hunters. Led by the Shadowed One, an ancient being of formidable power, the Dark Hunters are generally malevolent, but they will work for whoever pays the most regardless of what side they are on.[2]

Prominent Members

The most prominent members of the Dark Hunters are The Shadowed One, Sentrakh, Voporak, Lariska, Nidhiki (voice by Paul Dobson), and Krekka (voiced by Michael Dobson). The former Viceroy of the Visorak, Roodaka (voiced by Kathleen Barr), has also had extensive dealings with the Hunters. Other Dark Hunters are Airwatcher, Amphibax, Ancient (formerly), Charger, Conjurer, Dweller, Eliminator, Firedracax, Gladiator, Guardian (formerly), Lurker, Poison, Primal, Prototype, Ravager, Savage, Seeker, Shadow Stealer, Spinner, Subterranean, Tracker, Tyrant, Vanisher, and Vengance.[11]


The Piraka were a group of Skakdi who abandoned the Dark Hunters to search for the Mask of Life and claim it for themselves. They came to the island of Voya Nui, where the mask was hidden, and enslaved most of the Matoran living there. After the Toa Inika claimed the Mask of Life and freed the Matoran, the six Piraka followed them into the Pit and were mutated by the waters. Five Piraka, mutated into sea snakes, were imprisoned on Daxia. Since Daxia was destroyed by Teridax, the five Piraka were taken to Zakaz and combined in Energized Protodermis with several other species into a hulking behemoth. Vezon has become a walking dimensional portal, (due to donning a Kanohi Olmak—Mask of Dimensional Gates—and getting hit with an energized protodermis wave after stepping out of a portal[12]), and Zaktan was killed by Teridax in the mind of the Great Spirit.[13] The word "Piraka" is the Matoran word for "thief" and "murderer".

The Piraka were/are

  • Hakann the red Piraka (AKA, the Bully), Enemies of Hakann never know just how he will defeat them - with heat vision, lava launcher or devastating mental blasts. Hated by the other Piraka for his constant scheming, Hakann plans to eliminate them all and steal the Mask of Life for himself. At one time together with Thok stole the energy of Brutaka.
  • Zaktan the green Piraka (AKA, the Snake), Caries a three bladed scissor. Brilliant and ruthless, Zaktan is feared even by the other Piraka. His laser vision ability to break his body into thousands of microscopic flying protoditens and three-pronged blade help him put down rebellions by the others as they search for the Mask of Life. The strongest and most mysterious Piraka, Zaktan alone may know the true secret to the Zamor Spheres.[14]
  • Vezok the blue Piraka (AKA, the Beast), Nasty and vicious, Vezok's fury is always on the verge of exploding. In battle, he relies on a harpoon that pulls him through the water and a buzzsaw that hurls water daggers. His powerful impact vision and ability to absorb the powers of his enemies makes him a devastating opponent.
  • Vezon, The silver Piraka. The accidentally created, split clone of Vezok. Carries the spear of fusion, and later, an axe.
  • Reidak the black Piraka (AKA, the Tracer), Strongest of the Piraka, Reidak lives for destruction. His power to adapt after every defeat makes him virtually unstoppable. His infrared and thermal imaging vision lets him track down his enemies so can send them to crushing defeat. His combination drill and buzzsaw can turn solid ground to quicksand.
  • Avak the brown Piraka (AKA, the Trigger), Caries a jackhammer, and a zamor sphere launcher. He is also a technological genius, and has created Zamor Sphere Launchers out of scrap, for the Piraka.
  • Thok the white Piraka (AKA, the Drifter), Caries an ice gun, and a zamor sphere launcher. Once together with Hakann stole the energy of Brutaka.
  • Irnakk, The golden-headed, legendary Skakdi. Originally a character in Skakdi lore, who can never be stopped, and always kills everybody that he wants to in the end. Irnakk was eventually became a real-life illusion, created by the Ignika to temporarily "bring it to life," in order to guard itself against the Piraka. Irnakk carries a zamor sphere launcher, and 3 extra ammo holders.[15]
  • Vezon, The silver-headed, mentally unstable 7th piraka was the result of an accident when the Piraka attempted to steal the legendary Spear of Fusion from Makuta's lair. The spear split Vezok into two beings, himself; and Vezon. After a fight with Makuta's mana crabs, Vezon escaped and attepted to steal the mask of life himself. He failed, and as punishment, he was fused to the mask itself, and him to the montrous spider-like Fenrakk. Later on, the Toa Inika challenged Vezon and Fenrakk transformed into the titanic Kardas monster, but both where defeated, and the mask escaped and floated down to the underwater realm of Mahri Nui. After, Vezon helped Brutaka, Roodaka, Carapar, and Takadox free Makuta Miserix from his island prison, and went on to steal the Kanohi Olmak, the mask of deimensional gates, and helped free one of the Great Beings. Vezon was released in two second-wave titan sets in 2006, one that included him and Fenrakk, and the other with Kardas, which used pieces from the Axonn and Brutaka sets.


The Barraki are powerful warlords who led a military alliance called the League of the Six Kingdoms in conquests until the Order of Mata Nui banished them to a prison known as the Pit. When the Pit flooded and became part of the ocean, the Barraki have mutated into forms like those of sea creatures and formed new armies of local aquatic life. When the Mask of Life entered their domain, they sought to use it to return to their air-breathing forms and re-conquer the surface world.[16]

The Barraki are Kalmah, Takadox (betrayed the others[17]), Ehlek, Carapar (deceased[18]), Mantax, and Pridak, the leader. They also had a lieutenant named Nocturn who was sent to the Pit for breaking his island to pieces.[16]

Carapar was killed when he tried to attack Tren Krom while traveling with Brutaka and his group. Tren Krom shot an energy bolt from his hidden third eye that reduced Carapar to a mere pile of fragments.[18] The four other surviving Barraki in the Pit are now amassing armies to rebuild their League on the Order of Mata Nui's consent.[12] Meanwhile, Takadox hypnotized Jaller, Nuparu and Hahli to stay on Artidax while the Visorak were arriving and left on their boat. Fortunately, the Toa managed to escape but by then, Takadox was already gone.[13] His current status is unknown. The rest were captured and drafted into the war against the Brotherhood of Makuta. They made a deal with The Shadowed One for a pack of prototype viruses. When Pridak was told to meet up with The Shadowed One at Karzahni, The Shadowed One did not appear at the correct time, which forced the Barraki to march to Metru Nui anyways. At the same time, all the remaining Barraki were unmutated by a surge of life energy caused by Mata Nui.

The members include

  • Pridak: The leader of the Barraki, Pridak has an army of Takea Sharks and a squid launcher.
  • Ehlek: Ehlek has a deep hatred for the matoran of Marhi Nui and command's a army of venom eels. He has the ability to emit electric shocks, he had Nocturn as his lieutenant.
  • Carapar: Carapar is a brute that was under Takodox's mind control, he was killed by Tren Krom.
  • Mantax: Mantax is the loner of the group and rarely interacts with the other Barraki.
  • Kalmah: Having a army of squids at his command. Kalmah is the most ruthless of the Barraki.
  • Takadox: Takadox is the most horrific Barraki, he has betrayed the rest of the group.

Other Species


The Vortixx are a species from the island of Xia. There are only 2 known Vortixx. One is Roodaka, Viceroy of the Visorak horde.[19] Another one climbed a voracious Mountain with Roodaka on Xia and was devoured when Roodaka ignored his pleas for help in order to climb the mountain safely.[citation needed]


The Skakdi are a species from the island of Zakaz. Known individuals include Nektann, Vezon, Hakann, Vezok, Reidak, Avak, Zaktan and Thok. The latter seven are collectively known as the Piraka, but in an attempt to steal the Mask of Life, Vezon became one of its guardians. Also related is Irnakk, who only exists as a story fable.


Rahi is the Matoran word for "wildlife" or "not us".[2] Many different species of Rahi exist, all in different shapes and sizes.

Prominently featured Rahi include Fenrakk, Kardas, Krahka, Keetongu, the Rahi Nui, Pewku, Tahtorak, Ash Bear, Kikanalo, Muaka, Gukko, Kane-Ra, Tarakava, Spinax, and the Manas.


Vahki were robots designed by Nuparu to be the law-enforcers of order on Metru Nui. They were put into operation after the failure of the Kralhi experiment.[20] They cannot be reasoned with and they will not listen to excuses; those chased by the Vahki only have the options of "surrender or run".[2]

Most Vahki were destroyed in the Great Cataclysm, and the rest fell in the following Visorak invasion.[2] However, the blast of power during the Great Cataclysm overloaded their speech circuits, lowering the pitch enough for it to be heard by Matoran ears(from a power surge into the chargers where a few select Vahki were charging until the time when they were destroyed by the Visorak).[21] Vahki had three main options: pursue, capture, or destroy. Vahki had hives in which they could recharge.[21]

There were six different models of Vahki for each of the city's metru (districts):

  • Nuurakh, Vahki of Command, from the flames and smoke of Ta-Metru come the Nuurakh. The fastest of the Vahki, they prefer to lay in wait for their targets and then swiftly surround them. Their Staffs of Command fill the mind of a Ta-Matoran with a single overriding command.[22]
  • Bordakh Vahki of Loyalty, Ga-Metru is home to the Bordakh, the most cunning of all Vahki. The Bordakh love to chase and will sometimes delay a capture just to extend the thrill of pursuit. Their Staffs of Loyalty temporarily turn Ga-Matoran into spies for the Bordakh.[23]
  • Vorzakh Vahki of Erasing, the Vorzahk of Le-Metru do not have the patience for long chases. They would rather just smash everything in their path until they find the culprit they are searching for. Their Staffs of Erasing temporarily turn Le-Matoran into mindless "shamblers".[24]
  • Zadakh Vahki of Suggestion, racing across the Sculpture Fields of Po-Metru, the Zadakh always catch their prey. The most powerful Vahki, they are always the first into a fight and the last standing. Their Staffs of Suggestion leave a Po-Matoran very suggestible and willing to follow orders from almost anyone.[25]
  • Rorzakh Vahki of Presence, the Rozakh of Onu-Metru are not the strongest or fastest Vahki, but they never give up on a chase. Run anywhere, they will follow, no matter the risk. Their Staffs of Presence make it possible for the Vahki to see and hear whatever the affected Onu-Matoran does, without him being aware.[26]
  • Keerakh Vahki of Confusion, the Keerakh of Ko-Metru do not bother to chase lawbreakers. Instead, they figure out where their targets are heading and try to get there first. Their Staffs of Confusion scramble a Ko-Matoran's sense of time and place.[2][27]

Also, there were two elite types of Vahki, the Kranua and the Kraahu; and a group of failed Kralhi prototypes ("Nuparu's folly", as Nuju later puts it.) Kralhi had a set of pincers and could fire an energy bubble from its tail. This bubble could surround a foe and drain the energy from it. This energy was transferred to the Kralhi, making it even stronger and thus able to fight its enemies better.[20]

Great Beings

Matoran legend says that the Great Spirit Mata Nui was sent by the even more powerful Great Beings. They are scientist-like beings known for their numerous creations and advanced technology they make them from. They created the Matoran, Toa, and almost everything else in the matoran universe using Nanotechnology. They designed Matoran after the Agori and based the Toa after the Element lords. But while Mata Nui is said to protect the universe, the Great Beings are said to create universes. Since putting Mata Nui in charge, they have not paid much attention to this universe and were unaware of all the events that happened in it including Mata Nui's coma, death, revival, awakening, and banishment.[2]

Although Great Beings are more powerful than the Great Spirit, they are not as big as the Great Spirit's body. The Great Beings have left behind several artifacts and beings for specific purposes; such beings include Umbra, the Ignika, the Bohrok, Bahrag, Tren Krom, Artakha, Karzahni, and even the Great Spirit Mata Nui himself.[2]

It has been revealed in the official web serials that the Great Beings had lived on Spherus Magna before it split into three segments. Their current location is mostly unknown, but it is known that at least one is on Bota Magna, but that one is evil. Other than that, there is only one Great Being, Angonce, who is inside the fortress in the Valley of the Maze.

Great Spirit Mata Nui

The Great Spirit Mata Nui is the guardian of the universe, and represents all that is good. He is said to have brought the Matoran out of darkness and given them the three virtues of Unity, Duty, and Destiny. It has been revealed that the Matoran did in fact, unwittingly build Mata Nui while they "laboured in darkness". Unfortunately, an attack from the Makuta of Metru Nui, Makuta Teridax, rendered him unconscious and unable to attend to the universe's well-being. His prolonged coma led his life to hang from a thread. After a long quest, Toa Matoro gave his life to save Mata Nui using the Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life. Mata Nui was also recently revealed to have a physical body, which is over forty million feet (12,192 kilometers) tall. His body contains the Matoran Universe, which includes locations such as Metru Nui and Karda Nui, as well as his body parts being the 'islands' upon which some events take place. For example, the island of Metru Nui is actually his brain while Karda Nui is his heart. (Which is why Teridax's attack on Metru Nui put Mata Nui in a coma in the first place.)

The Great Spirit Mata Nui is not to be confused with the island of Mata Nui, named in the Great Spirit's honor.

Mata Nui's body has been awakened by the Toa Nuva, however the body is being controlled by Teridax instead. Mata Nui's spirit was trapped inside the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life. He arrived on Bara Magna and put together a team to combat the Skrall. In The Legend Reborn, he is known as Toa Mata Nui. He possessed a Scarab Shield that is a transformed Scarabax Beetle (now known as Click) and a sword that was a transformed Vorox's tail. He also wore the Ignika, The Mask of Life, which has returned to its original gold colour (due to it no longer being in the now Teridax-controlled universe).[28] His spirit controlled a Prototype Robot found on Bara Magna attempting to fight Teridax. He then used his last bit of energy to restore spherus magna. His spirit then returned to the mask of life (and Mata Nui went into a state of hibernation), and will return again one day, once the Great Beings have been found.


The Bohrok are mechanical, Insect-like creatures, they are the remains of destined Av-Matoran. The Bohrok are a race of drones driven by little, mask-like organisms called Krana. Existing only for a singular purpose, they will do anything and everything to fulfill the mission of cleaning the island of Mata Nui. Unfortunately, Makuta Teridax woke them early and they began this "cleaning" job while Matoran were still living there. The Toa Mata stopped this rampage, but then had to face six elite Bohrok-Kal that tried to release the swarms again after the Bohrok-Kal stole the Toa's elemental powers.

Now that the island is uninhabited, the Bohrok cleansed it, then returned to their slumber should they ever be needed again.

  • The six main breeds of Bohrok and their respective elements are:
  • Tahnok, Bohrok of Fire, the most aggressive and destructive of all the Bohrok types. They use their mastery of fire to burn and whatever is in their way. Even with their Krana removed, Tahnok are hard to tame.[29]
  • Gahlok, Bohrok of Water, the trickiest Bohrok opponents - they never attack the same way twice. Able to control water, the Gahlok use tidal waves to flood Mata Nui. Remove their Krana, and they can be tamed.[30]
  • Lehvak, Bohrok of Acid, the only kind of Bohrok designed for combat. Using their crushing shields and dissolving spray, they exist to destroy anything that lives on Mata Nui. Clever and unpredictable, stopping the Lehvak may be the Toa Mata's greatest challenge. With their Krana removed, they are still highly difficult to tame.[31]
  • Pahrak, Bohrok of Stone, the most unrelenting of Bohrok, never giving up until their destructive work is done. Their shields have the power to set off earthquakes, and they can move massive boulders with their bare hands. No matter what obstacle, Pahrak can reduce it to rubble. But if you remove their Krana, the Pahrak can be tamed.[32]
  • Nuhvok, Bohrok of Earth, the tunnelers of the Bohrok, using the power of their shields to blow up rock and blast through passages through the earth. They even have the power to bring down a mountain. Although their reactions are slow, they are dangerously fierce when cornered. When their Krana is removed, they can be put to work rebuilding what they have destroyed.[33]
  • Kohrak, Bohrok of Ice, the most cold-blooded of the Bohrok. They want to bring a new Ice Age to Mata Nui - and they have the power to do it. Their shields are capable of freezing anything and can even fire blasts of ice. Get in their way and you will wind up in a block of ice.[34]

They also appear in Mask of Light frozen in Ko-Koro, even scaring Jaller and Takua.

Bohrok Va

The "assistants" of the Bohrok. The main breeds are helped by Bohrok Va.

  • Tahnok Va, fast and reckless, Tahnok Va can be seen scurrying at a great speed along dangerous ledges with their glowing Staff of Flames to guide them through the darkest of forest paths and the vast network of Mangai caves and tunnels.[35]
  • Gahlok Va, this type stalks the seas, keeping an eye out for any threats to the Gahlok's mission.[36]
  • Lehvak Va, these types use their small blades to cut through the dense undergrowth of the jungle, as they go on scouting missions for their masters.[37]
  • Pahrak Va, these types are among the easiest of the Bohrok Va to catch, but good luck holding onto them - they are also the strongest.[38]
  • Nuhvok Va, these varieties are sometimes called "Tunnel Foxes" by the islanders. They are not naturals at heavy digging, but can burrow out of most situations. Normally they are spotted in the distant shadows, moving with a quick scamper then a pause to listen. They can see in the dark and squeeze through gaps you would not think possible.[39]
  • Kohrak Va, this variety's claws make it an excellent climber, even on the icy slopes of Mount Ihu.[40]

The following details what tools each Bohrok Va carried:[41]

  • Tahnok Va carried a long torch.
  • Lehvak Va carried twin katanas.
  • Kohrak Va carried small ice hooks.
  • Gahlok Va carried a large hook.
  • Pahrak Va carried a hammer.
  • Nuhvok Va had large claws on both hands.


The Bahrag are the leaders of the Bohrok, also known as the Bohrok Queens. The red one is Gahdok and the blue one is Cahdok. These creatures are probably female when they have been called the Bohrok Queens by the Matoran and the Turaga.

Created by the Great Beings to guide the Bohrok and cleanse the island of Mata Nui whenever and if ever necessary, they were awakened by Teridax prematurely, and unleashed their forces onto Mata Nui. Although they did not know of the Matoran's presence on the island, they attempted to avoid them, but confrontations began between them, ending in their attempt to assimilate the Matoran of Le-Koro into the swarms.

Eventually, they fought the Toa Mata and the Exo-Toa, and were imprisoned, and even the Bohrok-Kal were unsuccessful as rescuers. Ironically, the Bahrag were freed by their nemesis, the Toa Nuva, as per the request of a list of necessary tasks to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui.[42]


An elite breed of Bohrok. The Bohrok-Kal were a group of six sentient Bohrok. They were actually six normal Bohrok, that were exposed by the Bahrag to a mutagenic substance, and emerged with new powers and advanced Krana known as Krana-Kal. They acted as the failsafe for the Bahrag; should the hive queens be defeated or incapacitated, the Bohrok-Kal would awaken and do everything in their power to free them.

When the prematurely-awoken Bahrag were defeated and imprisoned by the Toa, the Bohrok-Kal were soon activated and set about their appointed task. After defeating the Toa Nuva in battle, each of the mechanical monsters travelled to a Matoran village and stole their unique Toa symbol. This had the dual purpose of providing a means of freeing the Bahrag from their imprisonment and weakening the Toa Nuva by draining their elemental powers.

The Toa Nuva managed to pursue the Bohrok-Kal to the lair of the Bahrag, where Tahu used the Mask of Time to try and slow the Bohrok-Kal's attempt to free their masters. Unfortunately, the Krana-Kal revealed a final defense and turned silver, generating an impenetrable forcefield around the Bohrok-Kal. Unable to defeat their foes conventionally, the Toa instead channeled their energy through the Toa Symbols, overloading the Bohrok-Kal to the point where they were destroyed by their own powers.

The following information lists each kind of Bohrok-Kal:

  • Tahnok-Kal, Bohrok-Kal of Electricity, fast and powerful, and usually acts as leader of the Bohrok-Kal squad. Its relfexes are incredibly swift, making it appear short-tempered to those who see it in action. Some have said that Tahnok-Kal is truly as fast as the lightning it controls. Tahnok-Kal controls the forces of electricity via its power shield. The shield can use energy for defense or fire lightning bolts at an opponent.
  • Gahlok-Kal, Bohrok-Kal of Magnetism, like water itself, Gahlok-Kal is hard to catch. Its surface is designed to make it difficult to grasp, and it can "flow" around obstacles when need be. Gahlok-Kal is stealthy as well, able to sneak in and out of a Matoran village without ever being seen or heard. Gahlok-Kal's tool is a magnetic shield. This collects, controls and directs the power of magnetism from the earth - which can be employed as a defensive force field against attack, or be used as a formidable defensive weapon.
  • Lehvak-Kal, Bohrok-Kal of Vacuum, the fastest and most unpredictable Bohrok-Kal. Its vacuum shield gives it two powerful modes of defense, and there is no way for a Toa Nuva to know which it will choose. Lehvak-Kal makes full use of the terrain and can disappear into the jungle in an instant. Lehvak-Kal's vacuum shield can suck all the air out of a given area, causing a destructive implosion. It can then release the evacuated air in a single blast that has the power to smash through solid rock.
  • Pahrak-Kal, Bohrok-Kal of Plasma, a slow-moving powerhouse. Although it would seem this Bohrok-Kal would be easy to evade, that is not so. Pahrak-Kal is a powerhouse that can plow through any obstacle on its way to its goal. Pahrak-Kal's tool is a plasma shield. It has the power to superheat any substance until it becomes plasmodia. This makes it a fast and effective tunneller. The shield can also be used defensively, to turn any incoming missile or attack into a roiling mass of plasma. More terrifyingly, it can be used as an offensive weapon, to turn any obstacle into a molten mass.
  • Nuhvok-Kal, Bohrok-Kal of Gravity, this Bohrok-Kal sacrifices speed for sheer power. Its gravity shield makes it one of the most dangerous Bohrok-Kal, but it seems to be in no hurry to fight. Perhaps the reason is that as soon as it brings its gravity shield into play, the struggle is over in seconds. Nuhvok-Kal's gravity shield has the dual ability to negate gravity (so that its target becomes lighter than air and starts to float away), or intensify gravity (so that its target becomes much more dense, and sinks into the ground). To be sure of defeating Nuhvok-Kal, the Toa Nuva should face it only above ground.
  • Kohrak-Kal, Bohrok-Kal of Sonics, this member tends to work alone more than any other Bohrok-Kal. The reason may be that its sonic powers are so great, they are even a threat to its comrades. In fact, Kohrak-Kal is so awesome that its Krana-Kal can afford to ignore danger until the very last moment, then react swiftly and with overpowering effect. Kohrak-Kal's tool is a sonic shield. It can change its rate of vibration almost instantly, forming a dense sonic barrier that can repel most forms of attack. It is even more impressive when used in attack mode, bursts of sonic emanations can deafen an opponent or if used at higher intensity can cause almost any target to stress and shatter.

Each Bohrok-Kal met its end after its powers malfunctioned from an energy overload:[41]

  • Tahnok-Kal was trapped in a cage of its own electricity.
  • Gahlok-Kal's magnetic powers attracted the pieces of destroyed Exo-Toas around the chamber, crushing its body.
  • Lehvak-Kal accidentally fired a vacuüm-beam at the ground and was shot into space.
  • Pahrak-Kal melted its way to the center of the earth.
  • Nuhvok-Kal was crushed by its own gravity powers, turning into a miniature black hole.
  • Kohrak-Kal was shaken apart by its own sonics.

Unlike other types of Bohrok, they possess different elements and have differently colored Krana.[41] They could also speak Matoran.

Other Beings


A guardian of the Ignika, he was created prior to the Order, by the Great Beings, to guard the Ignika. He battled the Toa Inika on their journey, and defeating him, Umbra knew they were powerful enough to claim the mask, and were destined to. He currently awaits the Ignika's return. Umbra is a being entirely composed of light, in nature and essence. As a result he possesses a Laser Lance and light powers, and can also transform himself into a bolt of light. He also is armed with wheels on his feet to skate and attack foes, and a Rhotuka spinner that projects solid light.[15] However, he does not possess as much light power as a Toa of Light.[2]


Karzahni was the tyrannical ruler of a hellish domain where Matoran who worked poorly were sent.[43] According to ancient legend, Matoran once labored in darkness, but those who excelled at their tasks were sent to Artakha where they would work in the light.[44] Matoran who were damaged or poor workers were sent to the realm of Karzahni, whose Kanohi mask had the power to make the victim see an alternate future, usually a frightening one.[2] There they would be fixed, but Karzahni did not do his job well and racked with guilt, equipped the "repaired" Matoran with weapons and shipped them off to remote areas of he Southern Continent instead of their homelands. After a while, Karzahni convinced himself that the Matoran were went to his realm to be punished and trapped the remaining Matoran (and any new ones that came) in his realm. When the Turaga of many years ago realized that the Matoran were not coming back, they stopped sending them to the Karzahni's realm. Thousands of years later, Jaller, Hahli, Hewki, Kongu, Nuparu, and Matoro were captured (not sentenced). They escaped but in that encounter, Karzahni learned of the Great Spirit Mata Nui and Makuta, beings who Karzahni would have neither known nor cared about. Deciding to seize power, Karzahni rose from his realm into Mahri Nui and there did battle with Toa Lesovikk and later Teridax who vanquished the tyrant by tearing his mind to shreds. Karzahni was then imprisoned in a water tank on the island of Daxia.[45] He was released unknowingly by Mata Nui during the reforming of Spherus Magna, though once on the new world, he met his death at a natural chasm known as Iron Canyon.

Since he had left his realm, his kingdom has been destroyed and the Matoran freed.[5]

Karzahni carried a flaming chain and wears the Kanohi Olisi, Mask of Alternate Futures, which had the appearance of four Kanohi welded together.[46] After suffering the mutagenic effect of the Black Waters of the Pit, the Olisi became more streamlined and singular in appearance, and remained operational despite the transformation.

There was a second Karzahni, named after the legendary ruler, and the second Karzahni was an intelligent plant creature created by Makuta.[47] However, the plant was deemed to be too ambitious, and was later abandoned in favor of the Morbuzakh.

Tren Krom

Tren Krom is a powerful entity created by the Great Beings to take care of the Matoran Universe but when he was no longer needed and the time came for him to relinquish his post, he refused, and was ousted by force, causing the Great Beings to fuse him into the rock of an uninhabited island as punishment for his audacity. He, like the similar character Irnakk, is widely regarded to be nothing more than a myth by most of the Universe, a story made up to frighten matoran into behaving but few dare to approach his island nonetheless.

In The Mutran Chronicles, an online story available at, it is revealed that prior to the events of the Bionicle story, the Brotherhood of Makuta (a set of evil shapeshifters who play the role of the main antagonist in Bionicle) sent Mutran to Krom's island to learn if he was a threat. Krom proved to be an unspeakably malignant being while his mind was even more terrifying than his appearance. Upon meeting Mutran, Krom looked into his mind and discovered something in there that interested him though Mutran himself was quite oblivious to whatever that might have been. As Mutran was quite deranged even before his meeting with Tren Krom, the encounter did nothing for his sanity (or lack thereof). When Tren Krom looked into Mutran's mind, Mutran saw into his and gained a greater understanding of the Universe and gave the knowledge he had acquired to Makuta Teridax, the arch-villain of Bionicle, who using the information Mutran had given him, formulated the idea of overthrowing the Great Spirit Mata Nui, setting the events of the story in motion. In one of the latest stories, "Reign of Shadows," Lewa makes a deal with Tren Krom to learn the secret to defeating Makuta Teridax, but Tren Krom switched bodies with Lewa, and left Lewa's mind trapped on the island. However, he did not gain the Toa's power over air.[48] Despite being imprisoned as such by the Great Beings, Tren Krom felt no animosity towards them and Mata Nui. He even felt obligated to save the Matoran universe.[48] Artakha eventually reversed the process, sending Tren Krom's mind back where it came from; after the reforming of Spherus Magna, Tren Krom was mysteriously teleported to Bota Magna. He was seen in the jungles of Bota Magna, where he was killed (blown up) by a powerful murderer, who wanted to eliminate all of the most powerful beings in existence, so that he could rule the Universe himself.

According to Bionicle author Greg Farshtey, Tren Krom was inspired by the character Cthulhu from HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.[citation needed] Krom is said to be so hideous that to look upon him causes madness,[49] a common Lovecraft plot-device. Mutran, Lewa, and Brutaka's team are presumably the only characters in the story other than the Great Beings to have met Tren Krom in person and describes him as having a face covered in barbed tentacles though he remembers little else. Mutran also commented that Krom has a voice so terrifying that it makes Teridax's voice sound "lilting and sweet."[49]

Notably, there is another Tren Krom in a different part of the series. Tren Krom is the name of a lava flow near Ta-Koro. There is also a region called the Tren Krom Peninsula, the assigned region of Makuta Gorast.[28]


Created in the same period as Karzahni, Artakha was the ruler of a mythical island that he named after himself where Matoran crafters were dispatched to work in safety. He is seen as the brother of Karzahni; however, the two are rivals, and have in the past done battle over the right to wear the Kanohi Mask of Creation, in which Artakha was victorious.[2] The Toa Nuva "met" Artakha before they were transported to Karda Nui, but did not actually see him; after he learned of their identity and purpose, Artakha gave the Toa Nuva their present adaptive armor.[17] The first time Artakha made a personal appearance in the story was to a small group of beings, including Tren Krom(using Lewa's body), Axonn, Toa Helryx, Makuta Miserix, and the Matoran Kapura underneath Metru Nui's Coliseum. The events of this encounter caused Teridax to eject the group into space, where they eventually were rescued by the mad Skakdi Vezon, using his newfound powers over Dimensional-Gates to save them, he brought them on the moon known as Bota Magna. With the time they were in space, a great amount of help came from Toa Lewa, who was put back in his body and provided breathable air for all of the party save Miserix, whose species had evolved beyond need of it.

Bara Magna

Bara Magna is a desert planet that once was part of much larger planet called Spherus Magna. But it broke off and the other parts of the planet act as moons. The planet has other types of elemental regions but are very limited. The beings native there do not have elemental or mask powers and are organic with some mechanical implants.[citation needed]


Agori are the villagers of Bara Magna similar to Matoran. Known Agori include:

  • Tarduk - A Jungle Tribe Agori. An explorer, he searches the Bara Magna desert for secrets and clues.[50]
  • Raanu - The Leader of the Fire Tribe.[50] Voiced by Armin Shimerman in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn
  • The Zesk - Agori of the Sand Tribe who became beasts after the disaster.[50]
  • Berix - A Water Tribe Agori who makes a living off of collecting scraps.[50] Voiced by James Arnold Taylor in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.
  • Metus - An Ice tribe Agori best known for employing and training Glatorian for work in the arena.[50] He was revealed to be the true villain of 2009. Was eventually changed into a serpent for his treachery by Mata Nui.[51] Voiced by David Leisure in the 2009 film: BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.
  • Atakus - A Rock Tribe Agori who is an assistant to the Skrall.[50]
  • Kyry - A Fire Tribe Agori.
  • Kirbold - An Ice Tribe Agori who worked with Tarduk.[52]
  • Crotesius - An arena vehicle pilot; a Fire Tribe Agori who once aided Tarduk.[52]
  • Scodonius - An arena vehicle pilot.
  • Kirbraz - Arena vehicle pilot and Scodonius' partner.[50]
  • Sahmad - One of the few left of the Iron Tribe since a mysterious plague struck them long ago.[50]


The 2009 storyline features beings called Glatorian in place of Toa. Glatorian are warriors that the Agori tribes hire, so that when a dispute arrives over territory or resources, war will not result. Instead, Glatorian would be sent to fight in the arena. The winning Glatorian's village would win the dispute. They were formerly soldiers in what is known as "The Core War" in the storyline, and are physically similar to Toa.

  • Mata Nui; Was the Great Spirit of the Bionicle universe but was banished and imprisoned in the Kanohi Ignika by Makuta Teridax.[28] When he arrived on Bara Magna he created a body for himself and introduced himself as "Toa Mata Nui". Voiced by Michael Dorn in the 2009 film: BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn. Michael Dorn played as the klingon Worf in the show Star Trek: The Next Generation years before.
  • Gresh; a young Glatorian who serves the Jungle Tribe. He was equipped with a razor-edge Jungle Shield and a Thornax launcher. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of arena moves, but sometimes relies on tried and true moves too much.[50] After meeting Mata Nui, he helped the former Great Spirit to defeat the Skrall and Bone Hunters. He is voiced by Mark Famiglietti in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.
  • Strakk; a Glatorian who served the Ice Tribe. He is intelligent, sneaky, and will do whatever he can get away with to be named champion of all Glatorian. What he does not realize, however, is that some obey the rules of the arenas and have no patience for the sort of tricks he tries to do.[50] In an arena match against Ackar, Strakk, despite having conceded, attacked Ackar after doing so. This led to his exile from the ice tribe as no village can afford to send a Glatorian without honor to the arena.[51] He is armed with an Ice Axe and a Thornax launcher. Strakk is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.
  • Tarix; a Glatorian who serves the water tribe. He is renowned for his incredible skill, and the fact that he has won over 1000 battles and, together with Certavus, was one of the inventors of the Glatorian system.[50][53] He carries two Water Blades and a Thornax launcher. Tarix, like Strakk, is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.
  • Malum; a Glatorian who was exiled from the fire tribe for trying to kill his opponent in an arena match after they had already conceded.[54] Malum possesses a pair of Flame Claws and a shoulder mounted Thornax launcher. After exile, he had become the leader of a Vorox clan.[55]
  • The Vorox are not the same species as most Glatorian anymore. Vorox were once Glatorian, but after a great disaster, they regressed into little more than beasts.[50] They are technically the sand tribe. A commonly wielded weapon is a spear and a Thornax launcher. They have a deadly stinger tail as well.
  • Ackar; a Glatorian who serves the Fire Tribe, and the victor of many championships in Arena Magna. he fears he may be past his prime, and is not as quick as he used to be.[50] He wields a Flame Sword and a Thornax launcher. After Mata Nui arrived on Bara Magna, he has joined him to fight the Skrall. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Kiina; a Glatorian who serves the Water Tribe. She is also the top female Glatorian in the arena and very aggressive and pushy. She finds Bara Magna a wasteland and wishes of nothing more but to escape to another planet.[50] She carries a dual-headed Vapor Trident and a Thornax launcher. Kiina had aided Mata Nui in defeating the Skrall. She is voiced by Marla Sokoloff in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn
  • Vastus; a Glatorian who serves the Jungle Tribe. Vastus is extremely guilt-ridden after the Core War on Spherus Magna.[50] He wields a Venom Spear with a Thornax launcher attached to it. The venom is prohibited in Arena matches, however.[citation needed] Vastus is voiced by James Arnold Taylor, who also voiced Berix.
  • Gelu; a retired Glatorian who served the Ice Tribe. He once retired to work as a caravan guard; he has since joined back. He carries an Ice Slicer and Thornax launcher.[50]
  • Certavus; a legendary Glatorian who once served the Ice tribe and was the most powerful; now deceased.
  • Surel; A warrior of the ice tribe who served in the Spherus Magna war. Due to an event in the past, he has damaged his leg and uses a walking stick to move around.[52]
  • Perditus; A Glatorian who fights for Vulcanus, but chose to be a vehicle fighter instead of a regular fighting Glatorian.[50] He drives the Thornatus V9 in the Arena.
  • Telluris; a Glatorian member of the Iron Tribe that was struck by a mysterious plague long ago. As one of the last survivors of the plague he now wanders the wastelands shunned by the other Agori and Glatorian seeing him as a plague-bearer.[50] He has built a vehicle called the Skopio XV-1, based on the Skopio creature,[50] helping him survive the harsh desert of Bara Magna.[citation needed]

The Skrall

The Skrall are not technically the same species as most Glatorian, but they are one of the species allowed to serve as Glatorian. They are of the Rock tribe. No Glatorian has ever defeated a Skrall in the arena, and the Skrall are on the verge of conquering Bara Magna. They stronger, faster, and more agile than the Glatorian, but they are also so arrogant that they do not do as well against tricky opponents. They wield Saw Blade Shields, and Thornax launchers attached to Skrall Tribal Design Blades. Elite Skrall use Thorned Clubs and Thornax Launchers.

  • Stronius is an elite Skrall warrior,[50] who is gifted with greater strength and intelligence than other Skrall. Armed with a Spiked club and Thornax launcher. It was Stronius who discovered the Baterra were machines after he defeated one.
  • Branar A Skrall who was given a name after surviving a baterra attack. He is a basic warrior-class Skrall.[citation needed]
  • Tuma; the only remaining member of the leader class of Skrall and the only one able to grant a Skrall a name. He inherited leadership of the Skrall after the other leaders were slaughtered by the Baterra. Unable to find a way to eliminate the threat, he ordered the Skrall legions south to the abandoned city of Roxtus. Under the advice of Metus, he led the combined bone Hunter and Skrall army during the Skrall War. After Mata Nui defeated him in a duel, he was abandoned by his tribe and subsequently imprisoned by the Glatorian, but escaped during the Battle of Bara Magna. He now roams the Wastelands. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore in Bionicle: The Legend Reborn.

Bone Hunters

The Bone Hunters are a race of violent and destructive nomadic warriors. They are not Agori but have some relations with the Rock tribe. They ride on Rock Steeds native to Bara Magna. The only named Bone Hunter so far is Fero.

  • Fero; Fero is a bone hunter who rides on his steed, Skirmix, a Rock Steed. As a thief, he has stolen many things. He has a second set of eyelids that reduces glare from the sun.[56]


Many of the earlier names given to BIONICLE characters came from Polynesian lore[57] and carry many of the same meanings as their Polynesian counterparts. The intention of the BIONICLE development team was only to adopt words that had appealed to them and not to cause any offence, as use of foreign words had become a common practice amongst companies worldwide (English, for example, has gained much popularity amongst Japanese companies[58]). The reaction from the Māori people, however, was that the use of their language by a Western company was an offense to their culture. A suit against the LEGO group was subsequently filed by a group of Māori activists, accusing them of "cultural and linguistic piracy".[59][60] BIONICLE characters created since then have mostly been given names that are not native to other real world cultures. One such exception is the character Umbra, whose name means "shadow" in Latin.[61]

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