List of mancala games

List of mancala games

Games in the mancala family include:


Popular games

The most widely played games are probably:

  • Bao is a complex strategy game of Kenya and Zanzibar, played on an 8×4 board.
  • Kalah is the ruleset usually included with commercially available boards; however, the game is heavily biased towards the first player, and it is often considered a children's game. The board is 2×6 with stores.
  • Oware, the national game of Ghana, is also known by Warri,[1] Ayo (Yoruba Name. Nigeria), Awele, Awari, Ouril, and other names. It has relatively simple rules but considerable strategic depth. The board is 2×6 with stores.
  • Omweso (also known as coro) is a strategic game of Uganda, played on an 8×4 board.
  • Pallanguzhi is played in Southern India with 2 x 7 stores. Two varieties of this game are popular, Kaashi and Bank.

Games with unusual features

  • Bohnenspiel is a German mancala based on a Persian game not unlike some African mancala variants. The board is 2×6 with stones.
  • Eson xorgol, a game played by the Kazakh minority in western Mongolia, is traditionally played with goat feces. The board is 2×5.
  • //Hus is a Namibian game. The board is 4×8.

Non-traditional games

  • Conga (Martin Franke; Germany)
  • Cups (Arthur Amberstone and Wald Amberstone; United States: New York)
  • The Glass Bead Game (Christian Freeling) is a complex mancala-style game with different colored stones.[2]
  • Oh-Wah-Ree is a commercial variant of oware with provision for more than two players.
  • 55Stones is a modern mancala game with simultaneous moves.
  • Kauri is a modern mancala game with two kinds of seeds.

Traditional games

Vietnamese children playing ô ăn quan


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