List of Apple IIGS games

List of Apple IIGS games

Following is a List of Apple IIGS games. While backwards compatible for running most Apple II games, the Apple IIGS had a native 16-bit mode with support for graphics, sound, and animation capabilities that far surpassed anything earlier Apple II's were capable of. The machine was part of the 16-bit home computer gaming revolution of the mid to late 1980s, competing directly with the Amiga and Atari ST.

Games that originated on (or only produced for) the Apple IIGS are marked " [GS] ".

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*"4th & Inches"


*"Alien Mind" [GS]
*"Ancient Glory"
*"Ancient Land of Ys"


*"Bard's Tale"
*"Bard's Tale II"
*"Battle Chess"
*"Beyond Zork"
*"Black Cauldron"
*"Blackjack Academy"
*"Block Out"
*"Bouncing Bluster" [GS]
*"Bridge 6.0"
*"Bubble Ghost"


*"California Games"
*"Captain Blood"
*"Cavern Cobra" [GS]
*"ChessMaster 2100"
*"Club Backgammon"
*"Copy Killers" [GS]
*"Cosmocade" [GS]
*"Cryllan Mission 2088" [GS]
*"Crystal Quest"


*"Dark Castle"
*"Defender of the Crown"
*"Downhill Challenge"
*"Dragon Wars"
*"Dream Zone" [GS]
*"DuelTris [GS]
*"Dungeon Master"


*"Fast Break"
*"Final Assault"
*"Full Metal Planete"
*"Fun Columns" [GS]


*"Gate, The" [GS]
*"Gnarly Golf" [GS]
*"Gold of the Americas"
*"Gold Rush!"
*"Grackle" [GS]
*"Grand Prix Circuit"
*"Great Western Shootout" [GS]


*"Halls of Montezuma"
*"Hover Blade" [GS]
*"Hunt for Red October"


*"Immortal, The" [GS]
*"Impossible Mission 2"


*"Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf"
* [ Jigsaw! The ultimate electronic puzzle]
*"John Elway's Quarterback"


*"Keef the Thief" [GS]
*"King of Chicago"
*"King's Quest"
*"King's Quest II"
*"King's Quest III"
*"King's Quest IV"


*"Last Ninja, The"
* [ Laser Force] ' [GS]
*"Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards"
*"Life & Death"
*"Lost Treasures of Infocom"
*"Lost Tribe"


*"Marble Madness"
*"Mazer II
*"Mean 18"
*"Mighty Marvel Vs the Forces of E.V.I.L." [GS]
*"Mini Putt"
*"Mixed Up Mother Goose"
*"Monte Carlo" [GS]


*"Neuromancer (video game)"


*"Operation Lambda" [GS]
*"Orbizone" [GS]
*"Out of this World (aka Another World)"


*"Panzer Battles"
*"Pick 'n Pile"
*"Pipe Dream (video game)"
*"Police Quest"
*"Puyo Puyo


*"Quadronome" [GS]
*"Questmaster I"
*"Questron II"


*"Reach for the Stars"
*"Revolution '76"
*"Roadwar 2000"
*"Rocket Ranger"

*"Sea Strike" [GS]
*"Secrets of Bahras" [GS]
*' [GS] "'
*"Senseless Violence II" [GS]
*"Serve & Volley"
*"Shufflepuck Cafe"
*"Silent Service"
*"Sinbad & the Throne of the Falcon"
*"Skate or Die!"
*"Solitaire Royale"
*"Space Ace"
*"Spacefox" [GS]
*"Space Quest I"
*"Space Quest II"
*"Space Shark" [GS]
*"Spirit of Excalibur"
*"Star Trek Classic" [GS]
*"Star Wizard" [GS]
*"Street Sports Soccer"
*"Strip Poker II"
*"Sub Battle Simulator"
*"Superstar Ice Hockey"


*"Task Force" [GS]
*"Tass Times in Tonetown"
*"Teenage Queen"
*"Tinies, The"
*"Third Courier"
*"Three Stooges"
*"Tower of Myraglen" [GS]
*"Transylvania III"
*"Tunnels of Armageddon"




*"Vegas Craps"
*"Vegas Gambler"


*"War in Middle Earth"
*"Winter Games"
*"Wolfenstein 3D"
*"World Games"
*"World Tour Golf"


*"Xenocide" [GS]


*"Zany Golf" [GS]

Unfinished games

This category is of games that were released in one form or another and leaked into the public, however in an unfinished state. Some of these titles are partial or fully playable but missing key features, finished levels or stability.

*"Blue Helmet" [GS]
*"Bouncin' Ferno" [GS]
*"Futureshock 3D" [GS]
*"Lode Runner"
*"Magic Johnson's Basketball"
*"Manor de Mortville, Le"
*"Mini-Prix" [GS]
*"Oil Landers" [GS]
*"Passengers on the Wind"
*"Pinball Wizard"
*"Project Neptune"
*"Return to Castle Wolfenstein" [GS]
*"Runaway Robots" [GS]
*"Space Harrier"
*"Super Mario Bros."
*"Sword of Sodan"
*"TimeLord" [GS]
*"Wonder Bulla in Terrific Land" [GS]

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