Clementi MRT Station

Clementi MRT Station
Clementi MRT Station
Stesen MRT Clementi
Rapid transit
Platform level of the Clementi MRT Station.
Station statistics
Address 3150 Commonwealth Avenue West
Singapore 129580
Coordinates 1°18′55.09″N 103°45′54.88″E / 1.3153028°N 103.7652444°E / 1.3153028; 103.7652444
Connections Bus, Taxi
Structure Elevated
Levels 2
Platforms Island
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened 12 March 1988
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Code EW23
Preceding station   Mass Rapid Transit   Following station
towards Pasir Ris
East West Line
towards Joo Koon
Clementi MRT Station

Clementi MRT Station (EW23) is an above-ground MRT station in the west of Singapore. It is part of the East West Line.

One of the older MRT stations in Singapore, Clementi MRT station was opened in 1988. The station is painted light blue, and with recent renovations a lift has been added for the benefit of commuters. The station and nearby track follows Commonwealth Avenue West, as do the Dover, Buona Vista, Commonwealth and Queenstown stations. Looking to the southwest one can see Clementi Central, with what was previously Commonwealth theatre, a McDonald's, and the bus interchange. At the northeast there is a connecting bridge to the nearby housing estate. When coming from Jurong East Interchange, one can see the former, disused KTM train tracks below.

Clementi MRT Station is heavily used by commuters who live in Clementi itself or further west to go to work. It is also used by students in the National University of Singapore, Nan Hua High School and other schools around Clementi. The tracks between this station and Jurong East MRT Station is the longest between any 2 stations on the East West MRT Line and also the longest between any MRT interchanges in Singapore. It takes 4 minutes for trains to travel between these two stations. The crowd at this station during peak hours also rivals City Hall MRT Station.


Platform Screen Doors

As with most of the stations along the East West Line, it was initially built without Platform Screen Doors to prevent commuters from falling onto the train tracks. After several successful test at Jurong East, Yishun and Pasir Ris and eventually, installation of the half-height screen doors started on 19 April 2010 and operations commenced on 16 August 2010. It was the 4th above-ground station to have Half-Height Platform Screen Doors installed and in operational.

New entrances

Together with Queenstown and Commonwealth stations, this station will see the construction of an additional pedestrian link bridge linking the station to two new exits, one on each side of the road. The exits will be equipped with fare gates and ticketing machines. Construction will start mid-2012 and expected to end by mid-2015. [1]

Train service

Destination First Train Last Train
Mon - Sat Sunday &
Public Holiday
East West Line
to EW1 Pasir Ris 5.39am 6.06am 11.49pm
to EW29 Joo Koon 6.14am 6.41am 12.13pm

Current Station Layout

Platform A East West Line towards  EW1  Pasir Ris (→)
Island platform, Doors open on the right
Platform B East West Line towards  EW29  Joo Koon (←)
L2 EWL Concourse Faregates, Ticketing Machines, Station Control, The Clementi Mall(Level 3), Footbridge to housing estate
L1 Street Level Commonwealth Avenue West, The Clementi Mall(Level 1), Clementi Bus Interchange(in level 1 of The Clementi Mall), City Vibe

Bus services

Links within Clementi new town and to other parts of Singapore are available at the nearby Clementi Bus Interchange. The following bus services pass by the bus stops of Commonwealth Avenue West.

Bus Stop Code : 17179 (Clementi Station)
Service Destination Note
SBS Transit Trunk Services
52 Jurong East Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
105 Serangoon Bus Interchange
154 Eunos Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
183 Science Park Road (loop) Accessibility-directory.svg
185 Buona Vista Bus Terminal Accessibility-directory.svg
SMRT Buses Trunk Services
106 Shenton Way Bus Terminal
184 Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange
189 Kent Ridge Bus Terminal (loop) Accessibility-directory.svg
SMRT Buses NightRider Services
NR5 Marina Centre Bus Terminal
NR8 Marina Centre Bus Terminal

Bus Stop Code : 17171 (Clementi Station)
Service Destination Note
SBS Transit Trunk Services
14 Clementi Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
52 Jurong East Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
78 Clementi Avenue 3 (loop)
96 Clementi Bus Interchange
105 Jurong East Bus Interchange
147 Clementi Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
154 Boon Lay Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
156 Clementi Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
165 Clementi Bus Interchange
166 Clementi Bus Interchange
175 Clementi Bus Interchange
183 Jurong East Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
185 Soon Lee Bus Depot Accessibility-directory.svg
SBS Transit Feeder Service
285 Clementi Bus Interchange
SBS Transit NiteOwl Service
5N Jurong West Street 92
SMRT Buses Trunk Services
106 Bukit Batok Bus Interchange
189 Bukit Batok Bus Interchange Accessibility-directory.svg
SMRT Buses NightRider Services
NR5 Jurong West Street 75 (loop)
NR8 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7 (loop)


1993 train collision

On 5 August 1993 at around 0750 (SST) two trains collided in the station. It appeared that one train had stopped at the station for longer than usual after experiencing a technical fault, and then a second westward train hit the first. 156 commuters were injured, many of whom were on their way to work. Eight were admitted to three hospitals, while the rest received outpatient treatment.

A four-member independent panel was subsequently formed by SMRT Corporation to conduct an inquiry into the accident. The panel was chaired by Chua Koon Hoe, deputy director-general of the Public Works Department, with the members Chang Meng Teng, deputy chairman of the Public Transport Council, and Dr. Natarajan Varaprasad, principal of Temasek Polytechnic. Low Tien Sio, SMRTC's general manager (project administration) served as the secretary.

The results of the inquiry were announced by the SMRTC on 19 October 1993. Shortly after the accident The Straits Times had reported that an oil spill on the tracks was responsible for the second train's inability to brake in time.[2] Some 50 litres of oil had spilled from a locomotive doing maintenance work on the track in the pre-dawn hours of 5 August. SMRT staff had been alerted to the spill and had dispatched a cleaning crew to the neighbouring Buona Vista station, but approval to access the tracks was delayed. Already ten trains had reported difficulty braking on the track that morning. The 11th train had to use its emergency brakes upon reaching Clementi station, and while it was waiting for the brakes to be recharged so that it could move off again, the 12th approached the station and could not brake in time to avoid hitting the 11th train.

The Communications Minister at that time, Mah Bow Tan, said that as the SMRT staff followed procedures and none were found to be negligent, so no staff would be punished. However SMRT promised to look into the problem of oil spillage from maintenance locomotives by replacing the hoses and oil seals on all locomotives, checking all locomotives for leaks upon their return to depots, and assigning a station master to inspect tracks for oil. Procedures were also amended so that trains would not move off from stations preceding the spill until it had been cleaned up.[3]

No similar incidents have occurred at Clementi or any other MRT station since.

2006 accidents

On September 17, 2006, 26-year-old Jenny Low Siew Mui was pushed down off the platform on to the tracks and was slightly injured, an oncoming train having almost hit her. She saw the train coming towards her and had managed to climb over towards the side of the tracks (opposite the station platform). A Malaysian man, 26-year-old Kwong Kok Hing who pushed her onto the tracks was arrested by police after passers-by pinned him to the ground as he tried to escape. Kwong had pushed her over after a quarrel in which he refused to break-up with her.

On May 23, 2007, Kwong was sentenced to one year in jail by a Supreme Court judge. He has also reported apologized to Jenny after the incident and promised not to contact her again. After an appeal from the prosecution, the sentence was upped to three years. Kwong was not in Singapore then as he had been released after serving his one year sentence and returned to Malaysia.[4]

On October 30, 2006, a man was killed by a westbound train at the station and died on the spot. The police have described the death as an unnatural death and are investigating the matter. As a result, there was a service delay that affected 11,700 commuters.[5]

2007 accidents

On January 27, 2007, a woman in her 50s got her leg stuck in the gap between the train and the platform and fractured her leg. This happened at 8.27 am and caused delays in service between Queenstown station and Jurong East station. Train services resumed at 8.51 am.[6]

On July 20, 2007, a woman was killed by an incoming west-bound train at the station. 4120 passengers were affected by the accident as eastbound service in between Queenstown station and Jurong East station were suspended from 1.05 pm to 1.42 pm.

2008 track incursion

In a rare incident on Oct 8, 2008, a man in his 30s got onto the eastbound track at the station and walked about 200 metres towards Dover MRT Station. The man was clad in a red T-shirt and black shorts. A passenger had notified SMRT staff about the incursion at about 9 am. SMRT staff escorted the man back to Clementi MRT Station. The man was arrested under the Miscellaneous Offences Act. Westbound trains were delayed for nine minutes while eastbound trains were delayed for seven minutes.[7]

2009 accident

A woman was killed after being hit by a train at Clementi MRT station on March 24, 2009. Police said they received a call at about 6.15am that a person had fallen onto the train tracks. The Chinese woman, who was in her early seventies, was pronounced dead at about 7am by paramedics.

SMRT said the incident at 6.15am caused westbound service between Queenstown and Jurong East MRT stations to be affected. To maintain service on the unaffected stretch of the East-West line, westbound trains were turned around at Queenstown MRT Station. Train services between Jurong East and Joo Koon stations were not affected by the incident. SMRT also activated a bus bridging service from Queenstown to Jurong East stations to ferry affected passengers. The first bus arrived at Queenstown MRT Station at about 6.50am. Train services resumed at 7.03am.

SMRT said about 6,250 passengers were affected during the incident.[8]

2011 train disruption

On Sep 19 2011, a train developed a technical fault between Clementi and Jurong East stations at 7.40 am. The train was withdrawn from service. SMRT said that the incident caused a 9-minute delay in service. [9]


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