Puerto Rico Democratic Party

Puerto Rico Democratic Party

The Puerto Rico Democratic Party is the local branch of the Democratic Party in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The party is divided between supporters of the current Commonwealth status and those who favor statehood for Puerto Rico.

The current Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico in the U.S. Congress, Pedro Pierluisi, is the party's top elected official in the islands. Both Pierluisi and the national committeeman, Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock, support the annexation of Puerto Rico to the United States while state chairman Roberto Prats favors the Commonwealth.

The Young Democrats of America (YDA) Puerto Rico Chapter is the official youth branch of the Puerto Rico Democratic Party. The current National Commiteeman of YDA, Francisco Domenech is the first Puerto Rican elected to his current position and also serves as a member of the DNC alongside state Chairman Roberto Pratts and Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock.

The Puerto Rico Young Democrats board of directors headed by Chairman Phillip Arroyo, National Committeeman Eduardo Arosemena and National Committeewoman Valerie Rodriguez unanimously support statehood for Puerto Rico.

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