List of confederations of Germanic tribes

List of confederations of Germanic tribes

The following are some historical Germanic Confederations:

  • 5 AD - Pliny reported that Cimbri and Charydes sent ambassadors to Rome.
  • 6 AD - Marcomannic Confederation.
  • 98 - Tacitus reports on the Germanic tribes that the Suiones (Swedes) were one nation composed of several tribes (civitates).
  • 400 - Thuringian regna (loosely translated as kingdom or realm). Thuringii are reputed to have held the territory from the Danube to the Lower Elbe river. This regna was destroyed by the victory of Theuderic I of Austrasia, who in 530 defeated the Thuringian king Hermanafrid in the Battle at the Unstrut and killed him at Zülpich.

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