O'Neill , O'Neil, O'Neal or Ui Néill may refer to:

  • O'Neill dynasty, for information on the original O'Neill family, their ancestors, and other related families
  • O'Neill (surname), includes surname origins and information, and a list of individuals under the names O'Neal, O'Neil, O'Neill and other variations

O'Neill, O'Neil, O'Neal and Ui Néill may also refer to numerous other articles. A more comprehensive list follows



Names A-L

  • Alan O'Neill (footballer born 1957), (born 1957), an Irish football player
  • Alan O'Neill (footballer born 1973), (born 1973), an Irish football player
  • Alexander O'Neal (born 1953), American musician
  • Alexandre O'Neill, (1924–1986), a Portuguese writer
  • Amber O'Neal (born 1974), American professional wrestler
  • Amy O'Neill, (born 1971), an actress/performer
  • Ana María O'Neill, an educator, author and advocate of women's rights
  • Andrew O'Neill, (born 1979), an English vegan, anarchist, transvestite, stand-up comedian, musician and writer
  • Anthony O'Neill, (born 1964), an Australian fiction writer
  • April O'Neil, a fictional character in the Mirage Studios franchise Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Arthur Joseph O'Neill, (born 1917), an American bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Arthur O'Neill, (1876–1914), was an Irish Ulster Unionist Party politician
  • Austin O'Neill, (born 1982) is an Irish football player
  • Bernie O'Neill, an American politician
  • B.F. O'Neal, Jr. (1922–2004), Louisiana businessman Republican politician
  • Bill O'Neill, (1880–1920), a Canadian-born Major League Baseball player
  • Billy O'Neill, (1878–1955), a Welsh international rugby union player
  • Billy O'Neill (footballer), an Irish professional footballer
  • Brendan O'Neill (businessman), (born 1948), a British business executive
  • Brendan O'Neill (journalist), an English journalist
  • Brian O'Neill (ice hockey b. 1929), a Canadian executive within the National Hockey League
  • Brian O'Neill (ice hockey b. 1988), American ice hockey player
  • Brian O'Neill (1574), chief of the O'Neills of Clanaboy, surrendering his title to Sir Philip Sidney for a knighthood in 1567
  • Brian O'Neill (superintendent), (1941–2009), an American superintendent of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  • Buckey O'Neill, (1860–1898), an American soldier, sheriff, newspaper editor, miner, politician, gambler and lawyer
  • Byron O'Neill, (born 1970), an American artist
  • Eamon O'Neill (SDLP politician), (born 1944), Northern Irish nationalist politician in Northern Ireland
  • Eamonn O'Neill (Irish politician), (died 3 November 1954) was an Irish Cumann na nGaedhael and later Fine Gael party politician
  • Ed O'Neill, (born 1946), an American actor
  • Edward J. O'Neill, (1902–1979), an American US Army officer
  • Edward L. O'Neill, (1903–1948), an American politician
  • Edward O'Neill, 2nd Baron O'Neill, (1839–1928), an Irish peer and politician
  • Eliza O'Neill, (1791 – 29 October 1872) was an Irish actress, later baronetess
  • Elizabeth O'Neill Verner, (1883–1979) was an artist, author and lecturer
  • Ella O'Neill, the mother of playwright Eugene O'Neill and wife of actor James O'Neill
  • Emmett O'Neill, (1918–1993), an American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Eric O'Neill, (born 1973), an American former American FBI operative
  • Eugene M O'Neill, (1850–1926), an Irish-born American lawyer and newspaper owner
  • Eugene O'Neill (hurler), (born 1978), an Irish sportsperson
  • Eugene O'Neill, (1888–1953), an American playwright, and Nobel laureate in Literature
  • Eunan O'Neill, (born 1982), a Northern Irish television presenter
  • Evan O'Neill Kane, (1861–1932), a surgeon working in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Edward Asbury O'Neal (1818–1890), American Confederate general during the American Civil War
  • Emmet O'Neal (1853–1922), American Democratic politician who was Governor of Alabama
  • Frank O'Neal, American cartoonist
  • Frederick O'Neal (1905 — 1992), American actor and television director
  • Fabián O'Neill, (born 1973), a Uruguayan football midfielder
  • Felim O'Neill of Kinard, an Irish nobleman who led the Irish Rebellion of 1641 in Ulster
  • Francis O'Neill, (1848–1936), an Irish-born American police officer
  • Frank "Buck" O'Neill, (1875–1958), an American head football coach
  • Frank O'Neill (footballer), (born 1940), an Irish footballer
  • Kathleen O'Neal Gear (born 1954), American writer
  • Kate O'Neill
  • Keith O'Neill (disambiguation), several people
  • Kevin O'Neill (disambiguation), several people
  • Kim L. O'Neill

Names M-Z

  • Ralph Ambrose O'Neill, an American flying ace from World War I
  • Rebecca O'Neill, (born 1981), a New Zealander football player
  • Richard O'Neill, (born 1943), an Anglo-Irish author and editor
  • Richard W. O'Neill, (1898–1982), an American soldier who received the Medal of Honor during World War I
  • Riley O'Neill, (born 1985), a Canadian soccer player
  • Robert J. O'Neill, (born 1936), a Chair of the International Academic Advisory Committee at the United States Studies Centre
  • Robert Torrens O'Neill, (1845–1910), an Irish Unionist politician
  • Robin O'Neil, British historian
  • Rose O'Neill, (1874–1944), an illustrator
  • Ryan O'Neill (American soccer player), (born 1978) an American soccer midfielder
  • Ryan O'Neill (Northern Irish footballer), (born 1990), a Northern Irish footballer
  • Ralph T. O'Neal, British Virgin Islands politician
  • Reagan O'Neal, one of several pseudonyms of James Oliver Rigney, Jr (born 1948), American writer
  • Ron O'Neal (1937–2004), American actor, director and screenwriter
  • Rose O'Neal Greenhow (1817–1864), Confederate spy
  • Ryan O'Neal (born 1941), American actor
  • Séamus Ó Néill, (1910–1986), an Irish writer
  • Shane Ó Neill, (c.1530–1567), an Irish chief of the O'Neill clan of Ulster in the mid 16th century
  • Shaquille O'Neal (born 1972), American basketball player
  • Stan O'Neal, manager of Merrill Lynch
  • Steve O'Neal (born 1946), American football punter
  • Seán O'Neill, (born 1938), a Northern Irish sportsperson.
  • Sean O'Neill (table tennis), an American table tennis player and coach
  • Sean O'Neill, 3rd Earl of Tyrone
  • Shane O'Neill (hurler), (born 1986), an Irish sportsperson
  • Sharon O'Neill, (born 1952), a New Zealander singer-songwriter and pianist
  • Sid O'Neill, an Australian rules footballer
  • Simon O'Neill, (born 1971), a New Zealand-born operatic tenor
  • Stephen O'Neill, (born 1980), an Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Steve O'Neill, (1891–1962), an American catcher, manager, coach and scout in Major League Baseball.
  • Steve O'Neill (owner), (1899–1983), an American owner of a professional baseball team.
  • Steve O'Neill (rugby league), a professional rugby league footballer
  • Susie O'Neill, (born 1973), an Australian former competitive swimmer
  • Tara Lynne O'Neill, a TV presenter
  • Ted O'Neill, a Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago.
  • Terence O'Neill, Baron O'Neill of the Maine, (1914–1990), the fourth Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.
  • Terry O'Neill (feminist), (born c.1953), an American feminist attorney, professor and activist for social justice.
  • Terry O'Neill (martial artist), an actor
  • Terry O'Neill (photographer), (born 1938), an English photographer
  • Thomas Newman O'Neill, Jr., (born 1928), an American federal judge
  • Thomas O'Neill (journalist), (1904–1971), an American journalist
  • Thomas O'Neill (politician), (1882–1965), Canadian politician
  • Thomas P. O'Neill III, (born 1945), leader of a public relations and government affairs firm
  • Tim O'Neill (Canadian football), (born 1979), a Canadian football player
  • Timothy O'Neill (soccer), (born 1982), American soccer player
  • Tip O'Neill, (1912–1994), an American politician
  • Tip O'Neill (baseball), (1858–1915), a Canadian left fielder in Major League Baseball
  • Tom O'Neill (ice hockey), (born 1923), a professional ice hockey player
  • Tommy O'Neill, (born 1955), a Scottish football midfielder
  • Tony O'Neill, a New York based musician and author
  • Tatum O'Neal (born 1963), American actress
  • Tirlough Brassileagh Ó Neill, the son of Phelim Caoch O'Neill, Prince of the Cenél nEógain
  • Turlough Luineach Ó Neill, (1532–1595), an Irish earl of the Clan-Connell, inaugurated as the King of Tyrone
  • Ty O'Neal (born 1978), American actor


  • O'Neill's Adventureland, a small amusement park located in Edmondson Park, New South Wales, Australia.
  • O'Neill Park, is located on the corner of Nobbs and Cooper Roads, Yagoona, Sydney, Australia, within the Bankstown City Council municipality.
  • Archbishop M.C. O'Neill High School, a Catholic secondary education institute located in the Coronation Park neighbourhood of north Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute, located in Oshawa, Ontario within the Durham District School Board.
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