Phelim (Felix) O'Neill

Phelim (Felix) O'Neill

Phelim O'Neill (in English Felix O'Neill) (– Malplaquet, September 11, 1709), was the head of the Clanaboy O'Neill dynasty, and Chief of this Catholic Lineage.


He was a descendant of the Princes of Tyrone and Clanaboy, the son of Ever O'Neill (ca 1625 – bef 1689) and wife, paternal grandson of Conn Boy O'Neill (ca 1590 – ca 1630), and wife and cousin ... O'Neill (ca 1590 –), great-grandson of Donal O'Neill (ca 1560 –) and wife, and great-great-grandson of Murkertac O'Neill (ca 1530 –) and wife, who in turn was a younger brother of Donal O'Neill and Hugh O'Neill, Master of Feevagh, sons of Murkertac O'Neill (ca 1500 – bef 1567) and wife Marguerite O'Byrne, and paternal grandsons of Brian Ballagh II (Bernard the Freckled) O'Neill, Prince of Clanaboy (1524 – 1529), by his first marriage to his relative Sorcha (Sara) O'Neill, daughter of Conn O'Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone in the Kingdom of England, and first or second wife (Brian Ballagh II married secondly to Sibila ... and was the father of Hugh O'Neill). Finally, Brian Ballagh II was the younger brother of High Boy III O'Neill, Prince of Clanaboy (– 1524), and the older brother of Prince Nial Oge O'Neill (– 1537) and Prince Felim Baccagh O'Neill (– 1533), the children of Nial More O'Neill, King of Ulster (ca 1440 –), and wife Ineen Dubh, and descendants of Hugh Buidhe (Hugh the Blonde) O'Neill, King of Ulster (1260 – 1283).

He was a descendant of Niall Noígíallach (Niall of the Nine Hostages), King of Tara (400), father of Eógan mac Néill (Baptized by Saint Patrick in 442), first Catholic King of Ireland, which descendants were Kings of Tara until the 9th century, Kings of Ireland from the 9th century to the 11th century, Kings of Ulster until the 15th century and Sovereign Princes of Tyrone and Clanaboy until the 16th century.


In the beginning of the 18th century he got dispossessed of all his assets through the confiscation applied to the Catholics of Ireland, which lead him to emigrate to France. He was a Cavalry Officer who took part in many Battles until, integrated in the Irish Brigade, he fought aside with the French against the British, the Austrians and the Dutch (during the War of the Spanish Succession), in the celebrated Battle of Malplaquet (settlement located in the former Province of Flanders, in Belgium, present-day France), and where he died on September 11, 1709. ["Anuário da Nobreza de Portugal", III, 2006, Tomo III, pg. 1.391] ["Armorial Lusitano", Lisbon, Portugal, 1961, p. 404]


He married firstly to Catherine Keating, of the Noble Family of that name, and had issue, one son.

He married secondly to The Hon. Joan O'Dempsey (– April 17, 1722), daughter of the Viscount Clanmalier, and had issue, three sons.


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