Dorsal scapular artery

Dorsal scapular artery
Artery: Dorsal scapular artery
Dorsal scapular artery.png
The scapular and circumflex arteries.
Superficial and deep branches.png
Superficial and deep branches from the transverse cervical artery.
Latin arteria dorsalis scapulae
Gray's subject #148
Supplies latissimus dorsi, levator scapulae, rhomboids, trapezius
Source subclavian or transverse cervical[1]   
Vein dorsal scapular vein

The dorsal scapular artery (or descending scapular artery[2]) is a blood vessel which supplies the levator scapulae, rhomboids,[3] and trapezius.



It most frequently arises from the subclavian artery (the second or third part)[2], but a quarter of the time it arises from the transverse cervical artery.[4] In that case, the artery is also known as the deep branch of the transverse cervical artery, and the junction of those two is called cervicodorsal trunk.


It passes beneath the levator scapulae to the superior angle of the scapula, and then descends under the rhomboid muscles along the vertebral border of the scapula as far as the inferior angle.

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